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It's been 14 years since [livejournal.com profile] quiet_elegance and I decided to make an official go of it.  This year he's gotten me a renewed, slightly used, but nicely broken in Commander in Chief. This is really preferable over a new one, because I don't like the OS that goes with Mittens.

Some snapshots from anniversaries past, courtesy of Live Journal:

2003-2011... )
2012- It's been an intense year of growth and challenge. Again, there's this kid. He's great and amazing and a lot of work.
My work has shifted remarkably over the past 12 months. I have a great part time office mate/colleague whom I adore. We have a development director, a new admin, and a new cataloger. The new outnumber the established and our activity is just spinning up and up and up. We have a lot to fix, though. So much growth so quickly, and we just don't have the infrastructure to deal a lot of the time. But I hope we'll get caught up and be even better for it.
And omg, Election Fatigue. I know all elections can be pretty exhausting, but this one felt extra vitriolic. I don't want to say the worst ever, because that seems unlikely. I'm hugely relieved that the president has been re-elected. I realize he's not perfect, but he will at least support (most) of the social issues that Mittens almost certainly would actively trash or allow his cronies to trash. 
[livejournal.com profile] quiet_elegance has had a rough year. We realized in April that it was most realistic for him to stay home and be the full time kid-care. He's also found that too many years of working in the field and deferring health maintenance has lead to a lot of catch up.  BTW: cortizone shots happen on 11/20. Hopefully this will be the tipping point for him. 

There's, of course, SO much more than just what I've said, but it's a snapshot. 
LOVE to my dear life partner (in crime). LOVE to everyone who voted yesterday and to our POTUS who'll be around for a few more years. LOVE to my friends and family who remind me that the world is full of wonderful people. People who like me! 
Sep. 27th, 2012 10:08 pm


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I watched Cabin in the Woods this evening. I don't normally do horror, but it's Joss, guys. JOSS. I thought it was very well done, but the big thing about gory/scary is that I have a hard time separating the scary after its over and it follows me around. Example: Would not go down in the basement to put stuff away just now. Nope. It can wait til the sun is up. [livejournal.com profile] quiet_elegance did have a very valid point, though. We are immune, because we are not young. So, it's OK. Also, monsters can't hide under my bed. It's too crammed with stuff, and there has to be some room for the monster. This is my scary movie logic and I will not be gainsaid. 

I will not talk about plot points here in case [livejournal.com profile] purple_terror gets around to watching it sometime soon. I was pleased nobody even hinted at what The Big Surprise would be. Except... Kevin?? 
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Well, I'd not thought of it, but according to sources via Whedonesque, "Nobody in the Whedonverse" (via SiL Maurissa Tancharoen) hence Joss hisself doesn't cotton to the idea of purchasing Firefly for Nathan. The movement has been brought to a standstill. Yeah, that'd do it. Thanks, big man. Thanks, Maurissa.
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So, this has been a thing for a few days/weeks in Internet Land. Short version: Nathan Fillion said in an off-had way how if he had a crazy amount of money (won the lottery) he'd buy the rights to Firefly and make it available all the time. And of course, some really hard-core people took him at his word. The thing is, Fillion has said (several times): dudes, it was just something I said, not a thing I expect to happen. In his interview with Chris Hardwick on The Nerdist podcast, (#65) he said if people are going to raise millions of dollars, better to try to cure a disease with it.
And yet, "Help Nathan Buy Firefly" is still something that's an active thing. I swear people are doing that "well, what does he really mean, don't send him money." Guys. Don't send him money. Just don't. Don't do this thing. Use your immense energies for other good activities, but this one is not something that is likely to happen. It's just rife with pitfalls, particularly when the guy at the focus of the energy said "no." Remember No means No? Apparently not. This almost makes me want to get a twitter account so I can pretty please ask the man himself if he can try one more time to stem the nerd passion on this doomed adventure. Almost.

