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So, MIL has been off our radar for a while because she's been pretty wretched towards her progeny in the whole transition/trans thing. And then she asked Jaime for money "so she doesn't lose the house" (Uh, we don't have that kind of money). But Monday was Jaime's chosen birthday and MIL texted her, which is what I thought a step in the right direction. Except the content was so passive-aggressive that it almost doesn't count.  In the text, MIL said that she loved Jaime and always would and that was something that Jaime "couldn't run away from." ... I didn't quite understand why that overblown language was used. I just read it at face value and said "hey, cool. text, unprompted on an important day and sent love. I call that a win."
MIL apparently earlier made reference that she believed that this "trans thing" was Jaime's way of running away from problems/reality. ... ... ...




no. Ohhhhh lady. No. So much... NO. Also? WTF. And no. Once more? With feeling? NO.

Ahem. So, that. I think we'll not be having a visit with her anytime soon.

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If I don't do this now, it'll never get done. So, I'm doing this in the HTML interface since LJ's visual editor is down, pls excuse the rudimentary. Also, I'll have to emulate 42itous and put in photos sans exposition another time.

expositionRead more... )

accommodation: Read more... )

Outings (not necessarily in chronological order):Read more... )

food:Read more... )

Nice brain, good brain (and summing up):Read more... )

TL: DR? Everyone had a great time. We saw pretty fish, swam, saw volcanoes, drank COFFEE, enjoyed getting souvenirs, and it's a damn miracle we came home at all. Feel free to ask me to see pictures if you're into that sort of thing. I by default don't offer them in case you're one of the ones who finds looking at vacation pictures depressing. (ETA): Also, I'm giving myself a gold star for knowing enough HTML/LJ code to put in cuts, because this did run quite long. Go me! I know things!!
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Life decreed I would wake up a bit after 6, but I was AWAKE, so it's OK. I like the idea of sleeping in.
The kid got up by 6:30.
Dropped his compass in the toilet. Could have been worse, it floats, but still gross.
We have a clock for him that changes colors when set. His turns green at 7, which is when he may ask for cartoons.
But we're both up now, and he's proto-reading some "classical" books... I'm not sure what makes them classical. That they aren't comics? That they are old? The answer remains hazy. But he's reclining sideways in the comfy chair out here, doing the 4 year old version of reading.

Jaime's off to help her deceased bff's widow with a project she doesn't want to do. I wish her luck on that... I am hoping she will feel like she can advocate for herself today.

Feh. I had something else I was going to share, but it's fled.
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I got my second session with Stephanie at the doctor's office on stress management. My first session is documented from 2 weeks ago. I've been doing a pretty good job integrating the first bit of homework

  • Puff ball prize seems to be working. I've adapted the original idea slightly. The every day jar is smallish jam size (1 1/4 cups?), which is a bit over a week to fill. About 2, I think? He's lost a lot of puffs, so hard to say. From there, we will empty that into a quart size, hopefully month-ish. There will be another prize when that gets filled. When the quart is filled, it goes into the gallon (ish) size, which is the year. The ultimate goal is going to Hawaii! He can "earn" his way to the tropical paradise. We'll see how it plays out, but so far the collective familial opinion is that this is a good system.

  • Focusing on effective over right

  • Being careful not to capitulate (subset of previous point)- so, if I'm saying NO that remains no.

  • Have been doing the Headspace-lead meditation. I actually started it over again after comleting the 10 day course yesterday (I was not hitting it on weekends, but hey, some is better than none)

  • Kid has provided some thoughts on rewards for good behavior. Our beach trip Sunday will be his first, as he filled the "week" sized jar

  • The "say it once" has been the hardest, I think. The kid can argue like woah. I will keep on it.

This week was dealing with cognitive distortions. This is a concept that I've delved into in the past. I know that [livejournal.com profile] lifecollage and I have discussed these brain weasels on more than one occasion. I've dealt with it with my niece, Laura, too. So, being reminded I fall prey to the weasels, too, and I can do something about it:

  • Notice I'm doing it

  • Stop and check in with myself what's triggered this

  • Answer the inquiries made above (ex: Would I say this to someone I love? ...No, of course not." Or, "What are my options? How would I like to respond?... " <- and answering that)

  • Relax and distract: go for a walk, meditate, focus on something else.

