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Did I mention I have been doing a lot of walking lately? Primarily the morning commute-- that it's not that hard to take the bus, drop off the kid, and walk to Alewife. It gives me a bit of time to really move. My average is about 20-25 min. to get the mile+, which is just as good if not markedly better than waiting for and then sitting on a slow bus. If nothing else, I'm in charge of my pace rather than being trapped and waiting to go.
But bike! [livejournal.com profile] asciikitty's mom fixed up my bike, which was thrashed to hell and back. This was the first week I had a chance to use it for the commute. It's.... OK? Nice not to be beholden to the to-the-school bus, and it only takes about 10-15 to do the return to Alewife, but I genuinely missed the walking bit, so today I chose that instead of the bike and was quite happy.

Did I mention, I'm walking to Mordor and back with [livejournal.com profile] asciikitty's D&D friends? There's a spreadsheet (of course there is) and the company's cumulative daily miles walked go towards the goal. A. said that bike counts, too, and by extension if that's true, then skating counts. Turns out leaving your phone in your pocket triggers the pedometer when skating. Mwahhahahaaa!!!  I mean, I'd already made a commitment to walk 4 miles minimum most days, and adding bike miles puts me over 6. It's all quite fun. I am taking a ridiculous amount of pride in being the top walker of the company. Turns out I am a bit competitive. I sort of forgot about that.

OH, and [livejournal.com profile] samuraizergling and I went skating last Friday out at Rollerworld (hence me finding out about the pedometer). Some skaters had GROUND LIGHT EFFECTS. I inquired. I got some of my own. The problem is, I'm not entirely certain how to accomplish the effect on my own. Getting Jaime to do that may work? Maybe. I need to implicitly ask if she can get on that today/tomorrow so when A. and I go skating THIS Saturday it'll be working. (Also, skating! Yay!) They were so effing cool.
So funny to be at the rink when it's not a private party I'm ostensibly throwing. So many teens, so many small humans falling down left and right. I have (knock wood) just sailed through, serenely. But also so odd to feel so young and know that all but maybe 3 people out on the rink are of an age to be my own kid. Not just my own kid, but my kid had whilst married. I ridiculously hope that if I am observed at all, I am considered a cool old person by the whippersnappers.
Skate skate skate!

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... which of course is a load of crap. What is "normal?"
But you know what I mean, or will soon.

I keep finding little-ish things that I am able to reclaim, things I used to do that I did before a kid that better fits my internal landscape of who I think I am.

  • I've started wearing jewelry again. Not the fancy, intricate, hand-made (by me) beaded necklaces, but earrings and my more sturdy necklaces. The Kid may want to touch them, but he isn't just yanking at the shiny things. Also, he can say "Shiny," which is awesome.

  • I'm contemplating makeup. Not necessary, sure, but helps me feel more deliberate in my stylistic choices

  • ART. Guys? ART!! Clay. CLAY. CLAY! I'm sure the repetition, caps and bold would be enough for even the most unobservant that perhaps I buried the lede here. Specifically, I've started to experiment with a new jewelry notion: a toggle necklace/bracelet that uses jersey/t-shirt material as the connectors. I'm using Makume-gane style (check out this tutorial I just found. OMG, why am I not at home RIGHT NOW DOING THIS!!!). I also need to revisit how I finish the stuff.

  • Gym. Soon. As the weather gets less clement, I have plans to find a gym. Mornings are more flexible than they were once upon a time, so hopefully I can negotiate something a few days a week and do that proper cardio I've been skipping almost entirely for 2+ years.

  • Skating: I've only gone the one time. I want to do more though.

  • Hair cut. I really like the current cut. It feels very Me.

  • I must be doing well when I forget N times in a day I have therapy. Which is in 45 min. OK- I go. Bye!

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I realized yesterday that I'd not been here for a while in a writing sense.
I don't know if I'll get around to writing about my Ohio trip, my reUUnion experience (excellent), the traveling alone with a toddler (doable but exhausting), returning, the reality that my kid's about to turn 2, all the amazing leveling up he's done- I started to write about all that, but it sounded boring when I was writing it, so who knows. The moment may have passed.

