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Let's see-- Odds and ends, really:
So yeah. Nothing earth-shatteringly exciting. People keep asking me what's new, and I feel like there's nothing much to say. Shrug
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I think that was my 5th time watching Serenity on the big screen. I stayed awake for 99.9% of it. There were some seriously fantastic outfits on folk. I have never been able to peg myself as just one character (although I wish I could), rather an amalgam of many, but it would be great to get a Capt. Tightpants getup. I love the whole look. And I am Captain, after all. Maybe in the sequel I'll see someone who is closer to my demeanor and body type. Nod. They had another raffle for swag, and [personal profile] ahf won a money pack done up like the stuff used in the movie.
I went through a very wild part of Allston on the way back. I don't remember the last time I saw so many drunk kids! I feel so old, but in a really nice and comfortable way. When I wake up in several hours, I won't feel like my brains were smashed out by a slice of lemon wrapped round a large gold brick. Gold is heavy, FYI. I'm wondering why part of Storrow was blocked off. Probably a wreck under the bridge I wanted to go under.
I got to play a fun game of tag with some bikers who were also at the screening. I recogised their riding gear and the purty blue sporty bike. They, unsurprisingly took their leave at Rt. 2, what with me not being able to break 70 with ease, I didn't try. Still, neat.
Wow. I don't recall the last time I was up til 3.
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I have at least one, possibly two extra tickets for the midnight showing of Serenity at the Coolidge on June 23 (this Saturday). Any takers?  Claimed for out of town guest(s)
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One will say to the other, is Buffy wearing a Serenity  t-shirt?? The answer is yes. Yes she is. [personal profile] ricevermicelli sort of totally rocks.
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Cute Overload posted this picture earlier today. I added the text. It seemed appropriate.
bat climbs browncoat propaganda
While I am outgoing, I don't usually make a point of talking to strangers. This is less true if I have any evidence that they are also Browncoats, so while at Harrell's last night, I chatted with some folks who'll also be at the Can't Stop the Serenity screening on June 23. They were both wearing way cool shirts- one Blue Sun, the other on the topic of losing sides. Both shirts were appropriate shades of brown, rather than white, though.  Mind you, if they'd not been talking to [personal profile] pir, I wouldn't have had a chance to notice them.
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FYI: Joss's birthday is coming up. There is another screening for Serenity going on at the Coolidge on Saturday June 23. All proceeds to go to Equality Now. Tickets are 10 bucks.
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The River-centric vid set to Frou Frou's Must Be Dreaming. New favorite. I didn't find it on YouTube, unfortunately- it's a downloady one. Or come over and watch it on my computer.
Sep. 27th, 2006 04:41 pm


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I did this photoshop montage at some point many months ago and just up-loaded it. Given the similarity between River with sharp things and Buffy from that specific moment- early Season 2- the combo had to be done. I'd love to find a variation that improves on this (like a better/more realistic pic of River) and one that can be shrunk for LJ icon useage.
clicky )
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Happy Serenity Day everyone! (what?! What's she talking about?)
Today was deemed Serenity Day by Browncoats in honor of Joss Whedon's birthday. Celebration to be taken in the form of Serenity viewings in theaters, with proceeds to benefit Equality Now. I really wish that the showing wasn't midnight, but I'll buck up with large doses of caffine. Because I'm a huge geeky fangirl with emphasis on the girl part, I have several potential outfits lined up already. I usually favor Wash-styled themes, but given the balmy season, I may lean towards River for once. That is the pitter patter of little feet in combat boots. I am pretty sure The Coolidge would prefer my feet shod.
Please keep in mind, I'm not trying to go as said characters, rather emulate their style. Subtle but important difference. No, really!!
So, I don't care if the sun don't shine... (I'm thinking of Guy Pierce singing in Priscilla-- because I'm a random girl). Weather be damned, I'm going to be the bouncy chick today!
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Celebrity sighting: Harrison Ford. He was getting interviewed by the Fox News boy on the corner of Beacon and Park (where the boy does his broadcasts every morning). I take a page from Robin's book on matters like this: leave the poor man alone. Keep your fannishness to yourself. Pity I didn't have my camera with me, nonetheless.
Then in the course of conversation, the interns (who may well finish the project today) and I went all Browncoaty and had to discuss the 'verse a bit. Someday I may actually be able to keep professional distance with my students. I have failed utterly thus far.
Dec. 20th, 2005 10:12 pm


