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The care and feeding of a vending artist:
Thank you for coming! It may seem easy and fun and like a party, but I am rarely able to focus on any one person during the event. I'm pretty much working. It's fun work, but I only do this one or two times a year and it's my opportunity to make back the money I sink into my art.
1. Please don't socialize in front of my table. Step to one side so the shy / stranger can walk through.
2. Don't feel bad if you can't buy something. You don't have to justify your choices. I'm just glad to see you
3. Don't feel slighted if I can't talk to you. I need to be in retail/host mode.
4. By all means ask if I've remembered to eat. / help me get a snack if I need it.
5. By all means spread the word about Arlington Open Studios 2016.
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It was haircut and dinner with [livejournal.com profile] drwex this week. This has been an excellent new tradition that guarantees we have an activity to look forward to every other month that gets us out of our hermit and day to day pattern: go feel good about our hair style with Dale at DHR, then catch up over dinner. Win.

He was a most excellent human and was game for me to walk through my anxiety and frustrations on how to adult and how to talk like an adult (and lately? Feeling like I was failing at that)  My go-to for conflict resolution was to use "I" statements. These are better than accusatory "you" statements, but still do not lead the listening party to necessarily feel heard or feel like they have an active role in the conversation.  So, what instead?  He's done a lot of work lately and was able to share what he's figured out. So, a list of things to do instead...

  • Identify common goals. Frame issues in that way in "it will help me meet our common goals if you can help me with..."  And/or see if something can be agreed on "We may not agree on X but do we at least see that Y is something we want?"

  • Listen to what the person is telling you and echo back what they say

  • Ask them if that's right

  • Find out what they need to move forward (and meet goals)

  • BATNA: Best alternative to negotiated agreement. I'm still struggling a lot with how to sort out my BATNA for any sort of situation. I understand that deploying a BATNA is rarely fun or good, but that it's important to feel like you have a choice, and that sometimes the BATNA is just that: the best alternative.

  • In the meantime, do not lose focus on the victories.

  • Progress is not a straight line up and forward. Expect sometimes it won't work out

  • (therefore) Do not expect to be able to have my new tools work for me each time. Be willing to implement bits piecemeal.

  • Remember my OWN advice to myself: be patient and gentle with yourself and others.

Source for most of these suggestions

I want to treat this as a reminder to myself, this post. If anyone wants to clarify or add, if I think it'll work for me, I'll edit them in for future reference.
These tools are my security blanket. It gives me hope and makes me feel like I'm not a horrible incompetant who's just making everything around her worse. So, Wex: you are the hero of the revolution. Mwah!
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Here's a brain dump of what I discovered about Rogers Pierce and what I still need to sort out, why I am hoping IF we need this at all, why I'm hoping it'll just work out. 
Stuff I have read about/observed/was told... )
Will find out... )
So, we'll see. QE will need to check it out and we'll see what his instinct is on it. 
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What questions would you ask a daycare before signing on a dotted line?

I fear I'd just go with: "Hey, kid seems to be having fun, what the hell."
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The cobbler's children have no shoes and the archivist's files have no backup.

What system do you use to backup your computer files? I have the expectation to back up both mine and QE's. We both have a fair bit of music, he has videos, I have photos, and only a handfull of text-y documents.

Wex suggested Mozy.
QE wondered about Carbonite.

What say the peanut gallery?
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OK- time to start shopping around for a real estate agent, one who is willing to deal with renters. That's non-negotiable. No buying, no debate. The one I pinged earlier this week hasn't responded, so never mind. I'm still focused on the Arlington area, fwiw.

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I know a number greater than zero is somewhat surprised by yesterday's news. So, here we go.
FAQs regarding Crime Fighter )


OK. I think that sort of covers most of it.
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It's Wednesday, which means lunch with [livejournal.com profile] lifecollage  (Kermit flail-y arms, yaaaay!). The topic of podcasts came up up. I listen to several. People other than [livejournal.com profile] lifecollage  may find knowing about these podcasts to be a good and helpful thing. Also, if you listen to any, you can tell me what you like and why. So, the list with descriptions under the cut because ye gods this got long:

Geek a Week
Read more... )

Memories of the Future
Read more... )

The Moth
Read more... )

The Nerdist
Read more... )

NPR: 7am news summary
Read more... )

NPR: Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me!
Read more... )

Paul and Storm Talk About Some Stuff For 5-10 Minutes On Average
Read more... )

Radio Free Burrito
Read more... )

Save Love
Read more... )

This American Life
Read more... )

Honorable mentions but not in current rotation:
Read more... )

OK. that took a lot longer to get written out than I expected. But worth it. Did I mention that I work alone in an office and have 2 hours of daily commute? With that in mind, I also have some sort of backlog which I don't feel compelled to finish. You will also see that one show often feeds into another.
ETA: why can't I write this prolifically for the work blog?! (rhetorical)
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Since I just put this Picasa gallery together for the Passport to Peru folks, and it's not entirely unheard of for there to be $winterholiday commission requests- here's what I currently have (jewelry not included at the moment)- vs. the big list of everything. Those who fall into that part of the venn diagram can contact me at ljusername (at) gmail. I post this now so there's time to make specific requests.

