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I watched the last episode of Dr. Who for this season.
I am having FEELINGS.

Then I decided watching the latest Mad Men was a good idea. QE watched that one with me, too. I spent most of the time looking at him with frustration and befuddlement. Seriously, WTF?

If anyone wishes to comment on either show, by all means do so in comments. I will assume anyone who has concerns about spoilers won't look under that rock. In fact, I think I'll start. 
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I was watching Warehouse 13 at lunch and in it we had Dire Situation in which things are about to go critical.
Cut for potential spoilers. )
TLDR lazy writing pisses me off. 
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Watching the end of season 5 Doctor Who converted me to active fan rather than passingly interested watcher. I enjoyed the hell out of the Tennant years and appreciate Eccleston, but I think Doctor + Ponds = my doctor. 

I have been waiting for most of a year to get to watch The Doctor's Wife. I mean!! Gaiman! It felt like Neverwhere all over again on some level. I think I have to rewatch it before I move on. 

So much for watching episodes only when my office mate is not working that day and the weather is crappy. Robin and I will have to have some other show to watch now, because I'm going to zip through season 6 right quick and start in on the season 7 that will be waiting for me on the DVR. 

I also want a fez. And maybe a bow tie. 
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  • My measure of success this evening was getting from 32% to 51% on an impossibly hard Dance Central song. I'm actually rather proud of that. I just hope that I magically make the game judge decide I am within the parameters of success next time. 
  • My birthday is in a few weeks and I have no idea what I want to do to commemorate this occasion. 37 is a not overly interesting number in and of itself. 
  • Tomorrow's the only day this week I'm working. Also, I will not forget to go to the internship job site. I will also not forget I'm having lunch with [livejournal.com profile] lifecollage. (The key is in not packing my lunch for the day)
  • QE's getting that back procedure Tuesday morning. There's some hope and trepidation. 
  • My parents arrive Tuesday evening. 
  • Upstairs Downstairs  is not half as good as Downton Abbey
  • My annual review is next week. It should be fine- Everyone else's is this week. I hope they're fine, too.  
  • I have to get off my duff and try to find a new child care option for The Crime Fighter. A combination of travel, new baby mobility and the end of the regular school year = end of the line at [livejournal.com profile] mzkero's. This is a whole other post, which I may or may not try to deal with, as my parameters are sort of impossible. Impossible is why we were lucky to have Kero for as many months as we had. It's eating my brain.
Apr. 2nd, 2012 08:51 pm


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-QE goes back for the same test he had last week. They want to replicate the results before they go making permanent changes. 
-I found a madeleine pan and feel confident I can make these cookies. I ended up eating them all weekend. Probably not the smartest thing I've ever done, but they are best fresh.
-I did see Hunger Games last Monday- I implied it, but then didn't comment on the movie itself. I found it to be a very good adaptation from the book. Next big thing: Avengers
-Friends whose kid is closer to teenage than baby gifted us with a baby bike chariot (trailer). QE installed hardware. Now I need to get a helmet for the baby and make sure the cabin is free from garage debris. It's a sweet little rig. 
-Work is... work. I'm glad I have it. The things that were bothering me last week are still a problem, but when dealing with major institutional shift, contention is one of the few predicable outcomes. My annual review is any second now. I'm hoping there will be a chance to have some real conversation about it. 
-Mad Men is eating my brain. Smash is quickly losing me, but hasn't done anything so spectacularly bad to make me entirely quit. 
-I realize I need to re-discover some evening activities, but nothing's really keeping my interest. I should be working on the Cook's Illustrated index, but quite frankly, it's exactly like work and I haven't found the platform that I actually want to use with the finished product. Mostly, I want to just have a certain number of fields to capture what issue, what recipe, then have the option of as many tags as I want to throw in so I can look for "vegetarian," or "main course" with "poultry." Or whatever. I'm currently using a google spreadsheet. I've considered having a dedicated LJ set up- but that's super-clunky and not what it's built for. Anyway, if anyone's gotten this far down the ramble and has a suggestion, let me know. ... seriously- these magazines are staring at me balefully, wondering why I'm wasting time writing an entirely boring post than just entering the data.   

