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It's spring.
I'm restless.

I'm sure nothing at all bad will transpire given that.

ETA: seriously. It feels like my blood is screaming.
Feb. 19th, 2015 01:55 pm


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I am grumpy.
But I also finished my part of the Big Project that has had me crying into my beverage for the last month. I'm too fatigued to appreciate this victory.

I'm giving my hormones a suspicious side-eye here.
But also 6 feet of snow is enough to get a girl down.
Feb. 10th, 2015 01:49 pm

This snow.

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I am sitting here, catching up on LJ and will try to catch up on other social media, too, and I realized something that made me stop reading and start writing.
We are on our 6th snow day in what, 20 days? Plus I had Friday off to travel to Ohio (it went well), and there was Arisia before that, which was yet another 4 day weekend. I haven't had a normal week in so long, I have forgotten what normal is. And with all this time at home, I am almost incapable of remotely keeping up with social media, since I can't do that on a good week. But it means I'm more isolated, but also almost NEVER alone. I'm alone right now and oh it's so nice. Except when it isn't, and I'm just stuck at home with a 3 year old and some number of my family.

I need to be able to go to work. Because remember all that stuff that's been going on there? Yeah, and I've lost over a week now to being out and snow to a tight schedule.

[I wish I could be more coherent, but I had to write something before I lost track, but now I want to go read again]
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We did not have french toast, but I did make cinnamon buns today, on our 2nd day of being at home with Snowpocalypse.  It's the first storm where QE was not in a plow for 48 hours straight, he says he is wistful, but I'm glad he was home.  We're in the midst of a huge project at work that demands we meet goals by X date. The work was transportable, so I'm set for going back to work tomorrow with no stress on that count. I ended up staying up til 12:30 last night to get today's quota in so I could relax, which is pretty much what I did. With a pantsless toddler. Preschooler? I feel like he's getting a bit big for the term "toddler." He's more of a scale all things and run fast and be very articulate. Anyway... pantless progeny for the last 2 days and we'll keep on that. Today was better than yesterday for that.

This 2 days reminds me I'm not an ideal candidate for SAHM status.

OK. My head really isn't into this post, but wanted to leave at least something in here- I need to be in bed and I just want my ipod to synch up already.
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Days 3-6 )

And in other news, I'm so happy to have my coworker(s), but particularly C. She saved me from diving too deep into a project that doesn't need the level of attention I was afraid I would have to employ in order to Do It Right. We also had a nice chit-chat on the way to get afternoon coffee. The folks at home see her as my nemesis most of the time given when she does come up she's doing something Not Good at me. It's really not like that most of the time.

Upcoming fun---

  • Day off Friday/no school for the kid. I've arranged for him to hang with the Monkey House while QE and I see Cap 2 (SQUEE!)

  • Friends' wedding on Saturday. My outfit is going to be killer-awesome, I will take pictures.

  • Have to prep for token Easter activities, which involves gathering up random small fun toys from the kid's room and putting them in plastic eggs. Arranging for a small amount of sugar to be given to him in controlled doses.

  • Marathon Day Monday, as usual off. I will go to a young friend's birthday and possibly the town parade and not spend the day freaked out, dammit.

  • In a week and a day, my birthday. Already? OK.

  • Gore Place on the 26th. Which is good. I want to stockpile some roving. I'm scraping the bottom of my barrel. If anyone out there has roving they need spun but lack time? I am happy to spin fiber I'm really not super-attached to keeping all the fiber that goes on my wheel.

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In the wake of destruction, let's think about not destruction. Tell me something(s) you did today or very recently that you're happy about.

I didn't have to go to work today.
Today it was sunny and felt like spring. The forsythia's out, which means everything will turn green in time for my birthday, as usual.
I got to visit with [livejournal.com profile] buxom_bey and little Roo all morning and up through a delicious lunch. The kids played. Crime Fighter did his best to charm Roo, except when she was using a toy he wanted. It's like they're toddlers.
I took a nap while Crime Fighter napped.
[livejournal.com profile] quiet_elegance insisted I go do... something this afternoon while they went on a really long walk. I chose 8 mile bike ride all the way up to Lexington Center and back. (um, ow? derp)
Dinner was delicious.
There was ice cream after dinner. Ice cream and grade A pestering from [livejournal.com profile] fubar along the way. Bonus, hugs from [livejournal.com profile] asciikitty on her way home.