I had been working on dealing with this before Stephanie and I even met. I found that the walk wasn't quite enough, that when I was able to really focus on a task that I enjoyed or at least felt very competant to complete, that it was miraculous.
This was a great session. I walked in feeling very frustrated and left feeling like I had real tools to get on with what I needed to do. I'm interested in talking offline with people on all this, if it comes up, by the way. Or in comments!
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Today was the first visit at my doctor's office for stress management. Initially,exposition )work of the first session )
Problems to overcome )

positive reinforcement )

next steps )TL;DR? I need to reinforce my boundaries with my kid, learn to quit arguing with him, and do the hard work that needs to be done, otherwise it'll just get harder later.
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  • Somerville Open Studios/art/plans: total success. I enjoyed spending the weekend with [livejournal.com profile] mangosteen and [livejournal.com profile] lifecollage. I've now done enough craft fairs in the last several years to master the zen this time around. Historically I get quite frenetic about making new product. Not this time. I did maybe 8 pieces since Arisia, and that was fine. I was focused on being present and not on sales, so the fact I did quite well was made that much more. I very much hope this works out again next year.  Most notably, I sold my last dragon tin. I have no more dragons! I must make more!! Any suggestions on color themes welcome. I may ignore them, but consider that survey open. Future plans for projects involve using peanut butter/mason jars. I've done a few here and there. They look cool and are a different sort of functionality to boxes. Also, we have an almost never-ending regeneration of empty jars.

  • Cope: (or lack thereof) Events like craft fairs steal whatever cope and energy I'd normally have. Today I feel like I've been beaten with sticks, hence me updating rather than trying to be a productive member of the staff. I'm also just low on cope. The spectre of no formal income for Jaime is a Thing of Awful. Not knowing when The Good Health Insurance (and access to my therapists) is a huge stress. (more on the progress side in a sec). The stress is causing everyone at home to be ragged around the edges and harder for me to forgive stupid shit, be present, ... you know. The usual. I am one fuck-up away from a crying jag kind of all the time.

  • Jaime/Job/Prospects:. Her interview mid last week went well at academic institution (my alma mater, btw). They are coming up hard against commencement and then summer clean up, so they'll need a Jaime asap. It's a 2nd shift job, which would present a new set of challenges, but steady, full time, permanent, unionized work. In the meantime, the tribe did the tribe thing and Jaime has about a dozen leads to follow up on for side work. I introduced Jaime to the tool, Trello, to keep track of the leads and then forced her to sit down today after lunch so I could walk through it with her to cement in the notion of using it.

  • Kid: His teacher thinks he should see a therapist. I'm looking into it via the pediatrician from the list available to use through new insurance. Maybe he does, maybe he doesn't. I think he's just 4 and surrounded by stressed people, but also his daddy is a lady, and maybe he might want to process that with someone not his teacher and not his parent. Otherwise, we are doing OK? He and [livejournal.com profile] asciikitty had an awesome adventure that lasted most of yesterday and involved walking all the way back from [livejournal.com profile] lifecollage's house to our house. He and I played "store" the other night with his pretend food and cardboard pavers. [Dad loves to tell the story of me playing "bartender" when I was his age. When we moved into the house they're still in, there was a bar in the basement. I'd set up, offer to pour drinks, ask to hear about my customer's problems, and offer cliche aphorisms in response all the while wiping down the bar with a rag. Dad has NO idea where this came from. Kids are weird and awesome]

  • Travel/visits: My dad'll be here this weekend. Mom will be here in early June. Jaime/Kid/I will head to Ohio in early Sept to visit family. October I'll be back again for [livejournal.com profile] jedipartner1967's wedding (!!). All other vacation time is allotted to cover when the public school is closed this fall. There's a lot of one-off days and vacations, and no idea what Jaime's free time will be like, so have to assume it's me covering.... for now.

  • Cultural: Seeing Arcadia with Dad and ascii this weekend; Swan Lake with coworkers on the 13th; rollerskating on the 21st with [livejournal.com profile] sweetmmeblue and [livejournal.com profile] ahf (yes, I call that cultural); Brandi Carlile with [livejournal.com profile] caulay in early June; Doubleclicks in late June... It feels like a lot. I want to go see Verse and Vodka coming up, but I feel overwhelmed, dammit.

