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Color me cautiously optimistic, but I feel like the vicious cycle I've been dealing with lately re: adrenal freak-out seems to be working itself out. I'm framing it as getting better at meditation/mindful relaxation- that when I wake up in the middle of the night and my body says "BEAR!" I say... "No. Maybe sleep, OK?"  -- but some part of my brain at least while waking is bracing against the wind that has abated. 

Tomorrow we leave for NY! Some outfits sorted, not packed, but this isn't complicated.

Job...eh..... is? We're going to have reviews next week. Whatever that means. I am not terrified of them anymore because I don't believe there's any consequences. I do my work. I do new things, there you go.  I heard from colleague-friend who also applied for the municipal job (which has posted I believe 3 times now, so that's wacky) - she has gotten a second call back. To date, I have not. Not over yet, but doesn't bode well. However, I think the search committee is exceptionally keen for someone who already has experience in a municipal setting, which I flatly do not and my compatriot does. There's no guarantee that she or the other colleague I know who applied will want the work, so if both are preferred and both say no, who knows who else has popped up since I did my one interview.  The second opportunity that's not quite dead but not seeming to hopeful right now is with a software company who need a community liaison. The job closed about 6 days ago, so they should be calling people. No calls for me yet. I can imagine that one got a lot of resumes, though.  I'm pointing out to myself that a steady job, even one that I'm ready to leave and have been ready to leave for years, is better than no job. And I'm moving this year, after all. How much big change can one human tolerate in one year? Just keep my eyes open, is all... And not despair.

Let's call this progress.
Date: 2017-04-28 09:02 pm (UTC)

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Progress is good. Reviews are... well, see icon.

Have fun in NYC. FT doc updated with this week's movies.


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