How about you?
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My parents arrived on Monday/Christmas Eve before dinner time and like all their visits of late, are entirely engrossing, but also quite low-key. There's coffee, art projects, playing with the baby, walks, jaunts to Harvard Sq and/or Porter, maybe a visit to friends, movies watched, cookies baked (if it's Christmas), and did I mention playing with the baby? 

A feature of this visit included a trip to Together In Motion on Boxing Day to see if it was as good of a playspace for Mr. D. as we hoped. We went there first under artificial circumstances of Rock Star's birthday, which gave intimations of great. The main room is filled with building / climbing components that are made out of solid, vinyl covered foam. The floors are padded and they use double paned plexiglass for windows, which acts as a remarkably good noise insulator. Wednesday mid-day is the 0-24 month drop in play time, which is excellent. Crime Fighter is on the upper tier of mobility and height with that group, so unlikely to get wholly run down, like with the 0-6 year time. He soaked it all in and then started to vibrate with excitement and didn't stop moving for the whole hour we were there. My mom bought us a multi-pass, which will make rainy/snowy gross days a bit more entertaining for a while.  We went back yesterday and experienced the 0-6 thing. Do-able, but total pandemonium. 

We also had a very nice visit with [livejournal.com profile] asciikitty's parents. One must remember that the introverted are not necessarily incapable of prolonged conversation, it just takes them a while to get rolling. I think that her parents clearly are comfortable with mine because jabber-jabber-jabber! You know. In the good way. 

Oh- and there was also the whole Christmas thing- lots and LOTS of presents for the kid. I went through and filled a medium sized UHaul box with all sorts of stuff to minimize the overall density last night. We had just inherited a bunch of toys a few weeks ago, plus the stuff from friends and family that just arrived. We are even holding off on a few later arrival presents because it's just so much stuff. He can open one or two later. That whole "wrapping paper thing" is now a known quantity. 

All in all, a very good visit and hedging on too short rather than too long for duration. 
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[livejournal.com profile] purple_terror took off for Maine this morning. My parents ([livejournal.com profile] aint_it_hard and [livejournal.com profile] deb_dus) arrive sometime tomorrow afternoon.
I got to see [livejournal.com profile] barodar for a long over-due massage.
QE and I went to see [livejournal.com profile] entrope and family this afternoon. Crime fighter tried to eat the play dough and discovered it was indeed, nasty. Some things you have to sort out for yourself despite the emphatic warnings of one's elders. I expect this trend to continue for always.The kid is not feeling entirely healthy and so we took him home for dinner.
Post dinner, QE and I tackled the pressing cleaning concerns of the day. The bathroom, kitchen, hall, trash, dishes, all sorted. There was sweeping and mopping from the kitchen up to the 2nd floor landing. There was a time not that long ago when such an activity was just not in the cards to this degree. Partly because QE wasn't up for tag-team cleaning. But his back is actually getting better. My mom particularly tells me it's not a big deal and really, we do not live in squalor, but it's nice to make the effort. It means I have the capacity make that happen. 
Tub. Oh, I'm going to miss this tub when we leave. Just sayin'. I'm also finally almost to my 5th empty Lush tub. It happens to be my Brazened Honey face mask (which was what I won with my last 5 empty tubs). My pores are so very attended to! So, between the tub and the wonderful face candy, and  the visit to [livejournal.com profile] barodar earlier, I'm almost relaxed. Isn't there a rule about that? 