Keep in mind, I'd be thrilled if there was a chance in hell anything could happen to make Firefly 'verse return. But this isn't it. I did watch a bit of it last night on the Science Channel- yay, Science Channel! It reminded me of how much I love it and I miss it. And with that- time to slog through the rain and mud to go ride a bicycle to nowhere in a basement.
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Well, maybe next time Joss gets a show, it won't be on Fox.
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It's Dr. Horrible's 1 year anniversary. It's been a good year for the Whedon brothers & cast, I think: Dollhouse came out and got renewed, Castle premiered and is awesome and renewed, NPH seems to be coming up in the world what with his award show hosting, and The Guild is getting more popular and starting its 3rd season. Go, team! I celebrate with finally putting up a thematically appropriate icon.
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My garden is quite amazing. I've been a bad plant parent to this current season and not documenting with pictures hardly at all. So not surprised. If ever I have 2 kids, there probably won't be any pictures of the second. OK, maybe not. But it feels like that ;)  I'm waiting for the broccoli to start showing signs of florets, though. Hmph! But the beans are totally nuts and climbing anything that stands still long enough to get caught in their tendrils (eee!)- They've got flowers now in parts, so edibles to arrive sooner than later. My Topsy Turvey (TM) is now out along with the homemade one- a drywall mud bucket with holes in the bottom - well, the plant is getting scary big. The "official" one was just planted on Saturday outside so it hasn't taken off. What I found so cool was that it almost immediately started to grow towards the sun. Plants are bendy!  Oh, and the red leaf lettuce has loved this rain so much. And there are too many bunnies in my neighborhood. Every time I see one near my garden I yell in a grumpy mom voice, but in the exasperated I still love you way.

[livejournal.com profile] lifecollage  invited me over for dinner last night, which was as excellent as I expected. Holy crap, is their veggie farm share huuge. I don't think I could handle that much all in one week. Especially since I don't have a chest freezer like she does (I totally would if our *&^%$ house's electricity in the basement could withstand the juice it would require. Trust me. It can't.) I need to see if I can recount a conversation we had about interacting with those who've survived a geek childhood and have the scars to prove it- the bit in question was about why it can be so damn hard to get proactive conversations/actions from these very lovely people. Anyway- I know I'm not up to the task of the recounting and pondering at this point, but I want to so this is the bookmark for later.

I got home in time to watch week 2 of Dancing. I think last week was a bit stronger (the whole first week adrenaline), but I'm ever so pleased to see choreographers back, particularly Shane Sparks. Yay, the dancing!

So, I'm going to Wisconsin for work in a week and a few days. For one reason and another, I need to get a pedicure before I return home, and I managed to find a relatively close salon and got the appointment. I love the interwebs! Thank you Google Maps. I'm fixated on trying a gothy French manicure style: black with white tips. How very Druscilla, eh? 

This weekend's plans are going to be awesome, I think. If all goes according to plan, I'll have sushi with [profile] quiet_elegance  on Friday. Until I started going to Teppenyaki with him and sitting at the sushi bar, I thought their fare was pretty ho-hum. Now I love it. But really, it's all about spending time with q_e- getting out of the usal distractions of being in the house. /schmoop. And Saturday is going to be non-stop. As always: diner for breakfast with [profile] purple_terror  with the requisite snark given and taken from our favorite waitress, Grammy. Then the long anticipated pool party. Looking at the weather makes me a bit sad, though, as it looks to be a bit chilly and almost certainly damp. Meh. I depend on the finer weather to keep me in what is otherwise a seething horde of humanity. Dinna want to be stuck inside! Let's hope things change because I want to see the spinning. And I want to see [livejournal.com profile] weegoddess  and everyone else, but especially our Actual Size redhead. The end of the evening will be at the charity screening of Serenity at Coolidge Corner: Can't Stop the Serenity- all proceeds go to Equality Now. They're starting the screening this year with Dr. Horrible, so bonus. Since it's a midnight screening, I suspect I'll be doing a whole lot of nothing on

Oh! And I almost forgot that I have to thank [livejournal.com profile] jasra  (again) for pointing me towards greasemonkey for Firefox and facebook purity. I had been spending a lot of time being irritated with otherwise lovely people who kept spamming me with their effing quiz results and application crap. So. Don't. Care. That add-on blocks all that. Thank you, internet gods for this! I'm clearly not the only one spending more time on FB (and probably Twitter, which I still only stalk via RSS) because when once not that long ago I'd have to page back quite a bit to catch up after being gone for many hours/ a day, I sort of don't have to, however I really do with FB. Well, hey. FB for the mini posts, LJ for the more thoughtful commentary. I hope!

