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Hi friends. How are you? 

Today's a feeling mopey day. (Got to visit with someone I rather like yesterday, but It's Complicated tm. Not much to be done. I don't really want to talk about it here, but I do. Did I mention complicated?)  Then follow up from this year's Confessional) caused me to grin and blush a fair bit.  Because apparently it's a year where I was gifted my very own thread. So, if any of the anon commenters are reading here... hi! I deeply appreciate being appreciated. I'm still bone-deep intrigued by people carrying torches for apparently decades. I realize some things are not meant to be known by the object 'pon which one crushes, but ... well, you know. CURIOUS! 

(GAH!, naughty dreamwidth, which publishes the post when you hit enter when putting in tags. )

What else? Everything, nothing?

House- I've not mentioned much here, but I'm about to be a home-owner. asciiktty's parents' house will soon be my family's house. It's exciting! It's on the Newton/Watertown line, and will not transfer residence until after the end of the school year.

Work? Still not king. But got rolling on Preservica. Had my first training (finally) today, and soon it'll be a going concern. I'm also working on cleaning up within the Records Management part of my life, which goes with an Asset Management System.

Kid- Doing OK. Very 5. I haven't had the energy to post here, but dealing with gender expression and declared self "Girl" in the fall, which has been persistent ever since. (I need more long sleeve dresses for her).  Looks like repeating kindergarten is for sure going to happen. No surprise. If she were 3 weeks younger, she'd have been in pre-K again this year. I'm calling this the practice year- get the notions of what is expected sorted out and then work on academic benchmarks.

Wife- EMPLOYED! That happened uh, about a week and  a half ago? No, 2 weeks ago exactly. They called on a Monday for the next day. that's the union for you, friends. She's still looking for work that doesn't involve wearing a tool belt and hauling particle board. She's also being happy and ridiculous at a new person. I'm full of compersion for her. He's a nice guy and lives in Dorchester.

Health/physicality- been climbing still, not enough. I need to ping CRG and put a hold on my membership. I can't do all the things, as it turns out. When I live in Newton, that'll likely be my default gym since they have a location about 2 mi from my new house.
I also have been participating in StepBet, because asciikitty is an enabler. That has gamified my activity just enough to keep me from slipping. I'm starting to feel like there's some difference. My goal is to have my utilikilt fit me as it should again.

Fam- I got to visit family in the Hudson Valley a few weeks ago, and then my parents visited this past weekend. The NY trip was to see my aunt in Our Town. My mom's younger sister. My mom, my Aunt Leslie and Uncle Will plus ersatz-Aunt Susan (I actually have an actual aunt by that name, just to confuse things), plus theatrical aunt's two adult kids were on site. Jaime and Kid also came with. it was quite an impromptu reunion and I was happy for the chance.
My parents had been planning on visiting me this weekend for a while. Mom's a huge advocate of vacation rentals, a good way to get a decent place near my house but not IN my house to take some pressure off those family members who might not be that social, the fact that the house is big, but that with guests it no longer feels adequate. Can allow for the dog to come if they want (not this time). It's overall a good thing. This time we went to Newburyport and got a beach house. Yes, tons of snow on the ground, but it was still delightful. The house itself was one that I'd very much like to rent again for a fun get-away for adults (sans parents or kids). It had a great aesthetic and a very nicely stocked kitchen with sharp knives and quality cook wear.

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It only took an extra week, but my Square arrived! Now I just need to find or manufacture a reason to use it to make sure I have the concept down. I'm sure I've been doing other stuff, but all my extra time is all about making more items for Open Studios.
IMG_0996   IMG_1003
Last night and tonight I worked on Harry Potter (in house colors) ornaments, made snowflakes for the Ana and Ilsa fans, and one Rebel Alliance logo. The thing I've not really sorted out is cleanly attaching the ring that gives the flat ornaments structure. Hot glue is MESSY.

I have about 3 times more ideas than what I have done. So when I say "I have no time".... hah.

In non-clay news, we are hosting coworker Robin for a few days til she can move into her new house. She was adorably bouncy now that the worst is over and she knows where she'll be sleeping next week. This was a question til yesterday.

