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I'm suffering from the I don't want to move, I like my house and my neighborhood thing. Mind you, I'll like my new house and get used to the new neighborhood. I'm just having a sad.

Or you know, just fully anxious about all the things. Schrodinger's job opportunity is now eating my brain (I will NEVER get this job, the job is already mine)....
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Entertainment... Read more... )TL;DR- Boxen! Kid is fine, but complicated! Still not king! Muddling along! I watch TV! 
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Color me cautiously optimistic, but I feel like the vicious cycle I've been dealing with lately re: adrenal freak-out seems to be working itself out. I'm framing it as getting better at meditation/mindful relaxation- that when I wake up in the middle of the night and my body says "BEAR!" I say... "No. Maybe sleep, OK?"  -- but some part of my brain at least while waking is bracing against the wind that has abated. 

Tomorrow we leave for NY! Some outfits sorted, not packed, but this isn't complicated.

Job...eh..... is? We're going to have reviews next week. Whatever that means. I am not terrified of them anymore because I don't believe there's any consequences. I do my work. I do new things, there you go.  I heard from colleague-friend who also applied for the municipal job (which has posted I believe 3 times now, so that's wacky) - she has gotten a second call back. To date, I have not. Not over yet, but doesn't bode well. However, I think the search committee is exceptionally keen for someone who already has experience in a municipal setting, which I flatly do not and my compatriot does. There's no guarantee that she or the other colleague I know who applied will want the work, so if both are preferred and both say no, who knows who else has popped up since I did my one interview.  The second opportunity that's not quite dead but not seeming to hopeful right now is with a software company who need a community liaison. The job closed about 6 days ago, so they should be calling people. No calls for me yet. I can imagine that one got a lot of resumes, though.  I'm pointing out to myself that a steady job, even one that I'm ready to leave and have been ready to leave for years, is better than no job. And I'm moving this year, after all. How much big change can one human tolerate in one year? Just keep my eyes open, is all... And not despair.

Let's call this progress.
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  • Welcome to my 4 day weekend! One of the few benefits of working for an org that is so closely aligned to a christian denomination.
  • I actually read most of the Dreamwidth email that came my way and very much considering giving them dollars to help support their efforts. I really like their politics.
  • Thanks to those who cross posted how to get DW and LJ to cross pollinate. I did that thing. I am not planning on nuking my LJ still- it's 15 years old and I just can't bring myself to, but I"m not renewing my subscription. I haven't had the oomph to add more icons yet. Meh.
  • It looks like my brain meds are evening out. Thank gods. Prozac FTW
  • I'm still dealing with early morning adrenaline situations much of the time, which leads to feeling poisoned and tense and queasy. But hungry. Much of my solution involves drinking more water til I can dilute that feeling and slimfast shakes when I'm doomed. And I'm just eating less. One wondering I've been having is: peri-menopause? I need to check in w my doc. But also given how deeply far gone I was in distress wrt meds, it might just be a body needs a long reset.
  • I had a really great meeting with a person who uses the DAMS software I pushed through for work in a huge rush and then looked at it and freaked out. She said almost word for word what my boss said, but since it was a fellow archivist and someone who'd been using the system for 2 years, I believed her. Basically-- I'm fine. Don't try to do everything at once. Yes, the documentation is awful and the training is a joke. Everyone thinks so and have been yelling pretty loudly about it. Just keep swimmin'. So, I can cope. For now.
  • The big thing is.... I thought I'd be gone from this job by now. I've not been talking about my job hunt much but I've been in the  market since last spring. My retired (and deeply missed) boss pointed out it can take up to or over a year to find a job esp if you're like me and have a lot of parameters attached (aka: I'm not moving and not buying a car). I hate feeling trapped , and it's really contributed a huge bit to my latest bout of depression. I was doing *fine* this past fall when I felt like I had a great new project (implementing Preservica), then the reality of doing it beat me down. The biggest thing about all this--- I've been at my job for 17 years now. My biggest fear is that this is the only job anyone will hire/keep me for, that it was a fluke that I have this job and I'm actually never going to make it outside my little puddle of a pond where I've gotten so complacent.
  • Complacent is maybe not a great word. I have had cycles of deeply complacent, esp. when I worked by myself. But it's also been a haven of opportunity to explore, a place of stability when employment for Jaime has always been hard. There've been down-turns, several... and now I'm looking at a political climate where grants are disappearing faster than you can sneeze. Folks who do what I do are going to be losing work and the jobs that are left are going to be hard-fought for. At least I have a job. Seriously, in the grand scheme, I can live with that for now. I'll keep looking.
  • Run out of time. Time to take the kid to kid-care and I have a notion to ride  my bike for a long stretch :) 
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Attention Community!
My wife is about to run out of unemployment.  We need to find leads to permanent, full-time work. Not side jobs.

