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Fairy Spa Parent.
Need to go deal with maintenance on all the femme things. My epidermis, cuticles, and follicles are deeply under-cared for, but to go do ALL THE THINGS might require a small business loan. So, please send Fairy Spa Parent, stat.
Jul. 20th, 2015 10:45 pm

Hair mod

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By the way... decided to do a bit of modification to my haircut. Perfect timing for seasonally apropriate heat/humidity. I'm rather pleased. I suspect I'll like it even better once it grows in just a bit.
And yes- my hair just poufs on its own. That's with no product. Eat your heart out, Morrisey.
How much work do you think Ruby Rose's stylists needed to put in for her pouf? (How much do I revel in this hairstyle trend? So much.)
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My favorite unicorn wants to wish you all a very very Happy Halloween.
UnicornforHalloween2014 (2) UnicornforHalloween2014 (1)
Now: produce yon candy, knaves!

I did not entirely ignore the holiday myself. I'm wearing a very fine hat.
....what horns?
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I tried. I really tried. However, I do not have Dansko-compatible feet. I currently own a pair of distressed brown leather Danskos, size 39. I was assured that after a while my feet would get used to them, and this is not what happened. I took them to the cobbler to try to stretch them out a bit, to no avail. 

I would like to see these gorgeous and seriously hardly used clogs go to someone who will wear them. Given how little I've used them and how little discretionary money I have at the moment, I am hoping someone will be willing to give me some portion of the original cost, which was in the $120-130 range. 

I've been meaning to post this for the better part of a month now. So, here we go. If I fail to get responses here, I'll resort to inquiring unto Facebook. Please don't make me do it, though. 

ETA OK, claimed! Thanks so much for the feedback. Let the bitching about how Danskos aren't as great as they are purported to be commence. XXOO

Dammit, these were supposed to be the answer to the fact my Born Mary-Janes are really worn out and I need new everyday shoes. I'm not fond of shopping for sensible shoes, I'm so often disappointed.
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Hey, a 5 mile walk apparently was the answer to many things! It was a great time with QE and the baby, and was more energizing than not. Also, Quedabra mini croissants are made of awesome. Still in the thrall of tiny chickens in my head, but they are growing weaker, WEAKER, I tell you!!

I was brave foolish enough to voluntarily go to the Mall with [livejournal.com profile] purple_terror and the wee terror, but 2 (3) things:
Shoes and Coat )

The cost of those purchases are probably not the best timed. Part of my brain is convinced QE'll land this job and our current money problems will evaporate over night. But, honestly, I've done almost no shopping for myself in 2 years. I feel pretty justified in 90% of my brain that it was acceptable and not at all frivolous. Puritan Work Ethic is all that's left, but it is a forgone conclusion that it's a PITA and needs to STFU. Right? Right. 

Oh, Thing Three: P_T is awesome and got me a bit more Lush, because there's never a thing as too much.
Lush Geeking.... )

We came back in one piece and not overly grumpy to have dinner almost all done by our QE. He's been on an amazing pasta kick and outdid himself yet again. 

Ah, also I have a new pastry smasher, too. The old one suffered irreparable metal fatigue. More pie dough is required. 

Clearly I'm feeling better, because I'm writing like I'm jacked on caffeine, which is not the case. 

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Well, that's frustrating. LJ didn't post what I just put up. I suspect I'll be doing a shorter version this time.

Thing 1:  My phone
I have a contract with Verizon, which I'm unlikely to break.
My current phone (LG ENV3) turns off randomly. It's out of warranty. I'm 1 month away from early upgrade. I am not keen on the expense of a smart phone. I just want my phone to work.

1. Do nothing, hope for best until at least 8/31
2.  Get SD card for phone (some reason doesn't have) get all info onto card, then wipe it to factory settings. Or use the Verizon system to backup contacts.
3. Look for refurb of this phone or one similar to it, hope it doesn't break in the next month, that it holds up long enough to dump 100+ into the fix.
4. Buy new phone right now at full price.
[ETA]: 5. Have Dad read this and remember he'd not done anything for my birthday and he points to and funds a reasonably priced clone/replacement. Happy day!

I'm struck with indecision on this for some reason. If anyone has a notion on this, I'm curious to hear suggestions. Keep in mind I am not keen on this topic at the best of times- I'm much more easily lost and/or frustrated with complexities and lots of tech talk now.

Thing 2: Haircut.
It has been a bit over 2 weeks since I got my haircut at DHR and I feel like it already needs a touch-up. They aren't open on Mondays and they're about to go on vacation for a week (can't remember exactly when other than early August).
Does anyone have a suggestion for a place that is in the 30-40 price range? Less than that and I worry about hair butchery, more and I will remind myself I just paid for a haircut 2 weeks ago, and wtf.

Thing 3: Likely going to Diesel tomorrow.
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"Well, this is taking longer than I was expecting. I'm going to have to start asking when I set up an appointment if it's a trim or a transformation." - Rob, my hair stylist

This is the correct week to make the leap from long to short.

Here's yesterday-
yesterday )

And now today-
today )

And I'm feeling like it's always been this way.
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It'll be over 90 again today. This season has been long anticipated and Friday will be the day when I do something about it and this braid icon will be the one that'll be the outmoded one and my LOL-archivist one more definitive.
I've never been one to hold on to one style of hair for very long, and inevitably I find the care of long hair to be more trouble than its worth. At this stage it's braided and out of my way 95% of the time. On hair washing days (Lush is excellent enough this is only required every other day) it'll be decidedly still damp by the end of the day when braided. It's heavy. Etc.
I grew it out  because I kept having dreams about having long hair. Well, I've successfully done that and now I get to do my butch pixie impression again. Mom (who arrives TOMORROW!!) and I will have a salon day on Friday- haircut, lunch, pedicure.  I'll see about getting one last glam shot of the long hair down between now and then. There will certainly be pictures of the new-old look after the weekend.

