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OMG, you guys. I'm living in a house that I (co-)own. I admit I'm having some sense of denial and some imposter syndrome, and wondering what MY stuff is doing in Jeanne's house, but whatever. We're getting there. I went out this morning and picked black raspberries before breakfast. I keep re arranging stuff that can't be put away yet. But my bed is in a frame and there are some movable drawers with my clothes in them in my room. I have an office with a door that shuts. It's a box maze, but it's mine. [personal profile] fubar set up the TV and it works! I set up Pandora and hung out in the living room listening to music with [livejournal.com profile] samuraizergling last night. It was so civilized! I got to help new neighbor Anne Michelle rescue her car. She watched The Kid on Sunday for a few hours. It's like... a THING. I chatted with my next door neighbor, who's really nice. It's quiet. So... yeah. I have survived.

Please ping me if you want my new street address. I'm going to be sending out an update email here soon.

Also: Tomorrow the kid has eye surgery. I'm only a bit nervous about that.

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(Still true from last night) - Trying to explain that I can't negotiate One More Thing, not even the conversation of what to watch on TV... I'd rather sit by myself, listen to my music and pack 5 more boxes by myself than talk about anything.
But I can't because I'm at work today. That was not ideal. But. Here we are.
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I'm suffering from the I don't want to move, I like my house and my neighborhood thing. Mind you, I'll like my new house and get used to the new neighborhood. I'm just having a sad.

Or you know, just fully anxious about all the things. Schrodinger's job opportunity is now eating my brain (I will NEVER get this job, the job is already mine)....
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Moving.... Read more... )

Kid.... Read more... )

Work... Read more... )

State of brain... Read more... )

Entertainment... Read more... )TL;DR- Boxen! Kid is fine, but complicated! Still not king! Muddling along! I watch TV! 
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We're moving out of our 2 floors of a 2 fam house in July. If you or someone you know wants a 3 (4?) bedroom house across the street from Hardy Elementary, off street parking, half the basement (but don't expect to use the garage) - 1 1/2 blocks from Capitol Theater/ Mass Ave, 3/4 mi from Alewife, 1 block from bike path. It has real insulation, but not much in the way of closets.

Ping me if you want to talk to my landlord.
Apr. 25th, 2017 10:51 am

Gettin' on

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Meta-- Looking at my read page on Dreamwidth-- starting to look more like it should, properly populated. Yay. That took some time. I let my LJ extension for user pics lapse. Can't bring myself to kill a journal I've had for 15 years. I just don't fully trust all the metadata translates. I keep meaning to maybe upload a few more user pics here, and just haven't had the capacity.

Last week's fun-- was had in Providence. I filtered that down to a narrow read list, so if you didn't read it, sorry? The point is: it was fun and I'm glad I went.  Also, sleep is for the weak.

This week's fun-- For fear of causing ridiculous envy, I may not have said loudly or broadly: I'ma gonna go to see HAMILTON on Friday! Going with [personal profile] ursa_cerulean , [personal profile] rintrahroars , and Robin. I told the kid last night I was going to NYC and he was QUITE UPSET that he was not also going. I said I'd bring him a present, and he started the bargaining process of "So, you're bringing me LEGO, right?" ::laugh:: well played, kid.

Health shenanigans-- eh? As previously mentioned, my body seems to be having an ongoing stress reaction that is mostly while I'm sleeping and presents as can't eat/often hungry/restful sleep is hard. I've seen my doctor a few times, done some blood tests. Tests came back with no indicators. I'm a healthy human according to the blood. Great. I've been on prozac now since mid March, so I feel like I've acclimatized. If I'm having a particularly crappy day/week, all I can do is sleep. And the sleep isn't really restful. The running theory is it's just a stress thing. That my body's been under enough pressure for long enough that it finally started being passive aggressive at me. I'm taking more vitamins and melatonin at bed. I don't feel sick EVERY morning anymore, so progress? I'm not actively freaking out about it. I'm also not able to say I'm actually clear of it. What can you do.

Politics-- I don't talk about it much these days, but I use The65 to give me structure. I call my legislators at the very least on Mondays and if I'm lucky at least Thursday and Friday. I went to the science rally on Saturday, despite shit weather, with the kid. I am phone banking for NEAT (National Equality Action Team) tomorrow, which I've done one other time. It hits hard on my anxiety to phone bank, but doing it a few times a year seems like a thing I can do for the greater good. I feel like it's never enough. I need to remember it's cumulative and I can't be ON every second of the day. I keep getting email from the ACLU for volunteering opportunities. I'm sure at some point something will align as it comes back around on the gui-tar.