She's a union carpenter and is capable of building just about anything. Jaime's been looking for a permanent gig for over a year now, and is hopeful about finding something in facilities, but no dice so far. She also has experience in retail and a half dozen other entirely reasonable ideas. The one major thing she doesn't do? Code-monkey work.  Now is not the time to let perfect thwart us when good enough absolutely will do. There are car payments to be made.

Please send leads my way.  Let's let the power of our collective good solve for this perennial problem.

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I'm working on documentation. It's very very very long. It has a lot of exposition in it. Pages of it. It's GOOD exposition, but old-timers like me don't want or need it, that having all of it there is a stumbling block to using the documentation. What I want is the equivalent of LJ-cuts to collapse the explanations of Why and how of something, so that if you need it, you can expand it, otherwise it's nice and tidy and you can get on with your lives.  We had kicked the idea of a wiki around, but I rather want a document that lives not on someone else's system that potentially needs a login to create and is outside our server framework, so could be forgotten, lost, or god forbid eradicated due to a company going under.

Anyway, if anyone out there has potential solutions, please let me know.
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When I was in my 20s and beyond, my anxiety dreams invovled themes surrounding school, being late, not knowing my locker combination, forgetting to go to a hard class for weeks and then expected to go to take a test. Classic stuff.

This morning, I woke up, my ribs aching from holding my breath, and my jaw aching from trying to bite through my night guard.
I was trying to apply for a really cool sounding job.
It featured--

  • Trying to write a cover letter (instead of a plain google word doc, I was trying to arrange words around a tree or bush in a pleasing manner. It wasn't working.)

  • Sorting all of this out while still being at work - trying not to let my coworkers see what I was doing or my boss notice I was leaving in the middle of the day to talk to potential new work. Then it was 10 pm all of a sudden

  • Work was at my mom's house?!

  • Having a conversation with potential new company and having a deeply inappropriate slant to the conversation, lead by me. Uhh

  • A friend showed up, [livejournal.com profile] entrope, only to have them get harrassed by a person who works for my building. So then we had to deal with the threat of him and his fictional son being awful on top of gettting my cover letter into words and sentences on a page.

  • Figuring out where I was going for a potential interview, involved moving a car from one place to another, one way streets and going down the wrong way on one way streets... Ended up abandoning the car when I gave up exactly where I started and walked to where I thought the place was.

At least I woke up and knew reality wouldn't look like that.  I should have realized. I figured out back in the school anxiety days I can't work with tech when I'm dreaming. It never works out. I can't dial things or make combinations lock work. Why did I think I could navigate Google word docs while dreaming?!

Gonna go enjoy the sunshine today.
(EDIT): and if anyone wants to see what my actual resume looks like, email me. I was working on it over the weekend with Dad.
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I'm working the front desk every morning this week, as we are ridiculously short-staffed with one person at a conference and another on vacation. So, I'm here, doing my thing as best I can, and helping patrons.

I got an email from a fellow who's coming in today first thing, apologizing that he'd not written sooner, but giving me a list of books he's looking for with all the relevant information. Since he passed the "give me the correct info" hurdle, I fill out the call slips for him and have the books waiting for him when he arrives.

