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  • Dry cough (ouch- you best be gone by the end of the week, germs)

  • Making myself go out for a short birthday celebration (total yay)

  • Handed off 2 commissions (well received)

  • Continuing the pantless toddler shenanigans (eh? Boy is getting there, but it's exhausting)

  • More beef stew made (enough for 2 meals)

  • Snow day called for kid's school (c'mon!)

  • Watched SportsBall Big Game (Huh... home team wins- that was exciting!) (and when I say "watched," I sat in the room with the game on because I had...->)

  • Started work for tomorrow eventually to be thwarted by the system not saving my work (Just for 1 record, not everything lost)

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... Huh. I didn't expect this list to go so long. Ah well.  Have a glorified bullet list.
- Transitions to night work is hard, even when you're not the one working nights.
- Extra free floating hormone-induced anxiety is obnoxious.
+ I took Friday morning off to see Maleficent. QE came with! A nice mini-date.
+ Successful trip to Eddie Bauer and now I have ....(dun dun dunnn!) Adventure Pants! Their travel-friendly fabric is really great and it's nice to have adult-looking clothing that looks good and looks good on me.
[livejournal.com profile] quiet_elegance was able to teach with his friend Rick on Saturday and post-mortem feedback indicates more gigs to follow!
+++++ Tom and Carol came to dinner Sunday/Father's Day and QE made brisket, aka: Meat candy
- Broke a casserole dish that evening and had to pitch the mac & cheese I made, which was kind of perfect. But ceramic shards in noodles is not good eats. Just ask Alton Brown. (It turns out, I'm allowed to make more mac & cheese later)
+ [livejournal.com profile] lifecollage joined the kid and me for a Sunday morning adventure: picnic breakfast at the Yurt's courtyard, then a trip to Cambridge Commons playground. Overall A+ adventure that ended with a long nap that didn't start til we got home.
? I think I may be overly attached to bubble tea right now. Turns out boiling the tapioca pearls right is harder and time-intensive than you'd think, but I'm learning. Favorite flavor combo at home: cow milk, coconut milk, black tea, and limeade with the tapioca pearls. Go-to restaurant flavor is coconut.
- Failed to go to Pride.
+ used that time instead to prep for the big Sunday dinner; half of that time Crime Fighter hung out at Estradell. Then I got to go over, too.
+ Going out this Thursday with book club to see The Fault In Our Stars (FINALLY!), and we're seeing it at the Capitol, so I can walk to/from, *and* [livejournal.com profile] lifecollage is backup adult* so I can enjoy dinner out, and-and-and I have a free pass for the movie.
+ I have backup adult coverage for book club-proper next week.
+ I'm taking tomorrow off! For fun! [livejournal.com profile] red_canna and I have crafting notions.
+ The kid is transitioning out of toddler/preschool into the preschool class at the end of the month! The median age for his class right now has decreased a lot in the last few months, as is the way of things. A bored Crime Fighter is a dangerous Crime Fighter.
+ My parents and the pup will be here for a week following 4th of July and we're hanging out in Rockport in a rental house. It's going to be grand fun and full of adventures.
+ The to-do check list at work has contributed a great deal to me feeling productive.
- But not enough to keep me from goofing off a bit more than I'd like.

*backup adult: With QE out in the evenings, going out and doing stuff can be complicated if anything starts before... oh, 8:30. The kid seems to sense when I have plans and will go on sleep strike. It's good to have someone else around just in case so [livejournal.com profile] fubar isn't left fubar-ed.
Feb. 17th, 2014 08:54 pm

