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I'm working on documentation. It's very very very long. It has a lot of exposition in it. Pages of it. It's GOOD exposition, but old-timers like me don't want or need it, that having all of it there is a stumbling block to using the documentation. What I want is the equivalent of LJ-cuts to collapse the explanations of Why and how of something, so that if you need it, you can expand it, otherwise it's nice and tidy and you can get on with your lives.  We had kicked the idea of a wiki around, but I rather want a document that lives not on someone else's system that potentially needs a login to create and is outside our server framework, so could be forgotten, lost, or god forbid eradicated due to a company going under.

Anyway, if anyone out there has potential solutions, please let me know.
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Thanks, Scalzi. You hit all the points I was trying to say about this latest news of trolling on Twitter / internet. I had a draft here and killed it off. [livejournal.com profile] drwex pointed out Scalzi would probably make some coherent points on the topic, and lo! Not 2 hours later, that comes true. <3
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I seem to be primarily snarky and ranty and argumentative today (and possibly the last few days). It's not my favorite feel.

In potentially related news, I acquired my first smart phone yesterday. It's an iphone 5. Given how much I loathe little keyboards, and the bit where I am usually near a fully functional and full sized computer most of the time, I do not think I'll start being evangelical about it just yet. I mean, I got an ipod touch a year+ ago... it's nice! ...when it works. But it's not yet grafted to my person. My mother reports the sound quality of an actual phone call (because it turns out phones are still used for that antiquted method of communication... did I mention snarky? OK, good). And for that reason alone, my residual reservations started to evaporate.
I got the ibus MBTA app, although I will drop a whole other dollar on a better one if there's a recommendation out there. This one turns out not to have all the features I was hoping it would, so I encourage sharing on this point. I've not done much else other than QA-ed my phone list to make sure everything was there before I deep-6ed the flip phone.  Given I have 2 more trips this summer, and both work-based, I wanted to be more flexible in the tools that make travel and convention-going easier.

I had a nice evening at home- a young friend is working on putting his life together after  a rough year+ and is willing to do some babysitting. So, to minimize the *OMG NO* that I've been dealing with whenever we get a sitter, praps better if the kid hangs out with said future sitter with no pressure. You know? Also help the young friend acclimate to watching this preschooler who was practically an infant the last time he was on the babysitter roster. It went well- I got to eat my dinner without being forced to chase the kid and the big boy and little boy were pleased with each other.
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Today was day 2 of a 3 day class for work. The class is geared for people using a markup language built for books/lit. I have gotten an intro into a markup language for archival description.Both are XML languages, and the whole point is how does one take content, run it through a stylesheet in XSLT and come out with a product (usually HTML). The similarities between the two types of XML is on par with Italian vs. Spanish. But they're talking technicalities within the language that they all can take for granted that is beyond-over my head. So, the fact that I'm getting even 50% of what's going on is sort of like some amazing bonus. I feel like I'm actually maybe getting closer to 70%, even. It's just the last segment of today was complex enough that by the time I was irretrievably lost, they had been talking about it for easily an hour, and no way I was coming back from that. Even so, I had the general idea of what the topic was trying to convey, it's just how it's executed was blargle-blargle-word-word-wah-wah-wahhhhh. Fun aside: while describing the first day to [livejournal.com profile] fubar, apparently this is a bit of tech he's not had to deal with, so maybe for the second or third time in my life, I got to explain a techie thing to him. That was an amusing and unexpected turn.

My goal for taking this class is to understand the structure and options within using style sheets so that when we start making our own from our data management software or customizing templates from other institutions, I will have the mechanics, even if I'm not going to understand all the details within elements, blah blah blah.  I will not have to turn around and immediately use this information tomorrow or even next month. We have a team with members in who're much more likely to be taking lead on whatever style sheets we go with.

With that in mind, I've been more at peace with not really getting it. Still, it's hard, and I'm grateful for the instructor who sat with me through lunch yesterday to untangle things for me, and she did a reprise this afternoon helping me at least get a few more concepts on the section that was jibberish. It's been hard not to feel like I don't deserve the extra help, because the impostor syndrome doesn't feel so much like syndrome as fact. I've been actively stopping myself from apologizing for monopolizing an instructor's time, rather I say thank you and try to believe that it's OK that I'm there. And sometimes I actually believe it. Once again, it's the internal dialog that is possibly way more valuable than the course curriculum. Those of you who have known me... ever, know or can guess that this kind of situation would not yield the relatively graceful/zen state. More like freakout.