Feb. 13th, 2012 09:46 pm


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I see epic (mellow)drama in my future. I will not be finishing this week's new-to-me Downton episode tonight. I'll save that for tomorrow and save enough time to watch something not horribly depressing for the right before bed part. I have concerns.  I've remained unspoiled and wish to stay that way, but I know there'll be an uptick in the body count considering where I left off. Feh. 
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I rarely talk about tv/movies these days, however, this is worthy.
Thanks to my Aunt Wendy, who said "Better than the Colin Firth version of Pride and Prejudice," I started watching Downton Abbey last night (finished the pilot this morning- which is saying something. Normally I don't watch videos before work). I have the zeal of the newly converted, planning to watch ep. 2 tonight. I already checked PBS to see if they have all of season 2 available: why yes- until early March. So. There. I see myself forgoing all other tv/movie watching at home in favor of this until I'm up to date. 

So, despite the usual several interruptions to my sleep, I'm entirely stoked. If you are already in the fan club, feel free to ping me to gush about it, but please note: I've managed to stay entirely spoiler-free thus far beyond a few unavoidable deductions from screen captures attached to the current episodes. 

Fangirl goes... Squee!
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It was a great day yesterday, despite rain. Roll call starts here....
[livejournal.com profile] purple_terror 's mom arrived at 10 (3 hours after she left Camden), stood around, met [livejournal.com profile] asciikitty  (eee, surprise!) had some coffee then wondered WTF we were doing still standing around for and let's get rolling, already. She and K went off to The Unicorn to clean everything in sight. Woah. The woman is a force to be reckoned with. It set the day off to a great start, because seriously- you need MOM energy and that mom can zomg-clean. K's major task was dealing with the window screens, which had apparently never been cleaned in this lifetime and had stopped being transparent. Gross work, but aren't we glad we're doing it now so that gunk didn't settle into the house? Yeah.
[livejournal.com profile] fiddledragon  and her crew showed up first, took away pillows to be re-fashioned into not pillows and just about all the clothes we'd bagged up. She's happy because now there is a ton of raw material for her project. I'm thrilled because it's gone.
[livejournal.com profile] rintrahroars  showed up before the rain really got started and proceeded to attack my kitchen with vim and vigor.
[livejournal.com profile] lifecollage  arrived a bit after that and was given the challenge (and honor) of stowing [livejournal.com profile] quiet_elegance 's knife alter. Quote she: "there's some talky things on that table, dude." Oh, yes- aren't there? That was a task we could not delegate to many. We were both hugely grateful for her attentions.
[livejournal.com profile] caulay  and [livejournal.com profile] ahf  arrived ready to rumble and took on the donations to the vets, then dealt with the last book case, which they then took home (case not contents)- to everyone's great satisfaction.
and [livejournal.com profile] zzbottom  arrived right at the transition point, took away one of [livejournal.com profile] quiet_elegance 's hand built cabinets he'd been using for hand tools for the last N years, but will not work in the new space: too small to contain the current collection and the new place is limited on where our stuff can be anchored to walls. It's seriously a gorgeous piece and it was killing me wondering where it ought go. I mean, really.  There's debate on the object that was the knife alter still. Hoping it's re-established in not our house within the next week, or at least decided. l_s and zz relocated to The Unicorn and helped in furniture assembly-- made a great bit of progress, too, from what I heard. Yay! Places to put STUFF.

Seriously-- I am always over the moon when things of perfectly good use and quality that have lived out their time with me then get relocated to places where they'll continued to be used.

I had enough energy to fold all the laundry and walk up to get the indian food (my turn to "cook"- it's the week of guess we're doing take out most of the time). I sat through all of Country Strong (on the strength of Gweneth Paltrow's time on Glee- clearly she can sing)- but the damage! Ohhh the damage of those characters. I had to thank q_e for us not being anything like that.  In other AV entertainment observations,  I also had fun with shows featuring pregnant people and how clearly they're not really pregnant because XYZ. Specifically, they didn't coach Angela on Bones very well on how to stand/walk as a 6 month-pregnant person. Also costume folks needed to pad her out a bit more up top. Not voluminous enough by far. Hilarity!

