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I will be doing Somerville Open Studios again this year. It's this weekend. Come visit

** Fun with depression: just now putting my stock in one place. Have not made much new...oh- crud. Need to finish the stuff that's sitting on my table uncooked. Uh, no prob. doot doot doot. This is me, mostly winging it and coasting on product from earlier seasons.

Apr. 25th, 2017 10:51 am

Gettin' on

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Meta-- Looking at my read page on Dreamwidth-- starting to look more like it should, properly populated. Yay. That took some time. I let my LJ extension for user pics lapse. Can't bring myself to kill a journal I've had for 15 years. I just don't fully trust all the metadata translates. I keep meaning to maybe upload a few more user pics here, and just haven't had the capacity.

Last week's fun-- was had in Providence. I filtered that down to a narrow read list, so if you didn't read it, sorry? The point is: it was fun and I'm glad I went.  Also, sleep is for the weak.

This week's fun-- For fear of causing ridiculous envy, I may not have said loudly or broadly: I'ma gonna go to see HAMILTON on Friday! Going with [personal profile] ursa_cerulean , [personal profile] rintrahroars , and Robin. I told the kid last night I was going to NYC and he was QUITE UPSET that he was not also going. I said I'd bring him a present, and he started the bargaining process of "So, you're bringing me LEGO, right?" ::laugh:: well played, kid.

Health shenanigans-- eh? As previously mentioned, my body seems to be having an ongoing stress reaction that is mostly while I'm sleeping and presents as can't eat/often hungry/restful sleep is hard. I've seen my doctor a few times, done some blood tests. Tests came back with no indicators. I'm a healthy human according to the blood. Great. I've been on prozac now since mid March, so I feel like I've acclimatized. If I'm having a particularly crappy day/week, all I can do is sleep. And the sleep isn't really restful. The running theory is it's just a stress thing. That my body's been under enough pressure for long enough that it finally started being passive aggressive at me. I'm taking more vitamins and melatonin at bed. I don't feel sick EVERY morning anymore, so progress? I'm not actively freaking out about it. I'm also not able to say I'm actually clear of it. What can you do.

Politics-- I don't talk about it much these days, but I use The65 to give me structure. I call my legislators at the very least on Mondays and if I'm lucky at least Thursday and Friday. I went to the science rally on Saturday, despite shit weather, with the kid. I am phone banking for NEAT (National Equality Action Team) tomorrow, which I've done one other time. It hits hard on my anxiety to phone bank, but doing it a few times a year seems like a thing I can do for the greater good. I feel like it's never enough. I need to remember it's cumulative and I can't be ON every second of the day. I keep getting email from the ACLU for volunteering opportunities. I'm sure at some point something will align as it comes back around on the gui-tar.

House-- uh. Yeah, eh? We're not moving til July. Work on the Newton abode continues, slowly but surely. At some point I may start gathering boxes and putting non-essential stuff in them. (I need to actually get the Newton school registration thing going... I'm avoidy).

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(pulled from FB b/c it's close enough)
The care and feeding of a vending artist:
Thank you for coming! It may seem easy and fun and like a party, but I am rarely able to focus on any one person during the event. I'm pretty much working. It's fun work, but I only do this one or two times a year and it's my opportunity to make back the money I sink into my art.
1. Please don't socialize in front of my table. Step to one side so the shy / stranger can walk through.
2. Don't feel bad if you can't buy something. You don't have to justify your choices. I'm just glad to see you
3. Don't feel slighted if I can't talk to you. I need to be in retail/host mode.
4. By all means ask if I've remembered to eat. / help me get a snack if I need it.
5. By all means spread the word about Arlington Open Studios 2016.
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Just a reminder I will be at Arlington Open Studios from noon-5 Sauturdau and Sunday this weekend. It is the final year for its location on Foster St. they will be making room for APS to use it as a public school again (hi baby boom and popular town).
I will be in the gym which is a sweet location.

come check out the HamilTins while they last. (If you want one after the fact lemme know)
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Yes, I made a Crow reference. I'm like that sometimes. ::grin::

Stress reduction... For reals, having Jaime only be out a week of work is a huge burden lifted. I felt confident enough in the world to go buy some cheap-ish sneakers and get rid of 3 pairs of unpleasant black shoes in the same trip. My old sneakers cause my hips to hurt, so let's not wear them, eh?

