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Yes, I made a Crow reference. I'm like that sometimes. ::grin::

Stress reduction... For reals, having Jaime only be out a week of work is a huge burden lifted. I felt confident enough in the world to go buy some cheap-ish sneakers and get rid of 3 pairs of unpleasant black shoes in the same trip. My old sneakers cause my hips to hurt, so let's not wear them, eh?

Random T interaction... I had an amazing interaction with a woman on the train on the ride in this morning. It took from Alewife to Central to finish my meditation (that's 11 1/2 min, fyi, for those of you interested in the meditation OR how long it took me to get through that part of the commute... today). She was an older lady named Jane (guessing my mom's age or somewhat older). She was chatty and I was feeling chatty so why not? I actually like talking to strangers on the train if they are nice and I'm not otherwise engrossed in my own thing. It was a perfect 5 minute friendship, thus illustrating that they don't have to last forever to be worthy and valuable.  Also, I am my mother's child. So very.

Kid stuff... My kid-parenting regrooving seems to be working out so far. This is nice. I feel proud and pleased.

Work stuff... I have the office to myself due to the demands of today's schedule on the remains of our office. It's been OK. I just let myself be damn sad yesterday. Not denying or trying to tamp down my feelings was really nice.

Fun stuff...  I'm going to see the Indigo Girls with [livejournal.com profile] caulay on Thursday in Lowell and going to see the Doubleclicks at Thunderoad with [livejournal.com profile] samuraizergling and some other folks on Saturday. Yay fun! I was looking at the ticketmaster lawsuit info- turns out I've seen a LOT of shows in that time-frame. I am not certain I'll be able to use even a fraction of the settlement in the time allotted.
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BOOYAH. The classic mom workout routine: totally working today. That being the regular lifting of 30+ of wiggly preschooler.

I was 2.5 hours later coming into Alewife than I normally am, and with the usual trailer + bike rig. Except c'mon. No way no how an awkward set up like that will find space in one of the most popular bike commuting destinations in the area.  I took the trailer off, and stowed that along the perimeter of the cage. The bike had to get put on the top tier, a thing I'd not ever considered given my height limitations. But by gum, I got that sucker not just up but back down with zero assitance.

Score one for inventive chick who refused to be flapped by a middling but unrelenting challenge!!
Sep. 15th, 2012 10:08 pm

Good day

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I need to be quick because bedtime is coming up faster than not, so quick list of things:
+Arlington town day
+ Fried dough and Indian food at lunch, not in that order
+Waltham town day: the Saturday household (which includes asciikitty) went to see the carpenters build toolboxes with kids. It was the best part of the event. Arlington's day is way more involved
+ Gorgeous weather
+ Visiting with neighbors and their 2 kids
+ Randomly running into one of my favorite archivists on the way back from Book Rack
+ Got 2 interactive books for Crime Fighter and a copy of The Sun Also Rises for next month's book club selection, all half off because of my credits
- Overtired kid = velociraptor 
+ But even overtired, he loves his Indian food
+ Seasonal ice cream (pumpkin for me, ginger for ascikitty)
+++ Played Settlers of Catan and Bananagrams for most of the evening. I even won Settlers for the first time (in living memory)
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Every time September rolls around, I remember this is possibly my favorite month. I love the drop in humidity, the gorgeous skies, the return of apples, being able to wear jeans again: it's all pretty lovely. 

This being the second of a three day weekend, there was a great deal of cooking that happened. We were gifted with a lot of tomatoes last night, so I decided to do a version of cacciatore. I have no idea if it resembles in the end, but it did have this bizarrely  bready smell that wafted through the house all day. (Tomato, chicken breast with bone, lots of oregano and basil, not enough salt, garlic, and the last of the Shiraz from last night.) It will get 'et with ravioli on Tuesday or Wednesday. 
We're having [livejournal.com profile] purple_terror's absolute favorite people (Tom and Carol) over tomorrow for dinner, so I decided mini apple pies were appropriate. Carol's from here, Tom's the UK and they currently live in the Other Cambridge. Their visits tend to be a big deal. PT's making beef wellingtion, you know, like you do. At any rate, cutting apples, making streusel, dough, and a bit of apple sauce to top the raw apple all had to happen. They're all hanging out and waiting to bet baked. This is how it got to be suddenly not 7:30, but 10 all of a sudden. 

