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Day 2 back to work after most of a week off has been fractured, but quite nice.
I was in charge of a meeting this morning, which could have gone not-well, but was not only reasonable but entirely productive, balanced, and pleasant. I have to write official text now, but I have feedback. It was also my intern's last day (2 days more than he technically needed to do, but he's a perfectionist.) I'm not consistent, but I like the idea of having an extended conversation with the intern at the end of the project (exit interview-esque). He's an anxious guy, so sitting and staring at each other doesn't feel like a good notion- we did a circuit around the Common/Gardens with warm beverages. Yeah, that was nice. He's likely to come back in January to volunteer, which is very welcome. The other two interns were not invited back similarly, although they asked. Hah.

Politics/current events....
I'm finishing up Elizabeth Warren's Fighting Chance in audio (read by the Senator)- It's hard to not burst into tears every few minutes, as it's a lot of heavy stuff that's still very relevant. I recommend the book. I desperately wish I could time-travel back 4 years and throw her a ton of money for the campaign, and volunteer. Sigh. I also want to meet her and give her the biggest hug.
I haven't talked about the police violence crisis (Ferguson/NYC), but I read regularly usually through Tumblr. I gave money to the Ferguson library last week, feeling inadequate; I got a chance to push back against my MIL's assumptions over the weekend and feel like I was heard. It all feels inadequate, but I'm at least paying attention and at high alert to find my opportunities to foster change.
There's a rally tonight during the tree lighting here on the common- I heard chanting earlier this hour and went out to see what was up-- a moderate crowd outside the State House, and 6-7 official vehicles nearby, but not getting up in their space. There's been a lot of helecopter noise I can hear from my office, but that is probably more to do with the tree lighting. So, let's keep doing that.

Holiday/MIL visit
Mine was definitely an extended Thanksgiving thing- I feel like it didn't really end til yesterday morning when I came back to work. My MIL's visit did go very well. So well that QE and I agreed we need to plan to see her sooner than later, like Easter time, or so. Whatever caused her to be a stressful visitor doesn't seem to be true anymore. She's the person she is now, and I think QE's learning to let go the old stresses, which makes it easier for me to do the same, as I pick up his stress so easily on this kind of thing.
I ended up sending Crime Fighter to short school days on Monday and Tuesday, as six whole days off are more than I could deal with. MIL's a fragile creature at this point, so we have to be realistic about what we do and for how long. While she wants to spend time with the kid, she can't remotely keep up with him... so more extended adult time accented with kid worked relatively well. Highlights included going to the zoo on Sunday, somewhat spontaneously. Stone Zoo is quite small, but perfect for a small person for an hour, which is exactly what we did. Cookies made. Soup made x2. Harvard adventure went exceptionally well. It's stunning how not ADA friendly Harvard really is, but we managed despite all the stairs ever. I was glad to have the quiet time to talk over lunch and hear stories about the family I'd likely not hear otherwise. QE got his 1:1 time with her yesterday: a trip to Wilson's, lunch out, and lots of down-time. And now she's likely already landed back home, loaded down with goodies.
The one sadness about the trip was how disinterested Crime Fighter was in interacting with Nana. She was trying so hard- wanting hugs and kisses, and he was responding as any 3 year old one presented with an overeager presence: absolute aversion and suspicion. He unbent a bit and at least started talking directly to her this morning, but still refused all hugs. So, more Skyping required, and more frequent visits is the solution. I may also suggest she try a different conversational tack with him.

I'm going to the Garfunkel and Oates concert this weekend. I didn't realize I'd signed up to go, but Robin got me a ticket. I coulda said no when reminded (yesterday) of this reality, but I consider it a sign from the universe to go be social. :) left to my own devices, I absolutely would stay in and feverishly craft my fingers off. Even with Christmas being 20 days away and Pandemonium 10 days, dammit, some life balance, eh?
I'm also supposed to go to the ICA to see the fiber exhibit with Mink in a week. Which I am going to try damn hard to make happen. Is happening, barring weirdness. :)

So that's what's up.
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I don't get to use this user pic much. I mostly just wanted to share with the peanut gallery how giddy my dad is. Like a kid before Christmas. He's been in the thick of it right next door to Cuyahoga County, O-hi-o, so it doesn't get thicker, really. He got to go see Mr. O and his good Mrs. yesterday at two separate events. I'm borrowing his unflappable optimism to get me through to Tuesday night.

I'll give my Republicans for Voldemort one more wear under a button-down on Tuesday.   Now I wish I could have 2 user pics up at once, because Dr Horrible's "fingers crossed" feels entirely appropriate, too. 

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I'm apparently 4:4 on the debates. Three of those times, I entirely forgot they were on until it was too late, once I think I watched about 15 seconds and had to shut it off because of Paul Ryan's smug face. He wasn't even talking at the time. I've been ingesting the political commentary from social media. 

The  nice thing is, at least I was doing something reasonably meaningful and interactive instead. Tonight was hanging out with [livejournal.com profile] samuraizerglingWe had dinner, went out for ice cream and a walk, he kept me company while I washed dishes, then we played Rock Band.  So, yeah. I really don't see a downside. 