Random T interaction... I had an amazing interaction with a woman on the train on the ride in this morning. It took from Alewife to Central to finish my meditation (that's 11 1/2 min, fyi, for those of you interested in the meditation OR how long it took me to get through that part of the commute... today). She was an older lady named Jane (guessing my mom's age or somewhat older). She was chatty and I was feeling chatty so why not? I actually like talking to strangers on the train if they are nice and I'm not otherwise engrossed in my own thing. It was a perfect 5 minute friendship, thus illustrating that they don't have to last forever to be worthy and valuable.  Also, I am my mother's child. So very.

Kid stuff... My kid-parenting regrooving seems to be working out so far. This is nice. I feel proud and pleased.

Work stuff... I have the office to myself due to the demands of today's schedule on the remains of our office. It's been OK. I just let myself be damn sad yesterday. Not denying or trying to tamp down my feelings was really nice.

Fun stuff...  I'm going to see the Indigo Girls with [livejournal.com profile] caulay on Thursday in Lowell and going to see the Doubleclicks at Thunderoad with [livejournal.com profile] samuraizergling and some other folks on Saturday. Yay fun! I was looking at the ticketmaster lawsuit info- turns out I've seen a LOT of shows in that time-frame. I am not certain I'll be able to use even a fraction of the settlement in the time allotted.
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  • Somerville Open Studios/art/plans: total success. I enjoyed spending the weekend with [livejournal.com profile] mangosteen and [livejournal.com profile] lifecollage. I've now done enough craft fairs in the last several years to master the zen this time around. Historically I get quite frenetic about making new product. Not this time. I did maybe 8 pieces since Arisia, and that was fine. I was focused on being present and not on sales, so the fact I did quite well was made that much more. I very much hope this works out again next year.  Most notably, I sold my last dragon tin. I have no more dragons! I must make more!! Any suggestions on color themes welcome. I may ignore them, but consider that survey open. Future plans for projects involve using peanut butter/mason jars. I've done a few here and there. They look cool and are a different sort of functionality to boxes. Also, we have an almost never-ending regeneration of empty jars.

  • Cope: (or lack thereof) Events like craft fairs steal whatever cope and energy I'd normally have. Today I feel like I've been beaten with sticks, hence me updating rather than trying to be a productive member of the staff. I'm also just low on cope. The spectre of no formal income for Jaime is a Thing of Awful. Not knowing when The Good Health Insurance (and access to my therapists) is a huge stress. (more on the progress side in a sec). The stress is causing everyone at home to be ragged around the edges and harder for me to forgive stupid shit, be present, ... you know. The usual. I am one fuck-up away from a crying jag kind of all the time.

  • Jaime/Job/Prospects:. Her interview mid last week went well at academic institution (my alma mater, btw). They are coming up hard against commencement and then summer clean up, so they'll need a Jaime asap. It's a 2nd shift job, which would present a new set of challenges, but steady, full time, permanent, unionized work. In the meantime, the tribe did the tribe thing and Jaime has about a dozen leads to follow up on for side work. I introduced Jaime to the tool, Trello, to keep track of the leads and then forced her to sit down today after lunch so I could walk through it with her to cement in the notion of using it.

  • Kid: His teacher thinks he should see a therapist. I'm looking into it via the pediatrician from the list available to use through new insurance. Maybe he does, maybe he doesn't. I think he's just 4 and surrounded by stressed people, but also his daddy is a lady, and maybe he might want to process that with someone not his teacher and not his parent. Otherwise, we are doing OK? He and [livejournal.com profile] asciikitty had an awesome adventure that lasted most of yesterday and involved walking all the way back from [livejournal.com profile] lifecollage's house to our house. He and I played "store" the other night with his pretend food and cardboard pavers. [Dad loves to tell the story of me playing "bartender" when I was his age. When we moved into the house they're still in, there was a bar in the basement. I'd set up, offer to pour drinks, ask to hear about my customer's problems, and offer cliche aphorisms in response all the while wiping down the bar with a rag. Dad has NO idea where this came from. Kids are weird and awesome]

  • Travel/visits: My dad'll be here this weekend. Mom will be here in early June. Jaime/Kid/I will head to Ohio in early Sept to visit family. October I'll be back again for [livejournal.com profile] jedipartner1967's wedding (!!). All other vacation time is allotted to cover when the public school is closed this fall. There's a lot of one-off days and vacations, and no idea what Jaime's free time will be like, so have to assume it's me covering.... for now.