He arrives.
My eyes may well have bugged out because JESUS H CHRIST HE IS PRETTY in the perfectly preppy, want to get you a little dirty way:

  • dark hair, trimmed lately and stylishly short

  • sparkly eyes

  • dimples. Symmetrical dimples.

  • full lips

  • clean shaven

  • button-down shirt tucked into

  • slim pants and belt match

  • he has a pocket knife. HE IS PREPARED!

I thought that was enough to end me, between that and the clearly competant/knows how this library works, the final slaying thing: He has tortoise framed glasses.  Please excuse me while I try to remain calm and professional over here.
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Yes, I made a Crow reference. I'm like that sometimes. ::grin::

Stress reduction... For reals, having Jaime only be out a week of work is a huge burden lifted. I felt confident enough in the world to go buy some cheap-ish sneakers and get rid of 3 pairs of unpleasant black shoes in the same trip. My old sneakers cause my hips to hurt, so let's not wear them, eh?

Random T interaction... I had an amazing interaction with a woman on the train on the ride in this morning. It took from Alewife to Central to finish my meditation (that's 11 1/2 min, fyi, for those of you interested in the meditation OR how long it took me to get through that part of the commute... today). She was an older lady named Jane (guessing my mom's age or somewhat older). She was chatty and I was feeling chatty so why not? I actually like talking to strangers on the train if they are nice and I'm not otherwise engrossed in my own thing. It was a perfect 5 minute friendship, thus illustrating that they don't have to last forever to be worthy and valuable.  Also, I am my mother's child. So very.

Kid stuff... My kid-parenting regrooving seems to be working out so far. This is nice. I feel proud and pleased.

Work stuff... I have the office to myself due to the demands of today's schedule on the remains of our office. It's been OK. I just let myself be damn sad yesterday. Not denying or trying to tamp down my feelings was really nice.

Fun stuff...  I'm going to see the Indigo Girls with [livejournal.com profile] caulay on Thursday in Lowell and going to see the Doubleclicks at Thunderoad with [livejournal.com profile] samuraizergling and some other folks on Saturday. Yay fun! I was looking at the ticketmaster lawsuit info- turns out I've seen a LOT of shows in that time-frame. I am not certain I'll be able to use even a fraction of the settlement in the time allotted.
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+ my presentation/training day for disaster planning went off very well (after some serious bashing of tech to make it behave)
- Did I mention that I missed the deadline for the lottery registration for the school itself's after school care? Probably not. The school's deadline was April 29th, with no idea on my part. That was a fun discovery on Sunday afternoon. That lead to realizing exactly how crunched Arlington is right now on kid/school stuff. Turns out a whole bunch of people had babies about 4-6 years ago.... And a whole bunch of people moved to Arlington, too, because of the awesome reputation re: school district.

Jaime update- she's been working through her list of leads. If you haven't heard from her, don't assume it's because she doesn't wanna. She had a lot of people to get through, and it's all on her to do all the things. I thank you in advance for understanding. If at all possible, ask her not me for an update if you are waiting. Thanks, again.
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  • Somerville Open Studios/art/plans: total success. I enjoyed spending the weekend with [livejournal.com profile] mangosteen and [livejournal.com profile] lifecollage. I've now done enough craft fairs in the last several years to master the zen this time around. Historically I get quite frenetic about making new product. Not this time. I did maybe 8 pieces since Arisia, and that was fine. I was focused on being present and not on sales, so the fact I did quite well was made that much more. I very much hope this works out again next year.  Most notably, I sold my last dragon tin. I have no more dragons! I must make more!! Any suggestions on color themes welcome. I may ignore them, but consider that survey open. Future plans for projects involve using peanut butter/mason jars. I've done a few here and there. They look cool and are a different sort of functionality to boxes. Also, we have an almost never-ending regeneration of empty jars.

