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I did not ride 2 years ago because I was pregnant
I did not ride last year because I had no brain and our current location has actual, usable T access even on weekends.
I am not hugely likely to have the spoons to rehab the bike into working with moving happening- That will eat all the energy til maybe mid June, possibly after depending on how long it takes to do house set up things.

I'm not keen on letting it sit for another year, taking up room and falling into disrepair. I had the notion yesterday that it's better to sell it off now and let someone else enjoy it and buy a different one next year or the year after when I feel like I've got my act together. I have proven I am entirely capable of finding and purchasing a bike. When I am ready to ride, I'd like to not have it be a spend lots of time and money getting it into working order first.

With all that said, I put it out here first: Is anyone interested in buying my bike from me? It's mid '80s, 650 Suzuki Savage that will need a bit of an overhaul from lack of use, but otherwise should be fine. Some pictures from when I got it...
I'll try FB next if there's no nibbles, then on to Craigslist.  (OMG, she has a plan A, B, and C! Anyone who's surprised is not paying attention.) Kelly Blue Book suggests $1,115 for value for a bike of this age. That's about in keeping what I was thinking, which was around 1K, or there abouts.

As for the emotional aspect of a post like this: I'm not feeling badly about this current plan. Maybe a bit sad/wistful. I always said I didn't want to be the type of person to give up riding when I had a kid, and I'm not. I just know I lack the capacity to deal and the idea of neglecting the bike for another year feels worse than holding onto it for later.

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with [livejournal.com profile] evila 's help, the bike got home. Galen wasn't exactly pleased with the bike's performance when we arrived so good thing dinner right then was the plan anyway. Turns out there's a really great Korean restaurant down the block from Bikeworx. So one Bibim Bop later, the rain had stopped and all was well. Unfortunately, Galen'd run the tank down to fumes and was running it on reserve already. I was a mile from the gas station when she gave up the ghost: yet another good reason to have [livejournal.com profile] evila  as backup. It was just after 8- the station in question a small one, but the office door was still unlocked- a living Kaylee and her hipster male companion were playing cards. My tale of woe swayed Kaylee's heart and she found a loaner gas can and turned the pump back on for me and refused my tip. Funny, with 2 gallons in the tank, Miss Beatrix decided that maybe after all she'd be willing to go. Can returned, compliments on bike paid and an uneventful ride home- Hurrah!

I have a very busy day tomorrow. A test run to make sure it's not a fluke before I trust myself to a full day of bike travel should happen.

The Pod. Oh, the pod. A less happy tale to tell. It was just whirring and whirring, clickety clickety click, but overall, not willing to go. I've been willing to take the long term patient path for many a week, but I miss having options on my daily 2 hour commute. Ebay + $ = solution. Hopefully this one will go.
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Beatrix Thumper has been at the motorcycle doctor for a few weeks now and should be coming home if all goes according to plan. I'm very nervous that the problem isn't fixed. My non-mechanic understanding of it is that the hoses were too tight and making the vacuum through the petcock imperfect, which meant that fuel wasn't getting from tank to engine, hence the hack-hack-hack-DIE thing. According to guru master mechanic, Galen, this is a problem that is a gradual degeneration, so it makes sense that for a while it'd go along and eventually have problems, but by the time I gave up it couldn't go more than a quarter mile without acting like a wilting lily. Galen also said there was a log of gunk- sediment and rust- in the tank, which was certainly being pushed through and clogging up the works. He cleared out the tank this time, too. Because he'd seen a similar issue earlier this season (apparently between the first and second visit for me) and ... yeah. Fingers crossed?

ipod- I may have mentioned I tried to use my earlier ipod like a super bouncy ball and cracked the ever-loving hell out of the screen. Dad was awesome and agreed to fix it, but in doing so, the battery wouldn't last more than 2 hours- not useful. So, further tinkering yielded no results- he Ebayed a new-to-me one, which arrived last night. Sadly, the wipe and reboot hasn't been going too well. I left it hung and whirring away when I left this morning. Hopefully in its unplugged state, the battery will die soon and I can try again. :/
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After the commentary from Thursday, I decided to extend a bit longer to make sure the reboot works. Not much else worth noting other than I'm not dead- neither is anyone else. I may get mini eclairs at BJ's when we go at the end of the week, though. (Mwah hah)

I was just minding my own business this morning, riding my bike to Alewife as I have been doing rather often when I came to the last 1/4 mile and whoom. Have some downed branches. OK, have some down trees. I was able to duck under the first one, but the other three required major clambering and bike-carrying. Microburst, you say? Yowza.

