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So, I picked up the 8th Harry Potter on Sunday, started reading it slowly yesterday/this morning, and I am not likely to continue.

why? Let me tell you under this cut for those who want to read it unsullied by my grumpiness...

First, it's tough because it's a play script rather than a novel, so limited from the start. It's harder to develop the characters and let it have a slower pace. We had the expectation from 1-7 that it was 1 year passing/book. Not this time!

rant in 3... 2... 1 )

I'll be putting the book down and finding something else.
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Fair Warning, I have not finished it. I will soon, so those who already did read it, for real, no spoilers.

Why should you read this book?

  • actual diversity in gender and ethnicity

  • protagonist has evolved past the standard Scalzi smart-ass into someone a little more separate

  • but it's still smart-alecky in a way that is very appealing

  • brilliant team-work and interactions on the good-guy side

  • it accurately portrays the researchy process, IMO

  • revolves around tech, but is not so techno speaky that it goes over my head or hugely dominates the dialog

  • archives, records management, and data security are a central pillar of the story

  • net neutrality and body autonomy also pillars of the story

  • major suspense and who-dun-it

I had to come into work and not keep reading the last fifth of the book. I resent this hugely.
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Crime Fighter is quite irritated we can't go to Arisia right now. (More specifically this morning as a substitute for school... and work). He also feels we should travel there by bike. And maybe train. He will wear his Superman jammies and fight people who are spiders. And get a new badge. He is excite.
Oct. 19th, 2014 11:04 pm

AOS Day 2

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So, today was entirely awesome from beginning to end.
Yeah, I was anxious going in before the doors opened, but from about 1:30-3:30 I couldn't sit down because folks kept showing up. For much of that time, I was getting sales, even. I can't tell you how many friends I saw today because it's a blur. At least a dozen.

Our babysitter for today wanted to trade his services for art, so I sent him home with:
This dragon tin.
And he posted a picture of it to Facebook
And TAMORA PIERCE (who happens to be friends with him) said, and I quote, "Wow, that's totally amazing!"
That I am not up at my table making her one for her very own (with purple eyes) is an act of extreme control on my part.
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Prepping for art show next month and sketched graphics for decorating my plain glass globe/ornaments (3" diameter)... 28 ideas. Some will work, some are a shit-show.LONG list )Already in the lexicon:

  • Hellboy

  • Abe Sapien

  • Serenity

  • Browncoat

  • Cthulhu

I've been sketching all night, so I have a catalog: if I sell out, I can show what I can do. If I didn't get around to it, I can demonstrate the design. Plus just keep track for future work, especially after a long lag. I can also put hash-marks on them to keep statistics if I want to be super-planny in the future. And it lets me determine colors, particularly the base one so I cans streamline production (do all the red ones first, fer example). And because I keep coming up with more ideas, if I at least sketch them out, I may have project-creep, but I don't have to ACT on said creep necessarily. Unless there's major demand...?

The designs are by nature logo-ish and things I will make into stencils. The new ideas are all things I've had some interest in, fan-wise. There's plenty more out there, some that's already even been suggested, but I'm unlikely to pro-actively do anything outside my interests because I feel like a poser. I'm open to doing material outside my interest, but only if I get requests. Because they are minimalist designs and easy to replicate cleanly and quickly, it will help bring costs down a bit... once the templates are done.  I particularly like this whole concept of decoration because anything I have after Open Studio, I can put toward Arisia art show. IF they go well, I can on them throughout the year and have a hell of a stock come next Open Studio/Arisia.

Can you tell I took a project management workshop yesterday?
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OK. What's up with rushing to criticize the second someone is announced as the new face of [fill in the name of fictional person, usually superhero].

First of all, the original source material? Drawn. Nobody can live up to that. Second, every fan's idealized version of that character has a heavy overlay of nostalgia making the human choice even more unbearable. The movie is not even in production yet, and everyone slags the director, producer, and star. Yes, it might be the worst thing since the last worst thing. Or it might be Serenity. Why don't we wait until it's out and we've had time to think about it before we damn the enterprise with derision and snark.