Further not-clay: QE got a cortisone shot yesterday, and it should be kicking in any day now.. And since his union health insurance started back up, he can go switch doctors to one that's within the union universe. They may know a thing or two about chronic pain.
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[livejournal.com profile] quiet_elegance is wrapping up his 10 week gig doing night shift. It's been profitable, but it's hard not having him around for certain parts of the day.  Really, the majority of his time in the last 3 years has been unemployed, so the whole parent-balance thing, I'm used to him being available. There'll always be something sacrificed when he's back on site. This has definitely been one of the better jobs he's had in the recent past. He comes home tired, but not grumpy, sharing stories of pranks pulled on coworkers.

Turns out, also, our mattress has past its usefulness, so we headed up to Jordan's this past weekend and got a top end latex-foam mattress. Can't wait! Sadly, it doesn't show til Friday and as expected the last few nights of sleep are the pits, because that's how it works.

Work for me is... eh? Fine? We're busy. Writing documentation, processing collections, getting articles written about us in the NYT. You know. The usual.

Honorary Niece arrives in a week and 2 days! It's going to be a great time. I'm not taking the whole time off, but it gives the opportunity for exploration.

Wedding plans for Labor Day is set, thanks to [livejournal.com profile] pisicutsa's being game for adventure. Woot!

Funsies/crafting:bulleted lists for easier scanning )
OK. There you have it.
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... Huh. I didn't expect this list to go so long. Ah well.  Have a glorified bullet list.
- Transitions to night work is hard, even when you're not the one working nights.
- Extra free floating hormone-induced anxiety is obnoxious.
+ I took Friday morning off to see Maleficent. QE came with! A nice mini-date.
+ Successful trip to Eddie Bauer and now I have ....(dun dun dunnn!) Adventure Pants! Their travel-friendly fabric is really great and it's nice to have adult-looking clothing that looks good and looks good on me.
[livejournal.com profile] quiet_elegance was able to teach with his friend Rick on Saturday and post-mortem feedback indicates more gigs to follow!
+++++ Tom and Carol came to dinner Sunday/Father's Day and QE made brisket, aka: Meat candy
- Broke a casserole dish that evening and had to pitch the mac & cheese I made, which was kind of perfect. But ceramic shards in noodles is not good eats. Just ask Alton Brown. (It turns out, I'm allowed to make more mac & cheese later)
+ [livejournal.com profile] lifecollage joined the kid and me for a Sunday morning adventure: picnic breakfast at the Yurt's courtyard, then a trip to Cambridge Commons playground. Overall A+ adventure that ended with a long nap that didn't start til we got home.
? I think I may be overly attached to bubble tea right now. Turns out boiling the tapioca pearls right is harder and time-intensive than you'd think, but I'm learning. Favorite flavor combo at home: cow milk, coconut milk, black tea, and limeade with the tapioca pearls. Go-to restaurant flavor is coconut.
- Failed to go to Pride.
+ used that time instead to prep for the big Sunday dinner; half of that time Crime Fighter hung out at Estradell. Then I got to go over, too.
+ Going out this Thursday with book club to see The Fault In Our Stars (FINALLY!), and we're seeing it at the Capitol, so I can walk to/from, *and* [livejournal.com profile] lifecollage is backup adult* so I can enjoy dinner out, and-and-and I have a free pass for the movie.
+ I have backup adult coverage for book club-proper next week.
+ I'm taking tomorrow off! For fun! [livejournal.com profile] red_canna and I have crafting notions.
+ The kid is transitioning out of toddler/preschool into the preschool class at the end of the month! The median age for his class right now has decreased a lot in the last few months, as is the way of things. A bored Crime Fighter is a dangerous Crime Fighter.
+ My parents and the pup will be here for a week following 4th of July and we're hanging out in Rockport in a rental house. It's going to be grand fun and full of adventures.
+ The to-do check list at work has contributed a great deal to me feeling productive.
- But not enough to keep me from goofing off a bit more than I'd like.

*backup adult: With QE out in the evenings, going out and doing stuff can be complicated if anything starts before... oh, 8:30. The kid seems to sense when I have plans and will go on sleep strike. It's good to have someone else around just in case so [livejournal.com profile] fubar isn't left fubar-ed.
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So, let's see. What's going on?