What I did want to write about was the bit about me getting on my skates for the first time in over 2 years. I don't remember at what point I put them away when I was pregnant, then they never came out of the basement at the newly-old house. But a friend of mine was talking about how he's been skating as his primary exercise outlet and how much he's enjoying that after a bumpy beginning. I had such an instantaneous and visceral envy. Also, I have all this pavement across the street from my house. Never mind the bike path, which is an option, sure- but baby steps. Especially since our evenings are darker now. No way I'm going down the bumpiest bit of the path in the dark. School yard? Sure.

It was already well past sunset when I went over, but the street and building lights were enough to consider this a viable option. If random people can play basketball until 10 at night, I can probably keep from falling over on my skates. It was great. The basketball court is the best- smoothest, but a very limited bit of real estate, and very highly prized. I had not realized my left-over-right cross overs were so frankenstein-like. Right over left? Smooth, gliding, dolphins through water. I spent a lot of time trying to convince my non-dominant foot it could replicate smooth, gliding, dolphins through water. I have a long way to go. I also had 2 repetitions of Wish You Were Here: studio and live versions, on my ipod. That's Bob Wright's theme song for me. I feel like I got a visitation, a benediction. He's been gone a long time now. I wish he was here. I wish he could meet the crime fighter and try to talk me out of selling my motorcycle.

I'm going to be sore in the morning. 
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(I shamelessly cribbed this from my partner in crime)
July 14th
Details @ [livejournal.com profile] saugussk8 

Please let me know if you are going to attend either by replying here or at the community page. [also an FB page] This is going to be a blast.

We have control of the music
There is decent food
You don't have to skate to come, you can just hang out and be social!

Hope to see many of you there.
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Next skate night is now set up for 7/14. 7:30-9:30. For full details, visit the [livejournal.com profile] saugussk8  community; RSVP there or in the FB invite listed also in that post.
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I'm not quite ready to deal with real work post lunch, so here I am.

Today: dentist
. 2 fillings to be replaced (next week). My good habits renewed as they always are immediately following the torture of a cleaning. I think I want to see if one of those mini electric brushes will make any difference. I certainly was reminded not all floss is created equal. There will be drug store shopping soon.

Shopping- Finding sandals is always a tough thing. Finding impractical white ones that are not wedges? Hah. I'm not sure I can do that this season. There's a clothing swap on Sunday. There is no guarantee that I'll find anything I like, but I will try. No matter what, I am overdue for some fresh t-shirts. I don't really recall getting fresh summer clothes last year. I think I've been cruising on hand-me-downs for at least 2-3 years. Almost half of what I like to wear best were someone else's first.

Meme- I want to ask questions but I'm uninspired. Oh well. That topic has dominated my friend page today. I will not be jumping on that one.

Art- [livejournal.com profile] primal_pastry  being the most awesome woman she is, suggested I ask the Emperor Norton crew if I could send stuff to the Steampunk World Fair this weekend in NJ. Oh! ... Never would have crossed my mind. So, yes I am now doing that- 15 pieces: smaller sized tins and a modest jewelry tray. I also have been posting new pictures in my FB page and I have added to the picasa gallery. The Kitchy & Crafty fair is coming up in about 2+ weeks. Unlike the Stitches, Needles & Guns show, I do not feel like making product is my primary activity right now. I did sell reasonably well at SNG, but I overdid it enough that I can cruise for a while.

Travel- I'm headed to Ohio for a very brief visit for Mom's birthday in a week and a day. I'm not entirely certain how out and about I'll be. I arrive Thursday night, leave Sunday morning. My hope is to come back for a slightly longer visit before school starts for Mom in August.

Tamale Followup- They have been deemed worthy of a second attempt. We will simply be sure to prep the filling the day before. Yay, new food!

Rollerskating!- I'm going out to Haverhill tomorrow with [livejournal.com profile] sweetmmeblue . Yay! I just hope my sore neck loosens up before then for easier navigation. But I'm going, durn it. I feel a need, a need for speed.

