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The fam and I are headed to the big island of Hawaii' in early December. Finances are tight so I cannot bring home a ton of souvenirs for all but if you know you want a thing and j can get it and bring it back, I will be happy to take your money and be your courier.

Second: if anyone was thinking of buying anything I make tell me asap. I have 10 fewer days to do things this month. (See above for why). I am likely to set up an open house sometime this holiday weekend for those who do want a hand made thing to give. If you do not fit within this part of the Venn Diagram, I hope you stopped reading after the first sentence.

ETA: I'm going to be home on Saturday from noon-4 if anyone wants to hang out, help eat surplus food/sweets, and/or purchase art. This is a moment where I prefer only to get notice of those who may come, rather than why folks aren't. I love you all, but this is detail management. Thanks in advance.
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Day 2 back to work after most of a week off has been fractured, but quite nice.
I was in charge of a meeting this morning, which could have gone not-well, but was not only reasonable but entirely productive, balanced, and pleasant. I have to write official text now, but I have feedback. It was also my intern's last day (2 days more than he technically needed to do, but he's a perfectionist.) I'm not consistent, but I like the idea of having an extended conversation with the intern at the end of the project (exit interview-esque). He's an anxious guy, so sitting and staring at each other doesn't feel like a good notion- we did a circuit around the Common/Gardens with warm beverages. Yeah, that was nice. He's likely to come back in January to volunteer, which is very welcome. The other two interns were not invited back similarly, although they asked. Hah.

Politics/current events....
I'm finishing up Elizabeth Warren's Fighting Chance in audio (read by the Senator)- It's hard to not burst into tears every few minutes, as it's a lot of heavy stuff that's still very relevant. I recommend the book. I desperately wish I could time-travel back 4 years and throw her a ton of money for the campaign, and volunteer. Sigh. I also want to meet her and give her the biggest hug.
I haven't talked about the police violence crisis (Ferguson/NYC), but I read regularly usually through Tumblr. I gave money to the Ferguson library last week, feeling inadequate; I got a chance to push back against my MIL's assumptions over the weekend and feel like I was heard. It all feels inadequate, but I'm at least paying attention and at high alert to find my opportunities to foster change.
There's a rally tonight during the tree lighting here on the common- I heard chanting earlier this hour and went out to see what was up-- a moderate crowd outside the State House, and 6-7 official vehicles nearby, but not getting up in their space. There's been a lot of helecopter noise I can hear from my office, but that is probably more to do with the tree lighting. So, let's keep doing that.

Holiday/MIL visit
Mine was definitely an extended Thanksgiving thing- I feel like it didn't really end til yesterday morning when I came back to work. My MIL's visit did go very well. So well that QE and I agreed we need to plan to see her sooner than later, like Easter time, or so. Whatever caused her to be a stressful visitor doesn't seem to be true anymore. She's the person she is now, and I think QE's learning to let go the old stresses, which makes it easier for me to do the same, as I pick up his stress so easily on this kind of thing.
I ended up sending Crime Fighter to short school days on Monday and Tuesday, as six whole days off are more than I could deal with. MIL's a fragile creature at this point, so we have to be realistic about what we do and for how long. While she wants to spend time with the kid, she can't remotely keep up with him... so more extended adult time accented with kid worked relatively well. Highlights included going to the zoo on Sunday, somewhat spontaneously. Stone Zoo is quite small, but perfect for a small person for an hour, which is exactly what we did. Cookies made. Soup made x2. Harvard adventure went exceptionally well. It's stunning how not ADA friendly Harvard really is, but we managed despite all the stairs ever. I was glad to have the quiet time to talk over lunch and hear stories about the family I'd likely not hear otherwise. QE got his 1:1 time with her yesterday: a trip to Wilson's, lunch out, and lots of down-time. And now she's likely already landed back home, loaded down with goodies.
The one sadness about the trip was how disinterested Crime Fighter was in interacting with Nana. She was trying so hard- wanting hugs and kisses, and he was responding as any 3 year old one presented with an overeager presence: absolute aversion and suspicion. He unbent a bit and at least started talking directly to her this morning, but still refused all hugs. So, more Skyping required, and more frequent visits is the solution. I may also suggest she try a different conversational tack with him.

