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Ahhh hah! I have a plan for my Halloween costume this year. One that requires almost no prep work:

Priscilla Page.

One of the Page sisters from the Jack of Fables graphic novels.  The other sisters are Hilary and Robin.

Exposition: the Page sisters, along with Mr. Revise are evil librarians who are the bad guys in the Jack stories. At least from Jack's perspective. For those of you not indoctrinated into the ways of Information Science, one of the commonly used terms for a librarian (usually the kind that shelve books) is page. Meta humor!


Not unrelated: I acquired 2 new sets of glasses today. Pictures of them to be done when I haven't done as much hauling and walking in the narsty, humid air.

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Thank the gods that Robin pointed out: St. Patrick's Day. Davis Square. Students start drinking early. I'm not going to Diesel. She related that when they're not drinking, they're clogging up the coffee houses. I don't need to go near that. I just hope they don't block my progress to Comicazi for theraputic reading material (Empowered 4 and some other stuff)

In the meantime, I'm slogging through the last of the name file I'm compressing (up to Per-). Waiting to hear how [livejournal.com profile] purple_terror 's father is today. I've pretty much decided that I think it's more realistic to stay here and not go up, too. But I keep arguing with myself over it.

Oh, and another dental visit. Fixed tooth is misbehaving.

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Today's Non Sequitur : (click to embiggen)

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Today's Devil's Panties---

Devil's Panties 1/2/09

I'm a non-church attending Unitarian, for those who forgot or didn't know.
At long last I get to go to work today. First time since Christmas Eve.
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First, I found an article via Neil Gaiman- a cartoon off between XKCD and the New Yorker.
And then probably the CUTEST THING EVER!
SFW - but rife with awwwwww )
If that doesn't make you smile, you are immune to The Cute.

There's also an ongoing interest in celeb blogs for the Monty Python book shop sketch. Wednesday it was Neil Gaiman. Today it's Wil Wheaton

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This one seemed way too appropriate. Savage Chickens:

savage chickens 10.8.08

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I'd already heard a few Palin jokes, but Get Fuzzy today so far is my favorite.
get fuzzy 9/13/08

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Today's... I can already hear [personal profile] catness laughing uproariously
savage chickens 5/2/08
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I've been horribly lax on reading my favorite celeb blogs.  I just now read this one. Wil had emailed me thanks for the link, which caused me to squee then, but hadn't realized he'd go so far as to repost for the world to see. 


In other fannish news, Can't Stop the Serenity- June 20 and 21 at the Coolidge! Two showings, folks! Teh aweseome. Tickets are not yet available, however.

can't stop the serenity 2008
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From 3/7/08's Two Lumps...

I never liked Mr. Rodgers as a child. I appreciate his work as a children's host, but dude. Bleh. Give me the Electric Company and Sesame Street any  day of the week. srsly. This post required a new tag. Snark.
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I really love Savage Chickens, but since I frequently feel this way when I do the same, I really did laugh out loud...
savage chickens 1.24.08

I always think of [personal profile] catness when I read this strip, because she's the one who told me about it in the first place.
She was made of awesome yesterday, because not only did she find me LITTLE HEART SHAPED TINS - but the tins had chocolate in them and she was so good in the timing that we coordinated a hand off and a smooch  right then and there.
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From last Friday's strike:
me in a cunning hat
I haven't gotten the disosable camera pics developed yet. But soon.

In related news: Today's XKCD:
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Today's Unshelved:unshelved

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Savage Chickens:
savage chickens in hell
snorf&giggle- It's funny because it's true.

And from Abby re: unprotected sex/ex/impending marriage... to someone else:
P.S. In the future when he's visiting "the children," please stop having sex with him. Being a single parent with two children is hard enough without adding a third.
Second verse, same as the first!
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First off... This Savage Chickens video is the COOLEST THING EVAR!!!1!
Second (nothing) off: It's Friday. More T-shirt Assets.
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It's been a really long time since there's been a comic worth sharing. Today's XKCD
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Ephemera: unavoidable in my line of work. Unshleved rocks.
unshelved from today
Speaking of cool comics, Punch n' Pie just started a fun arc for the Browncoats. Starts here
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If only work was this fun.
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Obviously I'm loving my comics a lot given I tend to post a link at least once a week. This morning's offering
In other news, I'm enjoying the luxury of reading comics in bed. And I'm really not awake yet. It's kinda nice. Nicer with a hot beverage, but I didn't want to bang about in the kitchen and wake up the sick boy.


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