Great day

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It was a long weekend. QE taught all day Saturday (OSHA 30), came home for dinner and Kid bedtime, then was called out to plow, and was out ONLY for 6 hours, but it was the last 6 out of 24 up. He slept a very few hours, then went out to do residential, which had to wait til after sleep, then there were more naps on Sunday afternoon to make up for the deficit. But that pretty much meant most of 2 days without dada-backup/hand-off.
This morning, however, I got to sleep til 6:30 before Crime Fighter came in for snuggles, then he and QE went off to breakfast at the diner. I lolled about, read some, made waffles and eggs for breakfast. The boys came home for a bit before Crime Fighter went off to visit the Watertown Woodwards for a playdate. I got to make stew and cookie dough, spend some time with QE, and look at the internet. The ensuing nap would have gone way past 3, if I'd not gone in to wake him to go sledding! The kid's never been before, but we have a really amazing hill not far from the house behind the Boys and Girls club. It's actually pretty intense. I feel a bit badly because I had said we'd go to the awesome castle playground after naps, but then when our Monkey-House/Estradell tribe said "yes, sledding," um, YES. SLEDDING.  It was a bit gnarly getting there with a stroller, but we managed. After little prompting, Crime Fighter enthusiastically got on a sled with me, we stayed on the whole way, and he yelled "Again!" as soon as we were done. It was a good thing we left when we did, because by the time he got home, he was very sadly cold.
As promised, I made chocolate chip cookies as soon as I got home, and had some help from some of our young sledding neighbors for eating of cookies.
Dinner was delicious,(Pork loin, roasted Brussels sprouts, roasted baby taters, apple sauce).
The Kid managed to land the unwanted food in his mouth onto his plate again and not on the floor. This is a big victory.
Lunch is made for tomorrow.
The dishes are done.
The kid didn't argue overly at bedtime.
I'm going to go make more fiber-related art now.
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Today featured 2 houses viewed by various members of the household, and neither suiting our needs. We deployed the nopetopus and we carry on. The one I got to see is about to undergo major renovation. I flat out refuse to trust that such major work will get done within the originally stated deadline. The bones of the abode do not warrant that kind of single-minded commitment and zeal. The other was just too small.

In the  meantime, since it was the Gore Sheep Shearing Festival, I took the kid. There was junk food eaten, vendors' wears viewed, and a small menagerie of creatures seen: goats, sheep, dogs, small horses, llamas, chickens, and ducks to be precise. Crime Fighter pet his first horse and baaaaah-ed at real sheep and meeeeh-ed at real goats. It was fun!

I'm being social tomorrow, so decided that despite my excessive weariness that I'd tackle baking tonight: bread pudding and an eggless banana bread. The desserts that scream, "I have food about to go bad- let's add sugar!" The bread surplus is now at a reasonable level and no longer in danger of becoming a penicillin farm; the bananas that are too ripe to be interesting to toddlers, also transformed. This means at least the hard part's done and I don't have to fit it all in tomorrow morning.
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In the wake of destruction, let's think about not destruction. Tell me something(s) you did today or very recently that you're happy about.

I didn't have to go to work today.
Today it was sunny and felt like spring. The forsythia's out, which means everything will turn green in time for my birthday, as usual.
I got to visit with [livejournal.com profile] buxom_bey and little Roo all morning and up through a delicious lunch. The kids played. Crime Fighter did his best to charm Roo, except when she was using a toy he wanted. It's like they're toddlers.
I took a nap while Crime Fighter napped.
[livejournal.com profile] quiet_elegance insisted I go do... something this afternoon while they went on a really long walk. I chose 8 mile bike ride all the way up to Lexington Center and back. (um, ow? derp)
Dinner was delicious.
There was ice cream after dinner. Ice cream and grade A pestering from [livejournal.com profile] fubar along the way. Bonus, hugs from [livejournal.com profile] asciikitty on her way home.

