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Did I mention, [livejournal.com profile] mangosteen , I came across your doppelganger? 


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(Point of clarification: today is the quiet day. Yesterday, really not)

Yesterday was entirely dedicated to getting into London and going to Pico Con.
Imperial College is very similar to MIT, just -you know- more English (and as Tom points out, more Irish). It has focus on math/science and pretty much ignores humanities. That lack made for some fun and hilarious typos in the scavenger hunt.
This was a con mostly not for me. One track and so lots of hit/miss. Drinking is a feature - pub at lunch was our choice, but socializing between times at the the union pub at the college is clearly A Thing. Other times this would be more fun, but aside from determining that I like Blackthorn cider, that bit was ...eh. Also, only knowing p_t and Tom makes it limiting when these guys are clearly old friends and their areas of interest are radically different from mine. My regret was not actually packing the color pencils and coloring books to fill the pub time, which would have righted many boredoms.
Sadly, I didn't find the speaker bits very interesting, either. The silly games section was fun. Ask me when I see you and I'll see if I can do the explanations justice. Otherwise it will go on and on. The quiz, the last bit of the con, is held in the pub and so the moist, somewhat funky air, the noise, the crowd- it eventually did me in. Also being 7 already really time for food, dammit. However, our team (Vogon Poetry Club) really held our own- 3rd among all groups and best in our room. 
Tom's friend Matt came with us for curries after. Very tasty, so now I've had my fish n chips and my curry. Excellent.
Sadly, the train schedule wasn't on our side, so we got in late.
My win of the whole day was that p_t brought Bananagrams with and we played a few rounds between things. The ongoing 100% enjoyed by all streak continues. It also allowed me to feel more involved in what was going on around me, even if we had the braniacs finish, allowing the mere mortals to carry on with their tiles after the flurry subsided. :) Some featured words I'm proud of from recent games: metropolitan and spontaneity.

Today is as Sundays anywhere should be: brunch, a nice bath with reading, and lounging about.

Because I'm out of my usual routine, I'm only catching the middle of some of the latest raft of shit that's been raining down on everyone on a global level.
I know Planned Parenthood is having some serious threat and that's somewhat straight-forward
Wiscon's current debt is causing the evil anti-union governor to take the opportunity to do bad things -yah?
People are getting shot in places with funny languages and strange names / Firesign reference -- but that bit is somewhat elusive- and inevitably I want the where did this start/executive summary and the online resources are more assuming you got the thing from 3 days ago.

If anyone feels generous and sharing, what do you think I ought really know? 
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-- sleeping in hotels
+ new Arisia hotel
--- food
----- dim sum food
+++++ cascade of well-wishes from just about everyone I saw; ditto, the wonderful people willing to help me when I needed it
+infinity sleeping in my own bed tonight
Jan. 10th, 2011 10:30 am


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Let's see...
Plans so far-
  • set up art show stuff
  • sign people up for the blood drive/naughty nurse
  • have dinner with [livejournal.com profile] samuraizergling  on Friday night, as he's in town this week (think happy house-and-job finding thoughts there)
  • go to art show reception
  • get my hair braided
  • try not to go nuts with the shopping
I'm only there til Saturday afternoon, FYI.

Hm. [livejournal.com profile] weegoddess  mentioned "care and feeding." I've been a bit of a delicate flower the past few months, so might go well to say:
  • Yay hugs! Please don't squeeze too hard or pick up.
  • Crowds make me twitchy and loud noise with it puts me in fight/flight. If I'm edgy and it's either/both, expect me to scarper.
  • I try hard to be conscientious about keeping fed and hydrated, but the distraction and lack of normal that is a con... if the delicate flower that is me is wilty, I wouldn't be offended if one asks if I've had enough sustenance.
Yay, Arisia! There will be costume review and packing soon. 
Dec. 10th, 2010 08:46 am

PAX East

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I have my PAX East pass.
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My order from Firemountain Gems came in. I now have a special board for earrings, which I've put pendants and earrings on. There's also a raised divider board for pins and more pendants. Each board has its own tray. All my jewelry currently fits in this with room for my celtic knots - there are several of these, although I can't quite get away from making most of them in cool/blues. If all goes well, I'll have more product shots after tomorrow night featuring mostly jewelry.

