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I really like my doctor. She is so lovely and compassionate and non-judgey.  New meds: good old fashioned prozac. Started last night, so I can get over the worst of the body-load while asleep. By next week, I can stop the old meds.  Also, the 5 lbs I lost since last week was not the weight loss plan I meant. This is what happens, though, when you don't actually eat one full meal for days on end. SO not recommended.  Somewhere somehow during today, however, whatever it was that was causing my body to be a constant adrenaline dumping ground (ergo nausea factory) just turned off. I was able to eat lunch. I ate dinner. We went for broke and there was ice cream. Amazing!

Today I still felt a little queasy when I woke up but didn't linger and I wasn't fixated. Anyway- I meant to actually post this last night but then lost track.

The thing that gets me, when the anxiety brain finally turns off, I almost immediately lose track of what exactly it was that was so upsetting. I can scrounge bits and pieces together, but mostly because I've told enough people that I'm reciting it rather than remembering particularly the experience. Brains are so weird.  OK. I'm tired of talking about it all... gonna go fold laundry. <3

Thank you to everyone who's been present during this. It helps.


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