House-- uh. Yeah, eh? We're not moving til July. Work on the Newton abode continues, slowly but surely. At some point I may start gathering boxes and putting non-essential stuff in them. (I need to actually get the Newton school registration thing going... I'm avoidy).

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Well, it would appear I am a home-owner. We actually did that a week+ ago, but I've been not chatty. It doesn't feel real since we aren't actually changing houses til July and haven't started the whole packing bit yet.

I've sorted out kid-care for the summer and continuing to call people who've yet to call back on the logistics. But the neighbor lady has a daycare so, no extra logistics to get the kid to/from every day. [personal profile] ursa_cerulean  and her mom are gonna take the kid 2x a week, so that'll take some pressure off. I also can send the kid to the current after school care for a week of summer camp for the interstitial. My mom also wants to take them for a week, too.

We're waiting for school testing, too, and a final/official designation for repeating kindergarten. It's been a struggle this year, but with such a late summer birthday, it was always a risk. School has been very helpful and supportive. It's just not having all this lined up for signing up for new school stuff is stressy.

In the meantime, my stress situation has been an ongoing state of not-great to downright awful. I detailed it all a few weeks ago. Not a ton has changed beyond being given a higher dose of prozac (now 20 mg). It feels so much like a feedback loop that's primarily physical. If I could just breathe normally when I sleep, if I could get my body to relax, then I could eat like a normal human and not feel constantly on the verge of falling apart.

*meta- I can't bring myself to nuke my LJ from orbit, but note I am originating over here in DW. So be it. ::sigh::
**meta-meta: I always feel like I should have more to say, but when it comes to it, I lose my steam. I guess something's better than nothing.
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Here's my office space at work-
Suite202_201402 (2)
See how it's NOT against the wall with Han Solo and my mom's painting? Yeah! Me too. I didn't want to publicize the entire office space because that's where three other people spend their day, you know? The truly curious may need to visit me at lunch sometime.

This is what my desk at home looked like until sometime this morning:
JessDeskBefore2014 (1)

and this is how it looks now:
JessDeskAfter2014 (2)
There's a plan to get a stack of drawers and put them on casters, and it'll live to the right of my desk. I'm also planning on finding more rigid side canvas boxes like the one on the top shelf here for stuff that doesn't fit in drawers. Considering I have NO drawer real estate except for the movable card catalog drawers currently not showing, (there's a metal bit that sticks out and will mar the pretty new finish, you see... also hideous overall compared to the beauty that is now before us.) This is remarkably not-cluttered.

Did I mention lately that [livejournal.com profile] quiet_elegance is a rock star? Because he is. 
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It looks like there's a lovely up-tick in LJ, so for those who've not necessarily been around much lately- what's up? Let's see...


omg, we spent half a year moving... )The summary is: We finally have a great house that I hope we can stay in for a long time and it includes [livejournal.com profile] asciikitty living there, too, which is entirely lovely.


He goes to school! He learns new things! )


I do a lot of art right now )


Not bored, even rounding the corner to 14 years here )

OK. I thought this was going to be a short summary and then I started rambling, so content cuts, I thank you for containing the ramble. I may hit a few more topics later.

EDIT: Actual executive summary since I fail at short-
House- I haz one and don't want to move again for a long time. It actually has room for its 4 adults and 1 kid.
Kid- I haz one. He remains stunning and challenging
Art- Yes, have some. I learned to spin yarn and I'm back to my obsession with polymer clay + tins
Work- going quite well, actually.

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D inna Box

Well, this is happening a lot. Because sooo much unpacking! It's going very well. We have gotten to the point where cooking can actually happen.

Many pictures behind the cut )
More inside pics as I can. It's still pretty rough around the edges.
I'm headed to Ohio with the boy on Thursday and will be gone for a week. I've unpacked enough that I don't expect much more sorting to happen between now and ... whenever. 
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And it's amazing! ... And a war zone right now.
I don't know why the very nice men who did all the moving for us brought us those extra boxes, though. I know we didn't have this much stuff before. Quite certain.