I'm going to the Garfunkel and Oates concert this weekend. I didn't realize I'd signed up to go, but Robin got me a ticket. I coulda said no when reminded (yesterday) of this reality, but I consider it a sign from the universe to go be social. :) left to my own devices, I absolutely would stay in and feverishly craft my fingers off. Even with Christmas being 20 days away and Pandemonium 10 days, dammit, some life balance, eh?
I'm also supposed to go to the ICA to see the fiber exhibit with Mink in a week. Which I am going to try damn hard to make happen. Is happening, barring weirdness. :)

So that's what's up.
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... Huh. I didn't expect this list to go so long. Ah well.  Have a glorified bullet list.
- Transitions to night work is hard, even when you're not the one working nights.
- Extra free floating hormone-induced anxiety is obnoxious.
+ I took Friday morning off to see Maleficent. QE came with! A nice mini-date.
+ Successful trip to Eddie Bauer and now I have ....(dun dun dunnn!) Adventure Pants! Their travel-friendly fabric is really great and it's nice to have adult-looking clothing that looks good and looks good on me.
[livejournal.com profile] quiet_elegance was able to teach with his friend Rick on Saturday and post-mortem feedback indicates more gigs to follow!
+++++ Tom and Carol came to dinner Sunday/Father's Day and QE made brisket, aka: Meat candy
- Broke a casserole dish that evening and had to pitch the mac & cheese I made, which was kind of perfect. But ceramic shards in noodles is not good eats. Just ask Alton Brown. (It turns out, I'm allowed to make more mac & cheese later)
+ [livejournal.com profile] lifecollage joined the kid and me for a Sunday morning adventure: picnic breakfast at the Yurt's courtyard, then a trip to Cambridge Commons playground. Overall A+ adventure that ended with a long nap that didn't start til we got home.
? I think I may be overly attached to bubble tea right now. Turns out boiling the tapioca pearls right is harder and time-intensive than you'd think, but I'm learning. Favorite flavor combo at home: cow milk, coconut milk, black tea, and limeade with the tapioca pearls. Go-to restaurant flavor is coconut.
- Failed to go to Pride.
+ used that time instead to prep for the big Sunday dinner; half of that time Crime Fighter hung out at Estradell. Then I got to go over, too.
+ Going out this Thursday with book club to see The Fault In Our Stars (FINALLY!), and we're seeing it at the Capitol, so I can walk to/from, *and* [livejournal.com profile] lifecollage is backup adult* so I can enjoy dinner out, and-and-and I have a free pass for the movie.
+ I have backup adult coverage for book club-proper next week.
+ I'm taking tomorrow off! For fun! [livejournal.com profile] red_canna and I have crafting notions.
+ The kid is transitioning out of toddler/preschool into the preschool class at the end of the month! The median age for his class right now has decreased a lot in the last few months, as is the way of things. A bored Crime Fighter is a dangerous Crime Fighter.
+ My parents and the pup will be here for a week following 4th of July and we're hanging out in Rockport in a rental house. It's going to be grand fun and full of adventures.
+ The to-do check list at work has contributed a great deal to me feeling productive.
- But not enough to keep me from goofing off a bit more than I'd like.

*backup adult: With QE out in the evenings, going out and doing stuff can be complicated if anything starts before... oh, 8:30. The kid seems to sense when I have plans and will go on sleep strike. It's good to have someone else around just in case so [livejournal.com profile] fubar isn't left fubar-ed.
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Days 3-6 )

And in other news, I'm so happy to have my coworker(s), but particularly C. She saved me from diving too deep into a project that doesn't need the level of attention I was afraid I would have to employ in order to Do It Right. We also had a nice chit-chat on the way to get afternoon coffee. The folks at home see her as my nemesis most of the time given when she does come up she's doing something Not Good at me. It's really not like that most of the time.

Upcoming fun---

  • Day off Friday/no school for the kid. I've arranged for him to hang with the Monkey House while QE and I see Cap 2 (SQUEE!)

  • Friends' wedding on Saturday. My outfit is going to be killer-awesome, I will take pictures.

  • Have to prep for token Easter activities, which involves gathering up random small fun toys from the kid's room and putting them in plastic eggs. Arranging for a small amount of sugar to be given to him in controlled doses.

  • Marathon Day Monday, as usual off. I will go to a young friend's birthday and possibly the town parade and not spend the day freaked out, dammit.

  • In a week and a day, my birthday. Already? OK.

  • Gore Place on the 26th. Which is good. I want to stockpile some roving. I'm scraping the bottom of my barrel. If anyone out there has roving they need spun but lack time? I am happy to spin fiber I'm really not super-attached to keeping all the fiber that goes on my wheel.