It seems that once a year near [livejournal.com profile] quiet_elegance 's birthday (observed), that there's the biggest cleaning events that overshadow all other uncluttering moments. Q_E started on Saturday, which sparked me to do many random things yesterday, things that are not apparent to the casual observer. However, my art drawers are now beautifully arranged. The Ikea bookshelves are much more full and hold 90% of card/board games and a large stack of the over sized art/coffee table books. I am most pleased.

I may have mentioned that I really have taken a shine to Chef Sang, the sushi guy at Teppenyaki. We took [livejournal.com profile] lifecollage  a week ago and [livejournal.com profile] purple_terror  this past Friday. That makes 2 converts in 2 weeks. He's really that brilliant. [livejournal.com profile] quiet_elegance  made a box out of rosewood for our chop sticks that we're keeping there and Sang hung out with us after we were done eating, as there was rather significant lull at that moment. Supposedly, they're redoing the menus eventually, but even if they did, I don't think I'd use them. I'm more than a little happy to be a guinea pig for new ideas he has. I have yet to be disappointed with anything, rather it's usually way too brilliant for a middle-of-the-road establishment. I am keen on taking one of his classes at some point.

Tomorrow: I go to my first salsa class in years. Should be fun, though. I am curious to see what they're working on, how much I remember and how much Bollywood improved my ability to pick up moves faster. After all, I know all the basic moves already, so that's an advantage. It will be a sadness not go go with q_e.

Motorcycle: Still in the shop. The latest theory is that there wasn't enough compression in the ...uh, tubes (?), which threw off the vacuum and so fuel wasn't going through the petcock like it was supposed to. The mechanic almost certainly experienced the bad when he was testing it out and he saw this with another bike earlier this season. This is apparently a gradual deterioration, so it makes sense that last fall it could limp along, but by 2 weeks ago, I was doomed. I'm hopeful that I can pick it up on Friday. Fingers crossed!

I haven't seen Richie around in quite a while. Last time I saw him was when he was having issues with a cop hassling him, so it's possible that he's had to set up shop elsewhere. But I worry enough to him in random dream cameos.
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This gets a bit long.
Trip to Ohio )

Paging Dr. iPod )

Observations on books and reading )

bike and bike )
work )

craft fair and art )

... right. work. things. Hi.
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Well, I got home unscathed- yay! But enmoistened by some- meh.

I left the choke all the way out for 3/4 of the way home and then once I was off the rt 2 access rd fiddled with it to see if the fun and games would commence. Happily, nothing wonky, so... yay!

Now for tea and Glee. ^_^ (JOSS WHEDON GLEE!) ahem.
May. 18th, 2010 07:39 am

Test 1

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Well. I didn't see any obvious badness with broken/cracked hoses. Time to see how I run with things running on the reserve setting. I'm nervous as hell now that I'm headed to work, then Diesel on a bike that is being spazzy. But I have to make this go while it's not actively raining.  Also, the bike will be sitting on pavement instead of grass for a few hours. I can see if there's any leak better this way.

ETA: Well, one stall out after I pushed the choke in- it might have gone from mid-way to off entirely. But I survived, as expected. Now let's hope the rain holds off and the crick don't rise afore I get home tonight.
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So, I got the bike washed as I noted in the earlier post. I decided it would be cool to ride out to the Militia game. And I had the power loss thing happen a few times on the way over- but I did get it there- and then again on the way home.

This bike being an '86 is no spring chicken. It's pretty basic in many ways. One thing it has is a 2-part choke: pull it all the way out to start the bike, press it in to the mid-way after you get rolling, then all the way in once the engine's warmed up. Well- I am not stalling if I have the choke all the way out. Seems bad to run it thusly, but .... well, I did get home at least. But boy am I twitchy. I am not keen on being a mechanic. (I have enough hobbies already, thanks) I'm really not keen on having a bike that is unreliable. Problematic.

