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So, I picked up the 8th Harry Potter on Sunday, started reading it slowly yesterday/this morning, and I am not likely to continue.

why? Let me tell you under this cut for those who want to read it unsullied by my grumpiness...

First, it's tough because it's a play script rather than a novel, so limited from the start. It's harder to develop the characters and let it have a slower pace. We had the expectation from 1-7 that it was 1 year passing/book. Not this time!

rant in 3... 2... 1 )

I'll be putting the book down and finding something else.
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Fair Warning, I have not finished it. I will soon, so those who already did read it, for real, no spoilers.

Why should you read this book?

  • actual diversity in gender and ethnicity

  • protagonist has evolved past the standard Scalzi smart-ass into someone a little more separate

  • but it's still smart-alecky in a way that is very appealing

  • brilliant team-work and interactions on the good-guy side

  • it accurately portrays the researchy process, IMO

  • revolves around tech, but is not so techno speaky that it goes over my head or hugely dominates the dialog

  • archives, records management, and data security are a central pillar of the story

  • net neutrality and body autonomy also pillars of the story

  • major suspense and who-dun-it

I had to come into work and not keep reading the last fifth of the book. I resent this hugely.
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[livejournal.com profile] quiet_elegance is wrapping up his 10 week gig doing night shift. It's been profitable, but it's hard not having him around for certain parts of the day.  Really, the majority of his time in the last 3 years has been unemployed, so the whole parent-balance thing, I'm used to him being available. There'll always be something sacrificed when he's back on site. This has definitely been one of the better jobs he's had in the recent past. He comes home tired, but not grumpy, sharing stories of pranks pulled on coworkers.

Turns out, also, our mattress has past its usefulness, so we headed up to Jordan's this past weekend and got a top end latex-foam mattress. Can't wait! Sadly, it doesn't show til Friday and as expected the last few nights of sleep are the pits, because that's how it works.

Work for me is... eh? Fine? We're busy. Writing documentation, processing collections, getting articles written about us in the NYT. You know. The usual.

Honorary Niece arrives in a week and 2 days! It's going to be a great time. I'm not taking the whole time off, but it gives the opportunity for exploration.

Wedding plans for Labor Day is set, thanks to [livejournal.com profile] pisicutsa's being game for adventure. Woot!

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OK. There you have it.
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When I was a teenager, I absolutely loved The Mists of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley. LOVED. I read it through at least once then 3/4 of the way another 2 times between the ages of 14 and 17. So, when it came around, all 50-million hours of it, on Audible for under 6 dollars? Sure, why not. I really like Davina Porter as a narrator in books past.

Except let me tell you about how much this whole thing sucks. The premise is all about the Arthurian legend told from a female perspective, sympathetic to Druids over Christians. OK, fine- that's great except for so many things.

I go on a bit. And also I talk about plot so... "spoilers?"  )

I suspect that I'm going to bail out of this marathon soon, given I have this rage build up every time I start listening again. 
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If you can ever get a John Scalzi book read by Wil Wheaton, do no hesitate. So far I've had Redshirts and now Agent to the Stars presented thusly. I was incapable of consuming any other story til this one was gone. Now I'm sad that I don't have more. But I also haven't gone to look for more yet. Thanks, guys. I have really needed some engrossing fiction and together you have given me just that.

(Still not king. In fact, I think my kingdom was a lie. Looking for new lands to conquer.)
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Queue Queen-
Cabin fever set in this afternoon and the Crime Fighter woke up screaming and grumpy. Clearly he needed to blow off steam. We were about to walk over to some bookstore or other, either the Book Rack, or more likely, Porter Sq., when our neighbors were bundling the kids into the car, headed to the baby gym. The one we have prepaid visits for, thanks to Grandma [livejournal.com profile] deb_dus. So, a short bus ride and walk later, we entered the fray. Now, normally in a situation like that, one might expect a 1 1/2 yr. old to hang out near his adult for a while, then enter the fray. No. Nope. Nosirree Bob. The boy launched himself into the room and didn't stop moving for a second for over an hour. I was scarcely required. I only made sure he kept his fingers out of other people's eyes, did not abscond with drinks or snacks or stuffed animals, or go out of bounds. Other than that, I stood back and talked to adults in 2 minute increments. He was in now way disconcerted  by anyone or anything for 99.9% of the time, either. Just pin-balled about til he couldn't stand up straight.
From the big snow weekend:
20130209 (3)
One of the books I'm reading is the Emotional Life of the Toddler, [livejournal.com profile] entrope's and others' suggestion. I know the hitting, boneless protests, purposeful head bonking and shrieking will subside, because (most of us) we do not as adults default to that, so clearly you learn it eventually. Should be interesting on gaining this author's perspective on remaining serene through the mini tempests.
ETA: For example, how about we not fight over picking a bedtime story. I'll sit here quietly, ignoring his destruction of the book shelves (ie, throwing all the books to the floor in search of the right book), and eventually he'll bring me a book to read when he's ready in a few minutes.
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I was standing at the Alewife bus ... thingie- depot? And feeling a little nostalgic for my old bus routes... and then no bus arrived for a very long time, either 62 or 76. I stopped feeling nostalgic. Mind you, I still wait for my current buses way more than I'd like. I usually have more options for methods of returning home. The old way was: go to Alewife and hope for the best. Unsurprising, the traffic between the station and Lexington was snarled, primarily with crazy people going to Wilson Farm to get their goddamn bird (she says smugly, with a chicken in her fridge). 