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Thanks to a well timed Christmas bonus, using up my use-it-or-lose-it vacation/PTO, and deciding I should give myself some pretty time, I went to a great spa/salon outside Davis - L'Elegance. I recommend it entirely. It's very inexpensive, they're very thoughtful....
I've been very very fortunate to have limited exposure to the forced death march that is 24/7 Christmas music that pervades almost all public spaces right now. I also had last night and do carry around my ipod to buffer out a lot of the crap when I'm out there in the world.  I actually asked the woman who I took to be the manager or owner what was the logic behind having that piped in (They always have Magic 106.7 on and so they suffer through the month+ of the Christmas program shift). 
However, I want to know who out there in their right mind believes that their lives are improved by having Bing and Burl and whomever croon their enforced cheer at you? Seriously. I'd say if there was some survey taken, most people would prefer silence to the current fare.

Personally, if I were L'Elegance's decision-maker, I'd find a way to pipe in Pandora or set it up so that the lovely music they have it their back rooms can be throughout the whole salon. I might be a nerd.

On the upside, I have gorgeous red toenails now and a place I will go again. After New Year's. 
Nov. 24th, 2012 10:17 am

Got Art?

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Public Service Announcement-

If there's people out there in the market to buy stuff in the next few weeks, I still have a lot of inventory from years' past:
  • tins- extra small Altoids mints to tea tin sizes- mostly rectangular, a few square, some round. 
  • jewelry
  • tree ornaments
  • magnets
  • loose beads I have made and would probably be fun for younger people to do things with
  • steampunk jewelry/tins
  • a lot of skull and crossbone and some skeletal lady cameos that can be fashioned into magnets, pins, or pendants. The pirate ones I did a huge batch in roller derby-like colors.
  • watercolors with geometric/math-y designs
I've let my Etsy shop go dormant. I did add some pictures to my FB page, though. 
If any of this catches your interest, give me an idea of what you're in the market for/color/ theme/ price, and I can dig out or take pictures... or if you're in the vicinity and you're pretty sure, I can meet up and show you a selection of likely candidates. 

If you don't ask, you don't know. So I'm putting it out there. 
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Crime Fighter was up at 5ish, as usual, but he was willing to hang out with me while I slowly woke up til a bit after 6. It really is entirely gross out. The omg-snow from last night now has wet slop on top of it. It's blowy, cold, and generally the kind of day where you prefer not to get out of bed at all.

Second best, maybe have no plans. I was able to take a bit of a nap while the kid took his, woke up in time to take a shower. I finally unlamed to figure out how to get my bathroom heated up (it has one of those blowy heat fan things)- so it wasn't torturous to be in there. Any time it's been under 60 degrees, it's been pretty unpleasant to use that bathroom. I guess I'm a slow learner. Now I'm having a second cup of coffee half an apple pastry and goofing on the computer, guilt free. 

This makes up for the harrowing ride home last night, for sure. Hopefully [livejournal.com profile] quiet_elegance's snow plowing adventures brings him back home soon and I can tell him about the heat fan success. 

Oh, and there's lasagna waiting to be baked for dinner. Total. Win.  (I'll stop bragging now)
Sep. 15th, 2012 10:08 pm

Good day

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I need to be quick because bedtime is coming up faster than not, so quick list of things:
+Arlington town day
+ Fried dough and Indian food at lunch, not in that order
+Waltham town day: the Saturday household (which includes asciikitty) went to see the carpenters build toolboxes with kids. It was the best part of the event. Arlington's day is way more involved
+ Gorgeous weather
+ Visiting with neighbors and their 2 kids
+ Randomly running into one of my favorite archivists on the way back from Book Rack
+ Got 2 interactive books for Crime Fighter and a copy of The Sun Also Rises for next month's book club selection, all half off because of my credits
- Overtired kid = velociraptor 
+ But even overtired, he loves his Indian food
+ Seasonal ice cream (pumpkin for me, ginger for ascikitty)
+++ Played Settlers of Catan and Bananagrams for most of the evening. I even won Settlers for the first time (in living memory)
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I got to go to Kemp park with Crime Fighter this afternoon. That place is amaaaaaaazing. We hung out with [livejournal.com profile] primal_pastry,[livejournal.com profile] red_canna and their kids. RC's middle boy, P, was very sweet and played with Crime Fighter in the water. The baby was all: "OMG, this water thing is so. cool. Everyone should try it. Also, possibly sample the maple seeds and the wood chips and the sand. YUM." And asleep before we crossed the green to the T stop. 

