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I'm working the front desk every morning this week, as we are ridiculously short-staffed with one person at a conference and another on vacation. So, I'm here, doing my thing as best I can, and helping patrons.

I got an email from a fellow who's coming in today first thing, apologizing that he'd not written sooner, but giving me a list of books he's looking for with all the relevant information. Since he passed the "give me the correct info" hurdle, I fill out the call slips for him and have the books waiting for him when he arrives.

He arrives.
My eyes may well have bugged out because JESUS H CHRIST HE IS PRETTY in the perfectly preppy, want to get you a little dirty way:

  • dark hair, trimmed lately and stylishly short

  • sparkly eyes

  • dimples. Symmetrical dimples.

  • full lips

  • clean shaven

  • button-down shirt tucked into

  • slim pants and belt match

  • he has a pocket knife. HE IS PREPARED!

I thought that was enough to end me, between that and the clearly competant/knows how this library works, the final slaying thing: He has tortoise framed glasses.  Please excuse me while I try to remain calm and professional over here.
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Going through my old pregnancy filter here, I now wish I had named my kid Alabado, as I may have done, inspired by a work project lo these many years ago. Alabado!!! It's makin' a come-back.
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A guy has been emailing me about getting copies of some images we've scanned. They're pretty much public domain/ not unique, so no charge. He'll be using them with whatever he's putting into a Kindle version of some non-fiction/history book.

Me: "What size [for the file] do you need?"
Him: "3.6 x 4.8 inches, please."

..... Ohhh. No. No, sweetie. I knew I should have been more specific using that term "size."
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So, I had a reference question on one of the 1-folder collections- by/about a Native American, circa 1820: manuscript letters and such. The query was: what is it? Much of these 1-folder collections don't warrant further detail. Hey, they're in the OPAC- that's usually as good as it gets. However, I believe in some options for on-demand cataloging. This one hits some important bits that will likely mean repeat viewings: woman's studies, missions (it's big research point here), Native Americans.
There are only 25 items, so I'm going through and DACS-ifying the crap out of it. I'm adding a twist so each item is clearly delineated in its bibliographic and physical description. There are a lot of annotations after the fact that are valuable. I'm also including the first line of the writing just for a taste. I only got through the first 2-3 items, but it's a nice, contained activity that is really all about the archives. I had been ultra-focused on processing books the past month+, but sometimes you need a break.

When I got home, asciikitty and I dealt with some of the peripheral living room ornaments and the majority of my art supplies. All packed, taped, and labeled. There was some serious inner-box Tetris Fu. Mwah hah. We are magic. The living room has started to look strangely uncluttered and shifting into eerily empty, now that I have all the CDs stowed that were going to be stowed in mega-book storage. I have to determine what else one can use CD shelves for other than CDs.

Another thought is that when I eventually find a new place to live, I want to be able to have the art supplies more readily accessible. The drawers I had were  good, but not very inviting. Probably not that exact example, given the aesthetics committee just made faces as he went by, but... as the Devil's Advocate points out: fast and cheap. ("I dated her once" -aesthetics committee).

But that's another day.

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It's been a great and busy day at work. I got to have lunch with [livejournal.com profile] lifecollage , a significant bonus, and I'm about to head off to Logan to have dinner and wait to board a plane.

Note re: food/fetus:
cut for those who are otherwise interested )

Reminder re: baby posts. I am sticking 99% of all info in the opt-in Sprog filter. If you didn't notice that there was one of those things, you were procrastinating and/or you changed your mind, the poll to request in is here. Or if I spaced and didn't add you when you thought I would. Paternal parental figures who read sans-user log in can see those locked posts via Maternal parental figure's user log in, for she was added automatically to the filter. Or when I get back I'll walk said person through the hoops that is LJ user name creation.

I expect I will have some access to internet when I'm there, just not like usual- of course. Bye!

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It's Wednesday, which means lunch with [livejournal.com profile] lifecollage  (Kermit flail-y arms, yaaaay!). The topic of podcasts came up up. I listen to several. People other than [livejournal.com profile] lifecollage  may find knowing about these podcasts to be a good and helpful thing. Also, if you listen to any, you can tell me what you like and why. So, the list with descriptions under the cut because ye gods this got long:

Geek a Week
Read more... )

Memories of the Future
Read more... )

The Moth
Read more... )

The Nerdist
Read more... )

NPR: 7am news summary
Read more... )

NPR: Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me!
Read more... )

Paul and Storm Talk About Some Stuff For 5-10 Minutes On Average
Read more... )

Radio Free Burrito
Read more... )

Save Love
Read more... )

This American Life
Read more... )

Honorable mentions but not in current rotation:
Read more... )

OK. that took a lot longer to get written out than I expected. But worth it. Did I mention that I work alone in an office and have 2 hours of daily commute? With that in mind, I also have some sort of backlog which I don't feel compelled to finish. You will also see that one show often feeds into another.
ETA: why can't I write this prolifically for the work blog?! (rhetorical)
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Ahhh hah! I have a plan for my Halloween costume this year. One that requires almost no prep work:

Priscilla Page.

One of the Page sisters from the Jack of Fables graphic novels.  The other sisters are Hilary and Robin.

