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I purposefully used my super-old picture of Crime Fighter from when he was 3 months old to announce I signed him up for Kindergarten in the fall this evening.
Because this is my kid.
(No, the other 2 teas are NOT his)
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...Because you nailed it.
Request: to make something in this vein:

Original artist- Jade the Firefox's site on Deviantart

My version:

I am exceptionally grateful for other artists who inspire me and provide me designs to interpret in clay.
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This is what I've been up to for the last 2 weeks...

Pictures of BUTTONS )

Available soon for purchase at your local yarn shop.
I celebrated the delivery by not touching any clay.
Did I mention I'm going to be at the Pandemonium craft fair on the 13th? I sort of haven't done a thing to prep for it yet. I should work on that. Not today.
Sep. 3rd, 2015 05:58 pm

New haircut

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I got the "Hannah Hart" style yesterday

The side...

Full swoop. I'm planning to let it grow out a bit more. I've already tried to braid it. Maybe small ones. Braided 'hawk by Arisia? Likely.

See? Already pinnable.
It was a bit scary to do, as it's so bold but glad I did. At least the household is in enthusiastic support.
I posted to FB last night and was told by [livejournal.com profile] asciikitty that I was deemed "Adorable" ... in quotes. Why quotes, I asked... I was imagining they were saying "SHE LOOKS SO GAY!" (sort of the point), but "Hot" was the adjective batted about. I appreciate they have some decorum in the more open spaces of the internet.
It's long! But it's short! So amused.

Also, got to have dinner with [livejournal.com profile] drwex again, which is a new trend, trending towards tradition, as he got his haircut after mine. It's an ideal format for visiting, at least in this moment. Yay.
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That's kid is not a baby

he may also be part cat
Jul. 20th, 2015 10:45 pm

Hair mod

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By the way... decided to do a bit of modification to my haircut. Perfect timing for seasonally apropriate heat/humidity. I'm rather pleased. I suspect I'll like it even better once it grows in just a bit.
And yes- my hair just poufs on its own. That's with no product. Eat your heart out, Morrisey.
How much work do you think Ruby Rose's stylists needed to put in for her pouf? (How much do I revel in this hairstyle trend? So much.)
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Arisia2015 (26)
That about sums up the weekend we've had so far. I realize most other folks are still on site having fun. I'm grateful to be home for some quiet before [livejournal.com profile] quiet_elegance and I have some social time this evening, and Crime Fighter has a sleepover.
A distracted write-up...

Set up my art show table-->
Arisia2015 (1)
As of now, only a Cthulhu ornament has been purchased, but we have most of a day left to turn it around... I'm hopeful.

Most of my con was spent, as it always is, wandering around and being social. I got to see [livejournal.com profile] missdimple and [livejournal.com profile] docorion, reconnected with a fellow knitter, Beth, who'd been at last year's festivities. Friday evening [livejournal.com profile] samuraizergling and I had food and extensive chat. I wandered and chatted and didn't feel rushed, as Crime Fighter didn't join me til Saturday. I even ironed all my clothes that needed it and attended the art show reception. Lee Moyers (This year's artist guest of honor) is someone I knew of beforehand and have all his pin up literary calendars, so I got to meet him. Charming. Man. Just sayin'.  As hoped, [livejournal.com profile] weegoddess and I successfully visited. Despite living not that far apart, we don't see each other often.

Saturday I hoped [livejournal.com profile] mzkero's elder child get sorted with his con. Startling that he's 9 already! He was a delight. Crime Fighter donned his Superman jammies and dove into Turtle Track. Like any good 3 year old, he claimed he did not want to go, but then had an excellent time while there. The staff there is absolutely amazing and I am grateful for their attention and expertise.
Arisia established a cosplay repair statation this year, which I helped at. Mostly seweing on buttons and handing out duct tape. But it was in a prime location and I got front row seats for [livejournal.com profile] mud_puppy and [livejournal.com profile] docorion's wibbly wobbly wedding
Arisia2015 (13)
By happenstance, [livejournal.com profile] buxom_bey ended up joining us for a sleepover for Saturday. Eventually :) The kiddo and I crashed out while everyone was in full revelry mode-- but s'alright. We had a full day.  And morning over a bit of a picnic breakfast Bey and I got to catch up.  Anyway, a distracted write-up, I know, but mostly an excuse to post the superhero surveying his domain.
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My favorite unicorn wants to wish you all a very very Happy Halloween.
UnicornforHalloween2014 (2) UnicornforHalloween2014 (1)
Now: produce yon candy, knaves!