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I realized today that I've been so otherwise occupied, I've not really read LJ since Saturday. So, I'll just add to new data, then go back to previously written data.

First the drains

  • Big social at the house (prep, doing, recovery) -- good fun, but also work.

  • [livejournal.com profile] quiet_elegance's mom visiting for a long weekend.

  • Flu shot making me borderline ill.

  • Busy at work.

  • Needing to fix moderate but significant issue at work triggered a huge emotional reaction of inadequacy.

  • The Kid is super-clingy and wants to nurse whenever he's with me, and I'm feeling like I'm ready to start limiting that to bedtime/early wakeups.

  • He's also 2 going on 15.

  • QE working nights....

equals me suddenly out of cope yesterday. However, it's balanced by

  • Serendipitous meetings on the T with [livejournal.com profile] lifecollage who conveniently also loaned me her hanky so I could cry properly at her on the way home yesterday.

  • An exceptional 1:1 with my boss today where she pointed out how much of a rock star I have been and to not be so hard on myself ("hey, you were a lone arranger for how many years? It's OK, let's just move on and do what we need to do. Believe me, I have a lot I'd do over too, if I could.")

  • Being able to power through my emotional vortex at work without it spilling over onto my office mate and being able to share how difficult it can be to live through such a huge transition at work and have her GET it.

  • The visit with my MIL was entirely lovely and I'd be happy to have her back sooner than later.

  • QE is done working nights for a few days.

  • Some of my favorite people, Tom and Carol, are visiting tomorrow for dinner.

  • I get a half day at work; I'll be getting my hair cut (I'm SUCH a hippie right now), and still be home early to have some kid-free time before guests arrive.

  • The art is going spectacularly well. I now have 3 Tardis, two classic, one experimental. More pictures to follow. My toggle jewelry is very gratifying. I haven't photographed any of them yet, though. I am pleased to have sorted some of the technical issues that were causing system failures.

  • The flu shot seems to be done kicking my ass.

Wanting to write more and less bullet pointy, but bed is way more important. 
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I got to go to EOS for a few hours! It was great! Having the elder of the Wex kids on hand for my first hour there made a huge difference. I had hoped to have a team of teens to keep the kid busy, but sadly I didn't connect with my other two most likely candidates. But with lovely adults like [livejournal.com profile] drwex, [livejournal.com profile] lifecollage and [livejournal.com profile] spinrabbit around, I got in a few extra conversations before we called it a day.

This kid is clearly leveling up. His sleep pattern is totally whack-a-doodle: no nap on Sunday, up for an hour and a half last night and only went back to bed after he transferred to my bed. But he is SO cute. He runs up and gives hugs, will offer kisses to injured limbs and of course insist on his own kisses for his injuries. He'll parrot juuust about anything these days (so beware!) and will point out people he knows in pictures. He even associates certain things with certain people. Unca [livejournal.com profile] fubar wears a fox t-shirt from time to time, given who his employer is, and so if Crime Fighter sees a fox, he'll yell "UNCA!!" It appears that almost any representation of a woman in drawing that is not otherwise identifiable is Mama. He will declare people funny. Frequently as a method of deflecting frustration of said person, so "Funny Bubba" referring to QE. Or I'll say something and get a laugh and I'm then "Funny Mama."  He will also request you to sit. Over the weekend he successfully said "awesome," which is just that.

QE starts working nights, starting tonight for the next probably 3 weeks. That should be... interesting. I'm glad it's temporary. 
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So, I'm planning ahead for the EOS party this weekend. I'm bringing The Crime Fighter, and given the weekend we just had, I would like to line up some backup for me to keep him busy so I can actually have Adult Conversations for more than 10 seconds at a time.
Ideally, I'd like a few teenagers* to tag-team it out so everyone can still have fun. I will give these young people some amount of money for this task.  If you are a teenager or you have a teenager you'd like to direct me to, please let me know.

