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I'm working on documentation. It's very very very long. It has a lot of exposition in it. Pages of it. It's GOOD exposition, but old-timers like me don't want or need it, that having all of it there is a stumbling block to using the documentation. What I want is the equivalent of LJ-cuts to collapse the explanations of Why and how of something, so that if you need it, you can expand it, otherwise it's nice and tidy and you can get on with your lives.  We had kicked the idea of a wiki around, but I rather want a document that lives not on someone else's system that potentially needs a login to create and is outside our server framework, so could be forgotten, lost, or god forbid eradicated due to a company going under.

Anyway, if anyone out there has potential solutions, please let me know.
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My cousin is getting married on Labor Day weekend in a location I can drive to in less than 4 hours. (NY between the City and Poughkeepsie). It would be an opportunity for my kid to meet some of his aunties he'll otherwise not get to meet except at the next wedding. Or more likely, funeral. :P  But. It's not a wedding that is inviting kids.

I'm trying to figure out how I can have Crime Fighter come and meet family and have care for him for the not-kid-invited parts (Saturday and Sunday nights) in a town where I know nobody. Everyone showing up will sort of want to attend this event. It's a Destination Location, so no actual local family there at all. So. Options...

  1. Forget it. Just leave him home.

  2. Forget it. Just stay home. (rather not)

  3. Find babysitter from that vicinity: This isn't entirely impossible. The venue may be able to help here, AND I have family in the Poughkeepsie area that includes an Aunt who knows a ton of reliable teenagers who might be interested in making some money. We will be an hour from her/that network, though. Not entirely easy sell. Especially since I need coverage for Saturday and Sunday evenings.

  4. Pipe Dream: currently local cousin (child of Poughkeepsie Aunt) comes with me. She may be busy. It's moving season and she's in temp housing this summer and not clear on what her fall holds. I'm waiting for a definitive answer here.

  5. Import a babysitter from here. This is someone who is available, reliable, someone I can afford, and enjoy that person's company for much of 72 hours. That includes 3 hour road trips with a pre-schooler. Possibly involves sharing a hotel room with my snoring-self. ... Or spring for a second hotel room, and it suddenly becomes hilariously too expensive.

So. I don't remotely think Option 5 will materialize, but I'm asking because if you don't ask, you don't get. If someone reading this fits option 5 or can recommend someone, let me know.

If you have an option 6, I'd be happy to hear it.
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I tried. I really tried. However, I do not have Dansko-compatible feet. I currently own a pair of distressed brown leather Danskos, size 39. I was assured that after a while my feet would get used to them, and this is not what happened. I took them to the cobbler to try to stretch them out a bit, to no avail. 

I would like to see these gorgeous and seriously hardly used clogs go to someone who will wear them. Given how little I've used them and how little discretionary money I have at the moment, I am hoping someone will be willing to give me some portion of the original cost, which was in the $120-130 range. 

I've been meaning to post this for the better part of a month now. So, here we go. If I fail to get responses here, I'll resort to inquiring unto Facebook. Please don't make me do it, though. 

ETA OK, claimed! Thanks so much for the feedback. Let the bitching about how Danskos aren't as great as they are purported to be commence. XXOO

Dammit, these were supposed to be the answer to the fact my Born Mary-Janes are really worn out and I need new everyday shoes. I'm not fond of shopping for sensible shoes, I'm so often disappointed.
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[livejournal.com profile] quiet_elegance is ready to figure out what to do with himself, something that' s not slinging drywall until his preferred Union work of teaching / organizing lines up. What to do? How about ask a professional career counselor to help clarify options. 

Has anyone in the great world had success with that with someone locally? Asking the alma mater is also part of the plan, but that's not someone we're going to be able to sit down with since they're in the wilderness of Ohio. Thanks in advance-
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What questions would you ask a daycare before signing on a dotted line?

I fear I'd just go with: "Hey, kid seems to be having fun, what the hell."
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I can think of a lot of useless ideas for what to get Crime Fighter for his birthday next month, including a puppy, a big vat of sugar, squealy toys.... All of those ideas are, of course, duly considered and shunted off.

So, what does one get for a one year old when what he loves best is to play with plastic wrappers that make a ton of noise and to play in the recycling bin?   
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So, because it's a hassle, I didn't look into this thing I'm about to explain until now, a week before my dentist appointment. 

I have no dental insurance.
Gentle Dental does not take anything but Big Name insurance. 
I know I'm not the only one who's had to make due with dental discount situations, which is my current plan. I'm looking for recommendations for dentists in the Boston area who will do this. I know they exist because the really horrible office that I had in Lexington that did my root canal took it. 