I may have decided this anyway given the weather, but [livejournal.com profile] badlittlemonkey 's plunge into short is a lovely catalyst.
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The spoils of war from this weekend, freshly waterproofed.
my new boots
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So, the new glasses, they are acquired.  I've only documented one set- the really groovy nerdy ones. The minimalist ones, later because I've wasted enough time with trying to get things Just So. My issue is I usually have the same backdrop for much of these self portraits and I'm bored with it all. So----
also-LOTR new glasses

Did It

And a more bookish/ classic librarian look-

I am pleased. They will definitely augment the Priscilla costume for Halloween. They are a bit heavier than the old glasses, but the ones not yet photo-documented will make up for them as I'm pretty sure they're mostly air.
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I finally looked up exactly how far it is from my house to Alewife on the bike path. Not 6, but 6.4 miles. Mwah hah! Today's time: 20-ish minutes. I started off the season at about 35, I think. This is all in that one direction. Coming home--- totally different story.
Someone must have doped my vitamins because I actually went out and ran. Outside. On purpose- at the end of circuit class today. We had some of the old guard attendees who were all pumped up to do one more thing before calling it quits. I really don't recall the last time I ran. We estimate the block's about .25 miles, so a lap on the track, but with more cracks, trash, and pedestrians...and sometimes cars.  But, I did it! Go me.

Do any of the long hairs out there have a solution- other than a haircut- for the rubber band induced headaches? My hair seems to have gained about 2 pounds this week. I think it has a lot to do with the humidity and never drying. But I swear, I have been doing the usual keep-off-neck tactics I have done for the past many months, but now there's always a hint of extra tension to win out over gravity.
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My hat finally arrived today.
my new top hat
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The phone number I had since I was 5 is gone. It makes sense, why pay for a line when the only incoming calls are pleas for money from XYZ cause? Certainly not to provide a child (who's not a child) who's not lived in that house for 16 (dear gods) years a link to her past. Time to suck it up and actually memorize both my parents primary number for real already. Some numbers should be memorized, them's be two of them. Still, it's a passing of an icon, and it's a minor sadness to me.

On the frivolous side: I will have a top hat by the end of the month. (that image represents style, not color). Happy birthday to me
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It's 3pm on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. My mini vacation starts in 1 hour and 45 minutes. FYI.

So, here's the trouble. I keep getting tension headaches from my hair elastics and clippy thingies. My hair is somewhat heavy, retains moisture for most of the day when up (in other words every day) and getting surprisingly long. At least by my standards.

I have to wonder if my hair management applications are just not sturdy enough. My default clip is this shaped. The one that is less useful because it's a bit to claw-like- (approximate representation). I'm thinking I need to reinvest in some scrunchies.

... rest of this was deleted 3-4 times because while I would like suggestions, I don't want to fire up the long hair/short hair debate, which would have been inevitable. I know who stands on which side of that line already.
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ETA: note- time is slightly different- ending an hour earlier than I originally noted.

A decision was made- Happily [personal profile] buxom_bey  agreed to be a host.
Just to be sure we're all on the same page- please only bring recently laundered, whole clothing and shoes. No used panties, please.

While there will be some space for people to try on clothes privately, expect others to be in various states of undress throughout the afternoon and make your plans according to your comfort level.

Participants are welcome to bring refreshments to share if they wish but it is not required, nor do you need to bring clothes in order to take some away. All left over clothes will be sorted and sent to good will. If you want to drop off a bag early, there's a porch at bey's abode.

If I left anything major out let me know and I'll clarify. FB version w/ street address listed here.
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The trash bags of discarded but useful clothing coupled with my huge ennui regarding my wardrobe leads me to the general community query of: clothing swap time?[Poll #1445040][Poll #1445040]
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I really really really want to get a few more smocked sundresses. Ones that aren't just tube tops, but have wide straps or capped sleeves.

This is not so easy to do. Etsy has saddened me with the lack of this mythic dress. Does anyone have any metro-Boston suggestions? My sure-bet is Hampton Beach, which is a bit out of my way.
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Oh hai. I have arrived in this fair, Midwestern berg. I have gotten my toes all prettified and confused the living crap out of both salon workers and clientele, for I requested black nails with white tips- a gothy French manicure. Snerk :) I'd like to think that a salon in Boston wouldn't be so phased. Maybe? I'll have to try it out. An experiment.

I'm strangely not that sad that my dinner plans fell through. I sort of want pizza, which is just across the parking lot. Also maybe catch a movie.
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[personal profile] lifecollage's plotting yielded cashy-money for me to go shopping at Utso, which I did this afternoon and spent all but 2 bucks of the unofficial gift certificate. The fruits of that shopping labor have all been washed (we don't need any sizing mucking things up, thankee) and since they're all delicates, I thought leaving them outside to dry on this windy day was a fantastic idea. Except I didn't want to set up a line.  Thanks again!
Oct. 9th, 2006 07:16 pm


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is someone having a clothing swap soon? I'm doing the seasonal closet shift and trying to be realistic about some stuff and the pile, she is growing.


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