Historically, asking in this platform for this situation yields crickets because everyone else thinks that someone else will answer, so I ask expecting crickets, but hoping for the best.  (Also x-posted to all my social media platforms.... so that)

*or very clueful pre-teens
Sep. 15th, 2012 10:08 pm

Good day

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I need to be quick because bedtime is coming up faster than not, so quick list of things:
+Arlington town day
+ Fried dough and Indian food at lunch, not in that order
+Waltham town day: the Saturday household (which includes asciikitty) went to see the carpenters build toolboxes with kids. It was the best part of the event. Arlington's day is way more involved
+ Gorgeous weather
+ Visiting with neighbors and their 2 kids
+ Randomly running into one of my favorite archivists on the way back from Book Rack
+ Got 2 interactive books for Crime Fighter and a copy of The Sun Also Rises for next month's book club selection, all half off because of my credits
- Overtired kid = velociraptor 
+ But even overtired, he loves his Indian food
+ Seasonal ice cream (pumpkin for me, ginger for ascikitty)
+++ Played Settlers of Catan and Bananagrams for most of the evening. I even won Settlers for the first time (in living memory)
Jun. 19th, 2012 09:51 am


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- Got a cold, eventually shared it with Crime Fighter and eventually [livejournal.com profile] purple_terror.
+ Attended [livejournal.com profile] barodar's wedding, had a great time
- Kidlet ran out of cope half way back from Mosaic and serenaded the kind ride-giving childless friends with inconsolable howls. 
+ Celebrated Father's Day with QE: a picnic at Spy Pond Park with [livejournal.com profile] entrope and family
- Lost my bike helmet... or it was stolen off my porch
+ QE's letting me borrow his for today. My head felt so unpleasantly exposed without one yesterday.
+ Boss is back from 2 week cruise. We can revisit the stuff put on hold since last month because we weren't going to deal with it pre-vacation.
+ Got to attend [livejournal.com profile] mangosteen's Backbar extravaganza like a real adult last night and was able to buy [livejournal.com profile] doeeyedbunny the promised drink in thanks and apology for the ride with screamy baby. 
-Teething, congested baby had a wholly off night and would not settle or sleep after his final feed of the evening. There was snuggling and nursing, but he was just not convinced this "Sleep in my own bed" plan was the right and true path. 
- None of us really fell asleep before midnight but the usual routine of up at 5 was still on course. I'm more than slightly groggy. 

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I got to go to Kemp park with Crime Fighter this afternoon. That place is amaaaaaaazing. We hung out with [livejournal.com profile] primal_pastry,[livejournal.com profile] red_canna and their kids. RC's middle boy, P, was very sweet and played with Crime Fighter in the water. The baby was all: "OMG, this water thing is so. cool. Everyone should try it. Also, possibly sample the maple seeds and the wood chips and the sand. YUM." And asleep before we crossed the green to the T stop. 

I also found a hat at Helena's- one I'd seen when going by on the bus- it's pretty close to what I have been wanting to wear instead of my Union baseball cap:
Sunday Afternoons Natalie Ribbon Sun Hat Taupe
Although mine looks a bit more in the purple family- but not much. It's squishable and femme. Woohoo!
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  • My measure of success this evening was getting from 32% to 51% on an impossibly hard Dance Central song. I'm actually rather proud of that. I just hope that I magically make the game judge decide I am within the parameters of success next time. 
  • My birthday is in a few weeks and I have no idea what I want to do to commemorate this occasion. 37 is a not overly interesting number in and of itself. 
  • Tomorrow's the only day this week I'm working. Also, I will not forget to go to the internship job site. I will also not forget I'm having lunch with [livejournal.com profile] lifecollage. (The key is in not packing my lunch for the day)
  • QE's getting that back procedure Tuesday morning. There's some hope and trepidation. 
  • My parents arrive Tuesday evening. 
  • Upstairs Downstairs  is not half as good as Downton Abbey
  • My annual review is next week. It should be fine- Everyone else's is this week. I hope they're fine, too.  
  • I have to get off my duff and try to find a new child care option for The Crime Fighter. A combination of travel, new baby mobility and the end of the regular school year = end of the line at [livejournal.com profile] mzkero's. This is a whole other post, which I may or may not try to deal with, as my parameters are sort of impossible. Impossible is why we were lucky to have Kero for as many months as we had. It's eating my brain.
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 My Sunday officially started when I woke up with a jolt to... nothing. Silence. Not a noise. There had been no noise for hours.  I woke up again very emphatically at 6... nope. Still nothing. Finally at 7:30 after I decided I'd just stay in bed and rest for a few more minutes there was babble from the other room. That's right. The second night of the sleep experiment was an astonishing success. 
But lest you think I'm getting complacent, I'm quite convinced that this will not happen two nights in a row. I have to say, though, for the first time in almost a year and a half, I slept for hours and hours at a time.