  • Work: not much? I'm sort of in a lull. One coworker's been out due to vacation then illness then workshop, so generally quieter than usual. My intern is done for the semester. I expect things will pick up soon.

Nov. 5th, 2015 01:59 pm

Hi Mom

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I haven't been writing because it's just been too much to put my brain together, but it's been a long long slog since October 18th when I posted last about Laura-

She had been under sedation, so many things....
But today she woke up and looked at Amy and said "Hi Mom"

Cue all the tears

I can talk to her tonight. Cue more tears.

And she will be awake when I visit her the weekend of the 20th. MORE TEARS

She said "sorry" to her mom (about getting into this accident) WILL USE ALL THE TISSUES EVER

Go hug your loves again and thank the things you thank that our baby woke up and said Hi.
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I should be writing up my notes from the last 2 days, but I've been on IM instead and generally feeling emotionally flayed from all the interacdtions and eye contact. So much has happened that I think I can only do the big overview and then I may be able to add stuff later, but if nothing else if you are interested in a particular thing, feel free to ask me to elaborate. Possibly even in person, if I ever come  out of hiding after I get back home.

  • The childhood friends: all 3 in one place with me for a mini reunion that defies superlatives.

  • Losing my internal sensor almost immediately upon arrival (primarily from that mini reunion)

  • Marathon day at the conference, hitting later afternoon and experiencing this surreal state of cascading epiphanies and clarity.

  • Writing the draft to an article I want to expand on describing the big deal stuff going on with work project(s). More to the point, having encouragement from Leader In Field suggest I write it

  • Diving into twitter, gaining almost double the followers I had last week (36 to 61? It's odd)

  • Getting a ton of support from a ton of people who are more convinced of my capacity than I am

  • Lots and lots of good learning moments

  • Rock n Roll hall of fame visit

  • Visiting with [livejournal.com profile] jedipartner1967 (short short form: home from hospital, doing super well!!)

  • The kid and his grandpa and the extended time together while the wimmin folk worked

  • Looking forward to a low-key social on Sunday in the back yard

  • Looks like Grace and Amy will be visiting me in Boston in November. That's going to be epic. Prep the bail money now.

OK. That'll have to do for now.
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Once upon a time, I spent a fair amount of time able to look at social media... (Before it was even called thus? Am I a hipster now? Probably. I do have hips, after all...)
And then things radically shifted. Kid, obviously. I get about 3 "free" hours a day to do all the things that aren't being at work, commuting, or riding herd on the offspring. I used to catch up at work.
Then work radically shifted from a sleepy institution where nobody particularly noticed or cared if I lost a day ... a week... doing my own thing.  Sometimes I have useless days at work, but more often than not, I have a to do list that won't get done this month. It's good. I'm doing new things, getting stuff done, and part of a team that cares deeply about what's going on.
So, I often have half-formed posts in my head, but like Inigo Montoya can scarecely sum up, much less provide proper exposition.  I end up doing bullet lists in the hopes of sharing and providing myself some breadcrumbs for when I wonder "what was I doing that summer?" after a few years have gone past.

Here I am again, in half the span of a Dinosaur Train episode, hoping to shed some light on what's up.

  • Nose! Better. I'ts been a month since surgery. Most notable thing: no more drip drip drip. I feel ridiculous to have not investigated it sooner, given how perpetual it apparently was. My snoring is "polite." My dreams are more vivid

  • Kid- a week from turning 4. Ye gods. He's amazing. He sings, he dances, he's wheedling. You know. 4! He moves up to PreK-1 at school in a few weeks with the rest of his class. Should be awesome to have new teachers.

  • Travel- off to Ohio one more time on Tuesday. Big archives conference + some time with my family and friends.

  • Back just in time to spend some time with [livejournal.com profile] quiet_elegance who is getting the first half of his carpel tunnel surgery sorted out the day I return.

  • Household- good! We are getting on just fine lately.

