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Things that are great:

  • Tax refund, and not even all of it!

  • Paying bills all and early because of cash infusion.

  • Being excited to be able to do that bill paying without anxiety.

  • Spreading the wealth to [livejournal.com profile] quiet_elegance a bit.

  • New sneakers, courtesy of [livejournal.com profile] aint_it_hard in honor of my birthday, which are totally black (Asics). No neon. (This is my third time around with this style/brand. Nobody else seems to get the concept of all black sneakers)

  • Being able to leave my old shoes behind at City Sport, as they apparently recycle or donate them.

  • Fancy coffee drinks normally not purchased, but I'm rich today.

  • Free lunch, courtesy of work. Tasty bbq chicken. Good thing I like it, as there's still a lot of left over. They brought us a bucket of butter. Butter pats, actually. Bucket of Butter is my Paula Dean cover band. I don't even care that she doesn't have a band. If ever she did, she has a ready-made cover band waiting.

I did mention the coffee right? Yep! 
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I tried. I really tried. However, I do not have Dansko-compatible feet. I currently own a pair of distressed brown leather Danskos, size 39. I was assured that after a while my feet would get used to them, and this is not what happened. I took them to the cobbler to try to stretch them out a bit, to no avail. 

I would like to see these gorgeous and seriously hardly used clogs go to someone who will wear them. Given how little I've used them and how little discretionary money I have at the moment, I am hoping someone will be willing to give me some portion of the original cost, which was in the $120-130 range. 

I've been meaning to post this for the better part of a month now. So, here we go. If I fail to get responses here, I'll resort to inquiring unto Facebook. Please don't make me do it, though. 

ETA OK, claimed! Thanks so much for the feedback. Let the bitching about how Danskos aren't as great as they are purported to be commence. XXOO

Dammit, these were supposed to be the answer to the fact my Born Mary-Janes are really worn out and I need new everyday shoes. I'm not fond of shopping for sensible shoes, I'm so often disappointed.
Nov. 24th, 2012 10:17 am

Got Art?

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Public Service Announcement-

If there's people out there in the market to buy stuff in the next few weeks, I still have a lot of inventory from years' past:
  • tins- extra small Altoids mints to tea tin sizes- mostly rectangular, a few square, some round. 
  • jewelry
  • tree ornaments
  • magnets
  • loose beads I have made and would probably be fun for younger people to do things with
  • steampunk jewelry/tins
  • a lot of skull and crossbone and some skeletal lady cameos that can be fashioned into magnets, pins, or pendants. The pirate ones I did a huge batch in roller derby-like colors.
  • watercolors with geometric/math-y designs
I've let my Etsy shop go dormant. I did add some pictures to my FB page, though. 
If any of this catches your interest, give me an idea of what you're in the market for/color/ theme/ price, and I can dig out or take pictures... or if you're in the vicinity and you're pretty sure, I can meet up and show you a selection of likely candidates. 

If you don't ask, you don't know. So I'm putting it out there. 
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Hey, a 5 mile walk apparently was the answer to many things! It was a great time with QE and the baby, and was more energizing than not. Also, Quedabra mini croissants are made of awesome. Still in the thrall of tiny chickens in my head, but they are growing weaker, WEAKER, I tell you!!

I was brave foolish enough to voluntarily go to the Mall with [livejournal.com profile] purple_terror and the wee terror, but 2 (3) things:
Shoes and Coat )

The cost of those purchases are probably not the best timed. Part of my brain is convinced QE'll land this job and our current money problems will evaporate over night. But, honestly, I've done almost no shopping for myself in 2 years. I feel pretty justified in 90% of my brain that it was acceptable and not at all frivolous. Puritan Work Ethic is all that's left, but it is a forgone conclusion that it's a PITA and needs to STFU. Right? Right. 

Oh, Thing Three: P_T is awesome and got me a bit more Lush, because there's never a thing as too much.
Lush Geeking.... )

We came back in one piece and not overly grumpy to have dinner almost all done by our QE. He's been on an amazing pasta kick and outdid himself yet again. 