  • Cope: (or lack thereof) Events like craft fairs steal whatever cope and energy I'd normally have. Today I feel like I've been beaten with sticks, hence me updating rather than trying to be a productive member of the staff. I'm also just low on cope. The spectre of no formal income for Jaime is a Thing of Awful. Not knowing when The Good Health Insurance (and access to my therapists) is a huge stress. (more on the progress side in a sec). The stress is causing everyone at home to be ragged around the edges and harder for me to forgive stupid shit, be present, ... you know. The usual. I am one fuck-up away from a crying jag kind of all the time.

  • Jaime/Job/Prospects:. Her interview mid last week went well at academic institution (my alma mater, btw). They are coming up hard against commencement and then summer clean up, so they'll need a Jaime asap. It's a 2nd shift job, which would present a new set of challenges, but steady, full time, permanent, unionized work. In the meantime, the tribe did the tribe thing and Jaime has about a dozen leads to follow up on for side work. I introduced Jaime to the tool, Trello, to keep track of the leads and then forced her to sit down today after lunch so I could walk through it with her to cement in the notion of using it.

  • Kid: His teacher thinks he should see a therapist. I'm looking into it via the pediatrician from the list available to use through new insurance. Maybe he does, maybe he doesn't. I think he's just 4 and surrounded by stressed people, but also his daddy is a lady, and maybe he might want to process that with someone not his teacher and not his parent. Otherwise, we are doing OK? He and [livejournal.com profile] asciikitty had an awesome adventure that lasted most of yesterday and involved walking all the way back from [livejournal.com profile] lifecollage's house to our house. He and I played "store" the other night with his pretend food and cardboard pavers. [Dad loves to tell the story of me playing "bartender" when I was his age. When we moved into the house they're still in, there was a bar in the basement. I'd set up, offer to pour drinks, ask to hear about my customer's problems, and offer cliche aphorisms in response all the while wiping down the bar with a rag. Dad has NO idea where this came from. Kids are weird and awesome]

  • Travel/visits: My dad'll be here this weekend. Mom will be here in early June. Jaime/Kid/I will head to Ohio in early Sept to visit family. October I'll be back again for [livejournal.com profile] jedipartner1967's wedding (!!). All other vacation time is allotted to cover when the public school is closed this fall. There's a lot of one-off days and vacations, and no idea what Jaime's free time will be like, so have to assume it's me covering.... for now.

  • Cultural: Seeing Arcadia with Dad and ascii this weekend; Swan Lake with coworkers on the 13th; rollerskating on the 21st with [livejournal.com profile] sweetmmeblue and [livejournal.com profile] ahf (yes, I call that cultural); Brandi Carlile with [livejournal.com profile] caulay in early June; Doubleclicks in late June... It feels like a lot. I want to go see Verse and Vodka coming up, but I feel overwhelmed, dammit.

  • Work: not much? I'm sort of in a lull. One coworker's been out due to vacation then illness then workshop, so generally quieter than usual. My intern is done for the semester. I expect things will pick up soon.

Apr. 1st, 2016 11:02 pm

Ins update

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First, thanks for the sympathy and offers of support. That means a lot. Yesterday was rather awful to deal with.
Next: some good news. My (and kid's) PCP/office WILL be picking up Neighborhood health. So, I don't have to make hard decisions there. Further, my chiro does, too. I guess the person I initially talked to was not the expert at all. Mind you, I go from $15 copay to $40, so .... ::flump:: Seeing my therapist out of pocket will apparently, for now, be $60, so I can live with that once... or twice. I think I have a bit of FSA to spend, so will do so there? I dunno. No longer full out panicking.

Finally, when I figured out how screwed I was and told my boss, it sounds like they're not just going to be complacent, but figure something out, so that's definitely better than nothing. I just resent the slap-dash nature in which this all came about.
Thanks again-
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I should be writing up my notes from the last 2 days, but I've been on IM instead and generally feeling emotionally flayed from all the interacdtions and eye contact. So much has happened that I think I can only do the big overview and then I may be able to add stuff later, but if nothing else if you are interested in a particular thing, feel free to ask me to elaborate. Possibly even in person, if I ever come  out of hiding after I get back home.

