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This is what I've been up to for the last 2 weeks...

Pictures of BUTTONS )

Available soon for purchase at your local yarn shop.
I celebrated the delivery by not touching any clay.
Did I mention I'm going to be at the Pandemonium craft fair on the 13th? I sort of haven't done a thing to prep for it yet. I should work on that. Not today.
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[livejournal.com profile] 42itous requested pictures.
I think I'll be OK.
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It only took an extra week, but my Square arrived! Now I just need to find or manufacture a reason to use it to make sure I have the concept down. I'm sure I've been doing other stuff, but all my extra time is all about making more items for Open Studios.
IMG_0996   IMG_1003
Last night and tonight I worked on Harry Potter (in house colors) ornaments, made snowflakes for the Ana and Ilsa fans, and one Rebel Alliance logo. The thing I've not really sorted out is cleanly attaching the ring that gives the flat ornaments structure. Hot glue is MESSY.

I have about 3 times more ideas than what I have done. So when I say "I have no time".... hah.

In non-clay news, we are hosting coworker Robin for a few days til she can move into her new house. She was adorably bouncy now that the worst is over and she knows where she'll be sleeping next week. This was a question til yesterday.

Further not-clay: QE got a cortisone shot yesterday, and it should be kicking in any day now.. And since his union health insurance started back up, he can go switch doctors to one that's within the union universe. They may know a thing or two about chronic pain.
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The prototype I did for the first superhero logo ornamet did NOT go well. The clay did not adhere to the cardboard, the red clay that was the base was overly dry and bubbled where there ought be none. The circles aren't round enough and it's just the wrong size. It's 4" diameter, not my imagined 3".

So, to get over my abject frustration at using up 2 hours of my life to something that is not something I want to do again, I banged out a 3-D/glass prototype I am willing to dedicate more time to. The 2-D version isn't dead, but I really don't have a lot of time between now and Open Studios in a month.

Once upon a time, I'd have theoretically just stopped with the whole premise. But I trust I can find a way to do the 2-D versions. I'll not fret over it, though. Hopefully they'll be sorted by Arisia.
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Prepping for art show next month and sketched graphics for decorating my plain glass globe/ornaments (3" diameter)... 28 ideas. Some will work, some are a shit-show.LONG list )Already in the lexicon:

  • Hellboy

  • Abe Sapien

  • Serenity

  • Browncoat

  • Cthulhu

I've been sketching all night, so I have a catalog: if I sell out, I can show what I can do. If I didn't get around to it, I can demonstrate the design. Plus just keep track for future work, especially after a long lag. I can also put hash-marks on them to keep statistics if I want to be super-planny in the future. And it lets me determine colors, particularly the base one so I cans streamline production (do all the red ones first, fer example). And because I keep coming up with more ideas, if I at least sketch them out, I may have project-creep, but I don't have to ACT on said creep necessarily. Unless there's major demand...?

The designs are by nature logo-ish and things I will make into stencils. The new ideas are all things I've had some interest in, fan-wise. There's plenty more out there, some that's already even been suggested, but I'm unlikely to pro-actively do anything outside my interests because I feel like a poser. I'm open to doing material outside my interest, but only if I get requests. Because they are minimalist designs and easy to replicate cleanly and quickly, it will help bring costs down a bit... once the templates are done.  I particularly like this whole concept of decoration because anything I have after Open Studio, I can put toward Arisia art show. IF they go well, I can on them throughout the year and have a hell of a stock come next Open Studio/Arisia.

Can you tell I took a project management workshop yesterday?
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Well, it's about time to do a redux of the Happiness Project. My niece continues to struggle with her demons, and I've been meaning to reboot. Same rules as last time, and she will include a food diary. I kept all my notes in a Moleskine last time. I think I have enough room in it to fill out the blank spots I left from last time.

Why not! Welcome to spring. 
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Here's my office space at work-
Suite202_201402 (2)
See how it's NOT against the wall with Han Solo and my mom's painting? Yeah! Me too. I didn't want to publicize the entire office space because that's where three other people spend their day, you know? The truly curious may need to visit me at lunch sometime.

This is what my desk at home looked like until sometime this morning:
JessDeskBefore2014 (1)

and this is how it looks now:
JessDeskAfter2014 (2)
There's a plan to get a stack of drawers and put them on casters, and it'll live to the right of my desk. I'm also planning on finding more rigid side canvas boxes like the one on the top shelf here for stuff that doesn't fit in drawers. Considering I have NO drawer real estate except for the movable card catalog drawers currently not showing, (there's a metal bit that sticks out and will mar the pretty new finish, you see... also hideous overall compared to the beauty that is now before us.) This is remarkably not-cluttered.