Work- It's been odd having our boss out. It's only been a week and a half, but her absence has been pointedly missed. It's also odd having her office be closed and dark. However, I have solved the issues that were keeping me from producing her history videos (the software was crashing my machine in a welter of over-extending memory and driver capacities). The actual doing- now that I do not fear the blue screen of death- is pretty snappy. My new minion starts next week and the soon-to-be-former minion departs to do post-graduate job hunting. We have a small army of volunteers this season and their work is such that I'm their project supervisor. Usually it's the librarian's thing. The short version: hey, I think I'm productive.

... OK. that's enough of that.
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Despite the address listed on the website, Skateland is apparently in Haverhill, FYI. At least according to directions

Post-PAX has continued to be a difficult thing. I have to say again, I really didn't expect it to be so squee-worthy. I keep saying I'm not a gamer, and yet--- It seems a good move to find more moments of undeniable joy and bliss. Well, I found it at Skateland. It's a smaller space than Roller World, less peripherals, no kiddie rink, not much in the way of concessions, but wow. It was overflowing with good cheer and people there to have a really good time. Everyone.
The music was throbbingly loud and the rink was pretty much packed with fast moving, lithe skaters.  Getting on the floor felt like an on-ramp to the Autobahn. The first half an hour was nerve-wracking as people would pass where there was room and their notion of room was not my notion- nobody usually brushed me, but it was damn close so many times. I would not recommend this specific skate night (18+/Thursday nights) for those who are timid on skates. After a while I started to get in the groove.
The skate experience felt like a lot of things smooshed together- school of fish, flock of birds, school dance, discotech. My favorite was watching the veteran skaters do the roll-bounce (or what I imagine must be roll-bounce) that looked like a line dance almost. I swear half the populace spent the whole night skating backwards. Envy! I wanna do that... but without killing myself. I certainly want to figure out how to dance along like that going forward. It sort of makes me want to get of quads... but not this season, I think. Got to make sure I actually go to a rink more than 2 times a year. Ideally, I'd like to go once a month to some skate night-  Turns out Roller World is half the distance, at least. (17 mi. vs. 33) ... choices. They are good. 

To sum up: Yay!
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Originally [livejournal.com profile] sweetmmeblue  and I were going to go skating tomorrow, but she's managed to injure herself, and no skating for her (a major sadness). I am now jonesing for some skating, and I have Friday off, so staying out later than I would is entirely reasonable this week-

Skateland's site
Important info gleaned from said site:
Thursday is 7:30-10:30, $7, adult (18+) skate. Skate rental is $3, and it looks like you can bring your own but they reserve the right to ban skates for whatever reason.  Located at 9 Railroad Avenue Bradford, Massachusetts 01835

Any takers?
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Again and more thanks for those who came out to skate last night. Mom had a lot of fun- so did I! The only thing I wish was that I'd paid more attention to the time, forced there to be that Metallica song I wanted, and warned everyone when it was the last song. OK- that's 3 things, actually. My brief feeling of nostalgia for quad skates was quickly supplanted by the preference for better bearings and padding in the boot. I'm sure if I had my own quad skates it'd be different.

Mom is the skating queen

mizA and mom
- second picture by [livejournal.com profile] rintrahroars - thanks!

By minor miracles, both mom and I woke up not tottering like old ladies. We packed up and were on the road by 9:30 to Hampden Beach. Yes, there are better beaches out there, but I adore the boardwalk and carnival atmosphere.
+planning for rain by bringing our jackets
+sitting, sketching, listening to Brandi Carile on shared headphones until it started raining
+having a plan: packed up the beach-sitting stuff, got jackets, walked down the surf in the rain
+shopping on the boardwalk while it was Really Raining: new sundress and skirt, shells for crafting, and standard boardwalk sugar
+fried seafood lunch during the worst of the rain and a very sweet waitress

Well, that appears to be all pluses. That's awesome.

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Due diligence means posting here, too.... Skating! Thursday! I'm taking song requests. Original post with details here.
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Just a quick reminder I'm hosting a skating party in a few weeks- see full details here, and RSVP in Facebook if you can, or in comments.
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My mom is going to be visiting at the end of July/beginning of August. She loves skating and so: party!

