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I rejoined the gym and it's just not a great notion for me these days. It is right there by work, but it turns out going more than twice a week is really never going to happen... going once is a victory of sorts. And that is NOT cost-effective, especially when it turns out you don't have a chance to go every week.
So, something else.
Thoughts I've had so far--

  • Dance Complex in Cambridge

  • Cambridge Center for Adult Ed.

um. That's it so far. Dance complex has stuff I'd be willing to try. CCAE? Nope. I tried tap classes which were held in the basement of the Regent theater in Arlington Center, but it never felt quite right.
I'm open to suggestions.
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Backtracking to what I wrote yesterday about the busy weekend...

Adventures in preschool land )

Rick's memorial service )

SYTYCD dance tour )

Oh. And I have a craft fair in Malden this Sunday: Congregation Agudas Achim Ezrath Israel's holiday fair. I am betting it's going to be rather small, but happy to have a new opportunity. Let me know if you think you'll be attending.

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  • My measure of success this evening was getting from 32% to 51% on an impossibly hard Dance Central song. I'm actually rather proud of that. I just hope that I magically make the game judge decide I am within the parameters of success next time. 
  • My birthday is in a few weeks and I have no idea what I want to do to commemorate this occasion. 37 is a not overly interesting number in and of itself. 
  • Tomorrow's the only day this week I'm working. Also, I will not forget to go to the internship job site. I will also not forget I'm having lunch with [livejournal.com profile] lifecollage. (The key is in not packing my lunch for the day)
  • QE's getting that back procedure Tuesday morning. There's some hope and trepidation. 
  • My parents arrive Tuesday evening. 
  • Upstairs Downstairs  is not half as good as Downton Abbey
  • My annual review is next week. It should be fine- Everyone else's is this week. I hope they're fine, too.  
  • I have to get off my duff and try to find a new child care option for The Crime Fighter. A combination of travel, new baby mobility and the end of the regular school year = end of the line at [livejournal.com profile] mzkero's. This is a whole other post, which I may or may not try to deal with, as my parameters are sort of impossible. Impossible is why we were lucky to have Kero for as many months as we had. It's eating my brain.
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The Exquisite original dance instructor, who moved to Chicago, then almost immediately to California was back this week and if all goes well, may find a job. We got together with a small group  of the former Monday night group at [livejournal.com profile] noire 's house for chatting and food. It really was a special experience, that Monday class. Turns out one of our alum- who moved off to Concord- successfully joined me in active fertility, just two weeks behind me. Gadzooks, people. What is in the water?! Much excellent conversation, including ideas to help get the inconquorable Resh back to the east coast, preferably here. I'm very much hoping she takes up the notion of creating videos teaching Bollywood. It was determined by one of our number that there are no good instructional videos on the topic. I would buy everything she makes, no question.

But now it's zomg- MIDNIGHT- and I'm still awake. This is soon to change.
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It'd been a very long while since I went to Bollywood dance. I signed up for a drop-in for tonight through the website, and yet- when I got to the studio, I got The Look. You know, the one that you get when you're not expected. In this case, because there is no more Bollywood class. However, the Wunderkinder didn't think to disable the bit where people can sign up for the non-existent class. Nor did they think to look to see if anyone signed up over the course of 12-13 hours. Again- I should have called first. How foolish of me to expect them to act like a legitimate business. (Yes, I'm getting a refund for tonight.)
I grudgingly went tonight as a one last chance/need to blow off steam and instead had my trust smashed all to hell and added steam. Dammit. I really liked going there. Before.
Dexter Morgan will soothe me. No- he really won't. Last week's episode was filled with nail-biting and squeaks of startlement.
So, skating it is then. 12/2, Pygment?
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Sent a final (for now) email to dance studio. After the number of last minute or unannounced cancellations, I don't have the energy to deal. This is frustrating. I'm also concerned, but without further info, mostly irritated.
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Yak and Yeti: Tibetan/Indian food in Ball Sq. Kind of light on the TIbetan food side, but tasty. Their medium-spicy is more like a low-grade hot.