Entirely related: no more "eat a sandwich." Just stop it. I'm telling myself this, too. I've been at fault and no more.
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My trek out to the hinterlands of almost-NY (Tanglewood) was great! Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] caulay and [livejournal.com profile] ahf for hosting, and for a great travel partner of [livejournal.com profile] taura_g.
Walking into Tanglewood made me think very much of what it was like to be at Interlochen and just have amazing music + woods. We had pavilion seats. The Indigo Girls had already started when we got there, as it was a longer slog than expected. It was a bit of an older crowd since Joan Baez was headlining, so between the culture of Tanglewood and the fanbase skewing more towards her everyone was very well behaved.  Kind of too well behaved. We found out later it was a lot to do with the default security settings, which is more appropriate for the BSO than for a rock-ish concert. After Joan's set (the 4 of us hung outside of the pavilion on the grass, which was much more companionable), they combined forces into a super folkie force for good. At that point Joan asked security to chill and let us just do our thing, which involved standing up (gasp!) and walking around in the aisles. Their last official song was Water Is Wide, which was pretty devastating. So gorgeous and heart-breaking. The vid I found is from last week but the same tour, so you have all the right elements, just not with that Tanglewood... thing. ;) OK, I might be ribbing the venue a bit.

The one downside of the day: dinner. Ohhh god. Eveyone but [livejournal.com profile] caulay had pretty much bland food, and his was over the top spicy. And so slow. Ah well. First world problem. The ride home included a brief but stunning view of the Super Moon. It was, in fact, super.

Now bed.
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If you can ever get a John Scalzi book read by Wil Wheaton, do no hesitate. So far I've had Redshirts and now Agent to the Stars presented thusly. I was incapable of consuming any other story til this one was gone. Now I'm sad that I don't have more. But I also haven't gone to look for more yet. Thanks, guys. I have really needed some engrossing fiction and together you have given me just that.

(Still not king. In fact, I think my kingdom was a lie. Looking for new lands to conquer.)
Feb. 13th, 2013 02:15 pm

True Words

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I stalk internet-famous people via my RSS feed, primarily via Tumblr. I also stalk some Tumblr accounts inspired by other things (because that's what Tumblr's all about, really. And gifs.) So, I follow Nerdfighter Art at. The trend is to do arty paintings of quotes done by John or Hank Green or from John's books. Sort of like cross stitch samplers with aphorisms. Or truisms.
However, yesterday's Vlogbrother's post included the following, an idea expressed by John's wife, Sarah, aka The Yeti, realized when she was still a teenager:

Everyone's thinking about themselves
as much as she was thinking about herself
and that therefore no one else 
had time to think about her.

That is the first time I've wanted to do one of those watercolor renditions of the cross stitch truism. I may have to fix the pronouns so it scans better, though. This concept really is a good thing to keep in mind when one is wigging out about rando-interaction with someone who made you feel angry/weird/sad/upset. I think it's more true when one is a teenager, but it doesn't entirely go away. 

If I do the watercolor, I will share it with the internet in some form. Possibly via Nerdfighter art
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So, there's a thing called Project For Awesome, which is a charity that was sparked by the most excellent Nerdfigher- Vlog Brothers. And this year, they asked their Nerdfighter artists to participate by making art as the prizes for those who are financially going to be giving to Project for Awesome. It's a nice way for many who want to be part of the project, but maybe have more time than money. Or maybe not even more time, but still have more time than spare money.  The fun part was that they announced that people could submit ideas early last week, but none of us would know until the after the deadline (7th) if we were in and mailing deadline was the 12th. Paramters included sending 20 of what you make. I went with watercolors that were primarily (hahahaha) Nerdfighter in-jokes. French the Llama, puppy sized elephants, giraffe love, hanklerfish... 
Just about all of them were in this Vi Hart inspired style, although I don't always go with using biggest circle every time, as that'd be a lot of white space. Anyway--- yay, art! 
In the end, I assumed I would get in and kept painting from Tuesday the 4th through to the 8th when I found out. By then I only had 4 more paintings to make of the 20. If anyone sends money to P4A, they might get one of my paintings. 
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I was standing at the Alewife bus ... thingie- depot? And feeling a little nostalgic for my old bus routes... and then no bus arrived for a very long time, either 62 or 76. I stopped feeling nostalgic. Mind you, I still wait for my current buses way more than I'd like. I usually have more options for methods of returning home. The old way was: go to Alewife and hope for the best. Unsurprising, the traffic between the station and Lexington was snarled, primarily with crazy people going to Wilson Farm to get their goddamn bird (she says smugly, with a chicken in her fridge). 

I'm glad I went to the event, which to clarify was a book launch for a local guy, Amanda F. Palmer's own Mr. Miagi. Anthony Martignetti. She wrote about him recently being direly ill and gave me the impression he might not leave the hospital at the time of her writing. However, there he was, sharing his own memories from his book. Two very wrenching stories, which left me sad and uncomfortable, but like the kind of story you feel you must hear, that it's important. Amanda read the forward of the book (which she wrote) and sang some songs. Neil read a chapter from his new book,The Ocean at the End of the Lane. I only have to wait to get my copy of that until June.