To do before Sunday:
The Stuff )

The List )

... These lists are not done.
Also, reservation for Arisia art show and fees are sent in. Rawr!
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For those of you (like my Dad) who are not familiar with the stylings of Paul and Storm, they have this song called Opening Band, (recording from last night) as they tend to be the opening band for Jonathan Coulton (although this is changing).  Within the lyrics of said song, they say "and as of today, no panties have been thrown," except there usually are some who oblige- well! I forgot to mention that I fashioned some out of the green pipe cleaners, since the PAX folk thought that the nerds would have fun with them while waiting in line (we did) and since I was that close, they did get up. One other person thought of it, too--- soo! I'm briefly famous again in a very oblique way. The video is shot from far enough back that you wouldn't be able to tell without their saying what it is--- Mine are the ones on the left (stage right).  ^_^ geek glee!

Storm holding up the pipe cleaner panties from 3/27/10 PAX show
click to embiggen.

Further side note- I was really afraid I came down with the PAX pox. Or in this case, lunch didn't agree with me. Let's hope the pox stays away.
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So, it turns out [livejournal.com profile] samuraizergling  is a resourceful dude +10, as he scored 2 extra get into concert wrist bands, so my initial pessimism was for naught. I had figured R. should go given her hard core dedication. I'm glad we didn't have to make that decision.

The day sort of went in a blur.
We attended the musician's panel. Sitting in line was fun thanks to a chance meeting of recent acquaintances and a deck of Quiddler cards.
Many pictures under the cut )

Here are the videos I took for that. Weegee- you have a must-see in there.

I didn't expect to have as much fun as I did. The random interactions with strangers really made a very good day that much better.
eta: here's the beginning of WW's keynote. 6 parts total.
eta2: Recursive Wil Wheaton.
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We were speculating at home how many people would be attending the convention. Turns out 30,000 or so. .... Oh. It was a tough afternoon since the first major thing that happened was not getting into the keynote to hear Wil Wheaton. That was very vexing, but I managed to let that go. [livejournal.com profile] purple_terror , R-, and I ended up hanging out with [livejournal.com profile] badlittlemonkey for most of the afternoon. I think none of us are hardcore enough in the game thing to truly appreciate this sort of environment especially since it came with an extra helping of crushing crowds. The super-cool thing they had on hand: big beanbags all over the place so people could just crash out for a while. 
Pax East hangout spot 

And then there's this. That's pretty sweet. Some of the bad luck on keynote was reversed, in that we were able to stand in a short (to me) line to get a quick hi with WW and an autograph.
my autograph card for PAX East
So, this one definitely is better if you click to embiggen. I did the cartoony bits. I have to get a few more to feel like I have a complete representation.

Dinner= totally worth it. We dragged [livejournal.com profile] samuraizergling  off to Douzo. They were favoring dance club music and there was saki for some of us. :)

It's entirely possible I'll be thwarted in going to hear the music tomorrow. We'll see. I'm certainly scaling back my expectations since I'd not even considered that I'd not get into the keynote until they were turning us away.
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Today was a busy day- field trip for Miss R., [livejournal.com profile] lifecollage , and I. The activity: professional conference in Wuhstah. Unlike last Saturday's conference, I wasn't yearning to be in the hallway track (this needs to be a legitimized track, I think- but I bet employers would not agree when they are footing the bill- hat tip to [livejournal.com profile] lifecollage  for giving this concept a name for me. I suspect it's been around for a while, I just didn't realize). I've taken to bringing my bigger Moleskine notebook with me to these. Last weekend, I don't think I cracked it open aside from writing in some directions. I had pages filled for this one. Yay. I'm back now. And much with the tired, but no surprise. Since R & lc are non-drivers, I was by default pilot. But s'ok. Makes car rental paperwork easier. Super-bonus: Berman Liquor is close to the Enterprise satellite. I needed OTC muscle relaxants.

