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The woman who was my exchange student and I hers in a quid pro quo program the end of my jr. year in high school just found me on G+.
This makes me feel feels. I almost ignored it, as I didn't recognise her married name, but her first name is unique enough to give me pause, rather than just nuke from space.

Here's the thing: I was a TOTAL jerk while I was visiting her in Germany. Total. I macked on the boy I knew she liked. It was beyond rude and selfish. I said "oops" when I got caught then had to be TOLD why she was as mad as she was. I mean, I sort of knew (I did say oops, after all) but the degree of the failure on my part was much larger than I had imagined. He was dead-cute... I mean whole levels of cute I don't think existed in my school. And also forbidden, and I was going to be gone never to be seen again in less than a month. Totally failed my saving throw, and obviously, I regretted it ever since in a way that makes me wonder why she'd even want to talk to me now, you know?  Anyway. That came out of left field.

I wonder what'll happen next? Not a lot, I'm sure, but I didn't expect this much...
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I'm having a good day. Manic, for sure... I am super-focused and when I start talking, I have a hard time stopping. But with all this positive energy, it's a huge rush! I suspect I'll crash out from all the expended mental energy before the end of the day, but right now it's totally worth it.

The major factor is that I had a hard interaction last night and the requisite hard conversations that were last night and again this morning. The content of that is not particularly important in this story, but what is was that I was able to express myself in the post-mortem clearly. I was able to indicate what I think went well and what I think was not healthy to the other person's choices. This is something that is monumentally hard for me to do, thanks to decades of conditioning and reinforcement.  I am not sure I have ever had such a clear-cut "victory" in using my words effectively on encouraging healthy communication and reinforcing my boundaries. My therapist (and how many of my friends? ::looks at [livejournal.com profile] lifecollage in particular::) has of course chided/encouraged me to do so, but fear won out pretty much every other time. What the fear doesn't want you to realize, is that if you actually succeed in doing the hard thing, you come out the other side feeling satisfied, vindicated... in my case today, feeling bullet-proof.

That bullet-proof translated into being excited and ready to work today. I managed to get most of this out (again, thanks to [livejournal.com profile] lifecollage who joined me for the commute in) so I didn't feel a compulsive need to write all this out first thing. So, I'm really happy with how much I've done with today. I've had unbelievably great conversations with my intern and my colleague's intern. I signed up for some professional development for June that I'm rather pleased by. I went out at lunch and bought replacement glasses. They'll look almost exactly like my old ones without the liability of being approximately 4-5 years old. Sadly, they were a bit too expensive for me to also get sunglasses at the same time. I will go to the internets for that.

Moral of the story: Don't let fear own you. When you get it right, it's really worth it on the other side of the brave thing.
Feb. 13th, 2013 02:15 pm

True Words

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I stalk internet-famous people via my RSS feed, primarily via Tumblr. I also stalk some Tumblr accounts inspired by other things (because that's what Tumblr's all about, really. And gifs.) So, I follow Nerdfighter Art at. The trend is to do arty paintings of quotes done by John or Hank Green or from John's books. Sort of like cross stitch samplers with aphorisms. Or truisms.
However, yesterday's Vlogbrother's post included the following, an idea expressed by John's wife, Sarah, aka The Yeti, realized when she was still a teenager:

Everyone's thinking about themselves
as much as she was thinking about herself
and that therefore no one else 
had time to think about her.

That is the first time I've wanted to do one of those watercolor renditions of the cross stitch truism. I may have to fix the pronouns so it scans better, though. This concept really is a good thing to keep in mind when one is wigging out about rando-interaction with someone who made you feel angry/weird/sad/upset. I think it's more true when one is a teenager, but it doesn't entirely go away. 

