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I’ve been giving a LOT of money away lately. At least by my standards. Of course there are more opportunities and need for me to participate further. A list of stuff I've already given money to in the last 1 week to six months:

  • floating friend's visit to Boston (not all covered by my own fundraiser for this purpose)

  • friends with cancer

  • random strangers/kids with cancer who are friends of friends

  • friends in the hospital

  • Syrian refugees

  • Ongoing (small) monthly donations to Planned Parenthood and some Patreon stuff for favorite Youtubers.

Things I have been thinking about that could use more help:

  • Friends whose house burned down

  • Nerdfighter efforts for Syrian kids

  • friend of friend whose currently homeless.

Nope, can’t do it. Can’t give anymore right now. I think I need to start planning X amount a month and just have a list. If something comes in after I've spent that month's allotment, it goes on the list. Chances are better than zero I can wait 3 weeks or so to give to something.

I need to remember at least I can give. I've worked very hard to minimize my outstanding debt. I can give some. I just need to not let my impulses return me to a ridiculously indebted state. ::mutter mutter bleeding heart libreral mutter mutter::
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Things that are great:

  • Tax refund, and not even all of it!

  • Paying bills all and early because of cash infusion.

  • Being excited to be able to do that bill paying without anxiety.

  • Spreading the wealth to [livejournal.com profile] quiet_elegance a bit.

  • New sneakers, courtesy of [livejournal.com profile] aint_it_hard in honor of my birthday, which are totally black (Asics). No neon. (This is my third time around with this style/brand. Nobody else seems to get the concept of all black sneakers)

  • Being able to leave my old shoes behind at City Sport, as they apparently recycle or donate them.

  • Fancy coffee drinks normally not purchased, but I'm rich today.

  • Free lunch, courtesy of work. Tasty bbq chicken. Good thing I like it, as there's still a lot of left over. They brought us a bucket of butter. Butter pats, actually. Bucket of Butter is my Paula Dean cover band. I don't even care that she doesn't have a band. If ever she did, she has a ready-made cover band waiting.

I did mention the coffee right? Yep! 
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"We don’t have to wait for some grand utopian future. The future is an infinite succession of presents, and to live now as we think human beings should live, in defiance of all that is bad around us, is itself a marvelous victory"
-Howard Zinn via my father, [livejournal.com profile] aint_it_hard

Dad's post earlier today in G+ encapsulates my generic sense of hopefulness today and this gut reaction over the past many weeks and months of having more challenge than I'm remotely comfortable living with. You have to have hope, you just do. And today I have a bit more than I did yesterday, so that alone is a victory.

- water heater being dumb, landlord still in Ireland, so really not the same timezone
+ guy coming this afternoon to hopefully fix it, 
+/- [livejournal.com profile] purple_terror's got the latest crud, but he'll be home for sure to let this guy in.
+/- it meant a very modified bathing experience this morning, but I do not feel the worse for wear on that point.
- [livejournal.com profile] mzkero's youngest has croup and so Crime Fighter will be visiting with other people for the rest of the week.
+ my reaction to this change in scheduling was primarily epic sympathy for having a sick kid. I've already sorted CF's daytime schedule. 
+ I actually got some rest last night. Sudafed is doing the trick on the congestion, which is good. I am limited in what drugs are reasonable to take. I just have to be coherent enough to redose in the middle of the night. 
- Crime Fighter's nose is officially runny now. Poor little dude. It means awful suctioning things will have to happen later. 
- My hearing is rather impaired today, due to congestion. No pain, just pressure, warped sounds, and everything is way too loud. Yuck. 
+ Despite the head colds all 'round, I'm ramping up my efforts to convince the baby not to eat every time he wakes up in the night. Last night's efforts involved a preemptive feeding at 10 and a non-feeding snuggle at 12. By 2, he was not having such tricks, though. I think that's a bit better.
+ It's payday. It's not my month to pay rent, QE's planning on contributing to the general bills fund Thursday, and the Grandfather Charitable Trust proactively sent some funds to be stowed into the baby's account and mine. When you add all that up, the hindbrain stops gibbering for a few days. 
++this just in, my boss proactively said I only have to count Friday as a half vacation day, because I am going to a professional group board meeting, but then I'm doing Arisia stuff. I thought it was easier to mark it a whole day as "V", but yay! Now it's half! These things add up. And sometimes it's these little things. 
+ Reading. I mentioned it earlier, but really. It's a good book. 
+ The general positive uptick in my head means that the con this weekend doesn't feel like a monumental burden. I'm going to spend some of the time with Crime Fighter with me, and some without. I came close to ditching out on half of the weekend entirely because it seemed to stressful and I was feeling really crappy. However, the stubborn part of my brain kept saying, no. I should do this. I need to go do adult things for a few hours. Remind myself I'm capable of such things. Maybe I'll bring my paints with me (since I'm not knitting right now). 