I'm glad I went to the event, which to clarify was a book launch for a local guy, Amanda F. Palmer's own Mr. Miagi. Anthony Martignetti. She wrote about him recently being direly ill and gave me the impression he might not leave the hospital at the time of her writing. However, there he was, sharing his own memories from his book. Two very wrenching stories, which left me sad and uncomfortable, but like the kind of story you feel you must hear, that it's important. Amanda read the forward of the book (which she wrote) and sang some songs. Neil read a chapter from his new book,The Ocean at the End of the Lane. I only have to wait to get my copy of that until June.

Being there felt like I was intruding on dear friends' mourning of one who is likely going to be dead a lot sooner than one would expect or wish. But still- they did invite us in. I did pick up Martignetti's book (Lunatic Heroes). I may have a hard time reading it, I may not keep it, but it feels like right thing to do, to have this book, at least for a while. 
Sep. 16th, 2012 10:30 pm

Movie Fail

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I had been pretty excited to watchTinker Tailor Soldier Spy when it came out. I didn't but expected I'd catch it on cable, which culminated in me watching it this evening. I had been keen particularly because cloak and dagger spy stuff was beloved in my house growing up. I had a fair number of books on tape with Ken Follet and John Le Carre. Possibly not the best for pre-teen entertainment, but it's a little late to quibble now. TTSS was not one whose plot stuck with me the same way that Key to Rebecca  or Man from St. Petersburg had.  Between the stellar cast and the nostalgia of the source material, why not?
short description for those who aren't perturbed by either issue )

Despite the setting, the portrayls, the cinematography feeling very authentic and true to the original story, these random acts of awful and the tortoise-like pace were enough to have me running for Big Bang Theory to reset by. I just don't have the patience or stamina for it all. Sorry, Benedict Cumberbatch. I promise I'll watch all of The Hobbit. (Not like his part in it is overly riveting. It is all about Gary Oldman, as it should be.) 
Sep. 15th, 2012 10:08 pm

Good day

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I need to be quick because bedtime is coming up faster than not, so quick list of things:
+Arlington town day
+ Fried dough and Indian food at lunch, not in that order
+Waltham town day: the Saturday household (which includes asciikitty) went to see the carpenters build toolboxes with kids. It was the best part of the event. Arlington's day is way more involved
+ Gorgeous weather
+ Visiting with neighbors and their 2 kids
+ Randomly running into one of my favorite archivists on the way back from Book Rack
+ Got 2 interactive books for Crime Fighter and a copy of The Sun Also Rises for next month's book club selection, all half off because of my credits
- Overtired kid = velociraptor 
+ But even overtired, he loves his Indian food
+ Seasonal ice cream (pumpkin for me, ginger for ascikitty)
+++ Played Settlers of Catan and Bananagrams for most of the evening. I even won Settlers for the first time (in living memory)
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Last Friday I went to hear The Bloggess/Jenny Lawson talk at the Brookline Booksmith. It was fun. Robin came with me out, we didn't drown, met up with [livejournal.com profile] caulay and had Zaftig's. By the time we got there, the basement was insanely packed. The reading was huge fun, but since those of us who wanted the book had it and mine was already signed, we opted out of crushing crowds and long waits in line in favor of ice cream. 

