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posting from dreamwidth seeing if it posts in LJ

EDIT! It works!!
OK, folks- ya'll need to get on adding me in your permission levels, because I have access to about 3 of you at the moment.
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Jeeeezus, guys. I take a break from the internet for ONE weekend, and ya'll start writing a ton! Meaning, I'll chip away at my lovely backlog, but if you said something you super-want me to see in the next day or two, you might want to slip me a pointer in an email.
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I may regret this later, but I ended up killing off several under-used user pics.
That is all.
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20121004: Crime Fighter and trusty sidekick

Grandpa [livejournal.com profile] aint_it_hard sent a picture from his visit a few weeks ago. Mr. D. with his favorite pup (who is still nameless)
And I'd been waiting to make a fresh icon featuring our crime fighter that's not from last year. 
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Anything you still can’t cope with is therefore your own problem.

Verizon escalated our ticket, we have internet again, praise be.
I'll see about that 4 day backlog of social media... well, OK, not really. Expurgated, yes. So, if you think I should know something, let me know.   
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The cobbler's children have no shoes and the archivist's files have no backup.

What system do you use to backup your computer files? I have the expectation to back up both mine and QE's. We both have a fair bit of music, he has videos, I have photos, and only a handfull of text-y documents.

Wex suggested Mozy.
QE wondered about Carbonite.

What say the peanut gallery?
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[meta note]: OK- going off the opt-in filter for a moment. Cuts will be used to hide nattering about shopping n' stuff.

Today was the first day someone identified my state without being told. It was someone I know, at least. I think I may have hit the tipping point. Also, I realize I'd not posted any pictures to date and I don't see some of you very often.

So, here, at 21 1/2 weeks (aka, almost 5 months along):

4 months, 3 weeks (ish)
This also gives my mum a chance to see the new clothes she sent this week. She keeps doing this shopping thing for me, for which I heartily approve.

Matters of shopping- necessary evil )

Matters of health- all's well )

Matters of house- We had a nasty dry spell with no new listings for almost 2 weeks, then things picked up over the weekend. I also got a lead from one of my commuter friends who knows someone (with a small kid, even) who is leaving their rental on Lake St in Arlington (my ideal neighborhood). I would really like to sign paper work by the end of the month, thanks. Fingers crossed.
ETA: BTW- our neighbors (the ones with the dog, not the ones with the million cats) are moving! Augh! I have this fun fantasy, a total pipe dream of them saying that they'd love to be landlords, that we should move in, that they'd confirm the water levels in the basement are wholly controlled by their excellent sump pump. Not only will they arrange for a 2 car garage with attic storage to be built to q_e's specs, but they'll leave their fantastic appliances in the kitchen. Also, they'll support us finishing the attic to be more useful.
Great dream. Not going to happen. I did get to check out the house top to bottom at the open house yesterday.

Matters of work- We're still putting the word out for my junior associate. I have acquired a replacement for the student position, though. One of our best volunteers of all time is joining the program this fall. She is an absolute darling of a young lady who is universally adored by the staff here. She will pick up where my current-soon-to-be-graduating assistant left off. Having that decided is a huge relief

[livejournal.com profile] quiet_elegance  is starting his second week of work in Needham. It's dusty and dealing with drywall and insulation, but it's good work and that's one less thing to be worried about. He even gets paid this Thursday, a real paycheck, zomg!

Matters of LJ meta- They finally figured out how to make rich text come back for updates. It's the little things sometimes. Happy.
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I've created a basic account in Dreamwidth- It's been sort of a crap week for things here- so, just covering my bases so I don't lose too much traction if something goes horribly wrong. Also, downloaded LJ Archive and did a quick download for LJ Book for the past few months.

I don't expect to switch to DW as my default. I'm used to this interface, however, I'll start gathering connections yonder... again: just in case. I'm just glad my handle wasn't taken there :)
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OK- regarding previous query re: rich vs. not rich entry options. Seems to be an issue with Firefox. Using Chrome now and I have the Rich Text tab back. Feh. 
While I was fiddling with wtf was going on, I lost access to my old view option, Dystopia. I really liked Distopia, and once I clicked off it to see if that was the problem, it was removed from my options. I object.

Anyway- At least Chrome works for my more fine-tune posts. (Yes I could do HTML, but .....ech. That's work that takes the fun out of posting)

I managed to do reasonably well at the conference. I now have the self-mandated task of revising our disaster plan. We have one that's ... ish/ok, but I think we can do better. Particularly since COSTEP exists now, which it didn't last time I revised. It fits in with the rewrite for the policy & procedure manual anyway. I also helped review resumes for those who needed it (mostly students). As usual, some are good, some are hopeless. I'm extra interested since we'll be hiring mini-me sometime next month. 

One of the books for this next club read/discuss is the first Maisie Dobbs. Apparently the first time (and last) I read it, I was in Cancun. That was a bit of bittersweet realizing that. I'd really love to be on a beach, but that sort of place is a bit more interesting when you can drink the froofy drinks. Also, I still don't have a servicable suit. Something to fix soon. Just not today. If I don't find a reasonable one at TJ Maxx, I will look for a set of men's trunks... OK, maybe I will go today. (hrmph)
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OK. Has anyone else noticed they have lost their Rich Text Tab for writing journal entries? I noticed this yesterday during the midst of the hacker issues and it's not come back. It's like it doesn't exist, and I'm a rich text girl in this context.

Since I'm here- we went to look at houses tonight. None were a fit, but we finally met Carole the Agent in person and continue to like her vibe (Thank you, Monkeys).
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It's been a great and busy day at work. I got to have lunch with [livejournal.com profile] lifecollage , a significant bonus, and I'm about to head off to Logan to have dinner and wait to board a plane.