How about you?
Apr. 2nd, 2012 08:51 pm


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-QE goes back for the same test he had last week. They want to replicate the results before they go making permanent changes. 
-I found a madeleine pan and feel confident I can make these cookies. I ended up eating them all weekend. Probably not the smartest thing I've ever done, but they are best fresh.
-I did see Hunger Games last Monday- I implied it, but then didn't comment on the movie itself. I found it to be a very good adaptation from the book. Next big thing: Avengers
-Friends whose kid is closer to teenage than baby gifted us with a baby bike chariot (trailer). QE installed hardware. Now I need to get a helmet for the baby and make sure the cabin is free from garage debris. It's a sweet little rig. 
-Work is... work. I'm glad I have it. The things that were bothering me last week are still a problem, but when dealing with major institutional shift, contention is one of the few predicable outcomes. My annual review is any second now. I'm hoping there will be a chance to have some real conversation about it. 
-Mad Men is eating my brain. Smash is quickly losing me, but hasn't done anything so spectacularly bad to make me entirely quit. 
-I realize I need to re-discover some evening activities, but nothing's really keeping my interest. I should be working on the Cook's Illustrated index, but quite frankly, it's exactly like work and I haven't found the platform that I actually want to use with the finished product. Mostly, I want to just have a certain number of fields to capture what issue, what recipe, then have the option of as many tags as I want to throw in so I can look for "vegetarian," or "main course" with "poultry." Or whatever. I'm currently using a google spreadsheet. I've considered having a dedicated LJ set up- but that's super-clunky and not what it's built for. Anyway, if anyone's gotten this far down the ramble and has a suggestion, let me know. ... seriously- these magazines are staring at me balefully, wondering why I'm wasting time writing an entirely boring post than just entering the data.   

Mar. 23rd, 2012 08:45 am

7 months

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Earlier this week, Mr. D. had two more teeth surface on the upper deck. That makes 6. I'm stunned. 
He's so close to pulling himself up, still not interested in forward crawling. His Nana said that [livejournal.com profile] quiet_elegance went directly to walking, so there's precedent. 
Ever since we gave up forcing baby oatmeal on him, he's been very keen on actually consuming -not just playing- with food. It occurred to me that my stricture against things in the cabbage family are now null given we are feeding him refried beans and broccoli and other things are in his future. We may as well get him used to cabbage-based food indirectly entering his ecosystem. Also, I miss all of them soooo much! 
I worked last Saturday, so I ended up getting a few hours of comp time, so I chose to leave work an hour early. I could rather get used to that. I get more comp time coming up because...
I'm going down to Wesleyan campus for a professional conference today and spending the night. This is my first time away over night and I'm feeling a touch anxious. He'll be fine. I'm not so sure about me. :P 
QE's been home mornings for a few weeks now, so the routine is that when it's time for morning naps - usually between 7:30 and 8- QE will settle the babe down on his chest with a blankie and they both chill out. However, QE's not here this morning, I am. I am more of the put Crime Fighter down and let him figure out this sleep thing on his own. This works pretty well at night, but mornings require snugglies! I got caught in the baby vortex. After all, I'm disappearing in a few hours until late tomorrow. I may as well enjoy. 

Anyway- that's the latest from the land of crime fighters. 
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At 5 weeks in as food-giving parent and it being officiall fall, my metabolism is kicking my ass.

Dave's pasta, meat sauce
green beans
avocado with salt
red wine
garlic bread

I'm still hungry- waiting for the pasta to fill in the gaps. Also [livejournal.com profile] asciikitty has promised me brownies.
Yay for it being stew season and breads and pies and so forth. Meat loaf!

It's also soup season, apparently, for I've been given all the soups ever, too. I suspect it's an easy thing to make and then split and give me half.  ... ... (I could use a break from soups for a few cycles)

The metabolism is currently totally on my side, as I can wear a skort I had before and it fits better now than before. And yet-- Bring on the pastry, please. Butter based preferred. Things that taste good with peanutbutter or nutella. Or cream cheese. Or lemon curd. oooh. Now I want scones with clotted cream and Harney & Sons Paris tea.  If only I'd not bruised my mouth on the garlic bread at dinner :/

All. The. Food. Ever.

Major gratitude: I'm not doing the dishes or holding the baby.

Tomorrow's plan: BANANA BREAD!!
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I successfully traversed down to Hartford and back. Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] kebbykate  & co. for hosting. I would not have been capable of coherency if I'd driven down and back in one day. As it was I had to employ the for-the-love-of-god STAY AWAKE tactics to get the leg between Worcester and 95 done. I remembered eventually singing loudly is an excellent method.
The teaching event this morning went very well. I got back a significant amount of positive feedback before I left, which is always gratifying. I also get all of Friday off to make up for working on Saturday. Part of that day will be taken up with getting an estimate from the mover.
Oh, I did make it to Rein's on the way home. I'd not gone in maybe 10 years or something ridiculous. Glad I was by myself! The place was a zoo and I was able to get a counter seat while those waiting for tables stood around for a damn long time.