Just Keep Swimming
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It's almost the end of a very social mini vacation. I've been lucky enough to spend time with a lot of different people, been fed, foisted pie on them, and even gotten to help take some of their leftovers away (What's eternity? 2 people and a turkey). Last night's venture out was a bit rough for the boy, who forgot what naps were yesterday- only slept for about 20 minutes at a time if we were  lucky, and then lost his sense of calm around 6 or 7. 

Incidentally, the mail brought me all the medical bills ever: everything from Crime Fighter's birth up to my last visit to the doctor: multiple months, multiple people, but same day. My favorite was the one for the C-Section. Due on December 4, making that Net-7, technically. There will be phone calls tomorrow about that. I have rent to pay, dontchaknow. The rest of the bills are at least ones I can pay this month. 

At any rate, the embarrassment of social riches and the frustration of no material riches (ok, that was a bit of a tortured metaphor) means I need a day or two to chill, do less, gird my wallet for the upcoming onslaught. Many apologies for needing to duck out of otherwise lovely notions of social.
Sep. 9th, 2011 11:33 pm

Cabin Fever

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Hi, new mom here.
I'm feeling sort of raw and figuring my shit out still.

Things I need to figure out how to do-

Not have more than about 1 visitor/day. I get worn out really easily. My ideal visiting times are between 10:30a-2p--- Really a tough window. That window because [livejournal.com profile] quiet_elegance is working 5:30a-2p, comes home at 2:30 and is exhausted, dirty and starved.  Oh, he came home with a broken toe today. Stupid fucking drywall. Nothing to be done for it, but his pain levels really didn't need this on top of everything else.
Given QE's schedule, I'm on duty 80-90% of the time, mostly because I'm the food source and introducing bottles at this stage is not ideal for Crime Fighter. We'll have to find a better equilibrium eventually, but in the meantime, I'm the go-to, particularly for the night shift.  I'm feeling trapped but my hind-brain is in charge, so can't let the cub out of my sight without it being a serious stress for more than an hour or so (hi, feeding times?) - I realize I have to get used to it, but it seems damn early yet.

No really, discharge papers say: don't drive. I proved that to be true this evening when riding in the back of the mini van brought me to tears from the pot holes. Clearly driving is a shitty idea... but in 2 weeks? Maybe not.

In a few weeks, I'm going to have to start thinking about who'll be watching Crime Figther come November. I can't think about this yet. It's too early. QE's work schedule is the factor still. He's back to work this week after 2 weeks off and he starts teaching union classes next week (M and Thu nights) - both good things and means we can start banking it. The "paternity leave" weeks will be paid... in a month thanks to the delays in unemployment.

In the meantime, my days feel the same: long and then gone and here I am, in the middle of the night and on my own with this child. It's boot camp, I suppose. I feel like I'm doing well enough, but it's tough being sequestered on the first floor, out of my bed and away from my husband for the 3rd week now and until I can carry the child up and down the stairs without being so aware of my incision, I remain here. ... mind you, I've got a routine down here. I will have to figure everything out all over again when I shift upstairs.

OK. At least now I'm sort of tired. Maybe I can fall asleep now that much of that is out of my head.
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We got word our old Subaru finally sold at auction... for less than 500 bucks. I have to wonder if maybe they had to pay someone to take it. We will be able to claim 500 on our taxes next year. I'm glad I didn't have to try to sell it. I'm glad we got rid of it before it fell apart under the weight of itself and the broken on it. This season has included [livejournal.com profile] quiet_elegance  spending a great deal of time with some local mechanics and he's done a raft of favors for them, so I doubt the current beastie (still unnamed) will take a similar path. Hopefully will also avoid smash-ups on rt 2.
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The sun was out
The nest-egg got deposited in the bank
I interviewed two great interns for the on-going group project
I helped [livejournal.com profile] minkrose  decant more boxes, which felt very useful to me and to her.
[livejournal.com profile] aroraborealis  hosted (is hosting) what turned out to be a great community interaction- sure, some trolls but overall  serious effort made to make efforts at conscientious conversation. <3
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Work had been dealing with some serious retro-internet service. 1994 style. It was horrible. At least back then, it was normal and most of the internet was not part of one's job. So today, it's BACK. Hah!