Ah, also I have a new pastry smasher, too. The old one suffered irreparable metal fatigue. More pie dough is required. 

Clearly I'm feeling better, because I'm writing like I'm jacked on caffeine, which is not the case. 

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I can think of a lot of useless ideas for what to get Crime Fighter for his birthday next month, including a puppy, a big vat of sugar, squealy toys.... All of those ideas are, of course, duly considered and shunted off.

So, what does one get for a one year old when what he loves best is to play with plastic wrappers that make a ton of noise and to play in the recycling bin?   
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I got to go to Kemp park with Crime Fighter this afternoon. That place is amaaaaaaazing. We hung out with [livejournal.com profile] primal_pastry,[livejournal.com profile] red_canna and their kids. RC's middle boy, P, was very sweet and played with Crime Fighter in the water. The baby was all: "OMG, this water thing is so. cool. Everyone should try it. Also, possibly sample the maple seeds and the wood chips and the sand. YUM." And asleep before we crossed the green to the T stop. 

I also found a hat at Helena's- one I'd seen when going by on the bus- it's pretty close to what I have been wanting to wear instead of my Union baseball cap:
Sunday Afternoons Natalie Ribbon Sun Hat Taupe
Although mine looks a bit more in the purple family- but not much. It's squishable and femme. Woohoo!
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I'm still dealing with a lack of capacity to shop unless absolutely required, however, it's [livejournal.com profile] quiet_elegance 's acknowledged (half) birthday on Sunday. We will be in class all day, so we can't celebrate with charred animal flesh as we might otherwise- at least not in the mode we prefer (all day/party like affair).
Still suffering from post-move wallet fatigue and my brain is NOT coming up with clever notions. There should be some present, dammit. It need not be complicated, but something.

(The subject of this note may choose to not read the comments if he wishes some level of surprise, assuming I take any of the suggestions.) 
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I have a swim suit!
I don't loathe it, and it was 30 dollars. I may be able to wear it next year, depending. The bottoms are more like runner shorts in design and have a draw-string with a lot of give to it. Dunno if it'll last the season, but now I have the option of Sunday swim (just not tonight).
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OK- regarding previous query re: rich vs. not rich entry options. Seems to be an issue with Firefox. Using Chrome now and I have the Rich Text tab back. Feh. 
While I was fiddling with wtf was going on, I lost access to my old view option, Dystopia. I really liked Distopia, and once I clicked off it to see if that was the problem, it was removed from my options. I object.

Anyway- At least Chrome works for my more fine-tune posts. (Yes I could do HTML, but .....ech. That's work that takes the fun out of posting)

I managed to do reasonably well at the conference. I now have the self-mandated task of revising our disaster plan. We have one that's ... ish/ok, but I think we can do better. Particularly since COSTEP exists now, which it didn't last time I revised. It fits in with the rewrite for the policy & procedure manual anyway. I also helped review resumes for those who needed it (mostly students). As usual, some are good, some are hopeless. I'm extra interested since we'll be hiring mini-me sometime next month. 

One of the books for this next club read/discuss is the first Maisie Dobbs. Apparently the first time (and last) I read it, I was in Cancun. That was a bit of bittersweet realizing that. I'd really love to be on a beach, but that sort of place is a bit more interesting when you can drink the froofy drinks. Also, I still don't have a servicable suit. Something to fix soon. Just not today. If I don't find a reasonable one at TJ Maxx, I will look for a set of men's trunks... OK, maybe I will go today. (hrmph)
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Saturday morning involves:
breakfast at the Arlington diner
Wilson Farms
(sometimes Whole Foods), Bedford
Stop n' Shop, Bedford