On the upside, Militia shut out the NY Sharks and it was cool hanging out with [livejournal.com profile] shut_it_already , [livejournal.com profile] evila , a few of our friends and the whole team at a bar that is about 3 blocks from my first Somerville apartment.

ETA: It's late. I have stuff n' things to do tomorrow. I should go to bed, except I'm braced and tense from the ride home. I feel like I'm still on the bike, that I can feel the vibrations in my hands and I'm waiting for the bike to surge and lose power.  Not restful sleepy feelings at all.  :/
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Here's the bento box I made last night:
Bento Box, out of clay

Also- I finally washed my motorcycle. 
My motorcycle- Suzuki Savage

Full view of the Savage

arty pic of the savage
... and the arty shot. 
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There was sushi with [livejournal.com profile] purple_terror  and we hung out with [livejournal.com profile] evila  until Galen the motorcycle mechanic showed up with his van, scooped up my bike and was gone faster than you can eat a whole spicy scallop roll. It's awesome- he comes, get the bike, and when I come get it, it'll go again!  Then we got ice cream ^_^
I finally saw the end of the Oscars. I mostly taped it so I could play name that dancer in the Best Score montage. Several named, fyi. Now I need to update Netflix so I can see what the ruckus is about with most of these beasties.

Note to self: must update motorcycle icon this season, really.
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So, today was the day I'd planned to put my motorcycle into storage up in Salem. I'd not ridden in a month- again- but the gas line hoses were still whole and there was fuel in the tank. I refueled and got on the highway only to have my acceleration evaporate right before the Winn St. exit of 95. I get off, go to HOVIR and I seem to be fine. Call for backup.[info]quiet_elegance arrives- we try again with him tailing. Uhhhhm, about a mile and change down the highway, it does it again. Frrrreak. Out. Bail. Time to go home, if we can. Get off at Washington St. My first attempt to get us through the backroads ends in a roadblock, we circle back, try a few miles further, get to Main St. in Woburn to see that there's a big effin' festival, and get diverted. Circle round again, only to come back to more roadblock. I'd regained my calm by this point except for the hysterical laughter, and take over navigation from q_e- finally hop over the trouble spot and get home about the same time we'd be getting back from Salem if the venture had been successful. But by the time we were done getting lost, I wasn't freaked out and afraid of my bike anymore, so at least we were back to exactly zero instead of negative 100. But this still means I need to get the bike out of the back yard before it snows.

Some humorous asides since getting home that have caused me to fall back into uncontrolable giggles-

[profile] purple_terror (on the barrel of Utz cheezy poofs that arrived last night with a "friend" - we were commenting on how stranglely tasty they were and how could that be, and he said: "I was wondering that to, until I looked at the ingredients and saw that it's made from the tears of children.  

again, a few minutes later-
p_t: "Happy St. Crispin's Day"
me: "Oh, uh... thanks. What's the appropriate gift for St. Crispin's Day?"
p_t: "Naked dead Frenchmen?" 


So, all's well that ends well, and there will be some booze with dinner, I do declare.

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Today was one of those freakishly productive days. Most of it was planning stuff and writing stuff. There was so much of it that I didn't get to finish before I left. At both lunch time and quitting time, I had to force myself to stop what I was doing to eat / leave. This absolutely makes up for a whole week of apathy, IMO.

So, the motorcycle- that's the point of this post, really. The parking situation turned out to be a success, but next time if I'm the first one in, I'll back in and a lot closer to the inside curb. My ride to Everett was painful. My clutch hand went claw-like after a while :/ But now I have a few pointers on which way to go next time, so yay. I got to help Danny for only an hour and a half, really, but it's rare that we get to spend time together these days and inevitably there's fun to be had coming up with schemes and designs. -