However! The day was not all drudgery. I convinced [livejournal.com profile] quiet_elegance to venture out past the easy Spy Pond park adventure and to the more daring Harvard Common playground. It was a classic People's Republic moment- coming off the 77 bus to a cacophany that was Bread and Puppets. The crowd was dense enough and it was odd enough I didn't want to linger- not QE or Crime Fighter's cuppa, I think. But it was just so beautifully perfectly Cambridge: something my mom and dad would have easily seen here almost 40 years ago. 
QE had not been to this playground. It was packed with pretty well behaved kids. I adore the water features there. Nobody at all will be surprised that Mr. D took to the mini climbing hummock (not really a wall) instantly and knew exactly what to do with the hand/foot holds. He just needed a bit of extra bracing. 
Of course ALL the students and many of their parents were in Harvard Sq. We ventured in for some good tea and some Lush refills. Wow. Just... wow. The bluegrass band playing in the alley were good, though. But the crowds were comedically large and filled with loud know it alls explaining to n00bs what XYZ landmark means/is. I will say as a PSA that Cardullo's has done some rearranging and it's not so claustrophobic anymore! We dared to bring the umbrella stroller in (since Mr. D. was still strapped in)- and it was not a menace. A-maz-ing. 
All in all, it was a lovely jaunt. It was just the thing I wanted to do: a little adventure with my dudes. Well, minus PT, who spent the afternoon building the components of his new homebrew kit. (woo, beer!) 
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So, it looks like the weather's going to be nice and I appear to have no plans for Saturday. 
Is anyone else planning on going to Pride? I thought taking the babe down and see all the fabulous would be a good afternoon activity. 
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I got to go to Kemp park with Crime Fighter this afternoon. That place is amaaaaaaazing. We hung out with [livejournal.com profile] primal_pastry,[livejournal.com profile] red_canna and their kids. RC's middle boy, P, was very sweet and played with Crime Fighter in the water. The baby was all: "OMG, this water thing is so. cool. Everyone should try it. Also, possibly sample the maple seeds and the wood chips and the sand. YUM." And asleep before we crossed the green to the T stop. 

I also found a hat at Helena's- one I'd seen when going by on the bus- it's pretty close to what I have been wanting to wear instead of my Union baseball cap:
Sunday Afternoons Natalie Ribbon Sun Hat Taupe
Although mine looks a bit more in the purple family- but not much. It's squishable and femme. Woohoo!
Feb. 7th, 2012 12:35 pm

Save the T?

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Who's going? Let's not let our chronic torpor lead us to Option 2, in which service is murdered.
Of course I want option 3: the T gets more money. :/
I am going to the one on the 28th.
Who's with me?
Tuesday Thursday February 28
Somerville High School
81 Highland Avenue
6:00 to 8:00 pm
Wednesday, February 29
Cambridge Citywide Senior Center
806 Massachusetts Avenue
6:00 to 8:00 pm

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Despite the rain today , I am pretty stoked.

From what I can tell, I can choose between 67, 77, 79, 350- can't remember where 80 ends up-, but saw an 80 bus-
I took a 79 over the 77 since [livejournal.com profile] minkrose - and others- have gone on at length about how irritating the 77 can be at rush hour (faster to walk sometimes, given how it stops at every block). The driver was concerned about the congestion on 16/2, but seriously- it only took 10 minutes from my stop to Alewife. I think that turned out to be better than the slow path up Mass. Ave. From Lexington it's 20-30 min, minimum. And as we know, it doesn't take much for a slow down in one spot to domino through the commute. I got into Park St. by 8 and sitting to have my breakfast by 8:15ish.