If I do the watercolor, I will share it with the internet in some form. Possibly via Nerdfighter art
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... Is it time to go yet?
It's been an odd last day before the Thanksgiving break. ( I don't always take the Wednesday off, but it worked out this way. The library always closes on Friday after.) Today was [livejournal.com profile] quiet_elegance's long awaited steroid shot for his spine. That went well. Crime Fighter wandered all over the clinic's first floor, made a ton of friends, including ones who have access to goldfish crackers and cheerios. Previous visits to this clinic felt much longer. [livejournal.com profile] tamidon's elder had been contracted to babysit the boy(s), and apparently that went well. This meant QE could sleep a LOT. 
I got to go to therapy on time, had a nice, non-eventful chat with Susan-the-therapist. But it's nice to work on base-line brain care. Today's topic: how to convince my brain that I don't have to go nuts with Christmas shopping when I can't afford it. And I have an amazing stash of made by me stuff that I need to overhaul and gift to them's who's gettin' gifts. 
So, didn't get to work til 12:30. I had a great and long overdue lunch with [livejournal.com profile] lifecollage, who is back from her whirlwind month of travel. The afternoon's been quiet- Talked with office mate about the usual take over the world stuff, and sorted the stuff that needs to be filed. I haven't actually finished that filing, but it turns out there wasn't as much there as I expected.   
Tonight Amanda Fucking Palmer and Neil Gaiman are going to be in Lexington for a book thing for a friend of theirs whose name I honestly don't recall. But I couldn't resist the idea of missing an opportunity to see those 2 together. I haven't seen Mr. Gaiman since before AFP showed up in his life and haven't seen AFP since she was in the Dresden Dolls. [livejournal.com profile] drwex and I are meeting up for that, which will also be nice.
Tomorrow starts food prep for Thursday. You know. Like making apple sauce and prepping pies! I'm entirely happy we'll be just hanging out for the holiday at home, the 3 of us. Chasing Mr. D. is beyond exhausting when we're not on our home turf these days. 

So, many thanks in advance to my friends, my family, my job, my health, and so on and so forth. 
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 My Sunday officially started when I woke up with a jolt to... nothing. Silence. Not a noise. There had been no noise for hours.  I woke up again very emphatically at 6... nope. Still nothing. Finally at 7:30 after I decided I'd just stay in bed and rest for a few more minutes there was babble from the other room. That's right. The second night of the sleep experiment was an astonishing success. 
But lest you think I'm getting complacent, I'm quite convinced that this will not happen two nights in a row. I have to say, though, for the first time in almost a year and a half, I slept for hours and hours at a time.

It was such a lovely and novel thing, I rather didn't stop moving most of the day. I:
  • Put up more AV of the baby 
  • Sorted tax stuff. [livejournal.com profile] quiet_elegance has about 12-13 accumulated last year. We are never going to be able to do our own taxes.
  • Put away financials from last year and sorted the box(es) for that. 
  • Swept the office, bedroom, and stairs to the 1st floor and mopped the rooms
  • Spent several hours with [livejournal.com profile] taura_g while she watched me...
  • Unpack one set of book shelves
  • Dust
  • Move shelves to new location in office
  • Reshelve with an eye to leaving QE more room for union/instruction stuff in the un-moved shelves
  • Set up the baby's bed in the new empty space 
  • Put away the natural result of office and art supply entropy. 
After she left
  • I cooked some for the week (lamb, rice, mushroom, spinach... thing.)
  • Gave the baby a bath after a failure in diaper structural integrity
  • Made cookie dough
  • Talked to my dad
  • Ate really excellent scallops cooked by [livejournal.com profile] purple_terror
  • Had the baby conk out snuggling me while we were watching Firefly (Trash)
Next before a bit of telly
  • Clean up kitchen
  • Bake some cookies
  • NOT pack my lunch because I'm seeing [livejournal.com profile] lifecollage tomorrow (dammit)
  • Go to bed early
I should sleep like that more often.
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It was one of those days where I felt like I got in and didn't really stop going for the whole (truncated work day). Of course, that's the day when it feels like I'm getting all sorts of great pings from people, often ones who aren't around. Augh! And I'm busy working at work! Who knew? 
One realization that I made this week is that I have a department to run now. Of 2, but still. So, It's in my best interest to keep on top of projects and ... you know. Manage. So, I'm looking into alternatives to Remember The Milk for list making and task sharing. (Feel free to tell me what your favorite is- I want to be able to have everyone look at the same thing, make notes, get reminders from me... etc.) 
I managed to get a follow up visit at Longwood with the doc for my IUD this afternoon at the last minute, so did the schlep and wait: got out around 3:15, missed the bus to Central Sq., so decided to walk from Fenway to Central. Why not? Great afternoon. I always wanted to see what that was like. I'd guess it was about a 20-30 min walk and part of it goes through the heart of BU. 
here's where it gets interesting
I saw a ninja holding a toy sword and had a sign that said Fight Me and a second toy sword at his feet. The other BU kids were totally ignoring this invitation- the fools. I was talking to my dad at the time, so I told him I had to hang up and fight ninjas. So, I placed my bags to one side, bowed, picked up the toy sword at the ninja's feet and brandished it, waiting for him to yell for the other ninjas, who were apparently hiding in the stairwell behind him. I fought all 5 or 6 of them and I'd say that the element of surprise was in my lack of surprise, so I win! 