I will take pictures soon. [livejournal.com profile] asciikitty found my office box that has my camera in, so I will do that soon. Well, maybe not immediately. Maybe I'll wait til a few more things are put away. I'm glad to be at work so I can sit and rest and not unpack a box. But, half the kitchen's already done. Partially to get it out of the way, partially because it's the easiest (IMO) and will provide a sense of satisfaction when complete.  Baby gates and locks for the cabinets MUST happen today, though. OMG. The child knows how to open doors now. That happened in the week+ since we moved out of the old house. 
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This week's FAQ....
Q- Are you moved into the new house yet?
A- No.

... and so on...  )

So that's what's up. Feel free to ask missed questions, preferably on this topic, and I'll answer in comments.

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It was a *bit* of a slow start today. I don't think we really got rolling until 11ish. We had Eamon helping [livejournal.com profile] fubar and [livejournal.com profile] quiet_elegance who kept filling both vehicles with STUFF and taking it to the storage unit. [livejournal.com profile] asciikitty cleaned ALL the things and I de-fragmented the hard drive... first floor. I spent hours walking around in circles, putting like-things together, throwing things away, taking out trash over and over and over. Our neighbors were angels and took our deceased compact florescent bulbs to recycle, our compost and potting soil, a bag of partially used packing tape (so gratuitous), and at least a few other things. I think we both feel we got good deals out of this.
[livejournal.com profile] sweetmmeblue swooped in at the 11th hour to help with cleaning, as did[livejournal.com profile] docorion and[livejournal.com profile] missdimple. Also, [livejournal.com profile] rintrahroars kindly helped out by taking a stack of things I don't want buried too deeply in a storage unit (like the cast iron and a few pots and a box of very carefully packed arts and hats... arts and hats. Fun to say. Anyway- As always, the tribe saves our sorry butts. We've done more in 3 days than is right or healthy. That whole 2 week overlap? Next time can't be optional. (Not that we planned for it to be so close)
The Kid went with one of his favorite people and his favorite dog for the whole day and for the last two days has stayed up til 8:30 (instead of the usual 7). He also now can say "Lucy" (the dog's name), French Fry (feh fie), and has in general been exceptionally even-tempered though out this.
The Unicorn will hopefully be inspected on Tuesday and it'll hopefully be the end of that. In the meantime, we're in an extended stay hotel. Then let the unpacking begin. I fear. It's going to be... ::shiver:: months before that's properly done.
Oh, and I met my soon to be ex landlord for the first time today. Happily he was chipper and generally easy-going. I will simply say, he's not what I expected. I will elaborate if anyone wishes to know next time I see them in person.

My favorite bit about this weekend, aside from it marking the end of an exceptionally drawn out process, is that we got through all that and we still all like each other!
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Just in case you weren't paying attention to that bit...

We got our leases last night. I'm not entirely certain what is happening, if we get to put stuff in a house. I'm almost entirely certain we don't get to sleep there tonight. Or tomorrow night. Maybe Monday.

You'd think I'd be more upset right now, but the act of emptying and cleaning this current house is big enough I'm not capable of worrying about the next part. I've also used up a lot of my give-a-fuck and worry on thinking about how pear-shaped this could go. So, the fact it is now a fruit of that flavor, well, not ideal. I'd prefer an ice cream sundae, thankyouverymuch... 
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Moving day is now, technically, less than a week away. [livejournal.com profile] fubar started the painting processdetails... ugh.  )
So, while I was not fond of doing the prep and priming, at least I got to actively contribute to fixing up the house this evening.

File under don't ask don't get...
IF anyone in the peanut gallery wants to help in this move process, but lacks the time or interest in manual labor in the middle of a heat wave: feel free to help me recover with one or more of the following:Non-exhaustive list... )

We are really making progress. One of the two pods is full, the painting may well get done tomorrow, or damn close, a remarkable amount of stuff is packed away and we have 6 more days to do the rest. The kitchen cabinets are mostly all in, QE gets a helper tomorrow (he's been mostly doing his stuff solo), we are getting a new washer/dryer delivered on Friday, the other appliances are ordered, and I have babysitting help for next weekend!

ETA: And I took apart my monster of a box of a wardrobe from Ikea that doesn't fit through the door in one piece. I got a bit of help with the door removal, but I did the rest myself. ::proud::

Jun. 5th, 2013 03:07 pm


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Back in the middle of May I gave an unsatisfactory update on the house thing. That was only a week after we discovered the Unicorn. It's been a long month. I even wrote up a story about things as they had progressed to date, but I started writing that only three days after the last post, and therefore is missing about 3 weeks of information.