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First a bit of meta- I think that Facebook is stealing my one-off bits of commentary that could have been a post, but is really just a few lines of "hey, a thing!"  I guess this shouldn't surprise me.

So- the good things:
- 3 day weekend
- Rollerblading! I went out for the first time on Friday during my day off then again this evening after work.
- Friday evening I got to hear (not so much see) Joss Whedon get a cultural humanism award from Harvard. Good to hear it all but really would have  been even better to see it, too.
- Helped [livejournal.com profile] woodwardiocom  and [personal profile] buxom_bey  with packing - That whole house purchase thing: wow! Yay!
- Amazing interns make me happy. One of the three particularly has zipped through a project that I had been first slogging through then ignoring. I'd keep her if I could pay her.
- First lunch outside today: it was a bit chilly, but hey, outside :)
- A significant collection was delivered this morning at work: the church that closed was kind enough to donate a very vurrah pretty pennies to off-set the cost of organizing and maintaining it. That sort of thing makes bosses happy.
- Speaking of bosses- she helped me make a decision regarding an ongoing project that is huge and rather onerous. I'd been going into a crazy level of detail (not that it seemed to be so at the time)- and now we're doing more of a "good enough" brass tacks. Given this is also an intern-assisted project, it'll be done in no time. FTW.
- Sushi + Repo! tomorrow
- Skating at Rollerworld Thursday (yes, do come)
- That whole going to the gym all winter pretty much without fail as long as I was in town/going to work: hugely paying off. Just about every time I see myself in a reflection I have this pause of "dude, that's me!- Go me!" Not that I didn't like myself before.
- In a week and a half I head down to NYC to see my uncle's latest production and catch up with an asounding number of family members. Oh, and it's my birthday 'round then, too. I feel like the birthday bit has sort of snuck up on me.
- Holy Moses, the plants, they are sprouting! About a week ago I guess it was, I put in tomato, bean, broccoli, and cucumber seeds. Oh, and carrots outside. All the inside seeds are coming up- I'm asounded- Perhaps this isn't as difficult as I thought? 
-I love spring

Wow. That's a lot of good, nay great, stuff.
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If I didn't have a moratorium on T-shirts, I'd really consider this one. But I do. Have a moratorium, that is. ETA: ah! a nice little thumbnail/possible LJ, but somewhat limited for me: 
twilight snark: "and then buffy staked edward, the end"

In not trivial news, we're waiting to hear word with Grandma Ruth's memorial service really will be (weekend of Feb 7/8 likely, but q_e's uncle is making that call). We do not know if we are able to go at this point. I'm personally fine- I was never close with his grandmother and the constant threat of her demise hanging over our heads for the past 3+ years was enough. q_e's holding together, but we (meaning he) did have a nice little bit of insobriety last night, which was good and necessary.

And on a personal health front, my fever seems to be gone for real this time as of yesterday morning. Now I'm in that lovely in between stage where I'm easily bored, but have only a fraction of my focus and I get tired all of a sudden and a lot. Also- random dizziness. But this is better! I can stay awake for hours on end now. I'm told I also have a rather short temper, although that might have something to do with being thwarted by my dinner last night.

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First off- a signal boost: Sonny Rhodes, who performed the theme to Firefly is having major heath issues. If every Browncoat could spare him even $5, I bet that would make a big difference. Whedonesque post with further details here. Relatedly, I have been feeling a bit guilty for not sending money to charities this past month when the big pushes came out until I realized I'm doing some local support of friends and [livejournal.com profile] s00j  and now Sonny. Any further signal boosting is appreciated.

Empire Corsair corset arrived as promised last night along with the peasant blouse. It totally rules and while not a perfect color match to the spats, they work. It will be my featured costume at Arisia and there will be pictures later.

Random: My hair is now long enough that it gets caught in the necks of my shirt. I'm entertained, except when it's still wet and then it's irritating.

Diesel: I will be going tonight. I know you were all wondering that. 

