Feb. 6th, 2004

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Very well! Thanks for asking!

What was last night? Pfffft. :) Robin, Caulay, Wex, and I met up to see cartoonists at MIT: Randy Milholland, Stephen Notley, and Weeb & Skoo were in attendance. Given Randy's local much of the crowd appeared to be there for him. I did not know that Weeb and Skoo were UK boys. They were so cute! ... in that punk-rock, head shaved, cool accent, sticky-out ear way.

Because Bryt rocks. Not only did she get us primo seats, she took me in early to meet Randy, who was jumped up on major pain meds for his infected wisdom tooth. If any of you read S*P, you'll know that Randy works hard to have that asshole persona. I was very disappointed (NOT) that he was charming and easy to talk to. It took me til half way through the lecture to realize he reminds me a lot of Quinn! Caulay backs me up on this.

The frustrating bit of the evening was that the (cute) girl running the show had some of the dumbest questions ever asked to a panel. Ah well. An entirely worth-while evening.

When I got home, Quiet_elegance told me that Neville had just called!
More fangirliness. He's doing well, living in Florida and genuinely into The Lord as his website indicated. He seems happy with this, so go him! I did not and will not be indicating exactly how non-mainstream my life is. It seems unnecessary. He gets gigs around the states on a pretty regular basis. Mind you, they're mostly at churches or at christian concerts, but hey. If he were to show up in Boston, I'd suffer through the uncomfortableness of being in an uber-religous environment for him. He said he was very flattered that I had bothered to find him after all this time. shrug- he made an impression on my life.

It was a very good night.


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