I also found a hat at Helena's- one I'd seen when going by on the bus- it's pretty close to what I have been wanting to wear instead of my Union baseball cap:
Sunday Afternoons Natalie Ribbon Sun Hat Taupe
Although mine looks a bit more in the purple family- but not much. It's squishable and femme. Woohoo!
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While I was offering instruction for those who were so inclined out on the very unfamiliar side of Ohio yesterday, the guys along with Robin, [livejournal.com profile] caulay  and [livejournal.com profile] asciikitty  painted at Swan. As I expected, they were an excellent team and got the majority of things done. The basement in also well on its way to rehabilitation. All new photos are in the Flickr photostream.

The Kitchen-
New Kitchen


Living Room-
Living Room

The fumes were almost non-existent by the time we came back today for round 2. I straightened up in the kitchen and did non-painty things.
We were clever, we were- my bike came along in the car with us, and I rode back- That's about 4 miles or so. I'd not have wanted to do more. I stopped by the bit of wetlands field I consider Bob Wright's (due to the uncanny ability for my ipod to play Pink Floyd on that bit of my treks), sat, talked to my parents, and reveled in the reality....

Mintueman in Springtime
I don't have to give up my path.

I came home to see Mama Bunny chillin' with the violets in the front yard
Mama Bunny and the violets

I do love purple and green together. The last two pictures illustrate why it works so well together. I also LOVE spring. My eyes are overwhelmed with a saturation of color.
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Well, really- I've not considered myself a Lone Arranger (archivist who arranges without anyone else on staff to confer with) - We've had an assistant archivist for a while, but he (thus far just male minions) has always sort of been off on his own doing other stuff.

As of this new fiscal year, as in - today- we're looking for a part-time associate archivist. This person will cover everything while I'm gone on maternity leave as well as do a lot of processing and whatnot. We hope that we'll find the money and space to make the position full time eventually. This is a really good start. My job will mean any time I can go visit a church or give a class, that's my priority. It's good PR for the organization and potentially lucrative. Turns out people can't give you money if they don't know you're there. Much of my job will probably remain the same since visiting churches is akin to herding cats. You can't control or predict how well that will go.

We're planning on selling my gorgeous rolltop desk (contents of which fits on less than 2 shelves of my book case) and hopefully replace my current computer desk with something that doesn't bow in the middle anymore. It's sad to see it go, but it's a sacrifice we have to make in order to make the space viable for 2 people in there. I've never had to share my room before. I'm not sure how I'll like it. Still, it's not all the time.

Anyway- off to Providence til tomorrow. Leaving early so's as to not miss my train because traffic is stoopid. The snow is pretty.
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It's been a good week. Dad's been here since Monday and we've been mostly just moseying. Some highlights include:
  • Bananagrams
  • watched new Star Trek movie
  • group visit to ultra-sound land
  • successful visit to see Sang before he leaves Lexington in favor of Natick.
  • introduced [livejournal.com profile] asciikitty to both Dad and Sang
  • [livejournal.com profile] quiet_elegance  has been taking him to a new breakfast place almost every day, which seems to be amusing.

My cousin Becca's arrived from Arizona as of last night. I'm hoping we can cross paths today. We're woefully understaffed this week, particularly yesterday and today, but I figure post lunch will be OK. And all the interns are elsewhere today, so no need to keep checking in on them. If ever there was a day to leave a few hours early, it's today. 60-what?! OK, fine. Be that way. Melt the snow. :) 

It was so pretty yesterday evening, I had q_e pump up my bike tires and went for a test run down the bike path. Ohhhhh. Right. THAT. There's that thing that makes everything feel better. And the universe agreed with me. It brought up Spring-Allegro from Vivaldi's Four Seasons on the return leg. I'm quite certain there wasn't a more perfect benediction for the first ride. It also reminded me (again, again, again) how much I need that chance. Riding on the path is a meditation and comfort that random fight-traffic-on-streets never ever will be. Sure, there's idiots. There were 2 abreast just yesterday, providing me with the chance to mutter "idiots" under my breath when they ignored my bell. I actually enjoyed being irritated by them.