Now I'm home- I got to pick up the Crime Fighter from [livejournal.com profile] mzkero's a bit early, got to walk home from her house, and had a buncha pictures and photo books waiting for me. All in all, a very satisfying day.
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I am not fond of chaos, cacophonous chatter, clutter, crowds. 
I have thought I was an extrovert, but [livejournal.com profile] drwex has disabused me of this long-held notion. But it really isn't as simple as that. If we're going with the Meyers-Briggs notion, I am very extroverted in my mode of thinking: I must think out loud in order to come to some resolution. Going with the more generically used definition of intro/extrovert referring to interest in being around other people, then clearly I am a selective extrovert. Yes, I want to be around people, but if the situation branches into multiple conversations in a small space, my brain short circuits trying to track it all. 

All this came up while at a 2 year old's birthday party. [livejournal.com profile] primal_pastry, who was also here for my review of obvious observations, promised on the spot she'd cover Crime Fighter's birthday party needs for the first few years to take the edge off. Very thoughtful. I was suddenly not looking forward to what lies ahead. 

Not unrelated: I am not going to hang out with the local chapter of the moms brigade at the Museum of Science tomorrow morning- along with all the 2 year olds ever. I am going to stay home and tame some of the chaos that's edging in around the corners of my house. And possibly bake cookies and I may choose to stay in my flannel pajamas if the weather insists on being dis-grossing, as we used to say in grade school.     
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Despite the Tasmanian Devil act I was treated to for the better part of the mid-to-later morning (4-7ish) by Mr. Crime Fighter, I manged to get into a relatively decent mood. This was entirely assisted by it being Bagel Friday. [livejournal.com profile] purple_terror, despite being on vacation did the Bagels By US run and brought me my not-bagel usual.

By the time all that happened and CF had his second breakfast but before elevensies we scarpered to [livejournal.com profile] rintrahroars for attack of the 2 year old show. All the 2 year olds EVER!! Seriously. We have to acclimate Crime Fighter to the notion of uncontrolled chaos, dontchaknow, and I get to hang with the moms of awesome. CF sort of does this "... huh" thing: crinkles his eyebrows and looks askance at the capering demons, I mean older kids. He's entirely fine with being passed from mom to mom, having some aggressive snuggles from one of the girls and is otherwise embodying his Winston persona, minus the whiskey and stogie.

Play group went so well, I kept on going to Harvard - hit Lush, made out like a bandit on some exchange items, visited DHR to show off the kid, reviewed the itty bitty farmers market, some lunch, Burdick-- finally. I watched Chocolat within the past week and after that, one must have Burdick hot chocolate or implode. ^_^ -- I even successfully fed Crime Fighter without feeling awkward and got him home before we hit Fuss o'clock. (which is now, at which point Dad can deal ;)

Totally rockin' day. I'll be able to revisit the usual Saturday activities tomorrow of diner and groceries with PT.

... OK. I'm paying for it now. Boy is AWAKE, expelling waste every N minutes and wanting to eat between diaper changes.
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I have this habit of jamming what feels like 3 days of domestic activity into 1 Sunday. Things done today:
  • minor garden maintenance, majority of basil pulled up
  • pesto made
  • first ever canning experiment attempted (dilly beans). No idea if they're edible yet.
  • first ever fish stew made (should have been chowder but lacked thickness). Result: tasty, especially with chopped cracklings on top
  • greens prepped, salad made, basis of 3 lunches established
  • roasted red peppers
  • baked chicken for lunches
  • assembled and baked peach pie
  • rearranged freezer
  • folded laundry
  • worked on most recent dragon tin
  • kept self company with Buffy then Big Bang Theory. Apparently it's a B sort of day
I feel like I'm missing something, but really, that's enough.