But really! The ride! The ride home was by far the best I've had in recent memory. It currently reads 47 degrees according to my weather bug app. With my leather (vs. synthetic) jacket and riding pants, 100% comfortable. There's a route between Malden/Medford that branches off from the 28/93 rotary that does this unbelievably awesome sinuous thing for miles. The posted speed is 30, so it might be good that it was a regular caravan of cars. I'd have liked to have set my own pace. Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] sweetmmeblue  for pointing out that path- I'd not have thought to try it. Eventually it dumps out into Woburn. I wasn't particularly lost at any bit, but I've not gotten the middle bits down quite yet. I'm looking forward to trying different variations on the theme. That's one of the things I love best about motorcycling: I actively look to find different ways to travel. And that's saying something for someone who defaults to a set routine.
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Durn it- I still need to get a fresh motorcycle icon. This'll do.
Since I'm out and about this evening on the far side of town and it's a gym day, I was out on the road by 6. The sun was just pinking up the sky, and wearing 3 layers of pants (turns out my workout pants fit under work fit under riding) plus a leather jacket and a scarf. So cozy! I still have issues with the sleeves of my Vanson being too long, but I love my jacket too much to alter it now. I keep hoping with time the leather will scrunch enough to work better. Or beefier gauntlets.
I know from here on out the roads are going to be overrun by crazy students and their crazy parents in overstuffed cars or -god help us- moving vans. But not at 6, oh no. It was deliciously empty most of the way. The only eeeeeep moment was when I was taking one of those somewhat narrow laned curves on Fresh Pond Pkwy. See, there's this imperfection in the road just as you take a curve on the inside- if you're not on the high part of that imperfection, you slide off into the other lane a bit. Augh! By the grace of the motor gods, the lady next to me was chill and not crowding the lane. Also, it's clear I'm not quite savvy as I'd like with left turns and curves as much as I'd like on 'Trix. Geh. (if I'd been riding the past month that wouldn't be a thing at this point. Fail!) Aaaaanyway- the Charles was looking so very beautiful with the sunrise and buildings reflecting off the water. I took [livejournal.com profile] lightniing  and [livejournal.com profile] bryttan 's advice and parked over by the Marriott in Kendall. Mind you, I was the first bike in (at 6:25), but the spot I picked had the look of bike parking. So, for those not doing the math: it took me about 20 minutes to drive from Lexington to Kendall Sq. And that was with an overshoot at MGH, too. ^_^
The gym- despite a creaky and crampy start successfully woke me up and I'm entirely loving the variation in my breakfast right now- 1/3 the amount of yogurt & granola I normally  eat, half a croissant (with lemon curd!), and one hard boiled egg < /Groucho >. But there really is a hard boiled egg. Just the one. snerk. And obviously- coffee. This ramble is entirely fueled by coffee.
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The motorcycle gods don't like it when you don't ride for a full month in the summer. If I had, I might have noticed what's probably a leaky hose and consequently a dry tank. Only being on the far side of my block, though, I got it back home. It does mean I can't visit [livejournal.com profile] ricevermicelli  in the hospital like I wanted to. At least not today- that's a 1.5 hour T experience each direction. At least if I go after work I'm most of the way there.
eta: Heaven!
I go out for a bike ride- a nice evening, I have nothing else/better to do- listening to Vivaldi and enjoying the fresh air- talked with Rollerblader Bob on the way back, also nice. Upon returning home, found that [profile] quiet_elegance  has returned with gas for my sad motorcycle and is routing out where the leak (yep, definitely a split hose) is. He's out right now in search of more non-split hose.  I think I'll recount the rest of today in a different post. :)

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People - again- keep asking me how are things, what's going on and all- Stuff? Not much? And yet- lots.

Snippet 1: I've been hungry pretty much all day. I ate the same amount of yogurt/granola (etc) for breakfast and by 10:30 I was gnawingly hungry. This might have something to do with my trend this week to ride my bicycle to Alewife and then once in and gym-ward, do machine-y weighty things. Oh..., hi, metabolism. Did you just wake up or something?! Feh.

2: After several months of ignoring, I started playing Guitar Hero again. I'd been toodling around at beginner and couldn't quite bring myself to the scary of middling/medium. Silly. Everyone is awful when one changes levels- I don't get a free pass on that. It was hugely gratifying to see major improvement from first song to last. There will be more music-based game playing in the coming weeks. See, there's this version of GH that features this band that [profile] quiet_elegance  sort of likes. You know, Metallica? Additionally, since [livejournal.com profile] badlittlemonkey  is now firmly in my acquaintance, there's a mandate to compare/contrast GH with Rock Band. It was inevitable, given The Beatles version comes out on 09.09.09. But still. No harm in getting used to the format beforehand. :-)

3. Worky-work stuff. Hm. This sort of got really long. I guess I've been busier with this than I thought )

4. New quests- So, when I was in Cancun with [profile] quiet_elegance , we thought about where we might want to go next now that he has a valid passport again. Hm. Somewhere in Europe. Somewhere gorgeous. Perhaps somewhere that requires a new language to be learned. Hm. Italy! So, I bought a copy of Rosetta Stone for Christmas, but until yesterday hand't installed it onto a machine. That done, I've now gotten as far as the second lesson. I call it a win thus far! Major emphasis on intuative learning- visual-vocal associations and... yeah. So far, I entirely recommend. Why the blazes couldn't learning German be this fun?!

