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I'm about to put in for reimbursement for my flexible spending account, so looking at what things cost regarding medical stuff. The kid had an MRI as part of the figure out what's wrong with his eyes. That MRI without insurance would have cost just over $3800. Hah. Hahahaaaa. That's not even the eye exam that came before, the eye exam that came after the MRI or the recommended surgery itself that is the ultimate recommendation after the MRI was examined.  Just imagining being in a place where I have to let my kid be cross eyed because I can't afford to fix it, and remembering the proverb of "For lack of a nail..." - that I can see a non-life threatening thing like this being deferred for a long time, and how much not being able to see well would make everything that much harder.... the what ifs and dark paths. And there you have this country in a nutshell. How many poor people are unreasonably hampered (or you know, ultimately killed) because of the lack of a proverbial nail? 

Don't mind me, I'll just be rocking and giggling in (potential) terror in the corner. And grateful as HELL for the insurance we have. Sigh. And a reminder to keep fighting (call, call, call, call, CALL) for universal health care. Nobody should have to choose between one's health or a kid's health and basic day to day living.

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