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'spoilers' for Serenity out-takes' ) dissolves into laughter - Commentary was commenty. Joss. Loves. Light. That's not a spoiler. If you don't know that, you've never heard him ramble about the stuff he does. Out takes and deleted scenes are worth it and that's all I got to today.
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1 copy of Serenity widescreen procured. Boo.Yah. Commentary will be watched tonight.
According to this site, The movie has made $25.3 mil domestically, $12.9 overseas (38.3 total). That's not enough for a sequel yet, so buying this means something.
Done The Impossible, the documentary that was created by Browncoats, is still in production. Theoretically they'll get that done sooner rather than later. I'm sort of glad that it's delayed a bit- it can arrive after the Giftmas blitz. I have seen clips from it and I'd highly recommend ordering a copy of that, too.
And if you're into that sort of thing, the filk group, Bedlam Bards have a Firefly album called On The Drift. You can hear their version of the Hero of Canton, but it's about Joss.
In other Serenity news, my dad reports he's still making his way through Firefly and that his feelings of guilt over still having it after all these weeks is such that he's likely to send me a fresh copy so he can continue at his own pace without me getting antsy. I love it! He's fallen right into my trap ;) This conversion is one of my sweetest yet.
(and that's all the news that's fit for the 'verse)
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Thank you to the final crew of this, the last- and boy do I mean last- serenity shirt screening. Read more... ) Thanks again! So tired, so sore, so done.
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Radio Free Burrito, Episode Zero is up and worth listening to. Go forth!

Hm. I realize I've been pretty quiet and/or content free for the better part of 2 weeks. Oops? My redneck Thanksgiving experience was pleasant, but not riveting enough to regale you all with the details. Work has been steady and not overly busy- much of my time has been taken up with scanning images for our catalog, which is grueling. But at least it has snazzy results (oooh, more dead white religious guys!)
On the artistic front, the FINAL (boy howdy do I mean it this time) Serenity shirt screening will be this Sunday. We have a veteran crew in attendance, so all should go well. The other thing that's had me engrossed to an even greater degree is my WinterHoliday$ giftie thing. It's been my habit to do something I can make rather than buy for folk for... well, always. This year's rubber stamp making got off to a shaky start but as of last night, I think I'm ready to go into production mode (not of stamps- that's the tool).
Oh- and the icon that I put up is one I did yesterday when aspiring to my red letter of P for Procrastinate, inspired by Serenity Sock Puppet Theater, which is very much in the same vein of the [foo movie] in 15 minutes style. High-larious!
Nov. 18th, 2005 02:46 pm


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The Firefly soundtrack is sooooo good. Only thing really lacking is Jayne's song, which is sad, but I knew it before buying it.
Nov. 18th, 2005 09:02 am

Last call!

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Original post about shirts, deadline is November 21.
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I had not paid attention that Wil Wheaton dot Net had been in exile since late September, so I was catching up this AM when I read that as of early October, Wil had not yet seen Serenity but didn't mention it since. Being the fangirl I am, I decided to write and ask- Five minutes later...Read more... )Nothing like having a fan-girl moment to improve one's day.
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Due to popular demand, there will be a new silkscreening run of this t shirt. Read more... )
All orders and money must be in by November 21st. Shirts will be distributed by Alan after December 5th. Yes. I'll be reminding people in a few weeks.

We will need a minimum of 15 shirt orders to make the event worth the time.

-hugs and kisses, me.


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