5. Old quests- There was just a flurry of crafting done over the past week. I may continue with that. This weekend will be spent traveling as much as possible on 2 wheels. (or 8 if they're skates)- I have a picnic, a concert, and a movie to look forward to. Oh, and the socializing that goes with all three.

Maybe I should update more often.
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It really was a perfect day to ride a bike, so I did- first the motory kind to/from craftiness and then pedal before dinner. The new motor-bike is definitely has a bit of a learning curve- the choke is not so easy-going, so I keep stalling out. It occurs to me I'm definitely going to have to get a handle on that (hah) before I try taking a passenger. [livejournal.com profile] nchanter  has graciously offered to help, being an experienced passenger. Maybe next month (which is actually only a few days away, but you know what I mean).

The crafting bit was hugely productive. I discovered my jewelry selection has been depleted over the past many months. It's less so by 4 1/2 necklaces and corresponding earrings now. Well, one set I have to keep. Pictures eventually- probably :) One of the more recent styles I've done has been short links of beads with eyelets on either side attached to chain parts. I'm sure there's better words for it than that, but I'm disinclined to figure it out at the mo'. Sadly, the copper/burgundy set I did requires chain that isn't standard gold/silver color, so more on that hopefully tomorrow after a store visit.

All and all I was quite satisfied with my day/evening until I realized how much Other Stuff is happening Right Now and I didn't attend. It's a good thing I realize that's just crazy-talk. You can't do everything all the time- when would you sleep? Besides, I had the pleasure of seeing [profile] quiet_elegance  for several hours in a row. There was a bbq chicken experiment for dinner, and then he kept me company- watched Star Wars (the proper original with no edits, thankyouverymuch), and added Family Guy commentation at the appropriate moments.  He's rarely inclined to watch TV with me, so that was note-worthy. And if that wasn't enough justification, I swear I'm busy all the time. There need to be lulls so one can enjoy the frenetic later. Ah well. Rational Brain has really fine arguments, as is only right. Unrational Brain is still a bit sad, which is just like her, so I guess all is status-quo.
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So, I just happened to sit with [livejournal.com profile] bryttan  at dinner last night and mentioned that I had a surplus bike and somehow today, it's hers! (Feel free to yoink this icon iffn you want) - I feel the circle of serendipity is complete, given I wasn't really looking when [livejournal.com profile] ectropy  pointed me towards my new bike, and B wasn't looking as such; no need to advertise or send the pretty metal ladies home with strangers.
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Beatrix Potter: My Savage 650

As in, Beatrix. Why? Well, a Savage 650 is also called a thumper, given it's a single-cylinder engine (also belt, not chain) - so it's a bit... well, thumpy. So instead of a Disney name, I went classic rabbit - and so, why not for Beatrix Potter? I'm sure the lady herself would be slightly horrified.

It is going to be very interesting getting used to almost 3x the motor. Oh, I have to stay in 2nd gear? For a while? Huh. I can do highway speeds comfortably in 4th?? cacklecacklecackle!
More pictures! )
yes- I'll have to do a new icon, but not today.
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I have given them money, so now I can submit this (click on image to embiggen)

bike title

To translate: I now own a 1987 Suzuki Savage 650. It happens to be purple. I am picking it up tomorrow.
Does anyone know if there's anyone in the Boston area who is looking for a starter bike? My Rebel 250 has done well by me for many a long year and I'm looking forward to seeing her off to another newb.

Many many thanks to [livejournal.com profile] ectropy  for pointing me towards my not-oft seen friends, C & P, who apparently could part with such a lovely bike.

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This is the obnoxiously obscure reference to things about to happen. Except it seems really transparent to me. And probably to about a dozen of you. Or more? 

But Things! Are Happening! ... or will be Very Soon Now. EEeeeeeEEEEeeeee!


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