Tomorrow: looking at 2 houses, one Watertown, one Belmont. I have hopes for Watertown. If neither of those work, there's one in Medford for Monday. Maybe I'll get my birthday present of getting a place settled this week. I'd settle for end of month, thanks. (Planning on spending May transferring objects and prepping the new house). The application process is rather more invasive than I remember. I also don't recall the name of previous landlord. The one from 9 years ago. I can look it up, but hoping that the bit where I've been in the same place for the better part of a decade is enough. I also have a conundrum regarding employment. I do have previous jobs I could mention, but I had 3 at the same time and didn't work at any of them for more than a year and change. I'm just glad they didn't ask for a tissue sample.
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I told the gym that I'd be going on hiatus in May. I rarely can manage more than once a week, which is not cost-effective. I have been doing well with filling in gaps at home with DVDs, and it's almost bike season. I feel a bit bad about it, particularly since I feel the gym is struggling, but I also need to do what's right by me. They can put my membership on hold for 6 months, which should be about right if all goes well.

The agent sent us a great listing today. It's in Arlington, decent location- not as great as I'd like, but so much potential. Sadly, there's no pictures of the inside. It's for May 1, which is a bit soon- may need to do some over-lap (and really get in on that packing thing). We have the street address so all of us are likely to do our own recon today.

Musical Note: I added Zoe Keating to my Laurie Anderson station on Pandora. Wow, is this fun.  If you want me to share said station with you, let me know and I'll email you.

[livejournal.com profile] quiet_elegance  and I had a date last night out at The Foundry in Davis. This was after a bit of socializing (for the first time in months at Diesel). I have high marks to assign. The service was exceptionally attentive. Food was entirely tasty. They have poutin, too. Holy cow. They mixed me something that was like a lime rickey. q_e enjoyed both the beer and the Manhattan. Not cheap, but considering the booze not that unusual. Particularly if you appreciate a bit of extra attention from the staff.

Still no word on work for him, but he's 2nd in line for apprentice work (out of dozens, if not at least a hundred). That's fantastic. Hoping hoping hoping for something that will be high quality and with some longevity.

Between the coffee I didn't even finish and all the half-thoughts I have in my head, I'm wholly without work focus right now.
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Saturday morning involves:
breakfast at the Arlington diner
Wilson Farms
(sometimes Whole Foods), Bedford
Stop n' Shop, Bedford

Today we experimented after Wilsons, went to H Mart and the new and huge-ified Market Basket. I don't think we'll try that again any time soon in that format. Both mega stores were -very- crowded and filled with an insane amount of noise. HM has music turned up several degrees past exactly necessary and MB was filled with excessive beepy and high pitched noises. So, now that we've done that we can go back to the usual pattern with a sigh of relief. HM, yes- from time to time, but surgical strike, not part of the  greater shopping experience.
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Pot roast, aligot (ohmygod cheesy potatoes), Brussels sprouts sauteed with onion and some of the pot roast juice, Normandy cider - now a fizzy red wine that's like carbonated port. Soon: remainders of birthday cake from last weekend. [livejournal.com profile] purple_terror also brought me a Macoun apple and peanut butter to eat on the way home from the airport. And the dinner? Yeah. ^_^
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I'm in Cleveland for a meeting tomorrow and coincidentally getting a few extra days with my parents. Again: very necessary since next weekend's Pittsburgh trip will be grueling and short and not the sort of useful thing for meaningful, relaxed interactions.