First and foremost...
[livejournal.com profile] quiet_elegance has a new job!!!Read more... )

The kid. What can I say? He's amazing.Read more... )
Fun projects-
mostly fiber, but maybe some clay )

Read more... )
some stuff, maybe not enough )

TLDR: Hey, I think we're having a good week. Let's go with it!
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This week is full of not-normal stuff.

[livejournal.com profile] fubar and [livejournal.com profile] asciikitty are off to the UK, back later next week

[livejournal.com profile] quiet_elegance was called in to help finish a job out in Newton (above the new Wegman's). This is how it works: get a call, check out the site, go to work the next day. Boom. Just like that. It's in a medical complex, which is kind of a specialty for QE. He's worked in almost every facility on Longwood at this point. But end of job means zomg, get R duuun (10-12 hour days). But also wraps up over the weekend.

Have you done the math? Suddenly, I'm at home for some temporary solo parenting. Excitement!! I was expecting to be more wrung out, but then again (knock wood), nothing's really gone pear-shaped yet. I'm thankful that the weather's not gotten too soggy because bike-commuting is my preferred method. Double-plus good, the trailer can stay at the school during the day. I'm headed to a mosaic class with [livejournal.com profile] red_canna and [livejournal.com profile] rintrahroars, and thanks to [livejournal.com profile] primalpastry, I didn't have to cancel. I love my tribe.

However, I realize I'm pretty much on my own all weekend.... Who wants to go on some adventures on Saturday? Breakfast playdate Sunday morning? Lemme know.
ETA: I'll confer with people in email on possible plans. :)

...ok! I think I'm covered now. Thanks!
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I got to go to EOS for a few hours! It was great! Having the elder of the Wex kids on hand for my first hour there made a huge difference. I had hoped to have a team of teens to keep the kid busy, but sadly I didn't connect with my other two most likely candidates. But with lovely adults like [livejournal.com profile] drwex, [livejournal.com profile] lifecollage and [livejournal.com profile] spinrabbit around, I got in a few extra conversations before we called it a day.

This kid is clearly leveling up. His sleep pattern is totally whack-a-doodle: no nap on Sunday, up for an hour and a half last night and only went back to bed after he transferred to my bed. But he is SO cute. He runs up and gives hugs, will offer kisses to injured limbs and of course insist on his own kisses for his injuries. He'll parrot juuust about anything these days (so beware!) and will point out people he knows in pictures. He even associates certain things with certain people. Unca [livejournal.com profile] fubar wears a fox t-shirt from time to time, given who his employer is, and so if Crime Fighter sees a fox, he'll yell "UNCA!!" It appears that almost any representation of a woman in drawing that is not otherwise identifiable is Mama. He will declare people funny. Frequently as a method of deflecting frustration of said person, so "Funny Bubba" referring to QE. Or I'll say something and get a laugh and I'm then "Funny Mama."  He will also request you to sit. Over the weekend he successfully said "awesome," which is just that.

QE starts working nights, starting tonight for the next probably 3 weeks. That should be... interesting. I'm glad it's temporary. 
Jun. 6th, 2013 08:26 pm


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I'm feeling really fragile and not great this evening.

On the flip-side, QE is adorable and bouncy. This "work" thing rather agrees with him. He is also suffering from sudden and extreme uptick in metabolism. If anyone has any suggestions on how to do Not-Starving All The Time and be mindful he's needed to lose weight for a while...

Mayhap the emotional whip-lash of the changey-change is... a thing?
And now you know. 
Jun. 5th, 2013 03:07 pm


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Back in the middle of May I gave an unsatisfactory update on the house thing. That was only a week after we discovered the Unicorn. It's been a long month. I even wrote up a story about things as they had progressed to date, but I started writing that only three days after the last post, and therefore is missing about 3 weeks of information.

So, we know where we are moving, but we don't know when and we aren't sure when the construction will be done. It sounds bad when I say it that way, but [livejournal.com profile] quiet_elegance has been pitching in since last Saturday, and is ostensibly acting as foreman on the project, particularly since the owner is working out in NY on a job, only coming home on weekends. Because of that, we have all the latest information and we can see that progress is happening essentially every day. The owner is also pretty responsive to communication, which was not true in the early weeks when there was still some question on whether or not they wanted us as tenants. As soon as he made up his mind, the pathway became pretty clear. I am not sure what is required to get a occupancy permit, but that's the real obstacle to us signing a lease right now. There's also some familial drama on their side, which will hopefully be ironed out by the time the permit is in hand.