Tai Chi at World Rhythms: [livejournal.com profile] quiet_elegance  really likes it! Yay! I enjoyed it, too, but can't dedicate another night to a class (time and money) The guy who instructs, Adison, is made of mellow. His grace is staggering. I can see him being a natural at modern dance and the like. If all goes according to plan, q_e will go back for at least a 5 week run and has aspirations of learning the sword style if Adison's up for it. That last bit is sort of way down the line. Gotta learn to crawl before you can dance on a tight rope.

Also: they're looking for front-desk help, like starting 2 weeks ago. Poor Javier (the owner) is somewhat frantic. He's a great guy, but doesn't really have the energy for details, like sending out reminders, replying to email, keeping up with the web site. He and his wife have a little kid and I think still live in Worcester. He's been at the studio every night, which is a strain that's starting to show. Anyway- if you need some part time work? It's a walk from Davis or Porter and they are Good People.
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Next week World Rhythms Dance Studio is having a week of open studio classes. Come check them out and hopefully sign up for more. They could use the break of new folk after a few months of some unpleasant struggling. Check out the schedule.
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So, I feel like most of what's going on at the moment feels kind of negative.
-mood (this not unrelated to the first point, I think)
-project at work. Access is not my friend.
-dance class- or possibly lack thereof.  It's this last one that's really causing me to want to document, though. This week the core students showed up only to discover no instructor. We warmed up and cobbled together an hour of activity. Yay for ipods with Bollywood playlists! But then this next Monday is a holiday and perhaps they're not open? In fact, they are not despite being open for other less momentous Monday holidays. However, there's also nothing on Monday (not even bellydancing, which is at the same time as my class), so... ? Oversight? I hope. The schedule there does look rather decimated so I'm getting a bad feeling about this, as the Star Wars folk would say. 

On the up side, while [livejournal.com profile] quiet_elegance  is still between paid employment, it looks like he might have a chance to get through his apprenticeship a lot faster and on to journeyman.
Additionally, my boss is back after a summer away. We've done a lot and she seems generally happy with our progress. There's something reassuring knowing she's back even though it may well not change my day to day that much. At least now I can fob off weird reference on her again.

None of the bad will be of lasting damage, it's true, but still. Nibbled to death by cats.
Aug. 8th, 2010 12:23 am

Mmmm, mint

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I was half way through my first mojito when I got a text that lovely ladies were getting together for drinks on the other side of town. Toooo late! [livejournal.com profile] asciikitty  and I were already snarking and drinking. Dance With Me (1998)--- augh. What plot?! I watched it because [livejournal.com profile] doeeyedbunny  said that SYTYCD choreographers were extras/support cast. The writers decided there need not be a conclusion when meaningful staring would do. We had to cleanse the palate with real dancing (season 5 finale) to make up for it.

I love weather like today. I can feel September headed closer, and I remember how much I frakking adore that month. I really do. 

Another thing: got to take A. with me on my first with passenger motorcycle ride. It was only down to the end of the block by way of side street, but still. I did it! Nobody was maimed or threatened particularly with maiming. Also we didn't go above 30. But now I know what that feels like and I think I can handle it... as long as I don't get over-confident. Yay! And fun.

So for the lovely ladies drinking: I promise I held up my end over here. Tasty mojitos and alcoholic ice cream.
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Right. I feel like I was hit by a truck because of class. (Also 14 miles on the bike yesterday morning- a different story)

Aloo Chaat! (great song, tasty food- let's dance) : details )

To sum up: class is great. I am SO sore. I have to practice.
ETA: Have practiced here in the office- unexpected: I feel less creaky and beat up now for the extra movement-yay. Also- I am getting it.
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Tonight there were girls in my kitchen. We made Vietnamese spring rolls (my new favorite hot weather food) and then there was gossip and then we watched dancing with the guys. Yay!
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I thought it was time for a real Bollywood icon already--- And who else but Aishwarya would do?!

So, class. Despite the snafu about the time (sorry, Deb), the place was just packed. I was stunned. Never had I seen so many people at this place for this sort of class- gratified that there was no way they'd decide not to do it now with easily 20 people in the room- and a little miffed that there was never that kind of turn out for Reshama.

