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So, MIL has been off our radar for a while because she's been pretty wretched towards her progeny in the whole transition/trans thing. And then she asked Jaime for money "so she doesn't lose the house" (Uh, we don't have that kind of money). But Monday was Jaime's chosen birthday and MIL texted her, which is what I thought a step in the right direction. Except the content was so passive-aggressive that it almost doesn't count.  In the text, MIL said that she loved Jaime and always would and that was something that Jaime "couldn't run away from." ... I didn't quite understand why that overblown language was used. I just read it at face value and said "hey, cool. text, unprompted on an important day and sent love. I call that a win."
MIL apparently earlier made reference that she believed that this "trans thing" was Jaime's way of running away from problems/reality. ... ... ...




no. Ohhhhh lady. No. So much... NO. Also? WTF. And no. Once more? With feeling? NO.

Ahem. So, that. I think we'll not be having a visit with her anytime soon.

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I'm having a hard day (again). Yesterday was hard, too.
Now I'm staring at the screen and don't know what to say, that whatever I say will be dumb.

I am trying to remind myself that this transition thing is not a linear progression. There's backtracking all the time, and I feel like I'm in a backtrack spot.  Nothing helped by a double-dose of PMS and a heaping blanket of "I hate February, because it's cold and gray."

But. We have a visitor this weekend, Tom from the UK. He's one of our favorite people and he's staying at our house and hanging out, drinking tea, and telling ridiculous stories. It's good.

Anyway. note to self: it'll be OK. You'll feel better soon. Treat yourself more kindly. DEPRESSION LIES.


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