So! Those who take buses through Arlington in towards downtown Boston-- What's your favorite? Do you find that taking a different path helps depending on in/out bound?
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Scene: Bromfield St.- Downtown Boston (one way street)
Players: me, asshole jogger (you might see where this is going already)

I look down the street for cars, do not see any, cross street, hear angry voice and then am shoved by jogger who's technically following the rules of the road by going against traffic, but fails as a human. Seriously. Totally uncalled for. Yeah, probably should have looked in the opposite direction for the 1 in 50 chance there's a jogger right then, or bike messenger who flaunts the rules of the road. But I didn't. Shoving and yelling? Really?

Not OK, Bub. Someone fails kindergarten.

Two passers-by reassured me that he was a total jerk. Still- this has caused me some amount of wig-atude.
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So, there's this thing I do---

For those who've not been brought up to speed: Exposition:
Exposition )

Here we get to the new bit- I met a new Bob today, officially. I'd seen him a few times near the State House. Well, another hot day- 86 according to Weather Bug as I write this. New Bob was perched in the shade asking if someone would buy him water. Ah, yes. Yes, I will do that. So, this Bob- also a vet- he's old enough, I'd say Vietnam. He had on a baseball hat that said "Ferengi" on it--- woah. Really? From Las Vegas, where he'd been living for a while. Neat! I have no idea if I'll see him more often, but hearing he's another Bob just tore at me a bit.
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OK, after this, I'm done for the night, I swear.
Hey, [livejournal.com profile] purple_terror 's home! woo! Despite Boston rush hour- specifically on the T and the Orange Line this time*- making things tense for me, the airport was navigated. I even found the cell phone lot without ending up in Chelsea. We ended up going out the wrong way- or at least a new way, but ended up finding 93 N. It was weirdly not congested. There was sushi (Sushi Corner's) - eventually. Everyone and their uncle was getting takeout, so we stumbled out probably 30-40 minutes later than expected. But sushi! There was the observation of the bendy people on television, although a near-miss there, too, as the Replay had topped out at the originally allotted episodes, so stopped recording (ah hah, we say- and we fix).That would explain why it wasn't taping last Thursday without my prompting.

So- really- many things that could have been bad and irritating, but we were serene. Let the harassment begin! Also, that's a very not recent picture in that icon. Just sayin'.

*Boston Insider Observations on T Wrangling )
Short version: Avoid State Street when a by-pass on the Green will work.
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- I slept horribly thanks to forgetting to put on the AC or fan before bed. The AC is being... dumb. It didn't actually cool down the room to any noticeable degree til well after midnight.
- I'd like to stop clenching my hands while I sleep. 
? It seems to be a trade-off, as I don't think I'm clenching my teeth so much now.
+ [livejournal.com profile] quiet_elegance  made coffee
+ the bike path was quiet and the temp. quite good for a ride in
+ shuffled playlist gave me the music I needed to get over sleeping fitfully
- forgot a 10am meeting
+ remembered at 10:30 and not too late to go (only 15 min. away)
++++++ FarmerSmarket at Copley! Danish pastry!
+ (many) walking back to the office through the garden/common with yet more really good music
+ sharing one of my doughnuts with a panhander
- not being able to share with the other 3 I saw before I got back to the office
+ very good functioning AC in my office
+ I get to go back outside for lunch in 10 minutes. And eat the Danish pastry! (after my sensible sandwich)
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A 2 hour commute to nowhere, for I am home again. I sat on a disabled train just outside Alewife for a while. While waiting for things to get moving, the second train at the station went out of service, this after hearing there was originally a train at Park St. that was problematic.