  • Cultural: Seeing Arcadia with Dad and ascii this weekend; Swan Lake with coworkers on the 13th; rollerskating on the 21st with [livejournal.com profile] sweetmmeblue and [livejournal.com profile] ahf (yes, I call that cultural); Brandi Carlile with [livejournal.com profile] caulay in early June; Doubleclicks in late June... It feels like a lot. I want to go see Verse and Vodka coming up, but I feel overwhelmed, dammit.

  • Work: not much? I'm sort of in a lull. One coworker's been out due to vacation then illness then workshop, so generally quieter than usual. My intern is done for the semester. I expect things will pick up soon.

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Hey- I'll be participating again this year at Pandemonium's geeky craft fair this Sunday from 12-6. Stock up on your locally sourced nerdtastic crafty stuff. Next event following this will be the Arisia art show.
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I may have been remiss in explicitly stating that I'm participating in Arlington Open Studios for the 2nd time - it's this Sat/Sun: Oct 17-18 from 12-5 each day.

Unlike other Open Studio events in the area, this is all in one location on Foster St. off Mass. Ave. I generally like the idea of all the artists in one location. I don't have to hope my specific house is on a street people are willing to walk down. Also maybe I'm not super-keen on random strangers visiting my house, so that.

I will be on the 2nd floor in the hallway going into the gym. I will be also selling dryer balls and hand-spun yarn for [livejournal.com profile] asciikitty {technically I did most of the spinning on that yarn, but I'm donating all sales to her future planning fund}- Plus, I have the usual clay-covered upcycled boxes. The latest feature/fancy box is a Furiosa/Mad Max theme.

Anyway- I apologize for being mostly radio-silent about this activity that's actually quite important to me.  If you think you're likely to go, let me know!
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I've purchased 2 tickets to see Felicia Day. QE appears to be coming with me! I encourage others to attend. There's almost certainly ice cream near by still. The event starts at 6, so not sure how likely actual dinner is... but ice cream after? Yessss!
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Amy arrived on Thursday night. We spent a lot of time squeeing at each other because she's here, she's really here!! My bestest friend that I've had since before I could talk is finally visiting me after a whole child's (hers) lifetime. 19 years as adults and her first visit to me since I moved away. Epic fun to be had...!

Which was somewhat sidelined by a visit to the ENT for me after I'd been having some not-small issues breathing well at night.
I thought I was going in for a 20 min visit, which would then get a follow-up where STUFF happened.
And what happened at the ENT and thereafter. May be some TMI. )
The rest of the day was a bit distracted with my post-doctor visit self and perpetually asking "do you smell that, too, or is that just me?"- but Amy and I had a lot of fun. We headed out to Back Bay. We visited the Church of the Covenant, spontaneously. It's a gorgeous gothic style cathedral (half-sized, so perfect for Back Bay) with Tiffany windows. I strongly recommend taking a real tour (they're on Newbury St. near the Garden) or at least a virtual one.  The initial goal of Newbury besides to show the neighborhood was because I wanted to go to Warby Parker and pick out sunglasses. Which I did:
I won't have them for a few weeks but at least I can be assured they're the right ones.
Thai food for lunch across from the BPL and a spontaneous visit to [livejournal.com profile] lifecollage, who gave us a spontaneous tour of the library. I had not visited the revamped space. The teen room: amazing. The kid room: even more amazing. I have to chisel out some free time when the library's open to take the kid.
Our final Friday destination was to Central Sq. Back home for dinner with the fam + [livejournal.com profile] asciikitty's bff, P.