To sum up: this community kicks some serious ass. I'm entirely confident that the big move on Friday will be pretty painless and mostly because of the excellent work performed yesterday. I was somewhat taken aback that I actually didn't have the chance to pack anything myself because I was too busy directing one group or another. I am less likely to over-extend if I'm the director, so further serious win.
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Tonight there were girls in my kitchen. We made Vietnamese spring rolls (my new favorite hot weather food) and then there was gossip and then we watched dancing with the guys. Yay!
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OK. [livejournal.com profile] doeeyedbunny , an avid dance fan, just started watching So You Think You Can Dance (SYTYCD) and she mildly chastised me (with humor) for not mentioning the show more vociferously and that she's now catching up with the previous 6 seasons as best she can.

OK. If you like dance, NOW is the time to watch a show like this. Tonight's exposition show was brilliant and about close to flawless as it gets to date.  Next week the real competition starts.

For those who are wishing they had a setlist of the music, each season has a Wikipedia page. The show's been done for half an hour and already this season's (7) page is updated. Just. Sayin'.
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So, the Penny Arcade Expo (East) is happening here in Boston starting next Friday afternoon with Whil Wheaton as kenote, Jonathan Coulton, and Paul & Storm as musical guests. They also plan to have panels about gaming n' stuff.

Random cool discovered in the past few days discovered: 
Radio Free Burrito #22. Worth listening to - good music (MC Frontalot and M Doughty) and a retelling of one of Wil's stories.
I discovered that Wil co-narrates Boneshaker on Audible, but wholly reads a Fables novel-  Peter and Max, which I decided might be more fun since I just read Boneshaker within the past few months.
Extra random happy: [livejournal.com profile] purple_terror 's going to finish Turncoat tonight, which means I can start it tomorrow. This breaks my self-imposed restriction of saving the last paperback Harry Dresden novel as a backup, emergency read. I deem this artificial restriction inconsequential in the face of the instant gratification I will get by reading acts of impossible derring do. (I may have been watching too much Big Bang Theory again. I'm starting to sound like Sheldon. Again.)
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There was sushi with [livejournal.com profile] purple_terror  and we hung out with [livejournal.com profile] evila  until Galen the motorcycle mechanic showed up with his van, scooped up my bike and was gone faster than you can eat a whole spicy scallop roll. It's awesome- he comes, get the bike, and when I come get it, it'll go again!  Then we got ice cream ^_^
I finally saw the end of the Oscars. I mostly taped it so I could play name that dancer in the Best Score montage. Several named, fyi. Now I need to update Netflix so I can see what the ruckus is about with most of these beasties.

Note to self: must update motorcycle icon this season, really.
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Well, maybe next time Joss gets a show, it won't be on Fox.
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Someone borrowed my copy of How I Met Your Mother season 1 at some point in the past few months. My initial query on FB has yielded no reply, so I'm asking here, too. I really do have to be more attentive about what goes where.
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Tonight's dancing... wow. Just... every piece- even the weird jazz was great. And actual classical ballet on point. For real. A quick step that was well executed and had a fantastic story line. I don' t envy the judges tomorrow when they have to cut the bottom 2.

Going to bed is probably required at this point, but I'm still way too pumped up. Oh- and tomorrow: If there's not an MJ tribute by Wade Robson, then I will need to know the reason why from certain producers.
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My garden is quite amazing. I've been a bad plant parent to this current season and not documenting with pictures hardly at all. So not surprised. If ever I have 2 kids, there probably won't be any pictures of the second. OK, maybe not. But it feels like that ;)  I'm waiting for the broccoli to start showing signs of florets, though. Hmph! But the beans are totally nuts and climbing anything that stands still long enough to get caught in their tendrils (eee!)- They've got flowers now in parts, so edibles to arrive sooner than later. My Topsy Turvey (TM) is now out along with the homemade one- a drywall mud bucket with holes in the bottom - well, the plant is getting scary big. The "official" one was just planted on Saturday outside so it hasn't taken off. What I found so cool was that it almost immediately started to grow towards the sun. Plants are bendy!  Oh, and the red leaf lettuce has loved this rain so much. And there are too many bunnies in my neighborhood. Every time I see one near my garden I yell in a grumpy mom voice, but in the exasperated I still love you way.