  • Not so fun- Rob of DHR, who had cut my hair from about 2001 through til he stopped working after his brain cancer diagnosis, died August 2nd after  a month in hospice. I'm headed out very shortly to go visit Dale at the memorial. As always, regret for not being just a little more present every time I saw him over the last year, because I had no idea it'd be the last when it happened... but also I'm glad I didn't know it'd be the last.

  • But more optimistically, [livejournal.com profile] jedipartner1967, who was diagnosed with bone cancer around Christmas time last year, is just about ready to be released after having his immune system wiped like a droid's memory after dealing with Princess Leia. He's taken his jedi trials seriously and remains a shining beacon of hope of medicine and force of will over renegade cells. He will be a bright spot in this visit back home.

Dinosaur train ... ended. Bye, ya'll <3
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Amy arrived on Thursday night. We spent a lot of time squeeing at each other because she's here, she's really here!! My bestest friend that I've had since before I could talk is finally visiting me after a whole child's (hers) lifetime. 19 years as adults and her first visit to me since I moved away. Epic fun to be had...!

Which was somewhat sidelined by a visit to the ENT for me after I'd been having some not-small issues breathing well at night.
I thought I was going in for a 20 min visit, which would then get a follow-up where STUFF happened.
And what happened at the ENT and thereafter. May be some TMI. )
The rest of the day was a bit distracted with my post-doctor visit self and perpetually asking "do you smell that, too, or is that just me?"- but Amy and I had a lot of fun. We headed out to Back Bay. We visited the Church of the Covenant, spontaneously. It's a gorgeous gothic style cathedral (half-sized, so perfect for Back Bay) with Tiffany windows. I strongly recommend taking a real tour (they're on Newbury St. near the Garden) or at least a virtual one.  The initial goal of Newbury besides to show the neighborhood was because I wanted to go to Warby Parker and pick out sunglasses. Which I did:
I won't have them for a few weeks but at least I can be assured they're the right ones.
Thai food for lunch across from the BPL and a spontaneous visit to [livejournal.com profile] lifecollage, who gave us a spontaneous tour of the library. I had not visited the revamped space. The teen room: amazing. The kid room: even more amazing. I have to chisel out some free time when the library's open to take the kid.
Our final Friday destination was to Central Sq. Back home for dinner with the fam + [livejournal.com profile] asciikitty's bff, P.

Saturday was pretty laid back. Amy and the kid hung out. Groceries were got. Cupcakes were eaten. Dinner at Olivios with these crazy kids:
This morning Amy the kid and I did a quick tour of Porter and an extra abridged visit to Harvard. I feel like Lush should give me some sort of commission for making so many conversions. Tonight: we SKATE. I have a playlist... cutting it to only 2 hours is hard.
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I left work early because I just couldn't focus with this cold. There was a train arriving as I got to the platform, but it took most of 45 minutes or more to get to Alewife, but I can't be sure exactly because I kept falling asleep.
Then no sleep when I got home.

Dinner tonight: meat loaf and baked taters. Mac & cheese, too. Because Kid.
CrimeFighter ate everything on his plate and asked for meatloaf.
He wiped his hands when he was done.
He decided to use the potty and cleaned up after
He agreed to put things away after we said clean up
And brushed his own teeth without argument. And let there be Vicks applied to his chest... AND he said thank you.

This earned double stories and lots of praise.

Additionally, [livejournal.com profile] asciikitty (and I) got the food cooked, the dishes washed, the food put away, and the dishwasher running.

Despite being sick, I am feeling energized from all the collaborative good stuff.
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Crime Fighter and I are headed to Cleveland this morning to visit with [livejournal.com profile] jedipartner1967 and his parnter. This is not the usual social call, we're coming back Sunday mid-day (So please snow: just chill out til I get home, OK??) and pretty much just seeing D with a side-order of Amy and Laura.
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Day 2 back to work after most of a week off has been fractured, but quite nice.
I was in charge of a meeting this morning, which could have gone not-well, but was not only reasonable but entirely productive, balanced, and pleasant. I have to write official text now, but I have feedback. It was also my intern's last day (2 days more than he technically needed to do, but he's a perfectionist.) I'm not consistent, but I like the idea of having an extended conversation with the intern at the end of the project (exit interview-esque). He's an anxious guy, so sitting and staring at each other doesn't feel like a good notion- we did a circuit around the Common/Gardens with warm beverages. Yeah, that was nice. He's likely to come back in January to volunteer, which is very welcome. The other two interns were not invited back similarly, although they asked. Hah.