Being there felt like I was intruding on dear friends' mourning of one who is likely going to be dead a lot sooner than one would expect or wish. But still- they did invite us in. I did pick up Martignetti's book (Lunatic Heroes). I may have a hard time reading it, I may not keep it, but it feels like right thing to do, to have this book, at least for a while. 
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... Is it time to go yet?
It's been an odd last day before the Thanksgiving break. ( I don't always take the Wednesday off, but it worked out this way. The library always closes on Friday after.) Today was [livejournal.com profile] quiet_elegance's long awaited steroid shot for his spine. That went well. Crime Fighter wandered all over the clinic's first floor, made a ton of friends, including ones who have access to goldfish crackers and cheerios. Previous visits to this clinic felt much longer. [livejournal.com profile] tamidon's elder had been contracted to babysit the boy(s), and apparently that went well. This meant QE could sleep a LOT. 
I got to go to therapy on time, had a nice, non-eventful chat with Susan-the-therapist. But it's nice to work on base-line brain care. Today's topic: how to convince my brain that I don't have to go nuts with Christmas shopping when I can't afford it. And I have an amazing stash of made by me stuff that I need to overhaul and gift to them's who's gettin' gifts. 
So, didn't get to work til 12:30. I had a great and long overdue lunch with [livejournal.com profile] lifecollage, who is back from her whirlwind month of travel. The afternoon's been quiet- Talked with office mate about the usual take over the world stuff, and sorted the stuff that needs to be filed. I haven't actually finished that filing, but it turns out there wasn't as much there as I expected.   
Tonight Amanda Fucking Palmer and Neil Gaiman are going to be in Lexington for a book thing for a friend of theirs whose name I honestly don't recall. But I couldn't resist the idea of missing an opportunity to see those 2 together. I haven't seen Mr. Gaiman since before AFP showed up in his life and haven't seen AFP since she was in the Dresden Dolls. [livejournal.com profile] drwex and I are meeting up for that, which will also be nice.
Tomorrow starts food prep for Thursday. You know. Like making apple sauce and prepping pies! I'm entirely happy we'll be just hanging out for the holiday at home, the 3 of us. Chasing Mr. D. is beyond exhausting when we're not on our home turf these days. 

So, many thanks in advance to my friends, my family, my job, my health, and so on and so forth. 
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Watching the end of season 5 Doctor Who converted me to active fan rather than passingly interested watcher. I enjoyed the hell out of the Tennant years and appreciate Eccleston, but I think Doctor + Ponds = my doctor. 

I have been waiting for most of a year to get to watch The Doctor's Wife. I mean!! Gaiman! It felt like Neverwhere all over again on some level. I think I have to rewatch it before I move on. 

So much for watching episodes only when my office mate is not working that day and the weather is crappy. Robin and I will have to have some other show to watch now, because I'm going to zip through season 6 right quick and start in on the season 7 that will be waiting for me on the DVR. 

I also want a fez. And maybe a bow tie. 
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Last Friday I went to hear The Bloggess/Jenny Lawson talk at the Brookline Booksmith. It was fun. Robin came with me out, we didn't drown, met up with [livejournal.com profile] caulay and had Zaftig's. By the time we got there, the basement was insanely packed. The reading was huge fun, but since those of us who wanted the book had it and mine was already signed, we opted out of crushing crowds and long waits in line in favor of ice cream. 

This evening it was John Scalzi at the Harvard COOP for the Redshirts tour. Crime Fighter and [livejournal.com profile] quiet_elegance converged with me and again [livejournal.com profile] caulay, we had burritos outside and kept Mr. D. from eating cigarette butts or wood chips and did not get overwhelmed by the Hitchcock-esque groupings of hopeful pigeons and sparrows. QE and Mr. D. headed for home and we headed for the bookstore. The COOP's author event space is kick-ass. It was also not mobbed 40 minutes before the event, so we actually got to sit and I even got to ask a question at Q&A, again what with it not being over-run. (The question was: with Redshirts being my first of his books*, what would he recommend for my next?-- Of course the audience wanted to be helpful, but I didn't ask them- I asked him!) The readings were fantastic and we were treated to a super-secret vignette from the [redacted] series, which was [redacted]! I thought it was just [redacted]. Super-bonus moment: Since he's a groovy dude and does this sort of thing, Scalzi was hanging out ahead of the official start time talking to folks, so I got to show him a picture of Crime Fighter in his Star Trek command uniform, and like a good dad he awwwww-ed. 

I decided not to ask to get my picture taken with, because... well, I'd not seen anyone else do so and what you can't see are the security guard looking grumpy and the staff member directly out of frame on the left side. And I thought best not to slow down the line. 