I did not entirely ignore the holiday myself. I'm wearing a very fine hat.
....what horns?
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[livejournal.com profile] 42itous requested pictures.
I think I'll be OK.
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It only took an extra week, but my Square arrived! Now I just need to find or manufacture a reason to use it to make sure I have the concept down. I'm sure I've been doing other stuff, but all my extra time is all about making more items for Open Studios.
IMG_0996   IMG_1003
Last night and tonight I worked on Harry Potter (in house colors) ornaments, made snowflakes for the Ana and Ilsa fans, and one Rebel Alliance logo. The thing I've not really sorted out is cleanly attaching the ring that gives the flat ornaments structure. Hot glue is MESSY.

I have about 3 times more ideas than what I have done. So when I say "I have no time".... hah.

In non-clay news, we are hosting coworker Robin for a few days til she can move into her new house. She was adorably bouncy now that the worst is over and she knows where she'll be sleeping next week. This was a question til yesterday.

Further not-clay: QE got a cortisone shot yesterday, and it should be kicking in any day now.. And since his union health insurance started back up, he can go switch doctors to one that's within the union universe. They may know a thing or two about chronic pain.
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Our hero, the Crime Fighter woke up earlier than we would have liked... and horked on our bed. Snot-only. He does that. It meant he won TV time after the sheets got changed, because 5am is too soon. This activity was not documented. You are welcome.
Pictures! )
Today we had a minimalist party at the splash park. I think everyone had a good time. Even me!
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So thanks to Mandi, I'm reminded this photo of me was taken almost 10 years ago. ::sigh:: I am not saying so many things. It was a great photo shoot, it really was. Andy usually does a great job.

This was from Arisia this past year, 2014.

Really. I think I'm doing alright. The weasels haven't gotten the memo, but the rest of me has. Thanks to Wex for documenting.
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Back in May 2012, Radioactive Rich (rest in peace) and Alex were clearing old kid stuff. We took their bike trailer off their hands.

And we've been using it at first occasionally, as I briefly got a behind my seat chair for the kid, then when that fell off in the great Halloween bike smooshing of '13, went with me using this trailer exclusively.

May 2012 at 9 months / July 2014 at 2 years and 8 1/2 months
 (current is not my favorite pic, but shows scale best)
These are not the droids you're looking for...

I don't wish to alarm you, but... I think I have a pre-schooler.
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So, let's see. What's going on?

First and foremost...
[livejournal.com profile] quiet_elegance has a new job!!!Read more... )

The kid. What can I say? He's amazing.Read more... )
Fun projects-
mostly fiber, but maybe some clay )

Read more... )
some stuff, maybe not enough )

TLDR: Hey, I think we're having a good week. Let's go with it!
May. 30th, 2014 10:54 pm

Ohio trip

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OK, I've been home since Sunday and not regaled with how the trip went. I think quite well, but being away from home and with no QE does make for a more tired mama by default, but still. Quite a good trip.
Activities included...
-A trip to downtown Cleveland to meet with the LGBT Coalition to talk shop on archive matters at the UCC headquarters. It went quite well. Dad and Crimefighter had mini adventures, mostly riding escalators and pushing buttons on ATMs.
- Visited several times with  Amy & the girls, including dinner and an amateur intervention. It's only been a few months since all the girls moved in with Amy full time. It's been a rough transition. But they got to say their piece and supposedly helped, so good. There was also an ice cream outing.
- Nana came to visit. That went well, but she's not doing particularly well, so keeping things low key was a good idea
- 2 trips to the farm park. Such a good idea. Once with dad and QE's mom (Nana) and then the next day just with my mom. Crime Fighter thought it was the best thing ever!
- Visited Mom at the high school and she got to show off the rock star of a grandkid to her colleagues and several of her students. I'd been with her to school once or twice over the years, but nothing compares to witnessing a your toddler rampaging though the halls. He was thoroughly adored by all.
- Drawn and Quartered....Read more... )
-Spill count...Read more... )

Those are the big points. Did I miss any, Dad?
Some pictures...Pictures!! )
Apr. 29th, 2014 10:45 pm

Iz done!