Politics/current events....
I'm finishing up Elizabeth Warren's Fighting Chance in audio (read by the Senator)- It's hard to not burst into tears every few minutes, as it's a lot of heavy stuff that's still very relevant. I recommend the book. I desperately wish I could time-travel back 4 years and throw her a ton of money for the campaign, and volunteer. Sigh. I also want to meet her and give her the biggest hug.
I haven't talked about the police violence crisis (Ferguson/NYC), but I read regularly usually through Tumblr. I gave money to the Ferguson library last week, feeling inadequate; I got a chance to push back against my MIL's assumptions over the weekend and feel like I was heard. It all feels inadequate, but I'm at least paying attention and at high alert to find my opportunities to foster change.
There's a rally tonight during the tree lighting here on the common- I heard chanting earlier this hour and went out to see what was up-- a moderate crowd outside the State House, and 6-7 official vehicles nearby, but not getting up in their space. There's been a lot of helecopter noise I can hear from my office, but that is probably more to do with the tree lighting. So, let's keep doing that.

Holiday/MIL visit
Mine was definitely an extended Thanksgiving thing- I feel like it didn't really end til yesterday morning when I came back to work. My MIL's visit did go very well. So well that QE and I agreed we need to plan to see her sooner than later, like Easter time, or so. Whatever caused her to be a stressful visitor doesn't seem to be true anymore. She's the person she is now, and I think QE's learning to let go the old stresses, which makes it easier for me to do the same, as I pick up his stress so easily on this kind of thing.
I ended up sending Crime Fighter to short school days on Monday and Tuesday, as six whole days off are more than I could deal with. MIL's a fragile creature at this point, so we have to be realistic about what we do and for how long. While she wants to spend time with the kid, she can't remotely keep up with him... so more extended adult time accented with kid worked relatively well. Highlights included going to the zoo on Sunday, somewhat spontaneously. Stone Zoo is quite small, but perfect for a small person for an hour, which is exactly what we did. Cookies made. Soup made x2. Harvard adventure went exceptionally well. It's stunning how not ADA friendly Harvard really is, but we managed despite all the stairs ever. I was glad to have the quiet time to talk over lunch and hear stories about the family I'd likely not hear otherwise. QE got his 1:1 time with her yesterday: a trip to Wilson's, lunch out, and lots of down-time. And now she's likely already landed back home, loaded down with goodies.
The one sadness about the trip was how disinterested Crime Fighter was in interacting with Nana. She was trying so hard- wanting hugs and kisses, and he was responding as any 3 year old one presented with an overeager presence: absolute aversion and suspicion. He unbent a bit and at least started talking directly to her this morning, but still refused all hugs. So, more Skyping required, and more frequent visits is the solution. I may also suggest she try a different conversational tack with him.

I'm going to the Garfunkel and Oates concert this weekend. I didn't realize I'd signed up to go, but Robin got me a ticket. I coulda said no when reminded (yesterday) of this reality, but I consider it a sign from the universe to go be social. :) left to my own devices, I absolutely would stay in and feverishly craft my fingers off. Even with Christmas being 20 days away and Pandemonium 10 days, dammit, some life balance, eh?
I'm also supposed to go to the ICA to see the fiber exhibit with Mink in a week. Which I am going to try damn hard to make happen. Is happening, barring weirdness. :)

So that's what's up.
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I'm excited about the extra flurry of conversations here in LJ land.

I've been too engrossed in family/holiday stuff to do much computer stuff for most of the last week, really.
The visit with the MIL is going well. Today was a trip to Harvard Sq., just the two of us. No pressure. Goals included my haircut, a trip to Legal's for lunch, and there you go. I added stuff to a to-do list and did most of them. I really enjoyed the conversation over lunch about family and the past. I got some insight into that part of the family.