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I keep reading about the arguments on what is rape every day. I know that my audience is not necessarily the part of the population that needs to be educated. 

Nevertheless. Know this. Rape is rape. I replay mine every time I read another of these articles. We are everywhere, perhaps we don't necessarily want to talk it out, but we are here. And you should know that. That is all. 

ETA: First- thank you for all of you for your support. This has NOT been an easy thing to post. I have to remember, I'm not doing it for me. I'm doing it for those who are not fine.
Second - My most recent realization about this national conversation is that people (who apparently have never been up close an personal on the business end of rape) talk about this thing like it's just this... thing. It's this generic concept with no faces. Not something that happens to people. The people who might be standing next to you on the train, or looking across from you at the deli where you're getting your lunch. Or looking at you from across the breakfast table.

And the thing is, rape shouldn't define our very beings, at least if you're lucky it won't. I sure as hell don't want that to be the first thing people think of when they see me. But don't let that hope I have make you think for one micro-second that it didn't matter or that it didn't happen. It matters, it happened, it's happening still all around us and will continue to be an epidemic in our world until we start seeing the faces and taking this seriously. All of us. 
Feb. 7th, 2012 12:35 pm

Save the T?

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Who's going? Let's not let our chronic torpor lead us to Option 2, in which service is murdered.
Of course I want option 3: the T gets more money. :/
I am going to the one on the 28th.
Who's with me?
Tuesday Thursday February 28
Somerville High School
81 Highland Avenue
6:00 to 8:00 pm
Wednesday, February 29
Cambridge Citywide Senior Center
806 Massachusetts Avenue
6:00 to 8:00 pm

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I've been vocal on other social media sites, but for posterity--
Here's some reference material for those not already in possession of useful short form-
About The Bills
Go Here to contact your representatives.

My experiences of the day- called VT's Leahy. There was a bit of a wait before anyone could even get to my call. I requested that the senator re-consider the bill as it stands, that it needs more consideration, said I was from Boston, end of call.

Sen. Kerry's office: I requested as I always do at the beginning of a conversation like this to register my opinion on an issue. The woman who answered cut me off and asked "Is this about Those Bills?" - SOPA/PIPA, I ask, why yes. I was told the Senator has been inundated by calls and is not intending to support the bill. Yaaay! Have a good day!

Sen. Brown's office: I requested the senator not support the bills, and was told by the staffer that as of last night, Mr. Brown was not planning to support the bill, that they too have gotten All The Calls today. Yay. 

I'd see about the California senators who may need more convincing from we non corporate entities.

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I looked back and realize that my last post was me heading to the Occupy Boston rally last Thursday, which feels like yesterday and a million years ago already. It was a fantastic experience. I'm glad I went. Everyone was polite and peaceful. The police were watchful but very hands off. I got to meet the head cheese of the New England Carpenter's (etc)., as well as one of QE's primary mentors, the head of the apprentices program (Tom). Crime Fighter was a camera magnet. I didn't see anyone quite so young in attendance. I happened to run into my UU, also from Ohio, friend Ethan, which was lovely.

We got to be the focus of a trolling on FB with the themes of unplanned pregnancy, poorness, and child endangerment. Never mind the bits where all 3 points of contention were 100% false. It was gratifying to have everyone else in the thread jump to our defense. The more important part to take away from it is getting to go down there with him, as it's for Crime Fighter and his generation. We have a hard time now, but without a fight, his future will be dramatically harder.

 [livejournal.com profile] quiet_elegance and a crew of apprentices drove down in time to participate in the AFL-CIO rally. I could not have been more proud to see him all kitted out in hard hat with all its stickers on it. And I was able to see him in his element, with his guys and his mentor and while Crime Fighter is too young to remember, we'll have photographic evidence to show him later:

Our family at Occupy Boston Oct 14 2011
Our Christmas card picture? Probably.

I have the notion of taking Dad down there when he's here next/following week.  We are the 99%. 

Right. So, my dad will be here from 10/24-11/4. Why? Seemed a good notion, as Matt will be in Vegas for training until the 5th- that's about 2 weeks. I don't recall if I've mentioned this already, or a few times, but this is really important. The ultimate goal is to get QE to full time instructor asap. Lots of good reasons to get this rolling. Specifically:Exposition )
It does mean a year+ of leading a very complicated life. I don't love the idea of him traveling so much, but it will be worth it. And with that... I think I may have convinced myself. How about you?
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I'm headed to Dewey Sq./South Station for the AFL CIO rally for Occupy Boston. Check out FB for details-- xo!
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+ I am happy with my new office arrangement
o it was weird having said office to myself today after 3 intensive days of Office Mate.
- desk has some features clearly not thought through
+ can be fixed with moderate alterations and some wrist rests for keyboard and mouse
- QE has, in fact, been discharged from the job site because their Steward (our friend, A) is going on site Monday
+ There's a list of job sites for QE to check out, and there's a good chance he will be the Steward at a job. It might only be a few days gap
+ He'll be able to come to the sonogram on Monday
+ Finished The Hunger Games- the last third- in one swell foop.
- Concerns for the anxiety dreams those will generate now. I hope they do justice to the movie next year.
+ I have cataloged the new kid books in Library Thing. I know of at least 2 people who wanted that list. If there are others who'd also like to know what books I've accumulated let me know and I'll send the link via email.  I did board books only. I have to backtrack on some of the standard paper ones. (When it's not 11:30 and I'm freezing) 
+ x infinity: congratulations NY State for joining the marriage equality club.
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Have you talked to your legislators (bookmark it, baby) about supporting Planned Parenthood? 
Please do.