Did I mention lately that [livejournal.com profile] quiet_elegance is a rock star? Because he is. 
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Between finding ways to mitigate some stress, work going well, and it being spring, I seem to have found a stash of creative lately.
First, [livejournal.com profile] asciikitty has been teaching me to use a drop spindle.

Here are the results:
I've been practicing, particularly while listening to audiobooks/podcasts. The current plan is to ply and felt it. So. lumpy. Oh. And [livejournal.com profile] quiet_elegance just saw the spindle I've been using and brought me one of his own. Exciting!

Then yesterday I was walking home and I saw a box of books abandoned in my neighborhood. Among them was a single volume of a mid 1970s encyclopedia. I don't know why I struck on hollow books, but I did and so rescued it from an ignoble end in the rain... to be butchered on art's sacrificial alter. It will be transformed!

Here's how far I got today:
Bk01UsaZwingli_20130329 (2) to   Bk01UsaZwingli_20130329 (5)
I have plans to put some marbled paper in the hollow.

What's interesting is that both endeavors are collaborative with [livejournal.com profile] quiet_elegance. He is making drop spindles and is learning how to spin that way, too. I guess that's more of a tandem hobby. The books will be very much a collaboration. He is helping me out with a lot of the implementation and problem-solving. His world, my medium. Since my employer may well have a constant stream of nearly-to-free books for me to take home, I can see this second one going places. And even if they somehow get through all the weeding that needs to happen, there are very few places for old encyclopedias can live out their retirement. And so on.

I may not be able to use my preferred medium of polymer clay these days, but at least I'm finding new ways to stay creative.
Feb. 13th, 2013 02:15 pm

True Words

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I stalk internet-famous people via my RSS feed, primarily via Tumblr. I also stalk some Tumblr accounts inspired by other things (because that's what Tumblr's all about, really. And gifs.) So, I follow Nerdfighter Art at. The trend is to do arty paintings of quotes done by John or Hank Green or from John's books. Sort of like cross stitch samplers with aphorisms. Or truisms.
However, yesterday's Vlogbrother's post included the following, an idea expressed by John's wife, Sarah, aka The Yeti, realized when she was still a teenager:

Everyone's thinking about themselves
as much as she was thinking about herself
and that therefore no one else 
had time to think about her.

That is the first time I've wanted to do one of those watercolor renditions of the cross stitch truism. I may have to fix the pronouns so it scans better, though. This concept really is a good thing to keep in mind when one is wigging out about rando-interaction with someone who made you feel angry/weird/sad/upset. I think it's more true when one is a teenager, but it doesn't entirely go away. 

If I do the watercolor, I will share it with the internet in some form. Possibly via Nerdfighter art
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Last February I listened to the amazing Shawn Achor TED talk video on how to rewire your brain. I realize I didn't talk about it much, I just did it. I didn't even elaborate as to what one does. Not helpful if looking for breadcrumbs when one wants to do it again later.
So, the parameters of the project are-
For 21 days, you do the following:
  1. Write down 3 things you're grateful for
  2. Write down 1 thing that has happened in the last 24 hours that is positive
  3. Perform 1 act of random kindness
  4. Exercise
  5. Meditate
It's always nice to reboot once in a while, but on top of that, it feels like a very good project to share with my dear, honorary niece. 

Some back story...
The last month or two, I've been talking to L, who is 14. She's my oldest bff's middle kid and having a pretty tough time. A tough time, even before you throw on the fact that teenagers turn into aliens thanks to the thick soup of hormones they have to contend with. We email back and forth, usually no more than about 3 lines at a time. A live conversation or IM conversation in slow-mo most of the time. Her gremlins got the upper hand on her (again) today, and I remembered last year's project and figured why not. 
My own parameters for the daily regimen will be to try to identify a societal gratitude, a personal gratitude, and a person. I'll try not to repeat any gratitude or what I journal for the happy thought. What can I say, I like to add an extra challenge to things. Minimum 10 minutes of meditation, minimum 20-30 minutes of exercise. Chances are I will probably not make note of everything every day here, rather do what I did last time and record it all in a Moleskine. This time I will share with L, though, which is sort of the whole point. 