This evening it was John Scalzi at the Harvard COOP for the Redshirts tour. Crime Fighter and [livejournal.com profile] quiet_elegance converged with me and again [livejournal.com profile] caulay, we had burritos outside and kept Mr. D. from eating cigarette butts or wood chips and did not get overwhelmed by the Hitchcock-esque groupings of hopeful pigeons and sparrows. QE and Mr. D. headed for home and we headed for the bookstore. The COOP's author event space is kick-ass. It was also not mobbed 40 minutes before the event, so we actually got to sit and I even got to ask a question at Q&A, again what with it not being over-run. (The question was: with Redshirts being my first of his books*, what would he recommend for my next?-- Of course the audience wanted to be helpful, but I didn't ask them- I asked him!) The readings were fantastic and we were treated to a super-secret vignette from the [redacted] series, which was [redacted]! I thought it was just [redacted]. Super-bonus moment: Since he's a groovy dude and does this sort of thing, Scalzi was hanging out ahead of the official start time talking to folks, so I got to show him a picture of Crime Fighter in his Star Trek command uniform, and like a good dad he awwwww-ed. 

I decided not to ask to get my picture taken with, because... well, I'd not seen anyone else do so and what you can't see are the security guard looking grumpy and the staff member directly out of frame on the left side. And I thought best not to slow down the line. 

*The thing is, Redshirts was the first book I'd read by Scalzi. [livejournal.com profile] purple_terror has several of his books- some procured by me, even, but I just was having a hard time getting around to it and/or the concepts were... eh? I dunno. Whatever reason, I was enjoying stalking him on social media like one does with people who seem really nifty and hang round people who are also pretty groovy. I guess I was just looking for the right starter book, and Redshirts is entirely awesome. I demolished all but the coda in about 4 days. I also have the audio version (as read by Wil Whaton) waiting for me. I now have Old Man's War in my read pile and when Fuzzy Nation comes out in paperback, I'll get that- if not for me, but for PT's collection.

Yay nerdy writers! Yay for going out with my friend and doing adult-centric things. Woo!
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I started reading John Green and David Levithan's book: Will Grayson, Will Grayson today. I appear to be a quarter of the way through already. I somewhat wished my commute was longer. I almost didn't use the hot tub this evening (more therapeutic than generically recreational this week) because I wanted to read more. So I took the book - very carefully- into the tub. I'd read more except that whole get up early tomorrow after a night of very interrupted sleep.

I finished Possession yesterday. I initially thought having it in audio format would make it more palatable, but it meant I couldn't skim. At least the last 2 chapters got to the goddamn point. Can't say I'd recommend it, but then again, I'm not fond of academic faffing over research (sorry, just NMK) and I find most poetry to be OK, but I don't need to read a book that gets all meta about it. Book club Wednesday. Once again [livejournal.com profile] woodwardiocom's brother and I can have another chapter of our ongoing conversation in which I play the role of the one who can't stand any books. It's quite ridiculous how often this happens to me in book club, but I keep coming back. Also, NO idea what next to suggest. The theme for the reading year is "romance"- as in the big sweeping dramatic things put forth by Bronte and Byron. And other B names. Except, you guessed it- don't love that kind of lit. Em suggested we go for the straight up Harlequin style. When we did the Nancy Drew month for mystery, we all chose one and compared/contrasted. I think we were thinking  we'd do the same for Harlequin. 

Robin and I went to see Albert Nobbs yesterday. I feel like it was half a movie. If you're going to do a niche movie like that, may as well have played to it's potential audience of GLBTQ folk who like historical. I did just check, and apparently it is based off a short story, so... OK. I guess it had to stick to the point. I feel somewhat compelled to go find it and see if the original text is as lacking in plot. Really, I'd rather someone else who has already read it and seen the movie tell me. Going back now: I already know one version is disappointing. I'd hate to waste my time twice.  I'd be happy to go on about why I found the movie to be entirely frustrating, but it takes a while and see aforementioned thing about having to go to bed and the new bit about how I probably shouldn't have started writing this in the first place and just gone directly to bed.  The only other point on the disappointing movie is that I will have to read up on movies more before I go these days. I don't have the luxury of going out like that sans Crime Fighter to waste on the  mediocre.   
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"We don’t have to wait for some grand utopian future. The future is an infinite succession of presents, and to live now as we think human beings should live, in defiance of all that is bad around us, is itself a marvelous victory"
-Howard Zinn via my father, [livejournal.com profile] aint_it_hard

Dad's post earlier today in G+ encapsulates my generic sense of hopefulness today and this gut reaction over the past many weeks and months of having more challenge than I'm remotely comfortable living with. You have to have hope, you just do. And today I have a bit more than I did yesterday, so that alone is a victory.