I just wrote and then followed up w/ a quick phone call to Kerry and Brown. If you need talking points, PP is happy to help.

Democracy doesn't die with the trumpets of war, it dies with silence.
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Well. Emails sent to Kerry and Brown re: Planned Parenthood. And called both just to add some volume.  Could have called about all sorts of stuff, really, but today is PP day.

I hate how dire it is and how opportunistic jerks in power are seeing some weakness in the structure so want to tear down the things that make life liveable for their own gain. The way I see it, you take that stuff away, we stop functioning, ya'll. Maybe not tomorrow, but soon. Ech. Short-sighted and greedy.

Anyway- if you have the chance to call or write a senator, it's a good week to do so.
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I keep waiting for a way for this to get blocked. Call me pessimistic. It will be a great day if the repeal on Don't Ask Don't Tell actually happens.
/preaching to the choir
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It's never easy returning to a normal week after any kind of con. The better the experience the harder the re-entry. At least for me. This week - weather, MA politics (NO, don' wanna talk about it anymore)- I'm mostly coasting along til I find some equilibrium. With the help of coffee and coffee cake muffins today.

New year, new calendar. I think I may need a new default icon, as my hair is half a foot longer than back when I took said default.
New year, new calendar- me in my office, per usual. 
and a close up of my new Kendra necklace:
... said key will also fill in as my steampunk icon- at least for the moment. Someone point me to her LJ if she has one.
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Ohio Governor Proposes Halving State Support; Many Libraries Could Close :

Library aid would be cut by $227 million over two years 
In the meantime,  [livejournal.com profile] lifecollage  was just relating how the librarians at the main branch of the BPL (Copley) spent their day off last week on Bunker Hill Day: quoth she: "30 people (eta: SENIOR MANAGEMENT) shelved 70 carts in 8 hours" because apparently having shelvers is not so critical. This was before the cuts started being implemented and they went from 1/2 to 3/4 gone.

Did I mention how much I'm keen on my job? Yeah. It's really good. Even if I have to deal with moldy books right now.

So- Ohio people- spare 5 min. and ping the ones trying to hamstring you? ... 'k. Thanks.

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Let's see. I don't really feel like typing anything, but I know I won't want to either, so... briefly-
-Saw my parents, but not enough.
-Borrowed Dad's Mini Cooper- fantastically fun go-kart that goes 80.
-Visited with [profile] quiet_elegance 's mom, brother, and brother's family
-MiL's dog died last Wednesday after obvious and severely impaired faculties- so, sad- but meant we could carry on with the weekend without emergency runs to the vet
-Visited the butterfly house - I took videos and pictures, but haven't really checked them out yet
-Visited the children's museum that features illustrations of picture books
-Spoiled the nieces
-Scanned a number of pictures while at Mom's. I'll share some of these eventually.
-Returned home, leaving snow behind in Ohio and came to Biblical rain
-Yay Iowa! Let's hope that the pro-gay marriage ruling holds.
-I have tomorrow off and I'm seeing Vienna Teng with [livejournal.com profile] lifecollage . I hope I get to see some folks at Diesel before dinner. I feel like I've been in this odd bubble for too long. I miss everyone. :/
-The socks I'm making for dad are coming along nicely. One done.
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where the cool kids hang out

Thanks, Punditkitchen,  and mlxperience for the little boost this afternoon

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Who'd'a thought last year at this time that I'd be sitting here watching our Fearless Leader give a speech on the telly, live. I am not twitching to turn it off or change the channel. Yay!
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I'm really glad I was able to watch the inauguration. It's still a novelty to be able to listen to a whole speech without feeling an overwhelming urge to leave the room or change the channel.

ETA: Hm. I guess I have to retire my 1.20.09 pin from my coat.
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Could someone protect me from this kind of marriage, rather than the -gasp-! gay threat?!to spare you if you've had enough ranting about this topic )
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I've just up-loaded the Cancun pictures and added some annotation. Some have the link to the map, so you can see where the resort was vs. Chichen-Itza and so on.

Also- just listened to Obama's first weekly address. I'm still getting used to voluntarily listening to our (future) leader speak for more than 10 seconds. I'm pleased and impressed that he doesn't have to be convinced to use the InterWebs. "We're mass communicatin'!" (that was from O Brother Where Art Thou in case it was too obscure)

Also- I plan on going to Diesel on Tuesday.


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