Where: Roller World: 425r Broadway Saugus MA 01906, http://www.roller-world.com/index.html
When: Thursday, July 30, 7-9pm
Why:  Skating rules, and so does my mom.
Who: You, your SO(s), kids, that random friend who likes to skate. Sure, bring 'em! The place is as big as a airplane hangar, so the more the merrier. Please try to RSVP by July 27 so we can give the rink an approximate head-count.
People wrangling: As ever, any and all excessive drama will be recorded and posted to a variety of social media sites. Parents are responsible for their kids' noggins and limbs, also per usual.
Cost: The total rental for the evening is $350.00- Your hostess would appreciate any donations to defray the cost. A labeled box will be clearly displayed in the concession area for said donations.

Please do note that skating is not required to attend! Did we mention there's air hockey and ski ball, as well as awesome music picked by your hostess, awful pizza, slurpees, and socializing.


  * They have a separated bit of skating space for wee tiny skaters so they don't get knocked down by the tails. Beginner adults also welcome if they respect the littles.
  * Skate rental is part of the private party cost, but renting their rollerblades is a $3 charge.
  * If you have your own skates, bring them. They will check to see if you have brakes on your 'blades, though, and that your tires aren't studded with gravel.
  * There is a standard concession stand that serves pizza and hot dogs, so food/dinner is available, but in this party's case: bring some extra cash for that.
  * Roller-World is off Rt 1, about 2 miles south of 128/95. There's lots and lots of junk food emporiums to get dinner at beforehand, including Mike's Roast Beef another 1-2 miles further south of the Rink.
  * If you are not car-enabled, please let us know. We'll coordinate carpools and pickups to the best of our ability, but unfortunately can't guarantee a ride.
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Things continue to be going pretty well, but apparently I've been not so chatty. I still blame Facebook for stealing a significant portion of my posting brain.

Despite the dreary weather today I'm feeling optimistic. Then again, it's my birthday this week, and that still is a good thing.
Hm. I appear to have a laundry list of little things rather than a coherent paragraph, so I yield to bulleted formatting again.
  • Skating last Thursday was amazing, fantastic, and donations covered everything and I believe a bit left over for the next deposit. [livejournal.com profile] lifecollage  is currently the banker on this one.
  • Aligot potatoes. Look it up, then make them. WOW. They just about overshadowed [profile] purple_terror 's signature steak. Almost. Or don't make them if you're disinclined for whatever reason for milk products.
  • Early bike path treks, both rollerblading and biking happened this weekend. It really does pay to get out there before the weekend tourists come out in force.
  • Patriot's Day in Lexington = fried dough and kettle corn. [profile] quiet_elegance  and I went up to get our fix, people watch then scarper. Watching parades is not something either of us really care much about especially when it's not really warm yet and very windy.
  • While it's still a chore, I take great satisfaction out of shifting the wardrobe with the season, especially in favor of warmer months. Despite my profession, which theoretically means I've neat tendencies, I allow my drawers/closets to get disheveled. Now they are sheveled.
  • Related: I have a bag ready for a clothing swap- anyone interested in such a thing? Or perhaps I should just ping the 5 people who usually take my clothes....
  • I'm hugely looking forward to leaving Thursday night for NYC. There's a plan to go to Morimoto for dinner Friday- do you think they offer you a birthday dessert? Or is that just too TGIFridays? I have a tentative involving the Guggenheim, but really, it's whatever p_t and I want to do. 
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So, yesterday, I had bean sprouts. Hadn't really even broken out of the ground as such- just peeking. I wasn't home last night until late, so didn't check on any of them. Well! The beans are now over an inch tall. I'm entirely flabbergasted. I have about a dozen plants and may well need to find a home or two, as that's a lot of beans. Mom says they're the best, though.
My tomatoes have also started to come up and I know there's way too many of those, too. Wow! I actually can grow things from seeds- I was not convinced of this until this week, really.

Ok, also- zomg, skating tonight! Eeeeee!

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First a bit of meta- I think that Facebook is stealing my one-off bits of commentary that could have been a post, but is really just a few lines of "hey, a thing!"  I guess this shouldn't surprise me.