- water heater being dumb, landlord still in Ireland, so really not the same timezone
+ guy coming this afternoon to hopefully fix it, 
+/- [livejournal.com profile] purple_terror's got the latest crud, but he'll be home for sure to let this guy in.
+/- it meant a very modified bathing experience this morning, but I do not feel the worse for wear on that point.
- [livejournal.com profile] mzkero's youngest has croup and so Crime Fighter will be visiting with other people for the rest of the week.
+ my reaction to this change in scheduling was primarily epic sympathy for having a sick kid. I've already sorted CF's daytime schedule. 
+ I actually got some rest last night. Sudafed is doing the trick on the congestion, which is good. I am limited in what drugs are reasonable to take. I just have to be coherent enough to redose in the middle of the night. 
- Crime Fighter's nose is officially runny now. Poor little dude. It means awful suctioning things will have to happen later. 
- My hearing is rather impaired today, due to congestion. No pain, just pressure, warped sounds, and everything is way too loud. Yuck. 
+ Despite the head colds all 'round, I'm ramping up my efforts to convince the baby not to eat every time he wakes up in the night. Last night's efforts involved a preemptive feeding at 10 and a non-feeding snuggle at 12. By 2, he was not having such tricks, though. I think that's a bit better.
+ It's payday. It's not my month to pay rent, QE's planning on contributing to the general bills fund Thursday, and the Grandfather Charitable Trust proactively sent some funds to be stowed into the baby's account and mine. When you add all that up, the hindbrain stops gibbering for a few days. 
++this just in, my boss proactively said I only have to count Friday as a half vacation day, because I am going to a professional group board meeting, but then I'm doing Arisia stuff. I thought it was easier to mark it a whole day as "V", but yay! Now it's half! These things add up. And sometimes it's these little things. 
+ Reading. I mentioned it earlier, but really. It's a good book. 
+ The general positive uptick in my head means that the con this weekend doesn't feel like a monumental burden. I'm going to spend some of the time with Crime Fighter with me, and some without. I came close to ditching out on half of the weekend entirely because it seemed to stressful and I was feeling really crappy. However, the stubborn part of my brain kept saying, no. I should do this. I need to go do adult things for a few hours. Remind myself I'm capable of such things. Maybe I'll bring my paints with me (since I'm not knitting right now). 

Just Keep Swimming
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OK. I feel a need to write something but I think my degree of sleep dep is such that a coherent post is going to be hard.

I'm reading. This is exciting. I'm grateful I have a commute, otherwise I probably wouldn't. I found a way to consume Possession, the latest book for this month's club discussion. Audible required, as it's otherwise entirely Not My Kind Of Book. But if I let it wash over me while I'm doing the dishes, or whatever, then fine. The actual paper book I'm reading at the moment The God of the Hive, the latest in the Bee Keeper's Apprentice series. It's been pointed out to me that it's quite a Mary Sue premise (Sherlock Holmes and his intrepid spaniel Stieg wife Mary fight crime) - I've always loved the series and while it was a bit of a rough start, I'm hooked enough that I'm tempted to ignore all other things and just read. 

Work... I'm in a fog. But I'm busy. The very short version of new stuff is that I'll be spending more time in Copley Sq. between Feb-April to oversee the last bits of a 2+ year project. Also, my new coworker/office mate starts a week from tomorrow. 

Sleep. Not seeing a lot of that. It's wearing on me. Crime Fighter saves up most of his hungry for the middle of the night when he has guaranteed MOM time, instead of bottle time. We need him to not do this. It's the previously hinted at worst of both worlds: go to work, get woken up all night. I am generically OK-ish, as long as you don't make me move too terribly quickly and don't throw any monkey wrenches into my routine. 

I got the art processed for Arisia/art show. 43 pieces this year, and very little new (maybe 2-3 pieces?) - I very much expect to not have the interest or time to do very much art between now and Arisia '13, so if that be the case, will almost certainly skip the art show.  This is not a problem at all in my brain. I spent at least 5 years not doing a thing with clay, and it might be another fallow season for me for that medium. The fact I am enjoying painting and reading is more than enough for me right now. 
I'm still feeling unsettled about my logistics for the weekend, but I'm also not inclined to force a plan right now. I want to get through Friday and then see how things shake out.
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Yesterday was the due date - despite middle of night shenanigans, no luck. Back to work today. I've cycled back to not so zen/resigned and firmly (not really) of the belief I will always be pregnant.
Went to see The Help with book club ladies last night. Not bad. Not awesome. They had to simplify some bits of plot which are inevitable if you want a movie less than 3 hours long.
FYI: Richardson's peach ice cream is made of awful and causes pregnant women (OK, just me probably) to cry. Mint chip/patty still safe if you were fond of mint in the first place.
I've been painting  when at home. You know, the decorative kind. That has defused some of my restlessness, but only gets me so far.
Tiger in the Well is done- ended fine. Proven Guilty (Dresden  Files #8) started only yesterday and already 3+ hours in. James Marsters reading is a very pleasant distraction indeed.
[livejournal.com profile] quiet_elegance  has hit a lull at work and gets a few weeks off- good timing. If they hadn't hit a lull, he wouldn't get a check (unemployment) for when he takes off for Crime Fighter's arrival and first days. This job has to be done by 11/11/11 and they're not close to done, so this isn't like previous under-employment moments. So.... whew.
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Meta: dammit. I hit the stupid back button on my mouse and lost my post, so, take 2....