Theoretically I'm going to Worcester tomorrow morning for a meeting. If the snow doesn't scare the decision-makers away. I'd been trying to organize a ride what with me not having a car and there's no easy way to deal with that train thing. I either show up an hour+ early or half an hour late, and there's no way to get from station to meeting. Not good! However, we have this mini van and q_e will have the plow truck. Smart! I also have plans to have other transport if we are delayed by a week.

Because of this meeting, I was a good and righteous gym-goer (for once) and got up today to make up for the loss of it tomorrow. I've been not very attentive to the gym for about 2 months now and I can feel it. Related: I did get a 10 class prepay for yoga (and paid in to use their mats as I can't be arsed to carry around one more awkward object every time I go). I really like Julia's style, so I default to Wednesday. I can't do some stuff, but it's a good thing to do.

ETA: Also, it looks like my concern re: expiring ATM card was for naught. I actually do have a few more weeks, not one. Yay!!

My weekend looks quiet. This is good. I keep needing to be in bed by 9:30.
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Ohio Governor Proposes Halving State Support; Many Libraries Could Close :

Library aid would be cut by $227 million over two years 
In the meantime,  [livejournal.com profile] lifecollage  was just relating how the librarians at the main branch of the BPL (Copley) spent their day off last week on Bunker Hill Day: quoth she: "30 people (eta: SENIOR MANAGEMENT) shelved 70 carts in 8 hours" because apparently having shelvers is not so critical. This was before the cuts started being implemented and they went from 1/2 to 3/4 gone.

Did I mention how much I'm keen on my job? Yeah. It's really good. Even if I have to deal with moldy books right now.

So- Ohio people- spare 5 min. and ping the ones trying to hamstring you? ... 'k. Thanks.

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I think that might have been my first ever self help book.
Talk about repetitious. Anyway- I did pick up some useful stuff.
To recap:
There you have it.
Now if you'll excuse me, I have a fun book to read, I'm sure. Perhaps a dozen. :)
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Money managing project is on pause while my brain adjusts to new info. It's neat, but I'm not keen on being obsessive. It gets boring fast. I am pleased with what I have thought of so far and feel rather empowered, so generally a win

Motorcycle project - not entirely certain what comes next, but it's also moving in the right direction. Need to hear back from a few camps at the very least. My goal is to have things sorted, if not wholly done, by Sept/Oct.

I spent the whole day in a seminar on basic skills for supervisors. So, if I didn't have enough from the first two points, now I have work-based logistical things to stuff into an over-stuffed brain. Really cool/useful bits, though. Yay! Now let's see if others at work will find it helpful (like my boss). All day seminars tire me out something fierce, so ...

When I came home to discover that the car that's under my care (caulay's) had one less side view mirror thanks to irresponsible motorist passing by. Oy. It's not quite on par with having to take someone else's kid to the emergency room, but it resembles quite a bit. "Hi, your child flung herself off the jungle gym while she was at school and I was not there to caution or save her. She's alive, but has stitches." Something like that. (eta) But, between this and the seminar: I've not had time to really read LJ today. I mostly was lookin' at pictures and reading headlines. y'all write a lot. Ironic that I'm adding to it. Oh well. If one of you has written something you expected me to comment upon or read or whatever, you'd best tell me directly.

Back to the plus side: I'm going on my honeymoon! 10 years and 1 day after the fact. Secrets Silversands Beach Riviera Mayan in Cancun- a full week in November. I'm satisfied and really looking forward to what feels like my first grown-up vacation. Thank you to all who chipped in some thoughts on my options. I'm happy with the package I was offered. It seemed reasonable to me, and my litmus test of [personal profile] buxom_bey's reaction helped secure that feeling.

Speaking of vacations, in case I'd not said so out loud in LJ land: I'm going to Dragon*Con! My first time- going w. my household and Robin. We're starting to get pretty stoked now that we're less than a month away.
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Ok. First: Why did I ask if I knew folks in RI? Well, here's the deal. It has to do with an orphaned motorcycle. Cut because I care...

Money management project....