Exposition: the Page sisters, along with Mr. Revise are evil librarians who are the bad guys in the Jack stories. At least from Jack's perspective. For those of you not indoctrinated into the ways of Information Science, one of the commonly used terms for a librarian (usually the kind that shelve books) is page. Meta humor!


Not unrelated: I acquired 2 new sets of glasses today. Pictures of them to be done when I haven't done as much hauling and walking in the narsty, humid air.

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... if you like the Old Spice Guy (and his writers), which I do.
They decided to make videos in answer to comments on FB, Twitter, and YouTube comments. I haven't determined exactly how many there are, but it's like crack. I just can't stop!... except to write this. 

This is 100% [livejournal.com profile] shadesong 's fault this time.
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It turns out it helps to listen to the Indigo Girls while sorting through GLBT records. I feel more patient and sympathetic to the insane lack of organization in the current stack of records, the obscene duplication, and plethora of not-created-by-actual-organization stuff. When I get tired of the Girls, I'll move onto Brandi Carlile. Not that I'll run out soon. There's 93 tracks on this Pod (and I cut out the ones I really don't like).

Not unrelated: Girls concert: a mere 3 weeks and 2 days away! My cousin Katherine will be visiting me that weekend and we get to folk out with [livejournal.com profile] caulay.
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I forgot my belt. I'm going to Marshall's when they open up because a belt is not an option for these pants. Woe!
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[livejournal.com profile] spinrabbit  being the most excellent creature that she is, just pointed to this Cafe Press store front. Sign me up. I've now populated every blog space I am responsible for/use with this, that's how much I love it.

We do remember the Post It note scandal of aught-eight? OK, I thought so.
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A photo journal entry to prove my point.
cut for bandwidth )
Sorry I had no visual evidence of the Top Hat weekend most recently passed. I'll do my best to recreate the whole ensemble or one even better later.
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"If you let the processing eat all the CPU power, people think you have locked up and wanna reboot you or kick you in the head"-ahf

I want to reboot myself, plz. Don't kick me inna head.
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First- Here's my pumpkin this year. I totally cribbed from Neil's site today, as I was not coming up with any ideas of my own. But hey- I can free-style draw, which gives me some cred.
death pumpkin

And this year I finally did zombie librarian.
zombie librarian          still zombie librarian
My companion is still at the party so couldn't give her consent to the photo posting, and generally she's against such a notion. Ok. the fake blood itches after it's dried. Time to rinse and then enjoy the extra hour of sleep! 
Oh- there was rock band at the 2nd party of the night, by the way. They did  Still Alive and  Skull Crusher Mountain before breaking into The Beatles. :) 
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Asahi in Brighton Center. Damn fine fish. Just so you know. [livejournal.com profile] catness and I decided it was time to exchange our Christmas presents - you know, before it was this year's Christmas- and have some salmon. I've become quite enamoured with Teppenyaki's regular sushi chef and all his work, but I may have to open my relationship a bit to accommodate Asahi from time to time.  ^_^

And speaking of non-food recommendations, the podcast The Amateur Scientist. I was listening to the Dragon Con episode, and was thoroughly amused. I'm hoping he's as good as all that normally.
Other good shows include: This American Life, Dan Savage's Savage Lovecast,  Paul And Storm Talk About Some Stuff For Five To Ten Minutes On Average, and Wait Wait Don't Tell Me. I've become too lazy to get all the links. You'll have to spend the extra 10 seconds retabbing and googling.
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So, I already spammed FB with two bits of humor in the past 15 minutes, so I'm spreading the love into different formats.
So, thanks to my stalking Felicia Day's Twitter feed via RSS, I found this YouTube vid. Flashmob! Gold pants! ...Stop- Hammer Time.
This almost qualifies for the meta tag.

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Paul & Storm have a Mother's Day song. I think I shan't be pointing it out to my mom. However, it's pretty funny and you all might love it- or maybe you already do.
Apr. 1st, 2009 02:09 pm

Humor OTD

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After one irritating experience with some numb-nut briefly trying to convince me the governor resigned as an April Fool's joke (and I just gaped at him until he said just kidding- I was walking towards the state house where there was an inordinate amount of cameras and helicopter noises -and there's frequently both)-
Anyway, after that, I've noted some fantastic spoofs -
Tor's main page - and their press release about Neil Gamain.
Whole Wallet's main page actually sparked Robin to come up with a new recipe (thanks, [livejournal.com profile] ceo ) - he also pointed me to the Tauntaun sleeping bag that my cousin then linked to a bit later in Facebook. If I needed a sleeping bag ever, I would have a hard time  not getting it.
Gmail's new feature
Someone else reminded me of Alanis Morrisette's cover of My Humps on YouTube.

Thus far the Tor offerings have been my favorite. Oh, and the sleeping bag. (Do you have to sleep in the helmet and goggles, though?) I know a lot of these pages will disappear after today, but oh well. I mark them for posterity anyway. If I find any more before the end of the day, I will append.

's cheap flights to Mars (via [livejournal.com profile] mangosteen  via [livejournal.com profile] lifecollage ) Squee!!!
Further Tor humor found via Whedonesque: FOX cancels Joss Whedon. (snerk)

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where the cool kids hang out

Thanks, Punditkitchen,  and mlxperience for the little boost this afternoon

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