Note re: food/fetus:
cut for those who are otherwise interested )

Reminder re: baby posts. I am sticking 99% of all info in the opt-in Sprog filter. If you didn't notice that there was one of those things, you were procrastinating and/or you changed your mind, the poll to request in is here. Or if I spaced and didn't add you when you thought I would. Paternal parental figures who read sans-user log in can see those locked posts via Maternal parental figure's user log in, for she was added automatically to the filter. Or when I get back I'll walk said person through the hoops that is LJ user name creation.

I expect I will have some access to internet when I'm there, just not like usual- of course. Bye!

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Ahhh hah! I have a plan for my Halloween costume this year. One that requires almost no prep work:

Priscilla Page.

One of the Page sisters from the Jack of Fables graphic novels.  The other sisters are Hilary and Robin.

Exposition: the Page sisters, along with Mr. Revise are evil librarians who are the bad guys in the Jack stories. At least from Jack's perspective. For those of you not indoctrinated into the ways of Information Science, one of the commonly used terms for a librarian (usually the kind that shelve books) is page. Meta humor!


Not unrelated: I acquired 2 new sets of glasses today. Pictures of them to be done when I haven't done as much hauling and walking in the narsty, humid air.

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I have to buy my Ani ticket today.  Thank you, remember the milk.
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[livejournal.com profile] spinrabbit  being the most excellent creature that she is, just pointed to this Cafe Press store front. Sign me up. I've now populated every blog space I am responsible for/use with this, that's how much I love it.

We do remember the Post It note scandal of aught-eight? OK, I thought so.
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OK. I've been using PBWorks for our work wiki. They incorporated folders to organize the various stuff, except that you can't nest the folders. It's just one level. Well, I need to be able to go a bit deeper than that. At least this is what I've told our treasurer we can do. It doesn't appear that Wikispaces have any foldering option.

Anyone out there have a pointer to a wiki that can?

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Look! [livejournal.com profile] badlittlemonkey  made me a new icon. Further provenance: [livejournal.com profile] primal_pastry  braided my hair at [livejournal.com profile] mzkero 's a few weeks ago and blm was kind enough to document for me.

Ok, and now the general and painfully obvious statement: I'm a word snob. I consider this to be a positive quality, but it does make for some rankling these days. I will abuse the language a bit with various lol-cat or text abbreviations, but it's almost always for humor's sake/with irony. The thing is, I think just about everyone who bothers to read this doesn't do this, but--- for the love of all the gods! If you want to make a good first impression, please use proper grammar and spelling. Even if it's just a new potential friend. Nothing turns me off faster than a casual "ur."
OK? OK. They tell me deep breaths help right about now.
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So, my big present (thus far) for Christmas this year is a new laptop, which means (since I'm still in PC land) that I'm adapting to Win7. I've only been at it for a while, but my grand successes thus far include: turning off the Windows Explorer clicky noises, which I loathe and getting the taskbar icons to  have text. Not having text makes me feel, "what, am I illiterate?!" So, that's good. Now to the Firefox adaptation- add ons back to where they should be and all that. Next, Pidgin installation, and all the while, get the music over here. And pictures. And Audible permissions.

I'm not a gracious beginner at most things. I think it has a lot to do with feeling incompetant and why does it have to be so effing different?! But the little successes help a great deal.
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First off- it's quite nice to be able to catch up on the internets while still in bed. My laptop lives in the kitchen 99.9% of the time, and when I woke up it was that half an hour in the morning that is unpleasantly bright. Bed is warmer and more tolerable. Apparently I hadn't read LJ since Friday night, but still a manageable number of posts to get through. :) This is not a repeatable task in Facebook in which there will be some half-hearted skimming.

[livejournal.com profile] quiet_elegance has been in Las Vegas for a union conference-y thing since Thursday. He doesn't do a lot of travel and even less on his own. I think the last trip he did solo was when his grandmother died and I couldn't go to the funeral. I, being a creature of habit and patterns, am not used to this sensation of him being gone. I am usually the one gone. It's very different. Next time, I'll make sure he packs the phone charger, as not getting to have a sedate conversation with him has been heightening the weird. Yesterday was technically his birthday. Not that he celebrates it in December any more - as I may have mentioned in previous years. He chooses to do so in June when it's grilling season and his nearest and dearest can manage better an actual birthday present that's not lumped or diminished by Christmas. He picked this trick up from my Dad who just hated December that much the year he turned 39. So, he was 39 for 3 months.

I got to hang with [livejournal.com profile] evila and [livejournal.com profile] shut_it_already yesterday evening. I'm doing some custom work for Mz. SIA, so she pointed to beads at Michael's. I ended up spending 3/4 of my meagre Christmas bonus. But, I have the prospect of several sales in the next 2 weeks. I got caught up in the fantastic options they have in "forged" and "natural" metal findings that I want to use for steam punk projects. I got a hideously designed cameo that I can use as the base of another mold for more elegant and steampunky works. Hee! Still no luck getting size 0 circular needles, though. I have to go to a knit-specific shop for that, but I am lazy. It can wait.
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Do you think I should have your contact info and think I don't? Have you moved in the past 2 years (you Mosaic people, ferinstance)?
If you fit these parameters, please email me with-
preferred email
preferred phone
mailing address
if you share a house w/ someone not immediately apparent, that's useful to know, too.

to ljusername at gmail dot com. Danke!
Nov. 29th, 2009 10:22 am


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So, I signed up for Wave (thanks docorion) - but did so via my professional gmail account since that will make work-use less weird, so if you want to add me to your contacts or whatever, it's FULLfirstname dot lastname at gmail.

Also- I now have 8 invites if anyone wants.


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