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Moving.... We are T-Minus 1 month and 1 week from moving (to Newton). My house is full of full boxes of things that I think I want to keep but don't need right now: books, yarn, photographs... you know. Jaime took down the floating Ikea shelves from our front room to put into the new house, so weird, cluttered, and empty at the same time. That interstitial thing makes my anxiety worse. I hate clutter. But I can't really do anything about it right now.

Kid.... Ugh. There's a lot but nothing actively on fire. We go to Children's main campus in about a week and a half for an MRI (which will take an hour and half to do, so there WILL be sedation) to see if there's a structural reason for this crossed eye situation. The IEP hasn't kicked in yet at school, but soon. I got the registration for after-school for the Newton Y for the fall sorted out, and this morning I did 3 things related to registering him for school, which I've been avoiding like hell. But overall he's been pretty great.

Work... I go to work. I'm getting an intern for the summer and signed up for SAA, which is in Portland in late July this time (normally late August, but I'm OK with that b/c it won't interfere with kid birthday or last week before school) . I keep hoping that I'll get a new job and be *gone* before SAA and the intern's project, but if not, at least I have things to do while I'm here. I put in for a job at Big University On The Other Side Of The River and I got a phone interview with a software company a few weeks ago, hoping that isn't dead. I keep looking, ish. In the meantime, I started a pretty large project, which will likely take longer than a summer to complete, but maybe not? Project involves braiding several (30ish) collections together into one massive, intentional collection. In the meantime, I'm bored rather a lot and able to keep up with much of my social media pretty much every day (This is not actually a good thing).

State of brain... Eh. Much better. Mostly neutral, not great. But one can only do so much with the materials allotted. Situational stuff is still a major factor and doesn't change over night. My anxiety is higher this week than it had been, but manageable. I try to be social. It sometimes works. I've been sometimes climbing. Art is still not quite there. I started a flaming skull tin a week or so ago and it fizzled for lack of secondary design idea. But at least I started, and perhaps I skip the secondary design and just finish it. Due to the emotional crisis, I clearly lost weight/changed shape (also changed meds), and now pants that I couldn't button in February fit very well right now. I will take that, even if how I got here was deeply not good.

Entertainment... Jaime and I have been watching Sense8 and American Gods together.[personal profile] ursa_cerulean and I have been watching Leverage, and occasionally baking. It's nice to have TV watching buddies, but I also need something I don't need to wait on someone else on to watch, so while on my own last night I thought I'd try something else and watched the pilot for Riverdale. I thought it'd be less fraught. Lolz. But despite the moments of awkward I liked the characters well enough that I'll likely keep watching. I've somewhat abandoned Madame Secretary because I am too anxious about actual politics to watch a show about politics. I've not gotten back to The Get Down as it keeps having peril, like kids getting shot. Which is true for Riverdale, so ... ::handflail:: Thus far, at least Riverdale has been kind enough not to show the shooting on screen. So far. But since it has that veneer of old school comic book, we might get to skip the gore. Frankie and Grace is ok-ish. But also ridiculous. Chewing Gum deeeeply awkward. Jane the Virgin... you see a theme? Whyyyy? I guess I'll take a recommendation for light entertainment I don't have to share with my housemates, assuming such a thing exists.
 TL;DR- Boxen! Kid is fine, but complicated! Still not king! Muddling along! I watch TV! 
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