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short version: I'm pleased )

I must be an adult. I'm looking forward to buying socks and underwear. Dies of shame!
Context Part 1: If I am to wear my winter boots for any length of time, I need wicking socks, or I have slightly damp and therefore cold feet All. Day. This is bad. I must fix this very soon, but not before tomorrow, fer chrissakes. (Hah! Literally!)
Context Part 2: It occured to me that I can buy my utilitarian underwear without going to a box store. I always get the same kind. They sell them online. This also can wait until after tomorrow.

Dr. Horrible! The DVD was released on Friday as an Amazon exclusive. It arrived at work yesterday. R. and I - and eventually [livejournal.com profile] purple_terror went the uber-meta path and watched the musical commentary at lunch. I'm looking forward to going through the non-musical commentary and the making of features. Obviously, I highly recommend. I also need to decide what icon I want from Dr. Horrible. Bad fangirl, no biscuit.

For your entertainment: a friend of mine and I, circa 1995. Ohio University. (as usual, click to embiggen)- the tall, skinny guy in the background is the infamous, archivist-despising Ex

Ohio U 1995

I'm sorry that I no longer have that hippie dress, but it probably was worn to a rag. I still have the jacket, but it's so ragged, it tends to stay in storage. Besides, now I have my Serenity jacket.  Thanks to Miss M. (the one in the hat) for posting this. Pity she's in California, as she was always fun to hang with. We met via [livejournal.com profile] catamy713  in junior high. Speaking of which- catamy! Literally, my first friend ever- we met when we were still in diapers and still talk, although not often enough. She joined our little collective this week. Does the dance of happiness.

Lifespans of friendships...
short version: ... um, there is no short version )

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And part II:

captain hammer pumpkin

and all glowy:

captain hammer pumpkin finished

I decided to cut all the way through this time. Just to be different.

"Dude, you are not my nemesis. My nemesis is Captain Hammer. Captain Hammer, corporate tool!"
nemesis pumpkins

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I'm feeling like I have a Ph.D. in AWESOME

Before I broke out the chisels...

Dr. Horrible pre-cut

All lit up... Need a slightly brighter light for the hair and smaller details, but still!

Tomorrow: Captain Hammer

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My tears have dried because I have the keys to a shiny new Australia
showing off australia pin
Or a shiny pin of Australia.
You'd think [personal profile] woodwardiocom knows me or somethin'.
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To be consistent with my posting- Part III is up. Click on the picture to go see. It's all coming down tomorrow on the free side, but iTunes can help you out. My reaction to the final episode:

Click on the picture, it takes you there.
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What I've been doing with my time this morning-
Feel free to take as many as you like if you're inclined. Just give me props in your meta data.
Finally, if you've not seen any of it yet, some of these may seem spoiler-ish to you. Several are the punchline to jokes.
Without further ado- icons!

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Thanks to [profile] folzgold   for reminding me to look for banners. Click on the banner and it takes you to the site.

Part 2 assumes you're prepared for it to be a musical and thus more singing.

And here's the first of probably many icons- this one done by my partner in (not literal) crime, Robin:
Dr.Horrible Freeze ray stops time tell your friends 
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So, the legislature is voting to repeal that bit of law that doesn't allow out of state couples to marry. The rule was established to keep different color skinned people from gasp! get married almost 100 years ago and keeps same sex couples from other states from marrying now. If you'd like to email your representative, you can do so via the Mass. Gay & Lesbian Political Caucus tool.

In other news, because of the likelihood of needing to be bussed between Kendall and Park St, I decided not to leave my motorcycle at Alewife, but come all the way in. Even if I'd not made that decision, I'd still have been spitting mad. The rant:
This incident almost erased my feeling of smug at being able to fill up my tank for 7 bucks. Never mind the fact that it would have been 3-4 dollars last year. I also managed to go to 87 miles before refilling- I've gone past 90 before, but I've also gone to reserve at 85. Still- that's pretty sweet.

Follow up to Dr. Horrible- I finally got audio. Huge love. I will need to watch that again soon. Part 1 is, in fact, just over 13 minutes.
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For those of you who don't read Whedonesque and/or didn't make a note, Dr. Horrible's Singalong Blog, part I launched at Midnight. I tried to watch it, but it had no sound and I have to go work. I don't think it's supposed to do that, so I'll try again when I'm in town.


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