The weekend also included a child's 1st birthday party, a housewarming yesterday, and sadly missing another birthday along the way. [livejournal.com profile] asciikitty  and I sort of road-tripped around all over the place most of the day being ridiculously social. I also (re)met her parents- even had dinner with them! They are remarkably similar to my own parents in many respects. Friday included salvaging photos for [livejournal.com profile] taura_g  (those are done, btw)- and hanging out with her.

Side note re: food. I sincerely hope I get to Journeyman really soon. Listening to other people's experiences there is maddening.
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I don't know why I think I should write posts when I'm brain dead. A visit from G-BFF Dale and his partner Lou was fantastic-- and somewhat alcohol soaked. We started off with sushi with Sang on Friday. They'd never had scorpion bowls- there were mandates to fulfill. Then Saturday involved a tour of Sam Adams. The brewery's in Jamaica Plain (walking distance from my house from grad school). I'd not been since that era, but the 25 min tour did sound somewhat familiar. They let you have some free beer after and you can keep the juice size sample glasses. If you want the freshest beer ever, that's where to go. Unless you make your own, then you already know where to find such a substance. Doyle's has some sort of deal with the brewery and they serve a metric ton of SA's product, including flavors you can't get outside of Boston, so we trekked there for snacks and Red Brick (or Summer Ale). They let you have the perfect pint glasses :
perfect pint glass by Sam Adams
Seriously- these are just brilliant. The guys (their friend Bruce was with us) were very nice and let me take all 4 of the glasses home. Well, they will be home. It made sense to secret them away at work on the way to the Scissor Sisters concert we went to next because who wants to haul breakables into Lansdowne and hope they come out unscathed? Yeah, exactly. 
So, the show. I had heard some S. Sisters in passing. They're OK. Very New York, lots of disco influence, very much an iconic group for a significant portion of the gay community. I emphatically trust Dale when he says I'll enjoy something, but ... wow. I spent most of the show with my mouth hanging open. The stage presence for Ana Matronic and Jake who share the front/lead vocals-- just... Hi. Yes, please! Ana's insanely gorgeous and Jake reminds me emphatically of [livejournal.com profile] saetyr  if saetyr was a former New York go-go boy. Raw energy and charisma. The backup dancers for this tour: sort of a match set of hot redheads. I suspect that listening to the recordings will not compare to the concert experience by so much, but I have every intention of seeing them when they come back, so it is in my best interest to be more familiar with their work n' stuff.

So, after that much fun, I'm rather wrung out. I seem to have lost most of today, but after going to Newbury Comics, I have comics and a Zero 7 disk.  Please, I would like to petition for a weekend extension.
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Yesterday I went out to Amherst - for the first time- and attended the archivist conference. Did I mention (yes, but not here) that I am now a duly appointed representative of that august organization? I am. rep-at-large. Not sure what that means in practical terms. I figure I will fill in doing stuff that doesn't fall into the more traditional (prez, treasurer & such) roles. Committees, yes. It was an easy drive and made much more interesting with the help of Bill Willingham's Peter and Max and Wil Wheaton reading it. Wil does creepy really well, FYI.

Today? Walked around in a haze whilst doing food-related errands and dove right into post-mini-flood recovery, which meant pulling boxes out of random corners that had gotten wet. I found a whole box of kitchen stuff that none of us had missed since we put it down there. Goodwill run is now needful since we already had a box of the same on the porch and I found a stash of overly large tins that I do not want or need but will likely be quite lovely to... someone, someone not me.

The result of 3 hours of work = 3 bins of cut up cardboard and 2 full trash cans (one filled with a bale of soppy insulation the other packing innards from electronics), amazingly cleared spaces, re-organized craft shelves, and fewer cobwebs. We also have a very good notion of what must happen next in the rehab process (under the stairs, workbench, rearrange auto-centric shelves)