Since I was skipping out on book club to be there, I didn't stay the whole time, however, I'm convinced enough that this class will be worth going to that I got the 10-pass prepay again. Extra bonus: 10 bucks off for signing up on demo night. Sadly, I have forgotten the instructor's name, but it'll get in the cranium eventually. Her style is not particularly like Resh's, for which I'm relieved. She's a lot more bawdy and has definite preference for a bit of a hip-hop/Bhangra vibe. 

It looks like they're sticking to the Monday schedule, which I'm generally comfortable with, although moving to 7:30 instead of 8:30- again, a reasonable switch and means I don't have to start getting ready for bed as soon as I get home. When I left last night they were unsure if the class would start next week or the week after. Either way: I'm ready, I'm there.
Jul. 7th, 2010 02:54 pm

Dance Stuff

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I seem to have neglected to say that I've been attending salsa classes at World Rhythms for a total of 3 weeks now. It's been a long time since I've taken salsa and it had been the particular activity [livejournal.com profile] quiet_elegance  and I did together. However, with half of my 10-pass prepay, I had to use them somehow post-Bollywood, and getting to have class with my old instructor sounded a good notion.

Sounded like.

Here's the thing. Bollywood was a thing I found difficult a lot of the time, but I always went and usually came back pretty happy. The women who attended were all quite keen and we could keep up with each other so that there was always forward momentum on the hour of class. After not that long, there was a very great vibe between students and instructor- it was not the average class setup. Fierce love and loyalty, always.

Now here I am attending a class that is.... not. I'm an outsider, which could change if I keep going. There are some people who're clearly there every week. But now instead of each of us being responsible for our own movement in class, we are now required to interact with someone else. As the one with the XX chromosomes, it's my part to be the "follower" in the couple. I'm not a very good follower, especially when the "leader" requires quotation marks around that designation. We don't slowly work on an on-going bit of choreography. We end up doing one thing repetitiously the whole class. It's true, we all need the practice. Me too. But it's dull as hell. The not do it perfectly but start to string something together? I can get behind that. Instead, I do my best to be a follower and smile and eventually end up staring at the clock wondering when it'll be over already.

My ray of hope: last night before salsa started, my instructor (also the studio's director)- was trying out a new Bollywood teacher. She's different, as expected. But after only 5 minutes doing that, I was genuinely happy. There'll be an intro/free class next Monday (right in the middle of book club, dammit) so it's possible that before the end of the month, I'll be back to what I really want to do. Fingers Crossed!
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A few months ago I did some play testing at Harmonix. I thought, hey, cool. I like playing Rock Band, that'll be fun.

Except it wasn't Rock Band. It's called Dance Central (hey, like Central Sq. where Harmonix is). Unlike Dance Dance Revolution, it has a nifty little camera/sensor - no more getting your feet just so on the pad. It also takes into account whole body movement, not just feet. It is awesome and I can't wait til this fall when it comes out.

So now you know.
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OK. [livejournal.com profile] doeeyedbunny , an avid dance fan, just started watching So You Think You Can Dance (SYTYCD) and she mildly chastised me (with humor) for not mentioning the show more vociferously and that she's now catching up with the previous 6 seasons as best she can.

OK. If you like dance, NOW is the time to watch a show like this. Tonight's exposition show was brilliant and about close to flawless as it gets to date.  Next week the real competition starts.

For those who are wishing they had a setlist of the music, each season has a Wikipedia page. The show's been done for half an hour and already this season's (7) page is updated. Just. Sayin'.
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After the commentary from Thursday, I decided to extend a bit longer to make sure the reboot works. Not much else worth noting other than I'm not dead- neither is anyone else. I may get mini eclairs at BJ's when we go at the end of the week, though. (Mwah hah)

I was just minding my own business this morning, riding my bike to Alewife as I have been doing rather often when I came to the last 1/4 mile and whoom. Have some downed branches. OK, have some down trees. I was able to duck under the first one, but the other three required major clambering and bike-carrying. Microburst, you say? Yowza.

It seems that once a year near [livejournal.com profile] quiet_elegance 's birthday (observed), that there's the biggest cleaning events that overshadow all other uncluttering moments. Q_E started on Saturday, which sparked me to do many random things yesterday, things that are not apparent to the casual observer. However, my art drawers are now beautifully arranged. The Ikea bookshelves are much more full and hold 90% of card/board games and a large stack of the over sized art/coffee table books. I am most pleased.