What I do know is that this house is going to be spectacular. It's going to be done and done right. Aside from wishing for maybe one more room, there is no sacrifice in this house for anyone moving in. I will share more once we have more actual concrete information, like "we move on July 5th."  For what it's worth, I believe it will be fine and that it will come together before our lease runs out on July 15.

Oh- and QE started work, finally, yesterday. Finally. Oh, that liminal state: between paychecks, between houses. At least the kid loves school, and this house means he can continue attending there for as long as we are in this new house, and/or until kindergarten starts. At least 2 of 4 of us are solid in our job and not needing to find our footing. I'd throw myself into packing, except I've rather packed almost everything I can for now. I think I'm ready for some help there- to get me motivated.

Soon. It'll sort out soon,.
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QE returned safely last night. Dad took off at O-Dark:thirty this morning. It was a nice little visit and I'm glad he was able to come out. 

Normal weekday routine usually involves QE and Dash go on a long walk, usually to Davis, every mid-morning, so we decided to make that a go to Davis for crepes. I envy them that time and I wanted to get in on the fun, particularly while the weather was still OK.  I know it's HONK! but when compressing a plastic shopping bag made my ears go into screaming spasms last night, I decided crazy marching bands was not the answer today. Also, crowds. Also, baby-nap schedules require going home before the parade. I hope it was fun, though!

The Vegas trip was extremely gratifying for our Union Dude and he's been chattering about it all morning. I will admit some level of ambivalence to this. It will be great but oh god, the new challenges, and not seeing him as much. It's a little nerve-wracking. A development is: he actually does get a company car and gas card, if he makes it. Oh, she says. Well, that's exciting! So, he explained the numbers about this hiring process. It breaks down as some 600 got the invitation letter to apply to become an organizer. Around 175 or 180 applied. Around 140 got the first interview. 30 were sent to Vegas and specifically 3 from QE's local. He also heard that there's a shop teacher position opening up at the Millbury training center, which he may well qualify for, but his buddy Ricky totally would. The fact that both of them are qualified to teach OSHA is sort of a big deal. (Apparently not a whole lot of people go for it/make it and it's absolutely required curriculum.) More fingers crossed for that.

It's sort of hard not to start the planning things. So much stuff has been deferred for so long. 
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I don't think the travel meme is particularly riveting, but there was so much that happened last year, it might do me some good to review that.
... hm. I started doing this and I could tell it would be way too long to continue, so let's see if I can try again, but not so much-

Well, KID. That consumed most of my head and will for the rest of my life. While I'm contractually obligated to say this, I'm happy to say that he is genuinely a fascinating little creature and astounds me with his capacity to learn and grow. Would that I could wake up with a smile on my face as often has he does. I've also been exceptionally grateful to all of my friends and family for being so supportive. It's hugely gratifying to have spawned a spawn that is so very likable. 

We moved. After 9 years in one house, that was epic in and of itself. It's a sadness we'll have to move sooner than we like. It really is a much smaller house and I entirely regret not having a guest room or even a room dedicated for the babe. But of all the choices we had, it was the best of the lot and I'm looking forward to more bike rides when it gets warmer on my beloved bike path.

[livejournal.com profile] purple_terror took me to visit Tom and Carol in the Other Cambridge- my last big trip before Crime Fighter arrived. It was our first major trip just the two of us and I think we managed pretty well

I helped [livejournal.com profile] quiet_elegance acquire his very own vehicle- the first one he's ever had in his name. It's a good workhorse of a minivan and I'm glad we had the chance to get it. The old Subaru was not going to last through last winter for sure.

My work continues to appreciate me. We have a small army of people here whose primary task is about the archive. I may not be engrossed every second of every day, but I'm still glad to be here. I am also still involved with the regional archive group's board, although I think I'm actually entering my term's final year. I may choose to not run again after this. We'll see. 

Union- I can safely say that this has been the worst year re: hours worked/not worked for QE since he started with the union. He did finally limp across the finish line and is a Journeyman, which led to an almost immediate offer for him to start teaching and start acting as a steward on job sites. The long game remains for QE to become a full time instructor. It's the best possible move for him and for our family, but this few weeks here, few weeks there paycheck thing has been murder for us.