  • The childhood friends: all 3 in one place with me for a mini reunion that defies superlatives.

  • Losing my internal sensor almost immediately upon arrival (primarily from that mini reunion)

  • Marathon day at the conference, hitting later afternoon and experiencing this surreal state of cascading epiphanies and clarity.

  • Writing the draft to an article I want to expand on describing the big deal stuff going on with work project(s). More to the point, having encouragement from Leader In Field suggest I write it

  • Diving into twitter, gaining almost double the followers I had last week (36 to 61? It's odd)

  • Getting a ton of support from a ton of people who are more convinced of my capacity than I am

  • Lots and lots of good learning moments

  • Rock n Roll hall of fame visit

  • Visiting with [livejournal.com profile] jedipartner1967 (short short form: home from hospital, doing super well!!)

  • The kid and his grandpa and the extended time together while the wimmin folk worked

  • Looking forward to a low-key social on Sunday in the back yard

  • Looks like Grace and Amy will be visiting me in Boston in November. That's going to be epic. Prep the bail money now.

OK. That'll have to do for now.
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Once upon a time, I spent a fair amount of time able to look at social media... (Before it was even called thus? Am I a hipster now? Probably. I do have hips, after all...)
And then things radically shifted. Kid, obviously. I get about 3 "free" hours a day to do all the things that aren't being at work, commuting, or riding herd on the offspring. I used to catch up at work.
Then work radically shifted from a sleepy institution where nobody particularly noticed or cared if I lost a day ... a week... doing my own thing.  Sometimes I have useless days at work, but more often than not, I have a to do list that won't get done this month. It's good. I'm doing new things, getting stuff done, and part of a team that cares deeply about what's going on.
So, I often have half-formed posts in my head, but like Inigo Montoya can scarecely sum up, much less provide proper exposition.  I end up doing bullet lists in the hopes of sharing and providing myself some breadcrumbs for when I wonder "what was I doing that summer?" after a few years have gone past.

Here I am again, in half the span of a Dinosaur Train episode, hoping to shed some light on what's up.

  • Nose! Better. I'ts been a month since surgery. Most notable thing: no more drip drip drip. I feel ridiculous to have not investigated it sooner, given how perpetual it apparently was. My snoring is "polite." My dreams are more vivid

  • Kid- a week from turning 4. Ye gods. He's amazing. He sings, he dances, he's wheedling. You know. 4! He moves up to PreK-1 at school in a few weeks with the rest of his class. Should be awesome to have new teachers.

  • Travel- off to Ohio one more time on Tuesday. Big archives conference + some time with my family and friends.

  • Back just in time to spend some time with [livejournal.com profile] quiet_elegance who is getting the first half of his carpel tunnel surgery sorted out the day I return.

  • Household- good! We are getting on just fine lately.

  • Not so fun- Rob of DHR, who had cut my hair from about 2001 through til he stopped working after his brain cancer diagnosis, died August 2nd after  a month in hospice. I'm headed out very shortly to go visit Dale at the memorial. As always, regret for not being just a little more present every time I saw him over the last year, because I had no idea it'd be the last when it happened... but also I'm glad I didn't know it'd be the last.

  • But more optimistically, [livejournal.com profile] jedipartner1967, who was diagnosed with bone cancer around Christmas time last year, is just about ready to be released after having his immune system wiped like a droid's memory after dealing with Princess Leia. He's taken his jedi trials seriously and remains a shining beacon of hope of medicine and force of will over renegade cells. He will be a bright spot in this visit back home.

Dinosaur train ... ended. Bye, ya'll <3
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I'm having a good day. Manic, for sure... I am super-focused and when I start talking, I have a hard time stopping. But with all this positive energy, it's a huge rush! I suspect I'll crash out from all the expended mental energy before the end of the day, but right now it's totally worth it.