ETA: oh, bonus-- I really feel like this whole jaw clenchy thing will have to be resolved on this round. GD wanted me to get a mouth guard. I'm not 100% sold that will solve anything and I know they're upwards of 400-600 dollars.  Anyone who has successfully dealt with this issue, separate or including the insurance shit- please do chime in.
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So, it looks like the weather's going to be nice and I appear to have no plans for Saturday. 
Is anyone else planning on going to Pride? I thought taking the babe down and see all the fabulous would be a good afternoon activity. 
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I have the option of trying to see The Hunger Games tonight after The Crime Fighter has been put to bed. I would likely choose a theater really close to home and with a start time between 7:30-8. It's a 2 hour 22 min. long film and I'm going to work Monday... 

Alternatively: I could consider using some of my comp time that I earned today by leaving work early and seeing a matinee at The Commons theater, then going home at a normal-ish hour.

I think I like Plan 2 better. However--if I have someone who wants to come with me, it would likely sway my decision. What say the peanut gallery?
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Crime Fighter giggles in his sleep. I desperately want to get video evidence of this, except I'm actually not the kind of mom who is going to stare at her baby sleeping with a live camera rolling or about to roll on the off chance that this nap will contain a giggle.

OK-- now that I've gotten that observation out of my system (it was going to explode in my frontal cortex in the next 30 seconds)-- My MIL is arriving this evening and will be here until late Wednesday (right around the time we pick [livejournal.com profile] purple_terror up from the airport- coincidence?... why NO!)- Anyway: this will be her...um, second? visit to us, possibly ever.  I note that it's supposed to be raining the whole time.

Any thoughts on what one can do with a middle aged Nana who's not in the best health? (And anyway, I can't do marathon walking adventures either) aka museums are problematic :/
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I'm doing meta data on all incoming pictures. My system has started to do weird things in the last file I've done: I alter the meta, and when I'm done instead of having a full thumbnail, it looks faded out and apparently isn't backing up to carbonite. Has anyone exprienced this and are the images in danger of corruption?  
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OK, other than [livejournal.com profile] tamidon sort of right now and [livejournal.com profile] asciikitty (as usual, because it's Wednesday) later, were people coming to visit me today ... or tomorrow?
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I have many. Many-many boxes, flattened and ready for round 2.
Anyone need? ping me via email- ljusername at gmail.com
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There's a ruder nickname for these pieces of furniture. I'm not using it on purpose.
I"m hoping to borrow a foam chair that coverts to a mattress so on days like this when I'm so entirely exhausted I just need to lie down for 10 or 20 minutes (not necessarily go home, because really it's fine, I'm just a little tired this second)- I do not expect to need one past this summer, though. Just for a bit.

Anyway- lemme know if you have an object such as this that you don't mind not using for the next few months.
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OK- time to start shopping around for a real estate agent, one who is willing to deal with renters. That's non-negotiable. No buying, no debate. The one I pinged earlier this week hasn't responded, so never mind. I'm still focused on the Arlington area, fwiw.

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[Poll #1670130]Simple as that. Obviously some details will spill into normal posts, but this Thing That Is New To Me will feel more noteworthy than kind of a lot of stuff. When I say "details"-  I maintain the notion that I won't be sharing such horrible bodily functions that would make, say, my father wince. He's not keen on hearing such things, so I keep that in mind when writing about health/medical. It's the rule that is paired with the one where if I can't tell my mom, I probably won't say it here.  I also understand that this, like weddings, is not a universally interesting topic.

The next post on this topic will probably mention food and emotional delicacy, for example. Possibly about knitting and art projects.
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I am contemplating taking a yoga class. I'm never relaxed or stretched enough. Nor do I have the discipline to do at-home stuff at this stage.  Anyone have a class they really like? Preferably north Red Line accessible and/or after 7 on weeknights.

Also, my dance class's demise saddens me. I need something structured, dammit!
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- thought I turned off my alarm, only to have it go off (probably for the best since I'd fallen asleep again)
- made coffee! Yay!... then forgot that I'd made and brought with me to drink at work and made another cup here.
- I have 2 meetings this morning
- - -
OK. that could be a lot worse, but it doesn't bode well.

Other thing: Yahoo Games tech/customer support determined that Alchemy and Windows 7 are just not compatible. I have been offered the alternative of Some Other Game offered by Yahoo to download in its place.
I loved Alchemy. Loved.  Features of excellence:
-not forced to do a timed game
-can walk away and pick it back up
-some strategy
Do you, LJ-Land, have a favorite game one can get via Yahoo that has similar features?
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I have a few things I may do for my long weekend (Library's closed on Monday since the holiday's on Sunday), but mostly things seem sort of quiet. What's going on? Comments screened in case you don't want to fall into geek social fallacy #5. I ask mostly out of curiosity and not so much fishing or pulling a #5.


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