Saturday was pretty laid back. Amy and the kid hung out. Groceries were got. Cupcakes were eaten. Dinner at Olivios with these crazy kids:
This morning Amy the kid and I did a quick tour of Porter and an extra abridged visit to Harvard. I feel like Lush should give me some sort of commission for making so many conversions. Tonight: we SKATE. I have a playlist... cutting it to only 2 hours is hard.
Feb. 25th, 2015 10:24 am

Great day

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Whelp! Thanks to one of my childhood friends who is friends with both Amy and me, We are funded, 100%.  I didn't advertise this widely because my neurotic brain couldn't even begin to fully accept this was an accpetable ask, but I did it anyway. I've had at least one person say she had no idea this was even a thing til after the goal was met. I suspect it flew below the radar for a lot of people. I'm just so excited and gratified. The weekend will be not 100% all fun, as there's a work event on Saturday I can't get out of, but it's only a few hours, at least.

In other positivity news, I have the first half of today off. I "slept in" a whole 15 minutes, so did the kid. Knowing I didn't have to rush to work meant a 90% reduction in stress to get the kid out the door. Would I could harness that on a normal day. We'll see... So, here I am, with free time! I already did a full half hour of Dance Central, did the dishes, and next up is some painting while catching up on TV.

The kid started in on some theraputic play time via the school system to try to help him learn how to work with his classmates and stay on task. His teachers have been frustrated at the degree of independence he has. And at least for the next 15-19 years, he's going to need to suffer through group activities for much of his day. Learning how to do that is required.

Awright. Those paintings aren't going to paint themselves...
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Today's my show at Pandemonium in Central Sq. 12-6.
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So craft fair #2, survived. I did better than breaking even: I'm not sure that was true of all vendors. I made a new friend, a 7 yr old, who was there with her vendor-mom. She hung out with me more than at her mom's table, I think. I don't know I'd ever been so throughly adopted in so short amount of time. I'm glad I brought my spinning wheel. I finished the malabrigo I brought with me. A nice adventure, but not one I'll repeat next year.  I'm very much looking forward to Pandemonium next month. That will be a good venue for what I'm doing.
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Backtracking to what I wrote yesterday about the busy weekend...

Adventures in preschool land )

Rick's memorial service )

SYTYCD dance tour )

Oh. And I have a craft fair in Malden this Sunday: Congregation Agudas Achim Ezrath Israel's holiday fair. I am betting it's going to be rather small, but happy to have a new opportunity. Let me know if you think you'll be attending.

Oct. 19th, 2014 11:04 pm

AOS Day 2

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So, today was entirely awesome from beginning to end.
Yeah, I was anxious going in before the doors opened, but from about 1:30-3:30 I couldn't sit down because folks kept showing up. For much of that time, I was getting sales, even. I can't tell you how many friends I saw today because it's a blur. At least a dozen.

Our babysitter for today wanted to trade his services for art, so I sent him home with:
This dragon tin.
And he posted a picture of it to Facebook
And TAMORA PIERCE (who happens to be friends with him) said, and I quote, "Wow, that's totally amazing!"
That I am not up at my table making her one for her very own (with purple eyes) is an act of extreme control on my part.
Oct. 18th, 2014 10:31 pm

Day 1, AOS

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+ survived day 1 of 2 of open studios.
+ [livejournal.com profile] lifecollage was awesome.
+ broke even
o but that's about it
+ met new folks
- didn't see many familiar faces
+ found out about 2 more craft fairs (at a temple in early Nov., and Pandemonium 12/14.)
+ thinking about doing both, plus the usual Arisia
+ still have a whole day tomorrow
+ and have company for it in Robin.
+ have a decent spreadsheet of commission requests
+++ came home and let [livejournal.com profile] asciikitty try on the shrug I just finished. It fits her perfectly, so it's her early birthday present. Now I know how much more to knit for my own version. Seriously- it's a perfect fit.
- that shrug was supposed to be for Amy back home
+ but she wants clay anyway.