What I find to be rather interesting is how much better I feel better now that I've expended all that energy.  So, snack, Advil, and now easy kitcheny stuff. Yay!
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  • Dim sum with [livejournal.com profile] ahf and [livejournal.com profile] caulay. I'm now be-tights-ed. I really hope I will be with it enough to get pics of the tie-dyed ones I plan on wearing on Tuesday. Why do I know Tuesday? Because I'm headed down for a quick familial NYC trip, and I've packed them already.
  • So, NYC trip. My parents arrived today, so since I have the week off, a few days with them made a lot of sense.
  • The new computer is all set and ready for travel now that the meta data in iTunes transferred. I rate as much as possible, so that meant a few thousand re-ratings... and I sort of like knowing how many times I've heard a song. I'm a nerd that way.
  • There was also baking. I did the cholesterol cookies to take with. The pound cake is already bagged and ready. If the Poughkeepsie crew show up (mom's younger sister and her family) then they will be greatly appreciated.  But that's 4 pounds of dough. D'oh!  /Homer
  • Relatedly, I fear the apple pie I baked earlier this week is not going to be eaten before it goes weird. Someone should ping the guys and help them out on that point.
  • Oh- and I bought a new stove today. My parents had been goading me to get a new one for a while. Dad's gift to me is some money to go towards the bill. Sadly, I don't think my landlord will reimburse any, but hey. No more hot spots. Smooth surface. And, to be delivered on Thursday. It's an electric setup since there was no hookup for gas. The current range is older than (a) god. Dunno which one, but a god.
  • While I was at the mall for that I acquired Glee soundtracks! I'll get the actual Glee season eventually. I want to see if they plan on packaging the 2 halves together.
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The most important, time-sensitive packages have been wrapped and mailed to Indiana for the little girls. Second most-important - to MiL- will go out... soon. But elder niece's birthday is Tuesday, so- yeah. Don't wanna be a jerk about that. Remember folks- keep the box size under 12 inches if you don't want extra charges. Assuming that's an option. I forgot when wrapping up the Cute Overload calendars. Ooops.

I have accounted for all the major bills for the rest of the month, so I could deal with offering some charity- not much, but better than nothing. I already give monthly to NPR. Planned Parenthood is now part of that group. Both orgs have been instructed not to mail me anything more, so that's good. I was getting a deluge from PP. The final one is to go to the local library. I got a call from a nice but tired sounding woman last night. I had just unearthed the fundraiser letter and it was next on my list (next week I think), so I totally made her night. I was the first one she'd called who'd given her a positive reply. That made me feel both good and bad at the same time.

Except for one visit to Bob Slate, all that's left is stuff I have to make rather than buy.
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This is the first season I've taken to bicycling at least once a week to Alewife. It's been glorious. I know I'm going to chafe at the notion of pedaling/rowing/jogging in place once it gets too cold for me. This is why I'm very much hoping that I can find a dance class (esp. if it's Bollywood!) at my CCAE dance instructor's new studio. Every day I bike out I leave at the same time, and every time, the light is dimmer than it was before. The leaves are showing more red, and more often than not, there's a thick mist in the fields hovering over the grass and shrubberies. I had been able to wear shorts until very recently, but today I was glad for a fleece, gloves, and long pants. I hope I get another month to ride because I kind of like this cooler ride thing, plus the obvious outside is almost better than inside moving.
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I've been home for almost 2 hours now.
Most emails read. LJ... hah. It took many clicks back to get to early Friday morning, so I skimmed on fast forward.

The trip did not result in any more people dying. I met more of q_e's family. Was only obnoxiously questioned about my lack of offspring once by a cousin and again benignly by a Church Lady. The thing I realized is that our community really Doesn't Do That to the offspringless. Not like out in the Mid-west.
Also, I think that when those seeking community out there do that, they default to a church, which sort of by its nature is all about the procreation and stuff. At least the standard Protestant flavors. There's always exceptions, but still. Our group: less so. For those who do the church thing I think 99% of them are Jewish. So, in our secular social setting- what binds us together is not an implied set of religious doctrines, more our work, hobbies, and dating circle. Anyway. I adore my tribe, warts and all. I would never be as happy out there as I am with you. I'm glad to be home and blast it- I must do the go get ready for work thing because there's no rest for the wicked.

So hi! I may write more about the weekend, but perhaps not. If you see me and you care to know, feel free to ask. Or email me or whatever. [ker-boom-and-snore]. Oh. And if I missed something in the past 3 days that you feel I should know - do tell me.
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We finally got our replacement memory card for the work computer.
So with that excuse in honor of that I give you evidence of my ongoing hair-growing-out project:

7.22.08 picture of me

btw, I had a mostly successful hair curling experiment on Friday. No photographic evidence, but the guys swear it was 'dorable. Ideally it needs to be about 2 inches longer for real successful curling.