Feel free to play along at home if this sounds worth-while. 
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So, there's a thing called Project For Awesome, which is a charity that was sparked by the most excellent Nerdfigher- Vlog Brothers. And this year, they asked their Nerdfighter artists to participate by making art as the prizes for those who are financially going to be giving to Project for Awesome. It's a nice way for many who want to be part of the project, but maybe have more time than money. Or maybe not even more time, but still have more time than spare money.  The fun part was that they announced that people could submit ideas early last week, but none of us would know until the after the deadline (7th) if we were in and mailing deadline was the 12th. Paramters included sending 20 of what you make. I went with watercolors that were primarily (hahahaha) Nerdfighter in-jokes. French the Llama, puppy sized elephants, giraffe love, hanklerfish... 
Just about all of them were in this Vi Hart inspired style, although I don't always go with using biggest circle every time, as that'd be a lot of white space. Anyway--- yay, art! 
In the end, I assumed I would get in and kept painting from Tuesday the 4th through to the 8th when I found out. By then I only had 4 more paintings to make of the 20. If anyone sends money to P4A, they might get one of my paintings. 
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It's been 14 years since [livejournal.com profile] quiet_elegance and I decided to make an official go of it.  This year he's gotten me a renewed, slightly used, but nicely broken in Commander in Chief. This is really preferable over a new one, because I don't like the OS that goes with Mittens.

Some snapshots from anniversaries past, courtesy of Live Journal:

2003-2011... )
2012- It's been an intense year of growth and challenge. Again, there's this kid. He's great and amazing and a lot of work.
My work has shifted remarkably over the past 12 months. I have a great part time office mate/colleague whom I adore. We have a development director, a new admin, and a new cataloger. The new outnumber the established and our activity is just spinning up and up and up. We have a lot to fix, though. So much growth so quickly, and we just don't have the infrastructure to deal a lot of the time. But I hope we'll get caught up and be even better for it.
And omg, Election Fatigue. I know all elections can be pretty exhausting, but this one felt extra vitriolic. I don't want to say the worst ever, because that seems unlikely. I'm hugely relieved that the president has been re-elected. I realize he's not perfect, but he will at least support (most) of the social issues that Mittens almost certainly would actively trash or allow his cronies to trash. 
[livejournal.com profile] quiet_elegance has had a rough year. We realized in April that it was most realistic for him to stay home and be the full time kid-care. He's also found that too many years of working in the field and deferring health maintenance has lead to a lot of catch up.  BTW: cortizone shots happen on 11/20. Hopefully this will be the tipping point for him. 

There's, of course, SO much more than just what I've said, but it's a snapshot. 
LOVE to my dear life partner (in crime). LOVE to everyone who voted yesterday and to our POTUS who'll be around for a few more years. LOVE to my friends and family who remind me that the world is full of wonderful people. People who like me! 
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I mentioned yesterday about this Finishing Book project by Ze Frank. Well, by golly, they got their acts together and the book is arriving at my place of employment sometime tomorrow morning, traffic willing. The courier is not someone I know, and I do not know by what method she plans on traveling to me or if she knows Boston, so... I'm hoping she arrives by noon. :) 

IF the project appeals to you, and you can get to me, consider coming down and writing down something you are ready to "forgive yourself for, forgive someone else, or just ready to let go," then please do. Here's a tutorial on Hanko Stamp making. I'm biased and think it can be done relatively quickly.  I think I'll bring some of my own stamps I've made over the years just in case.

I'm arranging for the meetup to be from 12-3. Ping me if you think you can make it and/or need more details. 
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Apparently I've not been that chatty lately.
I have been doing the Get Happier activity I mentioned in my last post. I don't manage to hit all 5 aspects every single day, but I'm trying not to get too hung up on it. It can be rather a challenge, especially on weekends when I don't have my set routine and my built-in quiet-ish time on the commute. I've determined I'll never really meditate in the Ohhhhhm sense. So I choose to simply do as little as possible, not interact with the outside world, just sit/stand/walk with my thoughts. No reading, no ipod. If things go well, I'll try to keep going. I hope I'm getting happier. I certainly feel like I'm less critical of myself much of the time. So, I'll take that.
I realized a while ago I've not done any art since around Christmas, and that's a little too long. I really don't have a lot of time in the evenings, and I have no Project to drive me to it. I need to get back to it soon. It helps make me feel more like me. 
I did start a new project yesterday, though. I've been complaining for a long time about a lack of a useful index for Cook's Illustrated. I've looked and what I found were options to purchase paper copies that only go up to a certain year. Use-less. So, I started a google-doc spreadsheet. I'd like to transfer the data into a database of some sort that allows me to search by tag, so if I want something that's "pasta" or "tex-mex" or "vegetarian," I can do that. It has to be a simple-ish system: no coding required. I also don't want to dump a huge amount of money into it since it's of limited use: I'm not planning on sharing something that may well be proprietary. I just need a tool that will let me use these cookbooks better, you know? So. With all that said: if any of you folk have a notion of what I might be able to use, do let me know. 
In the meantime, not a whole lot is different for me. I am limited in my options for social, but I am trying to go do stuff. As [livejournal.com profile] asciikitty says: "It's tomplitated." 

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I have 15 min. before I need to be out the door to catch a train to a bus. So I'll sum up.