Tomorrow-tomorrow-tomorrow- is PAX! I get to meet Wil Wheaton! He specifically said in his latest podcast, if PAX attendees are his listeners to say so that way he can say thank you. I've made a special and specific card that I'll use for autographs. It fits into my Moleskine and it's decorated with kick-ass sketches (Tycho & Gabe, Paul & Storm, JoCo, Wil). I did this for DragonCon, which was nice, but it was a full 8.5x11. Too big. I'm also very pleased I'll have a chance to chat with P &S and JoCo. I feel like an Archivist-Come-Lately for both artistic entities, but hey. I'm here now and they were a deciding factor in going to this convention. Because I am very certain I've mentioned: I'm not  a gamer. My geekery fu resides elsewhere. And again, really- I'm glad I won't be over-programmed. I will be able to have my Sunday content-free. Whew. I don't have Monday off, dontchaknow. A girl has to recover.

.... OK. I think that's it. For now. /dork
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So, the Penny Arcade Expo (East) is happening here in Boston starting next Friday afternoon with Whil Wheaton as kenote, Jonathan Coulton, and Paul & Storm as musical guests. They also plan to have panels about gaming n' stuff.

Random cool discovered in the past few days discovered: 
Radio Free Burrito #22. Worth listening to - good music (MC Frontalot and M Doughty) and a retelling of one of Wil's stories.
I discovered that Wil co-narrates Boneshaker on Audible, but wholly reads a Fables novel-  Peter and Max, which I decided might be more fun since I just read Boneshaker within the past few months.
Extra random happy: [livejournal.com profile] purple_terror 's going to finish Turncoat tonight, which means I can start it tomorrow. This breaks my self-imposed restriction of saving the last paperback Harry Dresden novel as a backup, emergency read. I deem this artificial restriction inconsequential in the face of the instant gratification I will get by reading acts of impossible derring do. (I may have been watching too much Big Bang Theory again. I'm starting to sound like Sheldon. Again.)
Feb. 14th, 2010 05:36 pm


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I have returned from Providence after a weekend of wearing a tophat and being very extroverted and outgoing after a week of being sick. I am now tired and glad to be home. But I had a good time.
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[livejournal.com profile] omegabeth  pointed me towards Stitches, Needles, and Guns (glue guns, I think) craft fair that the Central Mass Derby women are putting on February 6. I think I can make this go. I've got a great bit of product set for Arisia, and I've yet to sell more than 5 pieces there, so safe to say I won't have to do much replacing for this, although the skull & cross bone quotient will go up by a large factor. I also am waiting to get some new clay molds from a helpful vendor from the last con I went to- they're supposedly also a bit macabre/steampunk. I just hope those arrive in time for me to incorporate in for the Arisia show, too.

More on this later after I confirm no really I can do it and have sent in my money.
Nov. 15th, 2009 10:05 pm

NEFX Day 3

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Well! It's over. I had a great time, really.
I got in today 'round quarter to 10 so I could have my breakfast with the guests. Decent enough food. I ended up sitting with a fun group of women, one still sort of drunk from the night before, and one whose part-time profession seems to be Professional Fan. She goes to a zillion cons, helps out with the running of stuff, and ends up doing a lot of the handler/hangout with celebs. She was a bit blase about it and probably on purpose given the wow factor of it. But a fun chica to hear stories from for a bit. Again, nobody famous sat at our table, and honestly, I was OK with that. Corin Nemec came by- he'd sat with some of the girls the night before at dinner, so he had to razz them a bit. Nice guy, propensity for coffee and skinny jeans. Again, Gareth David-Lloyd sat one table over.
Corin Nemec Corin at breakfast

One of the things about this con that I particularly like was how relaxed everything seemed. People came and went from panels a bit more easily than say, DragonCon where they have door wardens and you have to wonder if you'll even get in to see the main event. Well, I sat in the second row for the Main Events almost entirely. Again, that whole if you have a question, speak up, otherwise it ends up with some awkward silences.

