Jun. 9th, 2017

Jun. 9th, 2017 09:51 am


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Today I'm home and waiting to take the kid downtown to Children's for an MRI to try to determine what's up with the crossed eye. The MRI will last 1.5 hours. There will be sedation. Before we go do that, I'm taking him to his doctor for a blood draw b/c one question still outstanding is the question of Lyme's . Figured since we were home anyway...

So far the day's OK. The kid is allowed to watch as much TV as he wants and eat all the popsicles. Explanation- we're going to take a picture of your brain (look of horror)-- no, we don't have to take out your brain to do so (relief). But we need you to stay really still for that so they're going to give you medicine to keep you still and that medicine means you can ONLY eat popsicles. But yes ice cream at dinner. Clearly I'm more anxious than he is, and I'm alright with that.


... cut to 20 min. later and a trip to dr office... child finds an oatmeal square and starts eating it while I am not staring at him. MRI rescheduled to Tuesday morning. SIIIIIGHHH
It was insanity to have a sedated MRI scheduled for a 5 yr old in the mid to late afternoon. Insanity.  We may have the blood test for Lyme's done by then, too. I'm just mad at myself for not being more vigilant.


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