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So thanks to Mandi, I'm reminded this photo of me was taken almost 10 years ago. ::sigh:: I am not saying so many things. It was a great photo shoot, it really was. Andy usually does a great job.

This was from Arisia this past year, 2014.

Really. I think I'm doing alright. The weasels haven't gotten the memo, but the rest of me has. Thanks to Wex for documenting.
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I failed to get my head shaved for my 3 months off. I worked too hard to get the initial haircut just so. I saw [livejournal.com profile] primal_pastry and [livejournal.com profile] rintrahroars with their colorful hair and I had to jump back on that bandwagon. 

Not too many remember I used to do this all the time ....

From OU years, 1997
( I need to get a scanner)

But now it's not 1997.
manic panic hair for oct 2011
And I'm really OK with that.

also, hat trick day!
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[livejournal.com profile] sunspiral  and I had a good time in the pool this evening. Here are 2 of my favorites:

cut for bandwidth )
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"Well, this is taking longer than I was expecting. I'm going to have to start asking when I set up an appointment if it's a trim or a transformation." - Rob, my hair stylist

This is the correct week to make the leap from long to short.

Here's yesterday-
yesterday )

And now today-
today )

And I'm feeling like it's always been this way.
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It'll be over 90 again today. This season has been long anticipated and Friday will be the day when I do something about it and this braid icon will be the one that'll be the outmoded one and my LOL-archivist one more definitive.
I've never been one to hold on to one style of hair for very long, and inevitably I find the care of long hair to be more trouble than its worth. At this stage it's braided and out of my way 95% of the time. On hair washing days (Lush is excellent enough this is only required every other day) it'll be decidedly still damp by the end of the day when braided. It's heavy. Etc.
I grew it out  because I kept having dreams about having long hair. Well, I've successfully done that and now I get to do my butch pixie impression again. Mom (who arrives TOMORROW!!) and I will have a salon day on Friday- haircut, lunch, pedicure.  I'll see about getting one last glam shot of the long hair down between now and then. There will certainly be pictures of the new-old look after the weekend.

I may have decided this anyway given the weather, but [livejournal.com profile] badlittlemonkey 's plunge into short is a lovely catalyst.
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I have a few pictures now from the last few months... collated here to see the progression. Cut for bandwidth and so forth....

view here... )

... and there you have it.  My full record of photographic proof. More to follow after this weekend.
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The spoils of war from this weekend, freshly waterproofed.
my new boots
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So, the new glasses, they are acquired.  I've only documented one set- the really groovy nerdy ones. The minimalist ones, later because I've wasted enough time with trying to get things Just So. My issue is I usually have the same backdrop for much of these self portraits and I'm bored with it all. So----
also-LOTR new glasses

Did It

And a more bookish/ classic librarian look-

I am pleased. They will definitely augment the Priscilla costume for Halloween. They are a bit heavier than the old glasses, but the ones not yet photo-documented will make up for them as I'm pretty sure they're mostly air.
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Canobie! It's so teeny and adorable! asciikitty and I survived, hung out with the denizens of Monkey House, shayde and his very tall offspring. I think I only managed to get on 4 rides, what with the busy because it's so pretty n' all. but it was fun, no teenagers were murdered and we left while we were still cheerful.

Yeah- a bit fuzzy- I took a picture of the picture so I could have instant gratification in blog-land.
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Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] drwex  for sending this my way. Definitely having a fun costume moment. Now hopefully somewhere there's a picture of the braid you can't see from this angle, because it was stunning. So, this is Asset: dress up.
At Arisia 2010- steampunk
OK- apparently I will be able to show you Asset: Hair Braid- behold:
pretty hair braid!
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My hat finally arrived today.
my new top hat
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A photo journal entry to prove my point.
cut for bandwidth )
Sorry I had no visual evidence of the Top Hat weekend most recently passed. I'll do my best to recreate the whole ensemble or one even better later.
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I picked up some gorgeous, hand-dyed super-wash while in Camden. Thanks to the interwebs, I have re-taught myself toe-up, more particularly that wrapping thing that I'd never done til now. Thank you lady on YouTube! This pattern was a bit different from what [livejournal.com profile] sparkymonster  taught me last year.  It's  a little lumpy, but I'm sure Dad won't mind, as he's usually the recipient of my sock work.

Anyway: my progress so far:
toe up socks

[livejournal.com profile] purple_terror  - it's not too late to pick up that purple/green mix if you want to get in line for AWESOME SOCKS. luffluff

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Baaaaa --I like the idea of reviving Assets Friday. But almost all my LJ self portraits are taken here in my office against a limited backdrop, so I wasted a great deal of time coming up with something just a little different. 
LOTR poster that's on my window covering the Dickensian squalor of the "light well"
One of my monitor lizards that has been retired to the book shelf because my monitor doesn't allow for perching lizards
A screaming and flying monkey, blessedly silent at that moment of image capture.
Bookworm from the folks who do the microbe plushies
My new makeup

Click to embiggen -

archivist and her toys

*title of post originally "humor + geekery + toys"  until [livejournal.com profile] tisana 's comment
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The best assets ever

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click on picture to biggify.
I think 2 clicks get you to option of uber-biggify
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Pin up calendar to benefit the Heinlein Society is now available. I'm Miss April. There will be some for sale at Arisia, but they won't be taking credit cards. 
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From last Friday's strike:
me in a cunning hat
I haven't gotten the disosable camera pics developed yet. But soon.

In related news: Today's XKCD:
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I've been wanting to do this for a while, and now I've got all the parts required to make that happen. I just scanned the pictures (they are not high quality, which is too bad, but they'll do)

I have to say that the images I chose for scanning and the ones I chose for current have very amazing parallels in composition, and were ENTIRELY coincidental.  I give you: 

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I'm posting a day early in honor of my new glasses

mizarchivist with her new glasses on


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