Anyway, I hope any of that translates.  It'll have to do, I have a book to finish before bed. 
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So, my phone has taken to switching itself off again. Arrrrgh. Solution- get a clone of what I've been using. It turns out an extra $50/month is a good use of money so I can look at my calendar or check to see when a bus is coming. And so on. Sweetly, my father's offered to be my on-call bus checker to mitigate the disappointment of not being able to check the status myself.  I will re-evaluate the notion of an upgrade to a smart phone after one or both of the following factors change: I pay off our current health related debt or QE acquires employment with a steady, long term paycheck. 

Our velociraptor has successfully mastered the art of climbing up the kitchen chairs. It's exciting and harrowing. He's also leveled up with some more speech stuff. He can identify where his nose is or someone else's. Also tongue, ears, and eyes. the last of that can be a bit problematic. He also said something akin to nose when asked within the last 48 hours. He has added monkey and kitty to the menagerie of animal noises. It's little wonder he wasn't sleeping well last week. That's a lot of thinking.  He seems to have two settings: GO-GO-GO!!! and SLEEP. Those of you with kids at wiggly luggage stage? I can't stress enough how much you need to enjoy this, because someday they'll turn into creatures with the morals of sewer rats and the ambition of Genghis Khan. And for those of you with toddlers capable of sitting still without being drugged or tied up: I don't wanna hear it how nice for you. This is not to say he's not an amazing, wonderful- and did I say amazing?-  kid. Because he is. Just.... well, I don't know how QE manages to make it to the end of the day. In related news, I'm new levels of tired. And I wasn't even home all day.

I seem to have run out of energy to continue this post.   
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I've been vocal on other social media sites, but for posterity--
Here's some reference material for those not already in possession of useful short form-
About The Bills
Go Here to contact your representatives.

My experiences of the day- called VT's Leahy. There was a bit of a wait before anyone could even get to my call. I requested that the senator re-consider the bill as it stands, that it needs more consideration, said I was from Boston, end of call.

Sen. Kerry's office: I requested as I always do at the beginning of a conversation like this to register my opinion on an issue. The woman who answered cut me off and asked "Is this about Those Bills?" - SOPA/PIPA, I ask, why yes. I was told the Senator has been inundated by calls and is not intending to support the bill. Yaaay! Have a good day!

Sen. Brown's office: I requested the senator not support the bills, and was told by the staffer that as of last night, Mr. Brown was not planning to support the bill, that they too have gotten All The Calls today. Yay. 

I'd see about the California senators who may need more convincing from we non corporate entities.

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I'm doing meta data on all incoming pictures. My system has started to do weird things in the last file I've done: I alter the meta, and when I'm done instead of having a full thumbnail, it looks faded out and apparently isn't backing up to carbonite. Has anyone exprienced this and are the images in danger of corruption?  
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Anything you still can’t cope with is therefore your own problem.

Verizon escalated our ticket, we have internet again, praise be.
I'll see about that 4 day backlog of social media... well, OK, not really. Expurgated, yes. So, if you think I should know something, let me know.   
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Meta: dammit. I hit the stupid back button on my mouse and lost my post, so, take 2....

Drafting Compass: I found one packaged along with a protractor at Walgreen's. It'll do, but it really doesn't have enough tension to maintain a circumference well and the point isn't overly pointy, so it doesn't stay well even on my grippy watercolor paper. HOWEVER, I have one, it'll do for the imprecise work that keeps me amused. I will go get a better metal one at some point. Point! I was able to spend some time last night doing this style of pretty color/shape theory.

Headphones: ended up accidentally spending 2x what I meant to (a whole 25 bucks) - Sony. They were right next to others that were 13, so I mistakenly thought they were, too. However, I've always found them to be a reasonably comfortable style with the extra bonus of having a right angle jack, which is a much better notion esp. if you end up winding the cord around the device as I do. Less strain. So, problem solved for now. I'll review the cordless ones when I feel more confident in my fiscal liquidity.

(Audio)Book: I mentioned last week I'm listening to Tiger in the Well. As soon as I hit the halfway point, it got better- we started to get Sally into a scenario where she wasn't just reacting ignorantly, a few sympathetic characters showed up, and now in the last 1/3 of the last half as we get to the crescendo. So, yay for being bullheaded on that? But really- knowing the author's style of not having all doom and gloom is helpful. It's how is the heroine going to get out of this, not if.

So, that's what's up at the moment. Mostly content-free.

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Well, that's frustrating. LJ didn't post what I just put up. I suspect I'll be doing a shorter version this time.

Thing 1:  My phone
I have a contract with Verizon, which I'm unlikely to break.
My current phone (LG ENV3) turns off randomly. It's out of warranty. I'm 1 month away from early upgrade. I am not keen on the expense of a smart phone. I just want my phone to work.