There was shopping this afternoon. I have new boots. There will be pictures later. There are also very purple pants. Eeeeee!
I got to hang with BFF, Amy, and many of her family this evening. Amy's the closest I have to a sister, really. So, good to see 2 of her 3 siblings, her mom and one of her kids. We even dropped said youngest (1st grade, zomg) at the Y that I used to go to when I was her age. Wouldn't you know: smells just the same: chlorine and sweat. Their gym hasn't changed in 20... 25 years. (augh, I'm old). Happy nostalgia.

Tomorrow is the required meeting. I'm hoping that the anticipation of it will be the worst of it. And if not, I get to hold it over my boss's head for a few weeks, which should be fun. I'm prepared. I have my Moleskine and knitting. I don't expect to be participating very much at any point, you see.

Observational note: Papa John's pizza has no particular value as legitimate pizza, however, it was the go-to at Ohio U -thus more happy nostalgia attached- and nobody does faux garlic butter sauce like they do. I understand there's one in the MIT vicinity. This is a useful thing to keep in mind.
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Yak and Yeti: Tibetan/Indian food in Ball Sq. Kind of light on the TIbetan food side, but tasty. Their medium-spicy is more like a low-grade hot.

Tai Chi at World Rhythms: [livejournal.com profile] quiet_elegance  really likes it! Yay! I enjoyed it, too, but can't dedicate another night to a class (time and money) The guy who instructs, Adison, is made of mellow. His grace is staggering. I can see him being a natural at modern dance and the like. If all goes according to plan, q_e will go back for at least a 5 week run and has aspirations of learning the sword style if Adison's up for it. That last bit is sort of way down the line. Gotta learn to crawl before you can dance on a tight rope.

Also: they're looking for front-desk help, like starting 2 weeks ago. Poor Javier (the owner) is somewhat frantic. He's a great guy, but doesn't really have the energy for details, like sending out reminders, replying to email, keeping up with the web site. He and his wife have a little kid and I think still live in Worcester. He's been at the studio every night, which is a strain that's starting to show. Anyway- if you need some part time work? It's a walk from Davis or Porter and they are Good People.
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I have this habit of jamming what feels like 3 days of domestic activity into 1 Sunday. Things done today:
  • minor garden maintenance, majority of basil pulled up
  • pesto made
  • first ever canning experiment attempted (dilly beans). No idea if they're edible yet.
  • first ever fish stew made (should have been chowder but lacked thickness). Result: tasty, especially with chopped cracklings on top
  • greens prepped, salad made, basis of 3 lunches established
  • roasted red peppers
  • baked chicken for lunches
  • assembled and baked peach pie
  • rearranged freezer
  • folded laundry
  • worked on most recent dragon tin
  • kept self company with Buffy then Big Bang Theory. Apparently it's a B sort of day
I feel like I'm missing something, but really, that's enough.

The weekend also included a child's 1st birthday party, a housewarming yesterday, and sadly missing another birthday along the way. [livejournal.com profile] asciikitty  and I sort of road-tripped around all over the place most of the day being ridiculously social. I also (re)met her parents- even had dinner with them! They are remarkably similar to my own parents in many respects. Friday included salvaging photos for [livejournal.com profile] taura_g  (those are done, btw)- and hanging out with her.

Side note re: food. I sincerely hope I get to Journeyman really soon. Listening to other people's experiences there is maddening.
Aug. 15th, 2010 08:16 pm


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In reverse order of happening and significance....
Soon there will be blueberry and peach cobbler. That's almost like pie.
Scott Pilgrim: funny as long as I turn off my Hathor Legacy brain, which isn't even mine, but actually Robin's since she's the one who reads the forums and tells me about it. Anyway- great visuals, funny dialog. Probably would be even funnier if I played video games. Even so, I can put the pieces together. I may well go see it again, even for the little jokes that are everywhere.
[livejournal.com profile] ariesd  memorial in Marblehead. It was at the Unitarian church so there was a certain comfort and familiarity. [livejournal.com profile] ceo  and I agree: church, it smells the same. A bit of mildew and old coffee. Weird but comforting. I still think the EoS/spinning will be the real memorial.
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Tonight there were girls in my kitchen. We made Vietnamese spring rolls (my new favorite hot weather food) and then there was gossip and then we watched dancing with the guys. Yay!
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It has been a weird week not having [livejournal.com profile] purple_terror  around. I've heard that it hasn't rained the whole time, but constantly hot and Texas-like.
Once again, my narrative is such that there's not a whole lot but quick sketches of notable activities that boil down to bullet points, so...