So- my questions- First Gareth panel, I asked where his favorite location was to shoot for shows- somewhere awesome in Wales- and where would he like to shoot- West Palm Beach, but minus the stingrays. I also asked him about radio dramas, which he's done some of, but that didn't work out so well, as I was curious what he listened to as a kid, not what he's done. S'ok.
Gareth David-Lloyd -Gareth corin nemec and Corin
However, this afternoon's questions were a lot better. First- we were talking earlier in the afteroon about what one plausible way you could bring Ianto into a Torchwood plot for season 4 , would be to do a flashback anthology where Jack goes and saves the world in the past with other teams. He loved that idea. He spent a lot of time for the rest of the hour referring to Torchwood, 1820. Teehee!
Second was: what would his superpower be if he could have any- flying. A classic.

For Corin's question, I asked him to tell a joke- not the most awesome ever, but at least he eventually thought of one.

For both dudes, they spoke well, were funny, and gracious. Corin's sister showed up in the last few minutes, actually. She's in the business too in some capacity (checks IMDB: assists directors), and wooow, does she set of the 'dar. Looks so much like her younger brother, it's great. She looked less inclined to ham it up, so I refrained from snapping her pic. Also she's avoided Google pic, so no love. Just imagine Corin as a chick and you've got the notion, but add tattoos.

An amusing side-note was that right before Corin's panel, I'd gone out for some lunch and happened to be crossing the street towards the hotel at the same time, and we ended up chatting a bit- talked of lattes (he favors pupkin spice- finds egg nog to be too odd)- and complimented my spats. I was thoroughly amused and kept chill til after I went back in and he finished his smoke. Then squeed, like ya do.

One of my favorite bits of the day was walking around the dealers room. I have plans to do steam punk cameos- I just need to get some bezels to start out. I also might get some molds/casts of ones already done since they have such a particular look, and apparently that's what the artist did who had her wears there. This I found out from the awesome chica working at MaddHatter. I actually talked to both of the booth babes quite a bit all 3 days- it's where I got the hat/goggle set. I could have chilled with them for hours. The girl at Rusted Beauty was also quite lovely. Pity her site's not up right now.

Anyway- good day. Glad it's over, though. I'm toasty. Generally, I prefer Arisia for the socalizing, though. I do love to have the opportunity to dress up, though-
steampunk from today's costumery
Today featured: falls, Cthulhu pin for my stand-in cameo, genuine pocket watch, borrowed from q_e, and of course- spats.
Well, that's enough blather. I don't go on that often like that, so ... there you go. Tomorrow, I have the day off and expect I'll be half-cripped by dinner time from the crafting.
Nov. 15th, 2009 09:02 am

NEFX Day 2

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Well- I survived day 2- I didn't go in until later in the day, so I didn't get soaked, so that's a good thing.

The first real panel of the day was with Ianto- who was looking less refined in his normal streetwear-
Gareth David-Lloyd
It wasn't a packed room, so everyone got to ask questions who wanted to, which was quite a switch from DragonCon where you had to be really dedicated to wedge yourself into that line and get in w/in the allotted 45 minutes.. I ended up asking 2 questions, which I think were thoughtful and interesting, as opposed to "So, what's it like to kiss John Barrowman/Capt. Jack."

Robin and I went to a few more panels, watched the most heinously performed costume contest- the MC had no clue. Best described as bumbling. There were a few good costumes at least, but we had to bail before they were done to go to dinner with the celebs (part of our fancier ticketing package). Dinner was standard hotel fare. There were a few stars we knew- Gareth, James Hong (the ubiquitous asian guy in movies for the past 50 years) - and a handfull of others. We ended up sitting by a nice couple, so that was good.