It was such a lovely and novel thing, I rather didn't stop moving most of the day. I:
  • Put up more AV of the baby 
  • Sorted tax stuff. [livejournal.com profile] quiet_elegance has about 12-13 accumulated last year. We are never going to be able to do our own taxes.
  • Put away financials from last year and sorted the box(es) for that. 
  • Swept the office, bedroom, and stairs to the 1st floor and mopped the rooms
  • Spent several hours with [livejournal.com profile] taura_g while she watched me...
  • Unpack one set of book shelves
  • Dust
  • Move shelves to new location in office
  • Reshelve with an eye to leaving QE more room for union/instruction stuff in the un-moved shelves
  • Set up the baby's bed in the new empty space 
  • Put away the natural result of office and art supply entropy. 
After she left
  • I cooked some for the week (lamb, rice, mushroom, spinach... thing.)
  • Gave the baby a bath after a failure in diaper structural integrity
  • Made cookie dough
  • Talked to my dad
  • Ate really excellent scallops cooked by [livejournal.com profile] purple_terror
  • Had the baby conk out snuggling me while we were watching Firefly (Trash)
Next before a bit of telly
  • Clean up kitchen
  • Bake some cookies
  • NOT pack my lunch because I'm seeing [livejournal.com profile] lifecollage tomorrow (dammit)
  • Go to bed early
I should sleep like that more often.
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Well, that's frustrating. LJ didn't post what I just put up. I suspect I'll be doing a shorter version this time.

Thing 1:  My phone
I have a contract with Verizon, which I'm unlikely to break.
My current phone (LG ENV3) turns off randomly. It's out of warranty. I'm 1 month away from early upgrade. I am not keen on the expense of a smart phone. I just want my phone to work.

1. Do nothing, hope for best until at least 8/31
2.  Get SD card for phone (some reason doesn't have) get all info onto card, then wipe it to factory settings. Or use the Verizon system to backup contacts.
3. Look for refurb of this phone or one similar to it, hope it doesn't break in the next month, that it holds up long enough to dump 100+ into the fix.
4. Buy new phone right now at full price.
[ETA]: 5. Have Dad read this and remember he'd not done anything for my birthday and he points to and funds a reasonably priced clone/replacement. Happy day!

I'm struck with indecision on this for some reason. If anyone has a notion on this, I'm curious to hear suggestions. Keep in mind I am not keen on this topic at the best of times- I'm much more easily lost and/or frustrated with complexities and lots of tech talk now.

Thing 2: Haircut.
It has been a bit over 2 weeks since I got my haircut at DHR and I feel like it already needs a touch-up. They aren't open on Mondays and they're about to go on vacation for a week (can't remember exactly when other than early August).
Does anyone have a suggestion for a place that is in the 30-40 price range? Less than that and I worry about hair butchery, more and I will remind myself I just paid for a haircut 2 weeks ago, and wtf.

Thing 3: Likely going to Diesel tomorrow.
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I have this habit of jamming what feels like 3 days of domestic activity into 1 Sunday. Things done today:
  • minor garden maintenance, majority of basil pulled up
  • pesto made
  • first ever canning experiment attempted (dilly beans). No idea if they're edible yet.
  • first ever fish stew made (should have been chowder but lacked thickness). Result: tasty, especially with chopped cracklings on top
  • greens prepped, salad made, basis of 3 lunches established
  • roasted red peppers
  • baked chicken for lunches
  • assembled and baked peach pie
  • rearranged freezer
  • folded laundry
  • worked on most recent dragon tin
  • kept self company with Buffy then Big Bang Theory. Apparently it's a B sort of day
I feel like I'm missing something, but really, that's enough.

The weekend also included a child's 1st birthday party, a housewarming yesterday, and sadly missing another birthday along the way. [livejournal.com profile] asciikitty  and I sort of road-tripped around all over the place most of the day being ridiculously social. I also (re)met her parents- even had dinner with them! They are remarkably similar to my own parents in many respects. Friday included salvaging photos for [livejournal.com profile] taura_g  (those are done, btw)- and hanging out with her.