So, I'm home. I have a few extra days of vacation, so why argue with the universe?
May. 3rd, 2010 09:35 am


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I hit the wrong button and lost my entry halfway through. This will be a very short version:
- I helped [livejournal.com profile] missdimple  move yesterday. I'm very glad I did- it went smoothly considering, but today is a 2 cup of coffee day what with the expected results of box-hauling. The second cup actually is helping so I don't necessarily have to hide in my office all day.
- I have a new composter, and it is awesome! I had hoped for an R2-D2 shaped one, like my neighbors have, but instead it's much more dalek shaped.  On further reflection, I believe the one I originally referred to as R2 shaped can be interpreted just as easily as dalek. If anyone has a better match for the square one I do have, I'm happy to entertain nicknames.
- Movies recently watched: Slumdog Millionaire, Up in the Air. Both left me with a bit of a "...huh" feeling, but both reasonably well done.
- Movie to see soon: zomg-IRONMAN!... just sayin'. Scarlet Johansson.
- Lexington was rather ghost-townish on Saturday since all the food-selling establishments, including ice cream parlors and movie theaters, were ordered to close. I expected zombies or tumbling tumbleweeds in the mostly abandoned parking lots. Aside from being thwarted from my ice cream fix, this water thing is a non-thing on the scale of bothersome things. Not so much for 80% of the gym-goers today. shrug. Don't know. Don't care.

Right. I have videos to make for work. Did I mention that the upgraded software and my computer are not getting on well and my computer will show its displeasure with a solid blue motif after a while? Yeah, not a good thing. Fingers crossed.
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- Didn't want to get up (what' s new there?)
- Still sore from weights yesterday
+ Did weights yesterday - and did 12 miles on a real bicycle -to/from Alewife
- Epidermis misbehavior (I swear I'm not 14 anymore, but nobody told my pores)
+ random T encounter with [livejournal.com profile] roozle .
- Came in to find the server's down at work and none of the 3 tech guys are answering the phone. I am about to head off site to see my interns so I won't even be here to assist when (not if) they call while I'm out
+ Top hat! Still don't have it, but I will soon
- Weird dreams about The Ex. The one I've not been with since Sept. 1996. Why? Why?? Oh, right. Symbolism. Of something.
+ Sunny when I thought there'd be rain at this point
+ Almost Saturday, therefore almost by birthday.  Yeah, that's good. I'm looking forward to a few presents and a kickass dinner at EVOO.
? I'm finding Facebook to be almost impossible to get signal:noise ratio within reason these days, so I have this nagging feeling like I'm missing something. (I am, I know. S'ok)
-- Homeless friend, Richie is getting hassled by a cop for being homeless and passively hoping for food/cigarette money from kindly passersby. There's very little that seems to be able to be done. Who cares? He's not hurting anyone or hindering anyone. I've called around to a few lawyerly places, emailed a few people, but I think it's pretty much a tough-luck situation. It's hard to get territory out there, though. He has a spot that's his and regular people (like me) who try to look out for him. Gr. I'm still hoping for a response back from someone on this, but I'm mostly resigned to not actually getting to help.
? I also had a dream that I thought I saw Bob Wright in my library. ... But no. I've thought about him a lot. There's a field out by the bike path and I always think of him when I go by it. I miss him.
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We were speculating at home how many people would be attending the convention. Turns out 30,000 or so. .... Oh. It was a tough afternoon since the first major thing that happened was not getting into the keynote to hear Wil Wheaton. That was very vexing, but I managed to let that go. [livejournal.com profile] purple_terror , R-, and I ended up hanging out with [livejournal.com profile] badlittlemonkey for most of the afternoon. I think none of us are hardcore enough in the game thing to truly appreciate this sort of environment especially since it came with an extra helping of crushing crowds. The super-cool thing they had on hand: big beanbags all over the place so people could just crash out for a while. 
Pax East hangout spot 

And then there's this. That's pretty sweet. Some of the bad luck on keynote was reversed, in that we were able to stand in a short (to me) line to get a quick hi with WW and an autograph.
my autograph card for PAX East
So, this one definitely is better if you click to embiggen. I did the cartoony bits. I have to get a few more to feel like I have a complete representation.