Drafting Compass: I found one packaged along with a protractor at Walgreen's. It'll do, but it really doesn't have enough tension to maintain a circumference well and the point isn't overly pointy, so it doesn't stay well even on my grippy watercolor paper. HOWEVER, I have one, it'll do for the imprecise work that keeps me amused. I will go get a better metal one at some point. Point! I was able to spend some time last night doing this style of pretty color/shape theory.

Headphones: ended up accidentally spending 2x what I meant to (a whole 25 bucks) - Sony. They were right next to others that were 13, so I mistakenly thought they were, too. However, I've always found them to be a reasonably comfortable style with the extra bonus of having a right angle jack, which is a much better notion esp. if you end up winding the cord around the device as I do. Less strain. So, problem solved for now. I'll review the cordless ones when I feel more confident in my fiscal liquidity.

(Audio)Book: I mentioned last week I'm listening to Tiger in the Well. As soon as I hit the halfway point, it got better- we started to get Sally into a scenario where she wasn't just reacting ignorantly, a few sympathetic characters showed up, and now in the last 1/3 of the last half as we get to the crescendo. So, yay for being bullheaded on that? But really- knowing the author's style of not having all doom and gloom is helpful. It's how is the heroine going to get out of this, not if.

So, that's what's up at the moment. Mostly content-free.

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+ I am happy with my new office arrangement
o it was weird having said office to myself today after 3 intensive days of Office Mate.
- desk has some features clearly not thought through
+ can be fixed with moderate alterations and some wrist rests for keyboard and mouse
- QE has, in fact, been discharged from the job site because their Steward (our friend, A) is going on site Monday
+ There's a list of job sites for QE to check out, and there's a good chance he will be the Steward at a job. It might only be a few days gap
+ He'll be able to come to the sonogram on Monday
+ Finished The Hunger Games- the last third- in one swell foop.
- Concerns for the anxiety dreams those will generate now. I hope they do justice to the movie next year.
+ I have cataloged the new kid books in Library Thing. I know of at least 2 people who wanted that list. If there are others who'd also like to know what books I've accumulated let me know and I'll send the link via email.  I did board books only. I have to backtrack on some of the standard paper ones. (When it's not 11:30 and I'm freezing) 
+ x infinity: congratulations NY State for joining the marriage equality club.
Oct. 17th, 2010 12:11 pm


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I will not mainline Dresden Files in audio format, read by James Marsters. (repeat as often as necessary)
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Hokay. Going to Cleveland for work and to see my parents. I will be findable by phone and email- will likely not be on social media so very (no surprise there).

FYI: Jim Butcher's Dresden Files (read by Spike James Marsters in his actual American accent, fyi) is available via Audible. I already had 1-3 on disk. Now I have Summer Knight for this trip. Mwahahahaaaa
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It's Wednesday, which means lunch with [livejournal.com profile] lifecollage  (Kermit flail-y arms, yaaaay!). The topic of podcasts came up up. I listen to several. People other than [livejournal.com profile] lifecollage  may find knowing about these podcasts to be a good and helpful thing. Also, if you listen to any, you can tell me what you like and why. So, the list with descriptions under the cut because ye gods this got long:

Geek a Week
Read more... )

Memories of the Future
Read more... )

The Moth
Read more... )

The Nerdist
Read more... )

NPR: 7am news summary
Read more... )

NPR: Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me!
Read more... )

Paul and Storm Talk About Some Stuff For 5-10 Minutes On Average
Read more... )

Radio Free Burrito
Read more... )

Save Love
Read more... )

This American Life
Read more... )

Honorable mentions but not in current rotation:
Read more... )

OK. that took a lot longer to get written out than I expected. But worth it. Did I mention that I work alone in an office and have 2 hours of daily commute? With that in mind, I also have some sort of backlog which I don't feel compelled to finish. You will also see that one show often feeds into another.
ETA: why can't I write this prolifically for the work blog?! (rhetorical)
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This gets a bit long.
Trip to Ohio )

Paging Dr. iPod )

Observations on books and reading )

bike and bike )
work )

craft fair and art )

... right. work. things. Hi.


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