Today we experimented after Wilsons, went to H Mart and the new and huge-ified Market Basket. I don't think we'll try that again any time soon in that format. Both mega stores were -very- crowded and filled with an insane amount of noise. HM has music turned up several degrees past exactly necessary and MB was filled with excessive beepy and high pitched noises. So, now that we've done that we can go back to the usual pattern with a sigh of relief. HM, yes- from time to time, but surgical strike, not part of the  greater shopping experience.
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The final part of my Christmas gifting from [livejournal.com profile] quiet_elegance  was shopping. He is a good luck charm; when I go by myself, I frequently fail in just about all aspects. Today I not only acquired 3 pair of pants but he helped find bras in Sears (as opposed to specialty stores that believe you can have a low-mid 30-some band paired with something over C). I also decided to go ahead and get the Lush Vanishing Cream (OMG, $40?! It best last 6 months at least) -- and replaced the butter dish that I melted. This one is glass. Won't melt on the stove top and easier to get actually clean. ALSO, there will be cheesecake after dinner (and gracing Matt's calendar for one more year- so pretty) Of course we won't eat the calendar.

Hi! good shopping = manic me.
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The spoils of war from this weekend, freshly waterproofed.
my new boots
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I'm not quite ready to deal with real work post lunch, so here I am.

Today: dentist
. 2 fillings to be replaced (next week). My good habits renewed as they always are immediately following the torture of a cleaning. I think I want to see if one of those mini electric brushes will make any difference. I certainly was reminded not all floss is created equal. There will be drug store shopping soon.

Shopping- Finding sandals is always a tough thing. Finding impractical white ones that are not wedges? Hah. I'm not sure I can do that this season. There's a clothing swap on Sunday. There is no guarantee that I'll find anything I like, but I will try. No matter what, I am overdue for some fresh t-shirts. I don't really recall getting fresh summer clothes last year. I think I've been cruising on hand-me-downs for at least 2-3 years. Almost half of what I like to wear best were someone else's first.

Meme- I want to ask questions but I'm uninspired. Oh well. That topic has dominated my friend page today. I will not be jumping on that one.

Art- [livejournal.com profile] primal_pastry  being the most awesome woman she is, suggested I ask the Emperor Norton crew if I could send stuff to the Steampunk World Fair this weekend in NJ. Oh! ... Never would have crossed my mind. So, yes I am now doing that- 15 pieces: smaller sized tins and a modest jewelry tray. I also have been posting new pictures in my FB page and I have added to the picasa gallery. The Kitchy & Crafty fair is coming up in about 2+ weeks. Unlike the Stitches, Needles & Guns show, I do not feel like making product is my primary activity right now. I did sell reasonably well at SNG, but I overdid it enough that I can cruise for a while.

Travel- I'm headed to Ohio for a very brief visit for Mom's birthday in a week and a day. I'm not entirely certain how out and about I'll be. I arrive Thursday night, leave Sunday morning. My hope is to come back for a slightly longer visit before school starts for Mom in August.

Tamale Followup- They have been deemed worthy of a second attempt. We will simply be sure to prep the filling the day before. Yay, new food!

Rollerskating!- I'm going out to Haverhill tomorrow with [livejournal.com profile] sweetmmeblue . Yay! I just hope my sore neck loosens up before then for easier navigation. But I'm going, durn it. I feel a need, a need for speed.

Work- It's been odd having our boss out. It's only been a week and a half, but her absence has been pointedly missed. It's also odd having her office be closed and dark. However, I have solved the issues that were keeping me from producing her history videos (the software was crashing my machine in a welter of over-extending memory and driver capacities). The actual doing- now that I do not fear the blue screen of death- is pretty snappy. My new minion starts next week and the soon-to-be-former minion departs to do post-graduate job hunting. We have a small army of volunteers this season and their work is such that I'm their project supervisor. Usually it's the librarian's thing. The short version: hey, I think I'm productive.