Art... well, I am doing some now. Knitting a baby took most of my energy recently. I have discovered that painting is the way to go for creative outlets. Clay is too fussy, time intensive, and has massive set up and clean up requirements. It does mean that since I've not produced anything there or in jewelry and unlikely to do so any time very soon, this upcoming Arisia will be the last event where I sell anything for a while.

My hope for this coming year: not drown. I want to not worry about money so much. And the events surrounding that (QE's employment) are 100% not in my control. Here's hoping, nonetheless.

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[livejournal.com profile] quiet_elegance got a call today: he starts tomorrow at the hospital in Waltham. For those not yet used to the system, yeah, it's that fast. I'm glad I'm home this week to help make the kid-care transition, considering how much he's been The Guy.  Also, no idea what type of work, what the project is, how long it'll last- sometimes the hours are spotty, sometimes it's balls-to-the-wall: either way a PITA, but WORK. It's been 2 months this time. 

Also, he got a call yesterday re: Vegas/training. He goes back for only one week this time in -- huh- another 2 months from now. I'll be curious to see if they maintain the every 4 months schedule at this rate. 

Teaching is likely to kick in again: they go by calendar year, so almost nothing in December, so safe bet OSHA or history will come around very soon. Then there's the notion of teaching cabinet-making in Boston, as their old guy was an idjit, said dumb stuff, and got shit-canned. There's been words said about them being interested in QE doing ... stuff, but it's all pie in the sky til they schedule him, IMO. 

My estimate is that within 2-3 weeks, he'll be so busy he'll be wistful for this down time he's had. It's damn hard, but I really do feel he'll be full time instructor within three years. Dammit. 
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I've had a lot in my head, but not necessarily been writing stuff down, so let's see how this goes. This is a post driven by the notion that I've not posted in a while. 


so much stuff! )

He's great! 

Picture and update )
nothing significant, but some small stuff that could grow to big stuff )
Some is better than none, and Arisia )
Upcoming Holiday stuff-
visits and brain weasels )
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I looked back and realize that my last post was me heading to the Occupy Boston rally last Thursday, which feels like yesterday and a million years ago already. It was a fantastic experience. I'm glad I went. Everyone was polite and peaceful. The police were watchful but very hands off. I got to meet the head cheese of the New England Carpenter's (etc)., as well as one of QE's primary mentors, the head of the apprentices program (Tom). Crime Fighter was a camera magnet. I didn't see anyone quite so young in attendance. I happened to run into my UU, also from Ohio, friend Ethan, which was lovely.

We got to be the focus of a trolling on FB with the themes of unplanned pregnancy, poorness, and child endangerment. Never mind the bits where all 3 points of contention were 100% false. It was gratifying to have everyone else in the thread jump to our defense. The more important part to take away from it is getting to go down there with him, as it's for Crime Fighter and his generation. We have a hard time now, but without a fight, his future will be dramatically harder.

 [livejournal.com profile] quiet_elegance and a crew of apprentices drove down in time to participate in the AFL-CIO rally. I could not have been more proud to see him all kitted out in hard hat with all its stickers on it. And I was able to see him in his element, with his guys and his mentor and while Crime Fighter is too young to remember, we'll have photographic evidence to show him later:

Our family at Occupy Boston Oct 14 2011
Our Christmas card picture? Probably.

I have the notion of taking Dad down there when he's here next/following week.  We are the 99%. 

Right. So, my dad will be here from 10/24-11/4. Why? Seemed a good notion, as Matt will be in Vegas for training until the 5th- that's about 2 weeks. I don't recall if I've mentioned this already, or a few times, but this is really important. The ultimate goal is to get QE to full time instructor asap. Lots of good reasons to get this rolling. Specifically:Exposition )
It does mean a year+ of leading a very complicated life. I don't love the idea of him traveling so much, but it will be worth it. And with that... I think I may have convinced myself. How about you?
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I'm headed to Dewey Sq./South Station for the AFL CIO rally for Occupy Boston. Check out FB for details-- xo!
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[livejournal.com profile] quiet_elegance is getting fast-tracked for instructor-hood in the Union. He has to go out to Vegas for training in several iterations, the first being October 24-Nov 4. That's 2 weeks. I'll still be out. My father's planning on being here for part of that time.