1. Do nothing, hope for best until at least 8/31
2.  Get SD card for phone (some reason doesn't have) get all info onto card, then wipe it to factory settings. Or use the Verizon system to backup contacts.
3. Look for refurb of this phone or one similar to it, hope it doesn't break in the next month, that it holds up long enough to dump 100+ into the fix.
4. Buy new phone right now at full price.
[ETA]: 5. Have Dad read this and remember he'd not done anything for my birthday and he points to and funds a reasonably priced clone/replacement. Happy day!

I'm struck with indecision on this for some reason. If anyone has a notion on this, I'm curious to hear suggestions. Keep in mind I am not keen on this topic at the best of times- I'm much more easily lost and/or frustrated with complexities and lots of tech talk now.

Thing 2: Haircut.
It has been a bit over 2 weeks since I got my haircut at DHR and I feel like it already needs a touch-up. They aren't open on Mondays and they're about to go on vacation for a week (can't remember exactly when other than early August).
Does anyone have a suggestion for a place that is in the 30-40 price range? Less than that and I worry about hair butchery, more and I will remind myself I just paid for a haircut 2 weeks ago, and wtf.

Thing 3: Likely going to Diesel tomorrow.
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OK. I think I'm not eloquent enough to really give this due thought, the short version of the ranty thing is: too much social media.

Yeah, G+ is Not Facebook, but I'm not convinced.
FB will be hard to drop entirely given my work and family connections that will likely never go away/jump ship.
And LJ is still my go-to for real content.
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A guy has been emailing me about getting copies of some images we've scanned. They're pretty much public domain/ not unique, so no charge. He'll be using them with whatever he's putting into a Kindle version of some non-fiction/history book.

Me: "What size [for the file] do you need?"
Him: "3.6 x 4.8 inches, please."

..... Ohhh. No. No, sweetie. I knew I should have been more specific using that term "size."
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The cobbler's children have no shoes and the archivist's files have no backup.

What system do you use to backup your computer files? I have the expectation to back up both mine and QE's. We both have a fair bit of music, he has videos, I have photos, and only a handfull of text-y documents.

Wex suggested Mozy.
QE wondered about Carbonite.

What say the peanut gallery?
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I've created a basic account in Dreamwidth- It's been sort of a crap week for things here- so, just covering my bases so I don't lose too much traction if something goes horribly wrong. Also, downloaded LJ Archive and did a quick download for LJ Book for the past few months.

I don't expect to switch to DW as my default. I'm used to this interface, however, I'll start gathering connections yonder... again: just in case. I'm just glad my handle wasn't taken there :)
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OK- regarding previous query re: rich vs. not rich entry options. Seems to be an issue with Firefox. Using Chrome now and I have the Rich Text tab back. Feh. 
While I was fiddling with wtf was going on, I lost access to my old view option, Dystopia. I really liked Distopia, and once I clicked off it to see if that was the problem, it was removed from my options. I object.

Anyway- At least Chrome works for my more fine-tune posts. (Yes I could do HTML, but .....ech. That's work that takes the fun out of posting)

I managed to do reasonably well at the conference. I now have the self-mandated task of revising our disaster plan. We have one that's ... ish/ok, but I think we can do better. Particularly since COSTEP exists now, which it didn't last time I revised. It fits in with the rewrite for the policy & procedure manual anyway. I also helped review resumes for those who needed it (mostly students). As usual, some are good, some are hopeless. I'm extra interested since we'll be hiring mini-me sometime next month. 

One of the books for this next club read/discuss is the first Maisie Dobbs. Apparently the first time (and last) I read it, I was in Cancun. That was a bit of bittersweet realizing that. I'd really love to be on a beach, but that sort of place is a bit more interesting when you can drink the froofy drinks. Also, I still don't have a servicable suit. Something to fix soon. Just not today. If I don't find a reasonable one at TJ Maxx, I will look for a set of men's trunks... OK, maybe I will go today. (hrmph)
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Work had been dealing with some serious retro-internet service. 1994 style. It was horrible. At least back then, it was normal and most of the internet was not part of one's job. So today, it's BACK. Hah!

Theoretically I'm going to Worcester tomorrow morning for a meeting. If the snow doesn't scare the decision-makers away. I'd been trying to organize a ride what with me not having a car and there's no easy way to deal with that train thing. I either show up an hour+ early or half an hour late, and there's no way to get from station to meeting. Not good! However, we have this mini van and q_e will have the plow truck. Smart! I also have plans to have other transport if we are delayed by a week.