ETA: some perspective- this is how short it was about this time last year.
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+ Got up in time to go to the gym (this means getting on the 6:20 bus, for those keeping track)
- Left my wallet at home: necessary to use the T and to get into my building.
+ Realized I could bike into work and take my shower at the gym
- Banana destroyed in transit (bag of stuff, including lunch, lashed on to bike w/ bungee cords. Oops)
++ Happened to run into colleague I only see on the train and only rarely- headed to the airport for the ALA conference and we spent the train ride in talking about books
+ I actually ironed my shirt. They have it all set up in the locker room. I'd never bother at home. But it was in extra wrinkly commuting storage.
+I have multiple methods of getting home tonight, so if it rains, I need not ride in it. Hah-HA!

Additionally- on the topic of caffeine. I've decided that I'm a little too dependent, so I'm scaling back some. Not cold turkey- I've been on edge/snappish enough that I don't need to add lethargic and grumpy. Today's tea: Lady Grey. At least at the moment I feel alert

ETA: Today's Wondermark sums me up in so many ways
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It's the 3rd day (now 4th, technically) of my mini vacation and I'm surprised it's 1am. Oh right. Latte and cheesecake after 8pm. Less surprising, but still. I can't let myself fall into that trap. It makes regular work days that much worse.
Behbeh ameoba blanket iz done. Mom called it ugly. Feel the love! Hmph. Well, it's a little garish. I hope innerturtlemonkey behbeh digs it. When it's on the outside of the mom, that is. I can wait. But done before the birth! That's a big win for me.
Watching the Firefly pilot reminds me why I am dissatisfied with swashbuckley adventures that would have previously been great. One thing that came to me is that I don't like CG for the sake of CG. Use it if you must, but if you're doing it right, I won't notice. Hi!!! Still a snob after all these hours.
I want one of those old school espresso pots for the stove. Who needs high tech? They make some kick-ass java.
"Go. To. Bed."
Tsk. Fiiiiiiiiiiiine. Buzzkill.
But you're not only talking to yourself but copping copious attitude. It's a sure sign of over-the-top dorkatude.
btw, though- I started reading Stern Men yesterday. It's about Maine lobstermen who live on what I presume are fictional islands. The lobstermen are also fictional. It says "novel" right on the cover. It's a dead give away. Dead, I tell you!! So, I hear [profile] purple_terror's family's voices in my head when I read it. I'd been reading Sarah Dunant's Mapping the Edge as my latest- need a break from the Jane Austen. Seriously. But said Dunant failed to live up to my expectations. By a lot. I have no plans on finishing it. I made mom tell me how it ends and I rolled my eyes at some of the choices. So, Stern Men it is. I like it so well I forget when I am when I finally look up. Anyway, my choice of patois for location made me think of it.
Bed?? Yes! OK... here I go.
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So 3 weeks ago I had problems logging in to my account. I emailed them and got an answer 3 days later (not horrible turn around for a free service, I suppose). Well, last night I got *another* email from "customer service". (The original one was from Admin@--) They were telling me that they couldn't help me because the password I gave them was wrong and to send a picture of myself holding up a piece of paper with my password on it. .... Um?!
First off- 3 week turn around time?! Are these guys getting paid? Are they talking to each other? It doesn't seem like they are, otherwise "customer service" wouldn't be doing redundant work here. So. Not. Impressed. And the ironic thing is, I don't really give a rat's ass about the site and what they provide. Not even a little. It's sort of cool that I get to read up on celeb blogs, but mostly I can take or leave it. Heaven forfend that I did find it a primary source of communication.

Anyway, I think I'm hung over and have the grumpiness that goes with. Even if I wasn't I'd be boggled by this ineffective ... thingie.
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It is much easier to get up without hitting the snooze on the adrenaline jolt of hearing the alarm. I almost succumbed to laying back for a moment after the alarm was turned off. No! Must. Get. Up! Them aerobic-like motions don't do themselves, ya know. This notion is particularly true when the air is chilly and the bed warm.

Re: last night: I have started a new sugar container for my spousal unit, as the last one was used so lovingly, the clay started to crack. This time, I'm doing Flaming Skulls!! Pictures to follow upon my completion. Woot!


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