... OK. that's enough of that.
Apr. 29th, 2010 02:23 pm


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Things that are making me feel triumphant:

Last year I spent many months teaching myself how to make videos for work. It's time to revisit this as a producer/editor only and my first round with it went so well that it didn't eat my whole day! Mind you, it was just the brief introduction, but I still. Triumph.

Extra bonus, it's really pretty (although stupidly windy) out.

Last week was a work reception and they presented me with a very generous Borders card as a thank you for 10 years of service. I just killed almost 3/4 of it in one shot. Ooops! But books! Some volumes I actually get to keep.
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The phone number I had since I was 5 is gone. It makes sense, why pay for a line when the only incoming calls are pleas for money from XYZ cause? Certainly not to provide a child (who's not a child) who's not lived in that house for 16 (dear gods) years a link to her past. Time to suck it up and actually memorize both my parents primary number for real already. Some numbers should be memorized, them's be two of them. Still, it's a passing of an icon, and it's a minor sadness to me.

On the frivolous side: I will have a top hat by the end of the month. (that image represents style, not color). Happy birthday to me
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[livejournal.com profile] spinrabbit  being the most excellent creature that she is, just pointed to this Cafe Press store front. Sign me up. I've now populated every blog space I am responsible for/use with this, that's how much I love it.

We do remember the Post It note scandal of aught-eight? OK, I thought so.
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Did you know that Pearl Art is in its final days? I went yesterday after work to try to get a china marker. The shelves are mostly empty and there was a line stretching to the back of the store and around the perimeter to check out. I wandered around a little bit, almost bought a bit of acrylic paint, but then realized I'd have to stand in that line.

Did you know there's an art store across the street from Pearl? Literally, across the street. It's in the basement- big-ish sign proclaiming art supplies. So, in the coming months/years, keep that in mind when you are wishing Pearl was still around. I don't actually remember the name of this other store, despite shopping their somewhat often in the past 2ish years. They did have a number of colored china markers, but none in white- Stabillo, yes, so that would do.

Then I went to put the new implements in my bag and found my missing marker that I just replaced. headdesk. This after the Shuffle "loss", repurchase, and recovery. I'm starting to get a bit twitchy. FWIW, the things "lost" were small. Replacing them, while an irritant was possible. Having a duplicate for either is not such a bad notion, either, especially if I continue to be scatter-brained.

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If you had a $10 max. a mixed gender group of attendees, and limited to shopping in the Beacon Hill/Downtown Crossing area, what would you get? I am trying to avoid sugary stuff in deference to the dieters. I'm entirely unmotivated and uninspired. ETA: Thanks, everybody! I found a neat mug/plate set at TJ's. (And neat socks for mumsey)
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The most important, time-sensitive packages have been wrapped and mailed to Indiana for the little girls. Second most-important - to MiL- will go out... soon. But elder niece's birthday is Tuesday, so- yeah. Don't wanna be a jerk about that. Remember folks- keep the box size under 12 inches if you don't want extra charges. Assuming that's an option. I forgot when wrapping up the Cute Overload calendars. Ooops.

I have accounted for all the major bills for the rest of the month, so I could deal with offering some charity- not much, but better than nothing. I already give monthly to NPR. Planned Parenthood is now part of that group. Both orgs have been instructed not to mail me anything more, so that's good. I was getting a deluge from PP. The final one is to go to the local library. I got a call from a nice but tired sounding woman last night. I had just unearthed the fundraiser letter and it was next on my list (next week I think), so I totally made her night. I was the first one she'd called who'd given her a positive reply. That made me feel both good and bad at the same time.

Except for one visit to Bob Slate, all that's left is stuff I have to make rather than buy.
Dec. 15th, 2009 07:20 pm

I forgot

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Sooooo- in my absolute focus on acquiring the seasonal flavor of dark chocolate mint from Coldstone, I got too close to the Burlington Mall. Less than 2 weeks from Christmas. However, I now have a gallon of said ice cream. Last year I didn't get any, iirc. So! There you have it. I shan't venture towards that side of town until at least December 27. Eeeeeeech.


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