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So, Robin settled into Toodledo. I've gone with Remember the Milk. Neither of us are particularly overwhelmed with love for either one, but we guess it'll do. What we really need is a code monkey to do our bidding because we both would come up with the Ultimate To Do List. Seriously.     
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I'm still in search of the ultimate to do list online.
In an ideal world it would have/be:
  • Google-widget compatible.
    • Particularly, fit on my work's Partnership page and allow me to log in via that Partnership account. I appear to really be Google's bitch these days. Just saying.
  • Shareable
MUST have:
  • multiple list function
  • tagging
  • note taking
  • searchable
What I have used so far:
Listaculous. Didn't like the way it logged me out randomly and I couldn't see all the tabs at once. You could only delete the finished tasks- I want to track what I've done.
Google Notebook: pretty good. Has tags, easily shiftable (can move tasks from one notebook to another). The bad part Is not obviously transferable into Partnership format. Its format is also not quite great, either- too spread out across the page- too much white space. If there are keyboard shortcuts, it's not part of the FAQ.

Any thoughts from the peanut gallery on list keeping tools that might live up to my impossible standards?
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I'm tired of having this much acne. Anyone know of a decent dermatologist? My doctor(s) were without opinion on the matter. Ideally, I'd like to go to someone who's on/near public transporation. Like the Red Line. 
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I can't even be coherent explaining why I feel cruddy here. I think the really short version is weather + hormones + stupid work tricks = this .... haze of grumpitude. Do not want.

Query: I seem to be drawn to not-good-for-me food in Davis Sq. Suggestions for non-greasy soup/sandwich options?
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Try... 4? Zombies!
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So, I want to go apple picking soon. Where would you recommend?   
May. 8th, 2007 11:22 am


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Ok. [personal profile] plumtreeblossom pointed me to the zombie march on Saturday (12th). I heard about this last year. I must do this! Mandate, imperative, whatever. Is anyone else likely to participate? It starts at 6:30 in Davis and shuffles to Harvard.
There's a plan to hit Goodwill or Salvation Army tonight to see about getting an ensemble that can be zombified. I'm hoping for a prom dress (will be worn w/ Combat Boots, methinks).
More important that that is the need for fake blood, pastifying and darkifying makeup that one normally has on stage. Since it's not Halloween, I can't imagine where they'd sell that in stores. Pointers towards that would be helpful. I'm not trusting online delivery to be fast enough at this stage of things.
I'm also figuring I'll head back to Davis when it's over to retrieve the vehicle, then scamper to the evening's party.
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[profile] slamonella pointed me towards this site. I've seen this artist's work before- even bought some, but damn. So awesome- I totally need to stock up.
In ref. to previous post- already heard back from Blue Cloud with a negative reply and put in one more just because the new info was presented to me. As I said in the update there: I think it'll be a hat trick day of no-go.
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I thought that given how much I like Timbuk2, I should see what they have on their site (dur). And lo, they have more than courier.

It would have been nice to cusomize that, but I'd rather have an anonymous black bag than less in the internal organizational bit, which is exactly like the regular courier bags, so that's a win.
I shoulda just gone there in the first place pon realizing my displeasure.
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I bought a Timbuktu courier/laptop sized bag over the weekend. It has many pockets, is waterproof and amazing... and it's just not right. At the time, [profile] purple_terror said he'd buy it off of me if I decided it just wasn't right. Well... it's just not right. Darling, the bag will soon be yours.Someday I will learn that I am just not a Courier Bag Person.  The good and bad:
+straps big enough for 1 shoulder or sling over back
- squish factor, particularly with most of the lunches I ever pack.
- flap. Hate the flap. It makes everything a production that a simple zip top cuts out of the equasion
- too long to fit in my lap when sitting on the train. Really. I end up poking people with it, rather than have it fit within the parameters of me.

What I do want is a vessel that has a square or rectangular bottom, can easily fit a folder or manilla envelope without squishing, so a min. of 14" tall and at least that wide. It also needs to have a zipable top and some amount of organization or compartments within. Some on the ouside is not bad, but I cannot bear to have my phone, wallet and ipod so much in the public view. I have been living with straps that only do one shoulder, so could continue without the option of slinging over  bandellero- style. Water resistant/proof would be nice. Light weight, no leather.
So I ask you, bag geeks- what is your favorite commuting bag and why? I am willing to get one online if it's recommended by a friend and I'm willing to spend 100 bucks on it, although less than that is never a bad thing.
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I'm looking for some "U" shaped pins, viz:

These are sold at Firemountain Gems for a little over 8 bucks. S&H is also 8+ bucks. I object. I also don't need 1000 pins. So, I'm hoping one of you crafty types have seen this object locally. I've already asked Windsor Button, and was considering Pearl or Jo Anne's. Anyway, any direction on this would be appreciated.


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