The major factor is that I had a hard interaction last night and the requisite hard conversations that were last night and again this morning. The content of that is not particularly important in this story, but what is was that I was able to express myself in the post-mortem clearly. I was able to indicate what I think went well and what I think was not healthy to the other person's choices. This is something that is monumentally hard for me to do, thanks to decades of conditioning and reinforcement.  I am not sure I have ever had such a clear-cut "victory" in using my words effectively on encouraging healthy communication and reinforcing my boundaries. My therapist (and how many of my friends? ::looks at [livejournal.com profile] lifecollage in particular::) has of course chided/encouraged me to do so, but fear won out pretty much every other time. What the fear doesn't want you to realize, is that if you actually succeed in doing the hard thing, you come out the other side feeling satisfied, vindicated... in my case today, feeling bullet-proof.

That bullet-proof translated into being excited and ready to work today. I managed to get most of this out (again, thanks to [livejournal.com profile] lifecollage who joined me for the commute in) so I didn't feel a compulsive need to write all this out first thing. So, I'm really happy with how much I've done with today. I've had unbelievably great conversations with my intern and my colleague's intern. I signed up for some professional development for June that I'm rather pleased by. I went out at lunch and bought replacement glasses. They'll look almost exactly like my old ones without the liability of being approximately 4-5 years old. Sadly, they were a bit too expensive for me to also get sunglasses at the same time. I will go to the internets for that.

Moral of the story: Don't let fear own you. When you get it right, it's really worth it on the other side of the brave thing.
Feb. 19th, 2015 01:55 pm


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I am grumpy.
But I also finished my part of the Big Project that has had me crying into my beverage for the last month. I'm too fatigued to appreciate this victory.

I'm giving my hormones a suspicious side-eye here.
But also 6 feet of snow is enough to get a girl down.
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Dear Me:
You have gotten through the worst of this work project and the puzzles that nearly drove you to tears 3 or so weeks ago is not even slightly perturbed. Also, you found a few "Missing" items. They don't hate you. You're not going to be fired. You're not a bad archivist. You did the best you could at the time, and your colleagues legitimately understand that.
Please try to remember the next time you have what feels like an impossible task like this one was, that you are more capable than you know and just keep swimming. Once you get through it, you'll be a beast; large and in charge. It really is OK.
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  • Dry cough (ouch- you best be gone by the end of the week, germs)

  • Making myself go out for a short birthday celebration (total yay)

  • Handed off 2 commissions (well received)

  • Continuing the pantless toddler shenanigans (eh? Boy is getting there, but it's exhausting)

  • More beef stew made (enough for 2 meals)

  • Snow day called for kid's school (c'mon!)

  • Watched SportsBall Big Game (Huh... home team wins- that was exciting!) (and when I say "watched," I sat in the room with the game on because I had...->)

  • Started work for tomorrow eventually to be thwarted by the system not saving my work (Just for 1 record, not everything lost)

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Day 2 back to work after most of a week off has been fractured, but quite nice.
I was in charge of a meeting this morning, which could have gone not-well, but was not only reasonable but entirely productive, balanced, and pleasant. I have to write official text now, but I have feedback. It was also my intern's last day (2 days more than he technically needed to do, but he's a perfectionist.) I'm not consistent, but I like the idea of having an extended conversation with the intern at the end of the project (exit interview-esque). He's an anxious guy, so sitting and staring at each other doesn't feel like a good notion- we did a circuit around the Common/Gardens with warm beverages. Yeah, that was nice. He's likely to come back in January to volunteer, which is very welcome. The other two interns were not invited back similarly, although they asked. Hah.