[livejournal.com profile] lifecollage  invited me over for dinner last night, which was as excellent as I expected. Holy crap, is their veggie farm share huuge. I don't think I could handle that much all in one week. Especially since I don't have a chest freezer like she does (I totally would if our *&^%$ house's electricity in the basement could withstand the juice it would require. Trust me. It can't.) I need to see if I can recount a conversation we had about interacting with those who've survived a geek childhood and have the scars to prove it- the bit in question was about why it can be so damn hard to get proactive conversations/actions from these very lovely people. Anyway- I know I'm not up to the task of the recounting and pondering at this point, but I want to so this is the bookmark for later.

I got home in time to watch week 2 of Dancing. I think last week was a bit stronger (the whole first week adrenaline), but I'm ever so pleased to see choreographers back, particularly Shane Sparks. Yay, the dancing!

So, I'm going to Wisconsin for work in a week and a few days. For one reason and another, I need to get a pedicure before I return home, and I managed to find a relatively close salon and got the appointment. I love the interwebs! Thank you Google Maps. I'm fixated on trying a gothy French manicure style: black with white tips. How very Druscilla, eh? 

This weekend's plans are going to be awesome, I think. If all goes according to plan, I'll have sushi with [profile] quiet_elegance  on Friday. Until I started going to Teppenyaki with him and sitting at the sushi bar, I thought their fare was pretty ho-hum. Now I love it. But really, it's all about spending time with q_e- getting out of the usal distractions of being in the house. /schmoop. And Saturday is going to be non-stop. As always: diner for breakfast with [profile] purple_terror  with the requisite snark given and taken from our favorite waitress, Grammy. Then the long anticipated pool party. Looking at the weather makes me a bit sad, though, as it looks to be a bit chilly and almost certainly damp. Meh. I depend on the finer weather to keep me in what is otherwise a seething horde of humanity. Dinna want to be stuck inside! Let's hope things change because I want to see the spinning. And I want to see [livejournal.com profile] weegoddess  and everyone else, but especially our Actual Size redhead. The end of the evening will be at the charity screening of Serenity at Coolidge Corner: Can't Stop the Serenity- all proceeds go to Equality Now. They're starting the screening this year with Dr. Horrible, so bonus. Since it's a midnight screening, I suspect I'll be doing a whole lot of nothing on

Oh! And I almost forgot that I have to thank [livejournal.com profile] jasra  (again) for pointing me towards greasemonkey for Firefox and facebook purity. I had been spending a lot of time being irritated with otherwise lovely people who kept spamming me with their effing quiz results and application crap. So. Don't. Care. That add-on blocks all that. Thank you, internet gods for this! I'm clearly not the only one spending more time on FB (and probably Twitter, which I still only stalk via RSS) because when once not that long ago I'd have to page back quite a bit to catch up after being gone for many hours/ a day, I sort of don't have to, however I really do with FB. Well, hey. FB for the mini posts, LJ for the more thoughtful commentary. I hope!

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So, if you- for some unknown reason- depend on my occasional fangirl moments about a particular show, here's your reminder:

Season 5 SYTYCD has been launched. Despite [livejournal.com profile] badlittlemonkey  telling me this a bit ago, I did not grok they're doing season 6 This. Fall. Robin was here for the first auditions tonight and apparently Fox programmers saw 2/3 of the year with the same time requirements between this show and Idol that they'd just keep going with back to back choreographic goodness. I'd call this a solid win for me!
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I've been watching Weeds via Netflix. Just finished season 2. I do not have any season 3. It sort of ends on a cliffhanger:
spoilers )

ARRRRRGH! ... Not on Hulu, no season 3 on In Demand. I'm the captain of the failboat.

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Once again, Dorothy Surrenders writes about one of my favorite shows.

You really must watch the clip, too.


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