I continue to be massively and unbalancedly obsessed with my clay crafting. I am impatient that I"m writing this and not upstairs doing Just One More Thing [Pandemonium! Dec 14! Be there or don't, see if I care, nyah!] ;)

So yah. hi.
If there's more I dunno because  now that I have a bit more blue and green clay, I have these Harry Potter ornaments to make. byeeeeeee
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My favorite unicorn wants to wish you all a very very Happy Halloween.
UnicornforHalloween2014 (2) UnicornforHalloween2014 (1)
Now: produce yon candy, knaves!

I did not entirely ignore the holiday myself. I'm wearing a very fine hat.
....what horns?
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So my niece visited. I realize I should have said sooner anything about that, but we were a but busy and ... so, right.

  • We went to the MFA

  • She got lots of time with Crime Fighter, including babysitting him on Saturday night and watching him all day Monday.

  • There was a trip to playgrounds and Wingarsheek Beach

  • Her father, piece of work that he is, decided this was a great weekend to contact her via text, flaunting the no-contact rule set by the court. It was days away from the custody hearing, so clearly he had to be an extra special... not nice word. It really threw a wrench in the works, but we got through it.

  • There was way too much fighting about food, but despite that she improved the longer she was here.

  • I did question if she'd actually get on the plane without an assist from burly TSA agents. She really didn't want to go home. And she did get on the plane.

  • I'd be happy to have her visit again- a thing she'll fund next time :)

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My cousin is getting married on Labor Day weekend in a location I can drive to in less than 4 hours. (NY between the City and Poughkeepsie). It would be an opportunity for my kid to meet some of his aunties he'll otherwise not get to meet except at the next wedding. Or more likely, funeral. :P  But. It's not a wedding that is inviting kids.

I'm trying to figure out how I can have Crime Fighter come and meet family and have care for him for the not-kid-invited parts (Saturday and Sunday nights) in a town where I know nobody. Everyone showing up will sort of want to attend this event. It's a Destination Location, so no actual local family there at all. So. Options...

  1. Forget it. Just leave him home.

  2. Forget it. Just stay home. (rather not)

  3. Find babysitter from that vicinity: This isn't entirely impossible. The venue may be able to help here, AND I have family in the Poughkeepsie area that includes an Aunt who knows a ton of reliable teenagers who might be interested in making some money. We will be an hour from her/that network, though. Not entirely easy sell. Especially since I need coverage for Saturday and Sunday evenings.

  4. Pipe Dream: currently local cousin (child of Poughkeepsie Aunt) comes with me. She may be busy. It's moving season and she's in temp housing this summer and not clear on what her fall holds. I'm waiting for a definitive answer here.

  5. Import a babysitter from here. This is someone who is available, reliable, someone I can afford, and enjoy that person's company for much of 72 hours. That includes 3 hour road trips with a pre-schooler. Possibly involves sharing a hotel room with my snoring-self. ... Or spring for a second hotel room, and it suddenly becomes hilariously too expensive.

So. I don't remotely think Option 5 will materialize, but I'm asking because if you don't ask, you don't get. If someone reading this fits option 5 or can recommend someone, let me know.

If you have an option 6, I'd be happy to hear it.
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I have been up in Rockport since Saturday. SO!! Have I missed anything?? No. Don't answer that. There is some internet here. /levity.