I guess the book is already working. I'm feeling in charge of my life. Yay!
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OK. So, who doesn't worry about bills? I'd say nobody. I've always been a bit up-tight about dealing with the monthly financial obligations. I admit that my first act upon winning the lottery (that I don't play) would be to pay off all debt. Start fresh. Then go on vacation.
[personal profile] debsquared  loaned a book to me a week or so ago on coming to grips with this universal issue. I'm writing stuff down to help with my reading comprehension and all that.
My initial reaction to this book is derision and irritation. She spends a large number of words reassuring me. I don't want it. Just give me the suggestions on how to implement your ideas. Clearly I'll need to re-figure out how to skim to make up for this choice of style.
Part of my impatience is that I've already started to do some of the stuff she suggested w/out prompting.

So, that's where I am after 49 pages. I admit to not loving this, but I see many of her points.
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...aaaaaaand we're back to the not so stabby. The taxman reports we are not hosed, rather we're still getting a refund, thanks to being in a lower tax bracket. Whew. I'm beyond relieved. Now April won't be ruined.
Mar. 28th, 2007 10:01 am


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I'm jumpy as a cat in a rocker factory today. Maybe I'll feel better after I hear back from the accountant. (I hate tax time)
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I'm sort of bubbling over with the happy-
  • My first grant
  • Role Model for cool kid (going to talk to her tonight)
  • Crafting success in idea and some sales
  • In-laws were generous with holiday money, which means
  • Lower $ stress
  • The car is coming back after being gone less than a week at the autobody shop. The cost of fixing is exactly the amount from the insurance, so no fights on that
  • House is totally gorgeously clean and uncluttered
  • Successful dinner party with my coworkers who had a good time and all fit in my kitchen (with major furniture re-arrangements)
  • Parents will arrive in less than 5 days
  • Most of the holiday present getting is determined
The only downside to this right now is that I'm too hyper to sit still and work. I can live with that
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The allergist is a funny guy. After determining I worked for a progressive (lefty? Yeah I can say that) religious organization and live in Lexington, he regaled me with his opinion about conscenting adults (for) and hypocrital evanelists (against). Further jokes involving my parentage- "I snore like a bastard," says I. "Had no idea parental marital status had anything to do with it." We like him. I go back in a month for my scratch test. Oh, also the woman who performed the breath test asked me if I was really only 5'3". Yes. I really am. Oh. Because your stats are such (meaning good) that the doctor wanted to be sure we had that right. Suuuper Lungs!

So, in the grand total of things re: car. We are getting (drumroll) a new engine, clutch, radiator, and timing belt. Apparently the head gasket blew because the radiator was on the fritz. The engine over-heated and warped the al-U-min-E-um that is the engine block. There was no rebuilt engine to be had, so they have to make the current one work. The clutch was past the half way point to fix, so that gets done. Clearly the radiator needs replacing if it was the cause of the whole thing, and throwing in the timing belt on top of it because the thing is a bitch to do properly, so the Man Who Knows Subarus will make it go proper-like. Must be done. His hourly rates are 1/3 of the dealership (35 range) and all this must be done. It's only money. This, too, shall pass. Could be worse: I could be ugly. And stupid. (That's for [profile] doeeyedbunny's granny) Any more aphorisms we want to throw out there?
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- 10% net take home pay- now vs. beginning of the summer. For 403c contributions and an increase in health ins. Grump.
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Unshelved from today
I grin.

On things I don't grin about, I am suffering from a minor bout of feel like I was hit by a truck post-dental visit. Read more... )
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at least interesting to me

-My pants (bought within the past few months- in fact, have more than one pair) are too big. I can live with this problem.
-In the same vein, I've been doing some sort of cardio and/or core strengthening for over half a year and by gum, I think it's working!
-pseudo-found money is awesome
-friends who provide crac...um, Veronica Mars make me very happy.
-Looking at the budlets on the trees and shrubbery now elicit feelings of anticipation not dread. Dread was when I noticed them over a month ago
-Accidental easter egg hunts are to be avoided. While I applaud Cadbury for making smaller versions of their eggs, the packaging is unreliable. I did find all of them, though. I would have been severely unhappy to find a squishy chocolate egg in 2 weeks... when I step on it. Bad form, archivist.
-I'm rereading Mil Millington's Things My Girlfriend and I Have Argued About. I've been trying to get into the groove with Last Draw Call by Tim Powers, but it's darker than I really want at the moment. Not that I've given up. Not yet.
-After 2 weeks hiatus, I'm keen on going to Diesel tonight.
Now back to your regularly scheduled programming.


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