- Friday night is usually when [livejournal.com profile] quiet_elegance  and I go out for dinner, preferably sushi, but on the bike ride home I got it into my head to have a picnic on the green up town, which is exactly what we did. We cleared out the fridge of most of the useful dinner substances and then supplemented from Nourish.

-Much of the actual weekend was spent in the kitchen, it felt like. Now there's a fridge bursting at the seams almost with stuff. I suspect there won't be much more cooking until the weekend again. Between kitchen stuff, I got to have somewhat  brief moments with very small groups of people. Often involving ice cream. The holiday yesterday was spent almost entirely inside. There was bbq brisket, homemade ice cream, local corn, lettuce from my garden, startlingly good sangria (I think it was the lemonade powder that really brought it together) and yet more low-key hanging out.

- I eventually successfully figured out how to get itunes to run remotely to the speakers in the living room, so I was able to hang out in there without actually being drawn into watching TV. The DMH cookbook has been expanded- It's filled with hand-written and printouts in plastic sheets in a 3-ring binder. Inevitably there's stuff smeared on the sheets.  Archivist brain has been considering transcribing into a Google document and organizing the shit out of it. However, the act of pulling apart the original binder and freeing up the double-triple-quadruple stacked leaves, and suddenly I rather like it as it is. The secondary knowledge I pull from the spazzy, chaotic scribbles are important as the recipes themselves. I did try to get things into approximate main course integrated with veg, breakfasts, and the monster section of desserts about right. Everything but the stollen recipes are all visible. Someone decided to collect about a dozen stollen recipes. Someone who lives here and is of Scandahoovian descent. Just saying. Someone currently in Texas (and why aren't you HOME already?! Nobody's clicking poker chips. It's weird.)
Also while listening to a whole lot of classical music in the living room, I actually read while not on a form of public transit, which seems to be the main time for fun reading (well, it is about 2 hours every work day, so that's nothing to sneeze at). I'll have to remember the piping in music to the living room and reading thing. duh. You know, like how I spent pretty much my whole life as a kid. Well, often.

- I was reminded of something while hanging out with only a few people at a time over the past 3 days. That really is the best way to be social for me. I get scattered at parties with a lot of people. If I'm throwing the party, inevitably, I don't actually participate in the fun parts, just the keeping ahead of the curve on keeping food chaos in hand. So, when there were just 3 guests over yesterday, I was still doing food prep some, but then I sat down. Ate. I think I mostly listened, but you know, that's really OK. I got to hear some very interesting things from people I thoroughly care for. So, no fireworks, but s'ok.   I doubt I'll stop having bigger parties, but the next time I'm going to put in several safety measures to try to actually attend my own party.
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- I slept horribly thanks to forgetting to put on the AC or fan before bed. The AC is being... dumb. It didn't actually cool down the room to any noticeable degree til well after midnight.
- I'd like to stop clenching my hands while I sleep. 
? It seems to be a trade-off, as I don't think I'm clenching my teeth so much now.
+ [livejournal.com profile] quiet_elegance  made coffee
+ the bike path was quiet and the temp. quite good for a ride in
+ shuffled playlist gave me the music I needed to get over sleeping fitfully
- forgot a 10am meeting
+ remembered at 10:30 and not too late to go (only 15 min. away)
++++++ FarmerSmarket at Copley! Danish pastry!
+ (many) walking back to the office through the garden/common with yet more really good music
+ sharing one of my doughnuts with a panhander
- not being able to share with the other 3 I saw before I got back to the office
+ very good functioning AC in my office
+ I get to go back outside for lunch in 10 minutes. And eat the Danish pastry! (after my sensible sandwich)
Jun. 14th, 2010 10:29 am

Sushi Poll

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