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The cardigan is dead, long live the shrug!
HandspunShrug20140427 (1) HandspunShrug20140427 (2)
This is the 4th in the series of "let's make small sweaters:" this was the solution to the cardigan that entirely didn't work. This? This works.

[livejournal.com profile] asciikitty and me: at friends' wedding a few weeks ago, both of us wearing our hand-knit, mine being the first of the set.

2 is black and maroon (TNG command colors, really). 3 is a verigated russet, for asciikitty and primarily lace-work. Both will be documented soon enough, just not now.  
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So, the epic sweater, the one that's made of the Malabrigo spun-by-me yarn:

I finished it!   (a few weeks ago)
PinwheelCardigan2014 (2)

And I hated it on me.  There is a picture of me in it on QE's phone, but it hasn't gotten to my repository yet.  But really, it didn't work.

Pinwheel (4)
Now I have a lap blanket and 2 sleeves. Now that I have spun up some more of the pink, I'm working on turning the sleeves into a shrug, which I will love to wear. It will be warm and squishy.

This project has taught me:

  • Provisional cast on

  • Kitchener's stitch

  • Blocking, for reals

  • Assessing patterns a bit more before I commit

  • I can knit a sweater

  • I can also make shrugs, and make ones I then like to wear... and make them nice enough to have [livejournal.com profile] asciikitty want me to make her one, too.

  • ... and because of the shrugs, I've taught myself lace. Apparently it isn't that hard to do after all. Just a lot of on purpose decorative holes. Happily I'm not too uptight if it's not 100% perfect to the pattern.

  • And because of the lace, I have found I'm reading pattern symbols that were until this project mysterious and not worth figuring out.

So, net win.
Can we just talk for a minute about how asciikitty asked me to make her a thing? You know, the professional knitter? Because that's a big deal to me. 
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Here's my office space at work-
Suite202_201402 (2)
See how it's NOT against the wall with Han Solo and my mom's painting? Yeah! Me too. I didn't want to publicize the entire office space because that's where three other people spend their day, you know? The truly curious may need to visit me at lunch sometime.

This is what my desk at home looked like until sometime this morning:
JessDeskBefore2014 (1)

and this is how it looks now:
JessDeskAfter2014 (2)
There's a plan to get a stack of drawers and put them on casters, and it'll live to the right of my desk. I'm also planning on finding more rigid side canvas boxes like the one on the top shelf here for stuff that doesn't fit in drawers. Considering I have NO drawer real estate except for the movable card catalog drawers currently not showing, (there's a metal bit that sticks out and will mar the pretty new finish, you see... also hideous overall compared to the beauty that is now before us.) This is remarkably not-cluttered.

Did I mention lately that [livejournal.com profile] quiet_elegance is a rock star? Because he is. 
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I brought home a case of catalog cards from work years ago thinking how awesome they'd be for keeping ...stuff. Mostly crafty stuff.
Yesterday this was waiting for me up next to my new craft table:
I am squee!
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For the last few years, I had to sacrifice participating in the Arisia art show because I, a) was not producing new work b) had no spoons, given what I know takes prepping and c) figured forcing it would make it Not Fun, and that's not the point.

BUT! This year, well, coming back mean and lean and since I just re-read my orientation email on show prep, I realize I'm registering my stuff tonight, as it's due on the 10th. This is my idea of last-minute, by the way. It's somewhat a relief to have this external factor force me to just stop production.

Previous years, I'd bring magnets, jewelry, ornaments (default Christmas, but who am I to say how they're appreciated), and of course TINS. This year, I'll bring a small representation of my steam-punk jewelry, and some toggles that I've been experimenting with recently, the best of my ornaments that fit on my small display, and fewer tins than previous years. I strongly believe this will be overall better for so many reasons. The table will be less cluttered. It won't take forever to register, or set up. My display apparatus will be less awkward to shuttle back and forth, too.

I'll be introducing some new designs, including a Tardis or two.

This is my imagining the Tardis going through the space/time vortex. I will be bringing a traditional one, too.

Gentleman Cthulhu. (pictures pending)

I also have a bunch of old styles on new work, but haven't gotten pictures yet. In the meantime, here's what I mean when I say...
Pictures... )

Old stock returning--
Pictures... )

So, see you at Arisia! 


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