I went to the MBTA hearing in Somerville yesterday evening (even though I didn't wanna)
Therefore I hand-wrote 5 letters to my legislators and governor and thought what the heck. I'll hand-deliver 4 of the 5. 
I met Sean Garballey, one of my reps while delivering his letter. He's chair of the MBTA Caucus, which is trying to fix this fucked up situation. He sort of talked my ear off there, and then I went to deliver everything else. About an hour or two after I get back from that adventure, I got a call from Sean Garballey. Really. He called me. And talked my ear off. I can't actually tell you all he said anymore because my brain overloaded. However, it was overall positive and in favor of finding a 3rd solution, not cuts not raising fares. I want to help him with this. I hope I can find a way to volunteer. Wow. After last night feeling really down about where things were going, this is a total 180. 
In between those two things, I watched a TED talk about "The Happy Secret To Better Work." Go watch it. I'll wait. It'll take about 12 min. 
Back? Good. So, I started doing this immediately. I've written down 3 things I'm grateful for and I haven't decided what one journal entry I'll do. I'll write it on the T ride home. 
I'm riding on a frenetic high from all this, so I feel like it's already working, and I've not yet figured out how in the devil I can manage the exercise thing yet, but I WILL. I guess I have to decide what constitutes exercise first. Pretty sure running to a bus/train doesn't quite count. 

So.... that's a start. I think I'll journal in a paper journal instead of here. Why not? Old school. I have enough Moleskines. 

OK. 3 min left, time to go. Go! Be happy! Find a way to do random acts of kindness. I'm trying to decide if I've already completed that bit yet for today.  Ok, really. Bye. :)

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I had the pleasure of having [livejournal.com profile] entrope and Imre's younger daughter over for her art lesson, which was mostly splat painting. It also involved thinking it'd be fun to do this....

painting with the baby pt 1

painting with the baby pt 2
Thanks to Imre for taking the pictures, Simone for giving us a reason to play with tempera, and [livejournal.com profile] asciikitty for helping paint the baby. We were hoping he'd bounce with painty feet on the paper, but the surreal notion of having cold wet texture on his feet caused him to stand stock still and stare. I guess I can't blame him. 
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[livejournal.com profile] drwex was a creature of great excellence and kept me company while I sorted through goodwill for 10th Doctor outfits. He amused Crime Fighter and gave me good feedback on suit jackets and the necessity of having the camel colored overcoat. I acquired both jacket, coat, and reasonable pair of pants. I am using the Chucks I got from my now former coworker (a different color of brown, but so be it. I'm not going to win awards) and thanks to [livejournal.com profile] purple_terror, I have a sonic screwdriver. I think that's good enough, eh? I also figured out how to arrange to have Crime Fighter delivered to me at the hotel, thanks to [livejournal.com profile] rintrahroars, so all this means I feel like this is really coming together.

The hilarious thing is I was thinking about how I didn't really want to deal with extra stuff, and my prime Naughty Nurse participation is Friday after I set up art. But I'll be in my Doctor outfit, since I thought it'd be HI-larious to wear it to the meeting I'm attending earlier that day. I mean... why not? Makes for less faffing about and should be interesting to see if anyone else notices... or if I can keep my mouth shut about my outfit long enough to see if anyone notices. So, what to do. Wait! I won't be a nurse this year because I'll already be The Doctor!

The question is-- aside from maybe an arm band with a red cross on it, is there another way that might distinguish me as someone soliciting for people's blood? I figure the clip board might be enough. 
Dec. 29th, 2011 10:56 pm

Math Art

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I'm already getting a bit tired of Infinity circle designs, so as I previously projected, moved on to Celtic knot work, also courtesy of Miss Vi. The initial test leaves a great deal to be desired both in design/layout and in raw materials. I'll try nubblier paper next time and work on my over/under designations before I commit to inking the silver outlines. I also find most of the fun comes from shading, which this one lacks. The nubblier paper may well be the key: makes for better wicking. This super-amazing cold press watercolor paper Mom gave me for Christmas just sucks the paint down too quickly. 

Despite the initial quick boredom with the Infinity set, I don't think I'm done with that style. I'd like to research other layout and themes for what are clearly totem paintings. Aside from the Koi (2x) and Browncoats, I did a Hindu theme one and 2 Southwest/Zuni style featuring [livejournal.com profile] asciikitty's preferred totems. I need to break up the space a bit and that might make the notion of the theme work better. We'll see. 

So, math art. Who knew? It's my answer to meditation.
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I've had a lot in my head, but not necessarily been writing stuff down, so let's see how this goes. This is a post driven by the notion that I've not posted in a while. 


so much stuff! )

He's great! 

Picture and update )
nothing significant, but some small stuff that could grow to big stuff )
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Upcoming Holiday stuff-
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