Because of this meeting, I was a good and righteous gym-goer (for once) and got up today to make up for the loss of it tomorrow. I've been not very attentive to the gym for about 2 months now and I can feel it. Related: I did get a 10 class prepay for yoga (and paid in to use their mats as I can't be arsed to carry around one more awkward object every time I go). I really like Julia's style, so I default to Wednesday. I can't do some stuff, but it's a good thing to do.

ETA: Also, it looks like my concern re: expiring ATM card was for naught. I actually do have a few more weeks, not one. Yay!!

My weekend looks quiet. This is good. I keep needing to be in bed by 9:30.
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It's Wednesday, which means lunch with [livejournal.com profile] lifecollage  (Kermit flail-y arms, yaaaay!). The topic of podcasts came up up. I listen to several. People other than [livejournal.com profile] lifecollage  may find knowing about these podcasts to be a good and helpful thing. Also, if you listen to any, you can tell me what you like and why. So, the list with descriptions under the cut because ye gods this got long:

Geek a Week
Read more... )

Memories of the Future
Read more... )

The Moth
Read more... )

The Nerdist
Read more... )

NPR: 7am news summary
Read more... )

NPR: Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me!
Read more... )

Paul and Storm Talk About Some Stuff For 5-10 Minutes On Average
Read more... )

Radio Free Burrito
Read more... )

Save Love
Read more... )

This American Life
Read more... )

Honorable mentions but not in current rotation:
Read more... )

OK. that took a lot longer to get written out than I expected. But worth it. Did I mention that I work alone in an office and have 2 hours of daily commute? With that in mind, I also have some sort of backlog which I don't feel compelled to finish. You will also see that one show often feeds into another.
ETA: why can't I write this prolifically for the work blog?! (rhetorical)
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Getting up 15 minutes earlier and taking the later bus = relaxed start. I'll ruin it by typing all this and having to rush out the door.
So, with that in mind, short bits of things:
-I got to see my Aunt Carol (Yes, I have one, too. She lives in Pittsburgh and is primary advocate to my grandmother who's in a home with Alzheimer's). We at at Sel de la Terre with her long-time boyfriend and their friend who's on the Aquarium's board of directors. Must take him up on the behind the scenes tour
-My work computer is shaping up. Goodbye XP. I'll miss you. I already have 7 at home, so not a huge shock. I smashed things into an approximately good version and un-7-ed it a lot. Now I get to find the new quirks in stuff like Power Point (...meh)
-I'm not allowed to carry over vacation time, so it behooves me to take random days off, which is what I'm doing tomorrow. Hel-lo, Canobie! I can't wait to see how it compares to my memory of Geauga Lake back home.
-[livejournal.com profile] quiet_elegance  is dealing with ongoing back/health stuff. We're all somewhat fed up with the whole hurry up n' wait. Hopefully after an MRI yesterday something definitive can be decided and done.
-Skating tonight!
-Happy birthday, [livejournal.com profile] primal_pastry  :)

... OK. catching a bus in 5, 4, 3....
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... if you like the Old Spice Guy (and his writers), which I do.
They decided to make videos in answer to comments on FB, Twitter, and YouTube comments. I haven't determined exactly how many there are, but it's like crack. I just can't stop!... except to write this. 

This is 100% [livejournal.com profile] shadesong 's fault this time.
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with [livejournal.com profile] evila 's help, the bike got home. Galen wasn't exactly pleased with the bike's performance when we arrived so good thing dinner right then was the plan anyway. Turns out there's a really great Korean restaurant down the block from Bikeworx. So one Bibim Bop later, the rain had stopped and all was well. Unfortunately, Galen'd run the tank down to fumes and was running it on reserve already. I was a mile from the gas station when she gave up the ghost: yet another good reason to have [livejournal.com profile] evila  as backup. It was just after 8- the station in question a small one, but the office door was still unlocked- a living Kaylee and her hipster male companion were playing cards. My tale of woe swayed Kaylee's heart and she found a loaner gas can and turned the pump back on for me and refused my tip. Funny, with 2 gallons in the tank, Miss Beatrix decided that maybe after all she'd be willing to go. Can returned, compliments on bike paid and an uneventful ride home- Hurrah!

I have a very busy day tomorrow. A test run to make sure it's not a fluke before I trust myself to a full day of bike travel should happen.

The Pod. Oh, the pod. A less happy tale to tell. It was just whirring and whirring, clickety clickety click, but overall, not willing to go. I've been willing to take the long term patient path for many a week, but I miss having options on my daily 2 hour commute. Ebay + $ = solution. Hopefully this one will go.


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