Necessary difficulty in order to reach the very attractive goal of full time instructor, but ye gods, this is going to be very difficult. If you are saving up visiting time, consider putting in for some of those 2 weeks. K'thnx.     
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So, [livejournal.com profile] quiet_elegance starts his teaching gig this evening out in Millbury. He said M/Thu. It's now Monday through Thursday for this and next week: about 1.5-2 hours of travel + 3 hours of class- he won't be home til late. That's about 12 hour days.

Yay money, but..... eeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Now I have to find the fine line of:
1. Having company in the day and some evenings ([livejournal.com profile] purple_terror may be on hand, but he has stuff he needs/wants to do other than keep a stir-crazy girlfriend less crazy)
2. Finding a balance of not too many people/activities all at once and wear me out and/or then not see anyone for several days on end
3. Finding time to stay connected and communicating with QE.

... on mom-brain. > _ <
Who is flying this thing?!
Sep. 9th, 2011 11:33 pm

Cabin Fever

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Hi, new mom here.
I'm feeling sort of raw and figuring my shit out still.

Things I need to figure out how to do-

Not have more than about 1 visitor/day. I get worn out really easily. My ideal visiting times are between 10:30a-2p--- Really a tough window. That window because [livejournal.com profile] quiet_elegance is working 5:30a-2p, comes home at 2:30 and is exhausted, dirty and starved.  Oh, he came home with a broken toe today. Stupid fucking drywall. Nothing to be done for it, but his pain levels really didn't need this on top of everything else.
Given QE's schedule, I'm on duty 80-90% of the time, mostly because I'm the food source and introducing bottles at this stage is not ideal for Crime Fighter. We'll have to find a better equilibrium eventually, but in the meantime, I'm the go-to, particularly for the night shift.  I'm feeling trapped but my hind-brain is in charge, so can't let the cub out of my sight without it being a serious stress for more than an hour or so (hi, feeding times?) - I realize I have to get used to it, but it seems damn early yet.

No really, discharge papers say: don't drive. I proved that to be true this evening when riding in the back of the mini van brought me to tears from the pot holes. Clearly driving is a shitty idea... but in 2 weeks? Maybe not.

In a few weeks, I'm going to have to start thinking about who'll be watching Crime Figther come November. I can't think about this yet. It's too early. QE's work schedule is the factor still. He's back to work this week after 2 weeks off and he starts teaching union classes next week (M and Thu nights) - both good things and means we can start banking it. The "paternity leave" weeks will be paid... in a month thanks to the delays in unemployment.

In the meantime, my days feel the same: long and then gone and here I am, in the middle of the night and on my own with this child. It's boot camp, I suppose. I feel like I'm doing well enough, but it's tough being sequestered on the first floor, out of my bed and away from my husband for the 3rd week now and until I can carry the child up and down the stairs without being so aware of my incision, I remain here. ... mind you, I've got a routine down here. I will have to figure everything out all over again when I shift upstairs.

OK. At least now I'm sort of tired. Maybe I can fall asleep now that much of that is out of my head.
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I am generally the ring leader on almost all things social at my house and have been sort of always. [livejournal.com profile] quiet_elegance  has a much different view of people and emphatically different comfort levels of interaction than I do. Once I figured this out, we were all much happier. He'll come out once in a while, but over all, he's disinclined to acquiesce (That means no). I may have said this before, but worth saying again: the Union means he's in contact with his own tribe. So, guess what! They're not people that I have a natural affinity towards- big surprise.

Last night he asked me to come out with him to spend time with his current BFF and his family at a Waltham tavern- I didn't expect it to be a long visit, but it was them having dinner and us having dessert (got there around 8- yeah, I ate hours earlier :). QE swears I did fine, but oh em gee did I feel like the fish out of water. Their 9 year old brought crayons thank god, so we goofed with those and we all had bits of conversation in a loud, dark room with televisions everywhere. Maybe I'll suggest we go to some place next. Some place without so many TVs - or any? That would be cool. And maybe bring some of my portable drawing stuff to further bond with the kid.

The thing I need to practice is figuring out how to start conversations in which the other person is encouraged to do most of the talking. That is a hell of a lot harder that it seems when one first tries.


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