Side note re: food. I sincerely hope I get to Journeyman really soon. Listening to other people's experiences there is maddening.
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Our neighbors with the dog (as opposed with the neighbor with the cats like woah) - had gotten it into their head that they really wanted to spend time with us. After the better part of 8-9 years and not getting to this, we were suspicious. But tonight was the designated night. Troup-troup-troup. Oh... OK, they seem interesting. The topic of craft/hobby comes up. They're artistically appreciative to inclined. Rather than explain my clay craft, I bring over the boxes with no conscious motivation of maybe getting a sale. However they're rather over the moon on everything and the guy ended up claiming the botanical garden. She almost claimed one of my earliest tea tins. That's a piece I don't bother to take to craft fairs anymore- it doesn't catch most eyes (which shocked her, but it's how it always is: trash/treasure, etc.) - but I will tempt her with it later, indeed I will. Many things were explained and exclaimed upon. She has suggested a variation on the Tupperware party or a one-house version of open studios, sort of free-form, which she said she could host (their living room is so much better). ... Wow? 
I came right home and started a new tea tin in the style of said earlier tin but moreso this one that I traded [livejournal.com profile] gilana  for a great quilt. OK, it's 1 now. I've been at it for about 2 hours or so. I've laid down almost all of the horizontal stripe bit on the main body. I will vermicelli it later.

So, thank you neighbors, for your fresh enthusiasm, spontaneous patronage, and overall encouragement. I am, in fact, encouraged. Kinda wishing I had another 2 hours to work on it all. Mojo. I haz it. Also, want to do another dragon (like the one from my icon) Real Soon Now.
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I have a few things I may do for my long weekend (Library's closed on Monday since the holiday's on Sunday), but mostly things seem sort of quiet. What's going on? Comments screened in case you don't want to fall into geek social fallacy #5. I ask mostly out of curiosity and not so much fishing or pulling a #5.
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Originally [livejournal.com profile] sweetmmeblue  and I were going to go skating tomorrow, but she's managed to injure herself, and no skating for her (a major sadness). I am now jonesing for some skating, and I have Friday off, so staying out later than I would is entirely reasonable this week-

Skateland's site
Important info gleaned from said site:
Thursday is 7:30-10:30, $7, adult (18+) skate. Skate rental is $3, and it looks like you can bring your own but they reserve the right to ban skates for whatever reason.  Located at 9 Railroad Avenue Bradford, Massachusetts 01835

Any takers?
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Hokay. I'm still entirely exhausted, but I haven't posted in many days and... you know, stuff.

Friday- actually low-key. Got the massage so I can be ready for a massage from [livejournal.com profile] barodar . Note to self: Don't wait 3 months between massages, really.
Saturday- usual shopping/food acquirement- then... OMG- the first bike ride of the season! It was fantastic and a lot harder than the boring old stationary bike crap I've been doing for months now. It's just not the same.
I don't think I'd mentioned in this format that I have been entranced by The Big Bang Theory since last weekend. I ended up killing off yet another disk while doing kitcheny stuff.
Then- birthday party (not mine) with drinks, more drinks, music, lots of fun people, dancing, people, drinks, .... I think we were home by 2:30. It's very rare that I can recapture that college/ O'Hooley's [the bar where we went out for 80s dance night] experience. Which meant...
Today- Urk. Definitely underslept. But I had a few moments doing some clean up in the garden before going to a friend's (different one) birthday photo shoot. We steampunked it up. Now- Oscar's. Thanks, Mr. Gaiman (via K) for reminding me.
Feb. 14th, 2010 05:36 pm


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I have returned from Providence after a weekend of wearing a tophat and being very extroverted and outgoing after a week of being sick. I am now tired and glad to be home. But I had a good time.
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First- Happy Solstice everyone!  I'm ready for the sun to come back now. I'm pretty stoked- I don't have a full day of work again this year. I'm leaving 1 1/2-2 hours early between now and Wednesday and we get out at noon on Thursday, no work at all next week.

: I am going to dance class- [livejournal.com profile] noire , you too? Do you know what's up with the request to bring a big button down shirt? I'm intrigued.
: Diesel. At the very least I need to cross paths with [livejournal.com profile] ahf  and/or [livejournal.com profile] caulay  to deliver parental present. Also: queso.
Wednesday[livejournal.com profile] purple_terror 's friends, Tom and Carol, who live in the UK, will be over for dinner. This was an extremely happy surprise. I didn't realize that they'd be here this season or that they were sparing some time for us.
I'm home and chillin' for the holiday- proper and the weekend. Party attendance depends on what [livejournal.com profile] quiet_elegance  wants to do. I wasn't here for Thanksgiving- but I figure we can only pay attention to each other for so many hours at a time.  Also- the new snow blower is amazing.
(28)- I leave for NYC first thing. I'm meeting up with my parents at our base in Brooklyn. I'll be back by dinner on the 30th
NYE: The usual place where there are friends, fire, and hottub.


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