Politics/current events....
I'm finishing up Elizabeth Warren's Fighting Chance in audio (read by the Senator)- It's hard to not burst into tears every few minutes, as it's a lot of heavy stuff that's still very relevant. I recommend the book. I desperately wish I could time-travel back 4 years and throw her a ton of money for the campaign, and volunteer. Sigh. I also want to meet her and give her the biggest hug.
I haven't talked about the police violence crisis (Ferguson/NYC), but I read regularly usually through Tumblr. I gave money to the Ferguson library last week, feeling inadequate; I got a chance to push back against my MIL's assumptions over the weekend and feel like I was heard. It all feels inadequate, but I'm at least paying attention and at high alert to find my opportunities to foster change.
There's a rally tonight during the tree lighting here on the common- I heard chanting earlier this hour and went out to see what was up-- a moderate crowd outside the State House, and 6-7 official vehicles nearby, but not getting up in their space. There's been a lot of helecopter noise I can hear from my office, but that is probably more to do with the tree lighting. So, let's keep doing that.

Holiday/MIL visit
Mine was definitely an extended Thanksgiving thing- I feel like it didn't really end til yesterday morning when I came back to work. My MIL's visit did go very well. So well that QE and I agreed we need to plan to see her sooner than later, like Easter time, or so. Whatever caused her to be a stressful visitor doesn't seem to be true anymore. She's the person she is now, and I think QE's learning to let go the old stresses, which makes it easier for me to do the same, as I pick up his stress so easily on this kind of thing.
I ended up sending Crime Fighter to short school days on Monday and Tuesday, as six whole days off are more than I could deal with. MIL's a fragile creature at this point, so we have to be realistic about what we do and for how long. While she wants to spend time with the kid, she can't remotely keep up with him... so more extended adult time accented with kid worked relatively well. Highlights included going to the zoo on Sunday, somewhat spontaneously. Stone Zoo is quite small, but perfect for a small person for an hour, which is exactly what we did. Cookies made. Soup made x2. Harvard adventure went exceptionally well. It's stunning how not ADA friendly Harvard really is, but we managed despite all the stairs ever. I was glad to have the quiet time to talk over lunch and hear stories about the family I'd likely not hear otherwise. QE got his 1:1 time with her yesterday: a trip to Wilson's, lunch out, and lots of down-time. And now she's likely already landed back home, loaded down with goodies.
The one sadness about the trip was how disinterested Crime Fighter was in interacting with Nana. She was trying so hard- wanting hugs and kisses, and he was responding as any 3 year old one presented with an overeager presence: absolute aversion and suspicion. He unbent a bit and at least started talking directly to her this morning, but still refused all hugs. So, more Skyping required, and more frequent visits is the solution. I may also suggest she try a different conversational tack with him.

I'm going to the Garfunkel and Oates concert this weekend. I didn't realize I'd signed up to go, but Robin got me a ticket. I coulda said no when reminded (yesterday) of this reality, but I consider it a sign from the universe to go be social. :) left to my own devices, I absolutely would stay in and feverishly craft my fingers off. Even with Christmas being 20 days away and Pandemonium 10 days, dammit, some life balance, eh?
I'm also supposed to go to the ICA to see the fiber exhibit with Mink in a week. Which I am going to try damn hard to make happen. Is happening, barring weirdness. :)

So that's what's up.
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[livejournal.com profile] quiet_elegance is wrapping up his 10 week gig doing night shift. It's been profitable, but it's hard not having him around for certain parts of the day.  Really, the majority of his time in the last 3 years has been unemployed, so the whole parent-balance thing, I'm used to him being available. There'll always be something sacrificed when he's back on site. This has definitely been one of the better jobs he's had in the recent past. He comes home tired, but not grumpy, sharing stories of pranks pulled on coworkers.

Turns out, also, our mattress has past its usefulness, so we headed up to Jordan's this past weekend and got a top end latex-foam mattress. Can't wait! Sadly, it doesn't show til Friday and as expected the last few nights of sleep are the pits, because that's how it works.

Work for me is... eh? Fine? We're busy. Writing documentation, processing collections, getting articles written about us in the NYT. You know. The usual.

Honorary Niece arrives in a week and 2 days! It's going to be a great time. I'm not taking the whole time off, but it gives the opportunity for exploration.

Wedding plans for Labor Day is set, thanks to [livejournal.com profile] pisicutsa's being game for adventure. Woot!

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OK. There you have it.


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