Everyone loved the coat I wore (click to embiggen)
steam punk

I'm wearing the hat again today, and the choker, although I have a new pin - I'll try to document it later. And now it's time to go again- Part of the fancy ticket package includes breakfast with the hungover celebs.
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I decided months ago I'd attend the New England Fan Experience (NEFX) with Robin when she asked so we could see Leonard Nimoy- although to actually see his panel, you have to pay even more- and Gareth David-Lloyd. Some other folks, too, but Ianto is the point, here.

I've been to 2 cons in my time. Arisia- every year for almost a decade- and DragonCon the one time last year. I figured it'd be more like Arisia, but with a few movie/film guests. Wellllll- it's a lot smaller than Arisia. Only 6 panels at a time, plus 1 video gaming room, a table gaming room, the art show, and live + anime video room. Those 6 panels include all the main stage/celeb sections, sooo... yeah. Turns out that's not enough to keep me interested for a fair bit of the weekend, at least not from the schedule I've seen.

It took 45 minutes to get through registration. [livejournal.com profile] shayde would have been having a coronary witnessing these n00bs. Really. Only 2 people, and apparently the least experienced. It's been a few years, but I could have done it single-handedly better than these two did. This was not an auspicious way to start my Fan Experience. But... knowing I was hungry and that I'd not have to deal with that aspect for the rest of the weekend, I just spent my derision in an academic sense rather than in a blood pressure-raising sense.

So, once I found Robin, we decided to attend the comic book movie panel- a moderator, a speaker, and the audience- less than 10 people. And the moderator didn't moderate. I left with a much more organized bag, a notion of what I wanted to do for the rest of the weekend, and a clear understanding of what the fellow attendees like in their comic book movies since they spent the majority of the time talking.
We didn't actually go to the Dr. Who panel that was supposed to be next, because they ended up going an hour early and never changed the program... or waited an hour. Our backup plan- check out the dealer's room where I got this very fine hat and goggles-
v. fine hat. And goggles.
Given that I have been up since 5:30, I decided that seeing Repo wasn't going to happen. So we opted for pizza to fill the intervening 2 hours before Robin had her final panel to see. ... And here I am. I actually don't go back until after lunch tomorrow and then it's a straight shot all the way to 9. But they're feeding me, since I paid the bigger bucks for some perks- like a banquet with the celebs. Although honestly, I feel awkward about making them do that bit. Whatever. It's my first experience with that sort of con event.

-More tomorrow!
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Some highlights of my southern adventure-- I've uploaded the whole thing to Picasa.
Under the cut- a former vampire, a spanking, DCTV, and Steam Punker...  )
Ok, it's a little tempting to make my reservations for hotel and membership now....
Sep. 1st, 2008 06:27 pm

And now...

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We return you to your regularly programming; this week's corporate sponsors: Mucinex and Celestial Seasonings.
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yesterday was spent drugged by drugs I'm not convinced worked, but at least I slept. I can't wait to go home.
It was fun and now it's time to go.

I succeeded in getting all the autographs I wanted. I was certainly within the last dozen to get Alan or Nathan, who had to leave for the airport yesterday evening. Since I could have gotten them earlier in the day (wibbled and then they closed the line) I was not keen on missing them.

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I actually did make it to the Firefly panel, although I had to get all bad-ass and report some line jumpers who thought people who'd been waiting for about 1.5 hours in an airless hallway wouldn't notice? Not so much. They bluffed for a while til we found some security guards and they sloped off. Jerks.
The panel was good- glad I didn't have to wait like that for everything. Featured moment was when Nathan kissed Morena.

Autographs attained for James Marsters and Jewel Staite. I have to see if I can aquire Alan and Nathan at some point today, but I'm not really holding my breath.

I'm taking cold meds, but I have been blowing my nose pretty much constantly, so I can't tell if it's working or not. My throat feels a bit better, but then it might just be the shift from 1st to 2nd day cold. Once my nose fills up my throat usually stops bugging me. shrug


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