I have been to the beach every day since I arrived. There have been some truly excellent visits. QE stayed til Monday; we even had a date courtesy of the grandparents on Sunday. Crime FighterFighter had a school friend visit Monday (with her mom). By the end of lunch they were falling asleep into their French fries. Estredell and 3 of the kids joined us for beach and tie dying Tuesday. [livejournal.com profile] fubar and [livejournal.com profile] asciikitty came up as did the latter's parents on Wed.
Today my dad and I explored historic Gloucester and did a very preliminary run to Wingaersheek beach at almost high tide. They let you come and go without repaying entry so when the grands went on a kayak tour, I returned with his shortness, by which point it was almost low tide. So many hermit crabs!I finally have a decent shell collection. He came home wearing his froggy bucket as a hat.
Tomorrow QE returns in the afternoon for a romp, dinner and to bring us home. I have very much enjoyed the time off. I stopped wearing my watch 2 days ago. I am ridiculously tan, even with sunscreen. Not quite enough ice cream but I have consoled myself with a wide array of junk food. The kid has been...within reason. The weaning process is mostly complete even. I'll post pictures once I synch my tech.
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... Huh. I didn't expect this list to go so long. Ah well.  Have a glorified bullet list.
- Transitions to night work is hard, even when you're not the one working nights.
- Extra free floating hormone-induced anxiety is obnoxious.
+ I took Friday morning off to see Maleficent. QE came with! A nice mini-date.
+ Successful trip to Eddie Bauer and now I have ....(dun dun dunnn!) Adventure Pants! Their travel-friendly fabric is really great and it's nice to have adult-looking clothing that looks good and looks good on me.
[livejournal.com profile] quiet_elegance was able to teach with his friend Rick on Saturday and post-mortem feedback indicates more gigs to follow!
+++++ Tom and Carol came to dinner Sunday/Father's Day and QE made brisket, aka: Meat candy
- Broke a casserole dish that evening and had to pitch the mac & cheese I made, which was kind of perfect. But ceramic shards in noodles is not good eats. Just ask Alton Brown. (It turns out, I'm allowed to make more mac & cheese later)
+ [livejournal.com profile] lifecollage joined the kid and me for a Sunday morning adventure: picnic breakfast at the Yurt's courtyard, then a trip to Cambridge Commons playground. Overall A+ adventure that ended with a long nap that didn't start til we got home.
? I think I may be overly attached to bubble tea right now. Turns out boiling the tapioca pearls right is harder and time-intensive than you'd think, but I'm learning. Favorite flavor combo at home: cow milk, coconut milk, black tea, and limeade with the tapioca pearls. Go-to restaurant flavor is coconut.
- Failed to go to Pride.
+ used that time instead to prep for the big Sunday dinner; half of that time Crime Fighter hung out at Estradell. Then I got to go over, too.
+ Going out this Thursday with book club to see The Fault In Our Stars (FINALLY!), and we're seeing it at the Capitol, so I can walk to/from, *and* [livejournal.com profile] lifecollage is backup adult* so I can enjoy dinner out, and-and-and I have a free pass for the movie.
+ I have backup adult coverage for book club-proper next week.
+ I'm taking tomorrow off! For fun! [livejournal.com profile] red_canna and I have crafting notions.
+ The kid is transitioning out of toddler/preschool into the preschool class at the end of the month! The median age for his class right now has decreased a lot in the last few months, as is the way of things. A bored Crime Fighter is a dangerous Crime Fighter.
+ My parents and the pup will be here for a week following 4th of July and we're hanging out in Rockport in a rental house. It's going to be grand fun and full of adventures.
+ The to-do check list at work has contributed a great deal to me feeling productive.
- But not enough to keep me from goofing off a bit more than I'd like.

*backup adult: With QE out in the evenings, going out and doing stuff can be complicated if anything starts before... oh, 8:30. The kid seems to sense when I have plans and will go on sleep strike. It's good to have someone else around just in case so [livejournal.com profile] fubar isn't left fubar-ed.
May. 30th, 2014 10:54 pm

Ohio trip

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OK, I've been home since Sunday and not regaled with how the trip went. I think quite well, but being away from home and with no QE does make for a more tired mama by default, but still. Quite a good trip.
Activities included...
-A trip to downtown Cleveland to meet with the LGBT Coalition to talk shop on archive matters at the UCC headquarters. It went quite well. Dad and Crimefighter had mini adventures, mostly riding escalators and pushing buttons on ATMs.
- Visited several times with  Amy & the girls, including dinner and an amateur intervention. It's only been a few months since all the girls moved in with Amy full time. It's been a rough transition. But they got to say their piece and supposedly helped, so good. There was also an ice cream outing.
- Nana came to visit. That went well, but she's not doing particularly well, so keeping things low key was a good idea
- 2 trips to the farm park. Such a good idea. Once with dad and QE's mom (Nana) and then the next day just with my mom. Crime Fighter thought it was the best thing ever!
- Visited Mom at the high school and she got to show off the rock star of a grandkid to her colleagues and several of her students. I'd been with her to school once or twice over the years, but nothing compares to witnessing a your toddler rampaging though the halls. He was thoroughly adored by all.
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Those are the big points. Did I miss any, Dad?
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