*The thing is, Redshirts was the first book I'd read by Scalzi. [livejournal.com profile] purple_terror has several of his books- some procured by me, even, but I just was having a hard time getting around to it and/or the concepts were... eh? I dunno. Whatever reason, I was enjoying stalking him on social media like one does with people who seem really nifty and hang round people who are also pretty groovy. I guess I was just looking for the right starter book, and Redshirts is entirely awesome. I demolished all but the coda in about 4 days. I also have the audio version (as read by Wil Whaton) waiting for me. I now have Old Man's War in my read pile and when Fuzzy Nation comes out in paperback, I'll get that- if not for me, but for PT's collection.

Yay nerdy writers! Yay for going out with my friend and doing adult-centric things. Woo!
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I rarely talk about tv/movies these days, however, this is worthy.
Thanks to my Aunt Wendy, who said "Better than the Colin Firth version of Pride and Prejudice," I started watching Downton Abbey last night (finished the pilot this morning- which is saying something. Normally I don't watch videos before work). I have the zeal of the newly converted, planning to watch ep. 2 tonight. I already checked PBS to see if they have all of season 2 available: why yes- until early March. So. There. I see myself forgoing all other tv/movie watching at home in favor of this until I'm up to date. 

So, despite the usual several interruptions to my sleep, I'm entirely stoked. If you are already in the fan club, feel free to ping me to gush about it, but please note: I've managed to stay entirely spoiler-free thus far beyond a few unavoidable deductions from screen captures attached to the current episodes. 

Fangirl goes... Squee!
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So, the baby and I had a good time at Arisia-

Thanks, too, to [livejournal.com profile] ahf for delivering- made my arrival and attendance entirely more bearable. I spent a fair bit of time with [livejournal.com profile] taura_g and [livejournal.com profile] missdimple. [livejournal.com profile] evila and [livejournal.com profile] shut_it_already acted as taxi on Saturday- good thing, too, given how bloody cold it was. Between that and the T being down on my side of town for repairs still on weekends, that transport thing could have made the whole weekend trek not worth it.  And thanks to [livejournal.com profile] drwex, my art was packed up safe and sound. The usual way of things is that I am not at the con Sunday/ Monday and he was kind enough to act as my agent.
The big art show surprise was our artist Guest of Honor bought this guy's big brother:
Cthulhu for your tree

Talk about vindication. It's not every day that someone of that caliber and fame waltzes in and buys one's art. My favorite reaction was [livejournal.com profile] hawkhandsaw's husband's- who just geeked out. 
Sadly, bedtime and back to work tomorrow. I'm very much hoping I don't get struck by the barfy con crud that is striking all 'round. 
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David Tennant suit to go with my David Tennant hair.
I probably also need converse and a sonic screwdriver.
And a trench coat.

In other words, I need a Dr. Who outfit, and I have no components but the hair. And I think my thick frame glasses will just have to work.

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Well, I'd not thought of it, but according to sources via Whedonesque, "Nobody in the Whedonverse" (via SiL Maurissa Tancharoen) hence Joss hisself doesn't cotton to the idea of purchasing Firefly for Nathan. The movement has been brought to a standstill. Yeah, that'd do it. Thanks, big man. Thanks, Maurissa.
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So, this has been a thing for a few days/weeks in Internet Land. Short version: Nathan Fillion said in an off-had way how if he had a crazy amount of money (won the lottery) he'd buy the rights to Firefly and make it available all the time. And of course, some really hard-core people took him at his word. The thing is, Fillion has said (several times): dudes, it was just something I said, not a thing I expect to happen. In his interview with Chris Hardwick on The Nerdist podcast, (#65) he said if people are going to raise millions of dollars, better to try to cure a disease with it.
And yet, "Help Nathan Buy Firefly" is still something that's an active thing. I swear people are doing that "well, what does he really mean, don't send him money." Guys. Don't send him money. Just don't. Don't do this thing. Use your immense energies for other good activities, but this one is not something that is likely to happen. It's just rife with pitfalls, particularly when the guy at the focus of the energy said "no." Remember No means No? Apparently not. This almost makes me want to get a twitter account so I can pretty please ask the man himself if he can try one more time to stem the nerd passion on this doomed adventure. Almost.

Keep in mind, I'd be thrilled if there was a chance in hell anything could happen to make Firefly 'verse return. But this isn't it. I did watch a bit of it last night on the Science Channel- yay, Science Channel! It reminded me of how much I love it and I miss it. And with that- time to slog through the rain and mud to go ride a bicycle to nowhere in a basement.
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Soooo I came back from Brooklyn to find that purple_terror had acquired the goods: XBox and Dance Central. I. Am. Happy. I am sweaty. This will entirely stave off winter doldrums, I do believe. Who wants to dance with me?


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