So- the good things:
- 3 day weekend
- Rollerblading! I went out for the first time on Friday during my day off then again this evening after work.
- Friday evening I got to hear (not so much see) Joss Whedon get a cultural humanism award from Harvard. Good to hear it all but really would have  been even better to see it, too.
- Helped [livejournal.com profile] woodwardiocom  and [personal profile] buxom_bey  with packing - That whole house purchase thing: wow! Yay!
- Amazing interns make me happy. One of the three particularly has zipped through a project that I had been first slogging through then ignoring. I'd keep her if I could pay her.
- First lunch outside today: it was a bit chilly, but hey, outside :)
- A significant collection was delivered this morning at work: the church that closed was kind enough to donate a very vurrah pretty pennies to off-set the cost of organizing and maintaining it. That sort of thing makes bosses happy.
- Speaking of bosses- she helped me make a decision regarding an ongoing project that is huge and rather onerous. I'd been going into a crazy level of detail (not that it seemed to be so at the time)- and now we're doing more of a "good enough" brass tacks. Given this is also an intern-assisted project, it'll be done in no time. FTW.
- Sushi + Repo! tomorrow
- Skating at Rollerworld Thursday (yes, do come)
- That whole going to the gym all winter pretty much without fail as long as I was in town/going to work: hugely paying off. Just about every time I see myself in a reflection I have this pause of "dude, that's me!- Go me!" Not that I didn't like myself before.
- In a week and a half I head down to NYC to see my uncle's latest production and catch up with an asounding number of family members. Oh, and it's my birthday 'round then, too. I feel like the birthday bit has sort of snuck up on me.
- Holy Moses, the plants, they are sprouting! About a week ago I guess it was, I put in tomato, bean, broccoli, and cucumber seeds. Oh, and carrots outside. All the inside seeds are coming up- I'm asounded- Perhaps this isn't as difficult as I thought? 
-I love spring

Wow. That's a lot of good, nay great, stuff.
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I dreamed that I was responsible for getting a Saugus Skate party together,  but it was up against some other activities that I was much more interested in- apparently the skate party was set up and forgotten? 

anxiety-ridden details )I find this a strange way to anticipate today's dental visit (fixing a cracked filling), but there you go. I think it can mostly be chalked up to a sudden embarrassment of riches with social events in the next few weekends. Possibly residual mom worry? The Benadryl I took before going to sleep? Oy. I can do without in any event.
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Oops- I forgot to post directly to Saugusk8 the first time. Feel free to see my recap and how to host tips there.

Short version- it worked out. Baredly, but it did.
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visiting my parents (and their fuzzy pets), air travel, loud concert, constant congestion from allergies... my ear hurts. again. Ow. Back to pills and nose spray. And call the insurance people to discover what their policy is on acupuncture. In the meantime, Vit. I to the rescue. Also need to have all scripts sent to MedCo, asap. Meh, I say. I really don't want to do work-like things today.

But as [profile] sweetmmeblue recounts here, the concert last night was fantastic. I'd not realized when I gave her a mix disc some time ago with KT on it that it would have such an effect. :)

And: skating tonight. Think "40" for me. That's the number of people we need to we break even + have the deposit for the next time. Anyone who can give rides should speak up at the saugussk8 posting. I know [personal profile] lightcastle and [profile] anotherjen were looking.
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7-9pm at Rollerworld. Go to their website for directions. $10/person to cover the cost of the rental.  RSVPs not necessary but are helpful. Kids very much welcome- feel free to bring other folks with you- cross posting is encouraged.
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I have put money down for the WEDNESDAY May 28 skate night.
ETA: Event is from 7-9pm at Roller World. Please visit their web site for directions.
I'm going to have faith that we'll have at least 35 people attending, so be prepared to spend 10/per person. Any extra we get will be put forward to the next skate night.  We may set up a Paypal account (not mine) to deal with entrance fees, but they are very happy to take cash at the end of the night so at this point, I'm not going to sweat it.

I strongly encourage anyone who's reasonably certain they'll be going to RSVP in comments. Please note how many will be with you if they're not likely to reply themselves.

This will be also posted at [profile] saugussk8. Any other signal boosting is welcome.


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