I may have mentioned that I really have taken a shine to Chef Sang, the sushi guy at Teppenyaki. We took [livejournal.com profile] lifecollage  a week ago and [livejournal.com profile] purple_terror  this past Friday. That makes 2 converts in 2 weeks. He's really that brilliant. [livejournal.com profile] quiet_elegance  made a box out of rosewood for our chop sticks that we're keeping there and Sang hung out with us after we were done eating, as there was rather significant lull at that moment. Supposedly, they're redoing the menus eventually, but even if they did, I don't think I'd use them. I'm more than a little happy to be a guinea pig for new ideas he has. I have yet to be disappointed with anything, rather it's usually way too brilliant for a middle-of-the-road establishment. I am keen on taking one of his classes at some point.

Tomorrow: I go to my first salsa class in years. Should be fun, though. I am curious to see what they're working on, how much I remember and how much Bollywood improved my ability to pick up moves faster. After all, I know all the basic moves already, so that's an advantage. It will be a sadness not go go with q_e.

Motorcycle: Still in the shop. The latest theory is that there wasn't enough compression in the ...uh, tubes (?), which threw off the vacuum and so fuel wasn't going through the petcock like it was supposed to. The mechanic almost certainly experienced the bad when he was testing it out and he saw this with another bike earlier this season. This is apparently a gradual deterioration, so it makes sense that last fall it could limp along, but by 2 weeks ago, I was doomed. I'm hopeful that I can pick it up on Friday. Fingers crossed!

I haven't seen Richie around in quite a while. Last time I saw him was when he was having issues with a cop hassling him, so it's possible that he's had to set up shop elsewhere. But I worry enough to him in random dream cameos.
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... or something.

Last night was our last Bollywood class with our instructor, Resh, (who is moving to Chicago). We ended up running all the routines, rather than learning a new bit to the most recent. It was the core 5 of us who've been there pretty much since the beginning- certainly for the last 6 months. It was perfect. She even videoed them! I'm hoping that she'll post them on her site. We're not perfect, but we're having fun.

Resh and I had already planned on getting together for coffee or something before she disappeared, so the final plan: she visit my library then lunch, which is what happened today. It was... well, the bookend. After (over) 10 years here, I get a bit jaded on the cool that is this place, but when new folks come through, I can borrow some of their enthusiasm. Lunch at a gloriously ACed pub and a short walk, great conversation--- I feel like I gained as much closure as you can when you really don't want something to be done yet.

I'll keep going to dance classes- salsa for the moment with my former instructor, Javier. I'll hope they find a new Bollywood person and maybe it'll draw the rest of the class back and we can have a glimmer of the stunningly good chemistry we had with Resh. She says that she'd tried some of the routines with other classes, and it just never worked. We took all her insane moves and asked what came next. My plantonic crush for this woman and this class is boundless and therefore so is my sadness at its loss.
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So, I rode my motorcycle for the first time to dance class (yay!) and was stuck behind cautious grannies the whole way riding their brakes (eta- thanks Wex. quite right, not breaks. stupid homonyms)  at 20-25 mph, so it took me a full half an hour to get there (booooo). This is probably the hardest routine we've ever done, but we made serious progress (yaaaaay!)... and then at the end of class our instructor said that she and her husband are moving to Chicago in July- this will be the last 5-week session with her (headdesk).
Choose your aphorism. Apply to this blank spot. Oh, also, I just bought a 10 class thing after doing drop-ins the last 3 months. So, at least this will force me to continue on after she leaves. I had been hoping to find some time to go to visit my original Salsa instructor who is there either Wednesdays or Thursdays. I guess I will in June. 
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So, most know I'm taking a Bollywood dance class these days (Monday nights, fyi). Last night was extra cool because we did a review of 2 previous routines we'd done. My absolute favorite Tauba Hai and the one I missed out for the last day of choreography, Ish Kamina. Tauba Hai still rocks sooo much and we all did pretty well. Sadly, I still haven't memorized the name of the current song we've been working on for the past month, but that really started to work last night. Of course I have to miss next week, which I think is the last night before we move on. I'm not sure I would want to perform for any sizable audience, but still. It makes me very happy.


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