Aug. 5th, 2004

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This was the first full day of the SAA conference for me. I had to get up about 45 minutes earlier than usual, which isn't bad, but was a bit tough.
The opening plenary talks were on the patriot act and what we as professionals should do to keep Them from getting away with too much. The first speaker, who lectured on the history of secrecy and abridged rights (prez of SAA) the second an ACLU babe. She reported certain libraries/archives use the following to keep their patrons informed: (in big writing)- "The FBI has not visited our facilities to access our patron's usage files. . ." (in small writing)"Please watch to see when this sign isn't here". Or something like it.
The first panel I went to was a mock trial on the topic of privacy and ethics. Interesting- moreso than I thought possible.
Tomorrow I can sleep in some (I hope) as I don't care about morning "sessions" (different from panels and those are different from workshops). Saturday's going to be a long long long day, so I think a bit of extra sleep seems like a fantastic idea.
Dinner was so very good once I got it: spaghetti with meat sauce made last week (or the week before), so nice and mellow. K. made fresh garlic croutons for Caesar salad. I shouldn't have had so much wine, though.
Did I mention the conference is at the Park Plaza? You can imagine, Arisians, how much I adore knowing where else bathrooms are and yes that's the ballroom and the nearest ATM is yonder, and why don't we go to Chinatown for lunch - not ABP!
Some guy asked me where the nearest Walmart was once he knew I was local. I hadn't the foggiest. I sent him off to a Target nearish my house. Heeeee :)


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