Feb. 19th, 2004

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My evening plan originally included going to the rec center because I haven't been this week and after the rampant stupidity that had to be borne this afternoon, it seemed a great idea to blow off steam.
But, going to the rec center is not as easy as all that- and given the way of things, it's easy to lame out. Alternative? Walk part of the way home.
I walked from Wilson Farm/Waldorf School to home. The original plan, take the bike path so I don't have to deal with cars zooming next to me.
I should have known that was a dumb-fuck idea when the slope down to the path was a slick and the playing field a marsh. Ah well, I shall soldier on, I say!
Wow. There's a lot of ice, I think. I try to find a decent path and it's just not working. There's just enough blacktop to be a tease. Fine, as soon as I get to the next obvious turn-off, I'll go up to not-slick ground.
Then I run into the dog with the inferiority complex. He has taken it upon himself to guard the bike path. He thinks it's his territory. Gawd. What does he do in the summer?? I manage to slip (literally) by him with a combination of hissing/swearing. Sheesh.
Yay! I find the next ramp up to the Xover street. And promptly fall on my ass. Ow. Must. Keep. Going. I'm not even a 1/4 of the way home. Fine. I get to the road and start hauling ass. Wow. That wind is cold. It keeps getting colder.
Ibuprofen, skin-rippin' hot shower, food (not made by me), a glass of wine and some Angel from last night. Ugh.
I will hurt tomorrow.


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