So yeah. Good day.
Oct. 13th, 2013 07:41 pm


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Yay for good weather. Crime Fighter and I managed to attend HONK! yesterday and today, although I'd not intended to go at all. I'm very glad I did, as the kid had quite a good time and it was wonderful to be in the midst of such glorious, colorful, joyous cacophony. I'm not sure who leveled up, but I managed both afternoons a solo kid wrangler. I'm going with both of us. Let's hope between that and a trip to the baby-gym this morning, he will sleep all night. 
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My trek out to the hinterlands of almost-NY (Tanglewood) was great! Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] caulay and [livejournal.com profile] ahf for hosting, and for a great travel partner of [livejournal.com profile] taura_g.
Walking into Tanglewood made me think very much of what it was like to be at Interlochen and just have amazing music + woods. We had pavilion seats. The Indigo Girls had already started when we got there, as it was a longer slog than expected. It was a bit of an older crowd since Joan Baez was headlining, so between the culture of Tanglewood and the fanbase skewing more towards her everyone was very well behaved.  Kind of too well behaved. We found out later it was a lot to do with the default security settings, which is more appropriate for the BSO than for a rock-ish concert. After Joan's set (the 4 of us hung outside of the pavilion on the grass, which was much more companionable), they combined forces into a super folkie force for good. At that point Joan asked security to chill and let us just do our thing, which involved standing up (gasp!) and walking around in the aisles. Their last official song was Water Is Wide, which was pretty devastating. So gorgeous and heart-breaking. The vid I found is from last week but the same tour, so you have all the right elements, just not with that Tanglewood... thing. ;) OK, I might be ribbing the venue a bit.

The one downside of the day: dinner. Ohhh god. Eveyone but [livejournal.com profile] caulay had pretty much bland food, and his was over the top spicy. And so slow. Ah well. First world problem. The ride home included a brief but stunning view of the Super Moon. It was, in fact, super.

Now bed.
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Today featured 2 houses viewed by various members of the household, and neither suiting our needs. We deployed the nopetopus and we carry on. The one I got to see is about to undergo major renovation. I flat out refuse to trust that such major work will get done within the originally stated deadline. The bones of the abode do not warrant that kind of single-minded commitment and zeal. The other was just too small.

In the  meantime, since it was the Gore Sheep Shearing Festival, I took the kid. There was junk food eaten, vendors' wears viewed, and a small menagerie of creatures seen: goats, sheep, dogs, small horses, llamas, chickens, and ducks to be precise. Crime Fighter pet his first horse and baaaaah-ed at real sheep and meeeeh-ed at real goats. It was fun!

I'm being social tomorrow, so decided that despite my excessive weariness that I'd tackle baking tonight: bread pudding and an eggless banana bread. The desserts that scream, "I have food about to go bad- let's add sugar!" The bread surplus is now at a reasonable level and no longer in danger of becoming a penicillin farm; the bananas that are too ripe to be interesting to toddlers, also transformed. This means at least the hard part's done and I don't have to fit it all in tomorrow morning.
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It's been 14 years since [livejournal.com profile] quiet_elegance and I decided to make an official go of it.  This year he's gotten me a renewed, slightly used, but nicely broken in Commander in Chief. This is really preferable over a new one, because I don't like the OS that goes with Mittens.

Some snapshots from anniversaries past, courtesy of Live Journal:

2003-2011... )
2012- It's been an intense year of growth and challenge. Again, there's this kid. He's great and amazing and a lot of work.
My work has shifted remarkably over the past 12 months. I have a great part time office mate/colleague whom I adore. We have a development director, a new admin, and a new cataloger. The new outnumber the established and our activity is just spinning up and up and up. We have a lot to fix, though. So much growth so quickly, and we just don't have the infrastructure to deal a lot of the time. But I hope we'll get caught up and be even better for it.
And omg, Election Fatigue. I know all elections can be pretty exhausting, but this one felt extra vitriolic. I don't want to say the worst ever, because that seems unlikely. I'm hugely relieved that the president has been re-elected. I realize he's not perfect, but he will at least support (most) of the social issues that Mittens almost certainly would actively trash or allow his cronies to trash. 
[livejournal.com profile] quiet_elegance has had a rough year. We realized in April that it was most realistic for him to stay home and be the full time kid-care. He's also found that too many years of working in the field and deferring health maintenance has lead to a lot of catch up.  BTW: cortizone shots happen on 11/20. Hopefully this will be the tipping point for him. 

There's, of course, SO much more than just what I've said, but it's a snapshot. 
LOVE to my dear life partner (in crime). LOVE to everyone who voted yesterday and to our POTUS who'll be around for a few more years. LOVE to my friends and family who remind me that the world is full of wonderful people. People who like me! 


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