Sep. 6th, 2004

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Point of interest #1: The Lucky Star bus runs through S. Station now, not in Chinatown
2. Dames At Sea was quite good.
3. Madras Cafe on Second Ave. - kosher vegetarian- is still kickass.
4. My family, blood and quasi, are very cool. They got on very well with [ profile] purple_terror very well.
5. There is too much good food in NY. New find for me: begales (sp?)- aka, "unholy" bagels with scallion cream cheese might be the most perfect food in the world.
6. Visiting our hosts continues to give me house envy.
7. Walking around Manhattan all day, even with several hour breaks to check out the NYU kids and phreaks at St. Mark's, is exaughsting
8. Futons on the floor are painful to sleep on
9. Spazzy, loud kids who sit in front of you on the ride home are not cute not even speaking Russian. Good thing for her [ profile] quiet_elegance wasn't more murderous.

We're all back safe n' sound. P_T had a very good time, so what was I so worried about? I've done 3/4 of the food prep I need to do in order to not cook later, which is good, as I'm tired.


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