So, we know where we are moving, but we don't know when and we aren't sure when the construction will be done. It sounds bad when I say it that way, but [livejournal.com profile] quiet_elegance has been pitching in since last Saturday, and is ostensibly acting as foreman on the project, particularly since the owner is working out in NY on a job, only coming home on weekends. Because of that, we have all the latest information and we can see that progress is happening essentially every day. The owner is also pretty responsive to communication, which was not true in the early weeks when there was still some question on whether or not they wanted us as tenants. As soon as he made up his mind, the pathway became pretty clear. I am not sure what is required to get a occupancy permit, but that's the real obstacle to us signing a lease right now. There's also some familial drama on their side, which will hopefully be ironed out by the time the permit is in hand.

What I do know is that this house is going to be spectacular. It's going to be done and done right. Aside from wishing for maybe one more room, there is no sacrifice in this house for anyone moving in. I will share more once we have more actual concrete information, like "we move on July 5th."  For what it's worth, I believe it will be fine and that it will come together before our lease runs out on July 15.

Oh- and QE started work, finally, yesterday. Finally. Oh, that liminal state: between paychecks, between houses. At least the kid loves school, and this house means he can continue attending there for as long as we are in this new house, and/or until kindergarten starts. At least 2 of 4 of us are solid in our job and not needing to find our footing. I'd throw myself into packing, except I've rather packed almost everything I can for now. I think I'm ready for some help there- to get me motivated.

Soon. It'll sort out soon,.
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If you can ever get a John Scalzi book read by Wil Wheaton, do no hesitate. So far I've had Redshirts and now Agent to the Stars presented thusly. I was incapable of consuming any other story til this one was gone. Now I'm sad that I don't have more. But I also haven't gone to look for more yet. Thanks, guys. I have really needed some engrossing fiction and together you have given me just that.

(Still not king. In fact, I think my kingdom was a lie. Looking for new lands to conquer.)
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I forgot I updated last Wednesday.
Still waiting to hear about the Unicorn.
Not been told anything that resembles no.
Been given several indications that the answer is "yes" but we lack hearing the word, "Yes" along with an acceptable move date and confirmation of monthly rent.
We looked at a house in Watertown on Saturday that had not a thing wrong with it, met all of our needs entirely, and we don't want it. Given the hoops the owner wanted us to jump to apply? No. We are getting rid of one power tripping landlord, we don't need to get another.
I have to inform aforementioned powertripper that we are officially leaving. I'd like to include where/when in that for official purposes.
Anxiety-based insomnia is ... zzzzzz.

I'd like the focus to talk about other things, like how much the Crime Fighter has grown lately. Or about books, particularly Rebeka Cooper, Terrier. Or the drop spindles I've been gifted in the last month and the yarn I've been making as a result. Or that Dancing comes back tomorrow! Or queries  about if anyone wants [random stuff] that don't have to come to the new house. Or even Mother's Day. Ummm... Maybe later. 
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I wrote to our landlord on April 30 informing him we were leaving and would he consider extending our lease to month to month since we'd been thus far failing to find anything for the last 2 months. I prompted him over the weekend to see if he'd gotten the note. He said he'd consider it. Last night he came back with the answer of no. We can either renew our lease, or leave as planned on June 14. I'd gamed this out for a long time, so I was disappointed, but not surprised. I paid my anxiety tax in advance and now I'm just ready to get. shit. done.

Since finding out:

  • We viewed a house that smelled like wet smoked dog in W Medford, that had a top floor only fit for hobbitses.

  • Determined yes, get a pod. Hopefully that will be delivered / picked up by tomorrow.

  • Filled 5 boxes of DVDs.

  • Plans to start repainting this weekend.

  • Heard from agent about Dream House of Unicorns: credit checks done. Hoping the owner will have time to do the next step today.

From here on out between now and June 14:

  • Just about all social engagements for the next month are default "no" for now. Unless social is to come over to our house and help us pack a box. Or paint a wall.

  • Yes, we will take more boxes.

  • If anyone has been aching to entertain a busy toddler for a few hours, particularly Saturday/Sunday afternoons or Sunday mornings, YES PLEASE, come take him to the park while the adults do the above-mentioned.

The kid starts school in a week and a day. I foresee taking a few days off after that to GET IT DONE while he's in school. 


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