I came back and wrote the RE agent saying that I was ridiculous for not including Lexington in the search. Originally I'd been dead-set on Arlington when we first started talking, but since then she's been showing me places that are exactly the same commute, or worse. Between everyone's demands plus the state insisting we preserve Crime Fighter from the dangers of lead paint, we don't have the flexibility to cross off a whole town that could work. Besides. If we stay close to the current neighborhood, I'd not have to bid my commuting friends adieu and/or make special arrangements to see them when it was just part of my day pre-move. Also. I rather enjoy the familiar Saturday routine: Diner, Wilsons, Bedford Stop n' Shop, home. Chances are that ritual would not make sense in half the places we've been looking.
It's easy for me to get twitchy about not yet finding a place, even though we haven't been looking for more than 2 weeks yet. My brain's been over-ready for a few months, so there's concern. But I'm trying not to have a wiggins over it all.

Actually, there's a lot of things that had been weighing on me that have shifted-
  • We don't owe money for taxes. This is a big deal since I really wasn't sure. It could have been awful, but we'll get a return and everything.
  • I really like Carol the RE agent. She's been good about taking what I say into consideration. I'm sure she will help us find the new place soon.
  • Sprog has all the required parts and is growing at the expected rate. We have had visual proof of this now.([livejournal.com profile] purple_terror  started the inevitable game of find the worst names ever and laugh hysterically. There are now at least 3-4 options for the boy if he chooses to be a porn star.)
  • We have good news from the spring board meeting, so future archive/work plans can continue apace.
  • Now if only we could get q_e a job that lasts for weeks, nay months on end. That'd kick ass. But with spring next week, chances are getting better this will happen very soon.
Happy Friday, all.
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So, to nobody's surprise, all bus travel out of Boston is grounded til snowgnarok abates.
At some point I expect I will successfully re-acquire a ticket to NYC. I'm adjusting my expectations to expand to more than just the original bus line and a day of delay.
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I mentioned [livejournal.com profile] quiet_elegance  is plowing this season. I will elaborate to say this is a gig in which he is doing a set bit of commercial lots with someone else's rig. He is -not yet- in an independent state where he's able to take on new work. Given we're likely to get dumped on pretty hard today, I thought it not a bad notion to bring this up so I don't have to feel bad saying no on his behalf. When he is independent, I will pimp him extensively.
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Wow. OK- not as much of a (bad) mind-fuck as I was afraid it would be, but messed up by a lot. I'm very glad I saw it. My respect for Natalie Portman's dedication has increased several factors. And there is dancing! But mostly about the crazy. I concur with [livejournal.com profile] noire 's assessment: it does a good job at making you feel more sane about yourself, but not so deep into the mire that you need a shower immediately.

also: SNOW! [livejournal.com profile] quiet_elegance will plow at some point this night. Not as bad as it could be since his call for the normal day job isn't until 3pm. Snow= profit at the moment, so I'm really OK with it.
Nov. 25th, 2010 06:11 pm


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I am full of really good food I did not prepare (except for the cornbread), and most recently 3 kinds of pie, 2 of which I provided. [livejournal.com profile] asciikitty 's family is so similar to my own on enough levels I did not need acclimation. [livejournal.com profile] quiet_elegance  had been warned he'd be dealing with Uncle Fritz, who is a challenge, and made a new best friend. There are plans to see HP 7.1 pretty soon. Yay. :)
So, a recap of the things that are good right now  (on very broad terms) : 
  • Me n' mine are healthy (proper grammar really doesn't scan well in this case)
  • 2/3 of the house have solid jobs. q_e theoretically will acquire a job site soon.
  • I am deep in the throes of creative spark, which had forsaken me for most of the summer. I'm optimistic about the craft fair on the 5th.
  • The people whom I see most often -work and social- make me feel valued and respected.
  • My short-term plans, again work and home- are all supporting positive evolution.
Thanks, universe.


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