Dinner= totally worth it. We dragged [livejournal.com profile] samuraizergling  off to Douzo. They were favoring dance club music and there was saki for some of us. :)

It's entirely possible I'll be thwarted in going to hear the music tomorrow. We'll see. I'm certainly scaling back my expectations since I'd not even considered that I'd not get into the keynote until they were turning us away.
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Did you know that Pearl Art is in its final days? I went yesterday after work to try to get a china marker. The shelves are mostly empty and there was a line stretching to the back of the store and around the perimeter to check out. I wandered around a little bit, almost bought a bit of acrylic paint, but then realized I'd have to stand in that line.

Did you know there's an art store across the street from Pearl? Literally, across the street. It's in the basement- big-ish sign proclaiming art supplies. So, in the coming months/years, keep that in mind when you are wishing Pearl was still around. I don't actually remember the name of this other store, despite shopping their somewhat often in the past 2ish years. They did have a number of colored china markers, but none in white- Stabillo, yes, so that would do.

Then I went to put the new implements in my bag and found my missing marker that I just replaced. headdesk. This after the Shuffle "loss", repurchase, and recovery. I'm starting to get a bit twitchy. FWIW, the things "lost" were small. Replacing them, while an irritant was possible. Having a duplicate for either is not such a bad notion, either, especially if I continue to be scatter-brained.

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So, "Women of Questionable Virtue"-cracker is coming up next weekend (Dec 10-13) and the following (17-20). I heard fun things about it last year, so despite it's less than awesome name, I'm going this year - on the 19th. FYI! Let me know if I'll see you there.
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I leave for NYC tomorrow morning on the Bolt Bus. I'm stoked. My last Chinatown bus experience can be officially quantified as "narsty." I'm solo until Friday afternoon, at which point [profile] purple_terror , [profile] quiet_elegance and Miss Robin join me. We have plans to see A Night Without Python and dinner at Morimoto. Back on Saturday (eta) Sunday evening.

I will be bringing connectivity with me.

(is it time to go yet?!)

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So, let's see if I can sum this up efficiently-
A bit ago I agreed to take an upstate NY -orginating collection. It turned out someone from that end had to go to the Conservation Center in Andover to get an item, so they dropped them for me there. Very convenient! Since [profile] quiet_elegance has free time still, he agreed to help me get the boxes in to the library, which was a sticking point, as I wasn't about to leave a car downtown all day for no reason.
Since I was at the Moby concert til later than I'm normally out, it was a lucky thing to be able to sleep til I naturally woke up (half an hour past when my alarm normally goes) - The trek up to Andover was mostly pain-free, and the very best part of all, I found a diner for breakfast about a mile from the Conservation Center.
So this diner. It's run by the same guy/family who used to own the Arlington Diner until a few years ago. This one - called Charlie's Place- is in on old school diner- about as wide as a train car, but in brick, most of it being counter. We had fantastic food: their hash browns kick Arlington's ass. By a lot. Their coffee is actually quite good, which has not been true at Arlington for a while. Glee! We finished up right around the time the Center opened-
I've been up there for classes a few times, so I know my way around, but I'd not had a tour in a while. Once the paperwork was done, our guide gave us a tour. The building is one in a complex of old wool mills that have been refurbished, so q_e was quite keen and provided some interesting info to our guide on how XYZ works. It was hard not to stand around and talk to everyone we met for quite a while. When we left, q_e noted that archivists (and our ilk, so conservators) are really quite geeky. Well, yes. We are. He'd not had the chance to talk to a group of professionals in their natural environment.
The drive in to Beacon Hill was not a big deal at all. I am extremely gratified that I can navigate the cow paths/rabbit warren. And a gorgeous day on top of all this. I'm very satisfied.



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