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Thanks, Scalzi. You hit all the points I was trying to say about this latest news of trolling on Twitter / internet. I had a draft here and killed it off. [livejournal.com profile] drwex pointed out Scalzi would probably make some coherent points on the topic, and lo! Not 2 hours later, that comes true. <3
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Last night a guy murdered a bunch of people in Nice, France. This following last week's tragedies with police shooting citizens, and citizens shooting police.

I am unable to feel this latest one yet. So, working on self-care:
-Ate breakfast
-brought food and water to homeless in the Common
-allowed myself some hours at work to just be
-now going to focus on some real and useful work that needs doing.
-going to listen to some very chill music
-connecting with friends and hearing how they are

What is your self-care right now?
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Day 2 back to work after most of a week off has been fractured, but quite nice.
I was in charge of a meeting this morning, which could have gone not-well, but was not only reasonable but entirely productive, balanced, and pleasant. I have to write official text now, but I have feedback. It was also my intern's last day (2 days more than he technically needed to do, but he's a perfectionist.) I'm not consistent, but I like the idea of having an extended conversation with the intern at the end of the project (exit interview-esque). He's an anxious guy, so sitting and staring at each other doesn't feel like a good notion- we did a circuit around the Common/Gardens with warm beverages. Yeah, that was nice. He's likely to come back in January to volunteer, which is very welcome. The other two interns were not invited back similarly, although they asked. Hah.

Politics/current events....
I'm finishing up Elizabeth Warren's Fighting Chance in audio (read by the Senator)- It's hard to not burst into tears every few minutes, as it's a lot of heavy stuff that's still very relevant. I recommend the book. I desperately wish I could time-travel back 4 years and throw her a ton of money for the campaign, and volunteer. Sigh. I also want to meet her and give her the biggest hug.
I haven't talked about the police violence crisis (Ferguson/NYC), but I read regularly usually through Tumblr. I gave money to the Ferguson library last week, feeling inadequate; I got a chance to push back against my MIL's assumptions over the weekend and feel like I was heard. It all feels inadequate, but I'm at least paying attention and at high alert to find my opportunities to foster change.
There's a rally tonight during the tree lighting here on the common- I heard chanting earlier this hour and went out to see what was up-- a moderate crowd outside the State House, and 6-7 official vehicles nearby, but not getting up in their space. There's been a lot of helecopter noise I can hear from my office, but that is probably more to do with the tree lighting. So, let's keep doing that.

Holiday/MIL visit
Mine was definitely an extended Thanksgiving thing- I feel like it didn't really end til yesterday morning when I came back to work. My MIL's visit did go very well. So well that QE and I agreed we need to plan to see her sooner than later, like Easter time, or so. Whatever caused her to be a stressful visitor doesn't seem to be true anymore. She's the person she is now, and I think QE's learning to let go the old stresses, which makes it easier for me to do the same, as I pick up his stress so easily on this kind of thing.
I ended up sending Crime Fighter to short school days on Monday and Tuesday, as six whole days off are more than I could deal with. MIL's a fragile creature at this point, so we have to be realistic about what we do and for how long. While she wants to spend time with the kid, she can't remotely keep up with him... so more extended adult time accented with kid worked relatively well. Highlights included going to the zoo on Sunday, somewhat spontaneously. Stone Zoo is quite small, but perfect for a small person for an hour, which is exactly what we did. Cookies made. Soup made x2. Harvard adventure went exceptionally well. It's stunning how not ADA friendly Harvard really is, but we managed despite all the stairs ever. I was glad to have the quiet time to talk over lunch and hear stories about the family I'd likely not hear otherwise. QE got his 1:1 time with her yesterday: a trip to Wilson's, lunch out, and lots of down-time. And now she's likely already landed back home, loaded down with goodies.
The one sadness about the trip was how disinterested Crime Fighter was in interacting with Nana. She was trying so hard- wanting hugs and kisses, and he was responding as any 3 year old one presented with an overeager presence: absolute aversion and suspicion. He unbent a bit and at least started talking directly to her this morning, but still refused all hugs. So, more Skyping required, and more frequent visits is the solution. I may also suggest she try a different conversational tack with him.

I'm going to the Garfunkel and Oates concert this weekend. I didn't realize I'd signed up to go, but Robin got me a ticket. I coulda said no when reminded (yesterday) of this reality, but I consider it a sign from the universe to go be social. :) left to my own devices, I absolutely would stay in and feverishly craft my fingers off. Even with Christmas being 20 days away and Pandemonium 10 days, dammit, some life balance, eh?
I'm also supposed to go to the ICA to see the fiber exhibit with Mink in a week. Which I am going to try damn hard to make happen. Is happening, barring weirdness. :)

So that's what's up.
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No T = No work.
I live next to Watertown, Belmont, and Cambridge so I feel compelled to keep an eye on if they tell me Arlington should duck and cover, too. In the meantime, here we are, wiping yogurt out of Crime Fighter's hair, doing laundry, and making breakfast.

ETA (12:22): [livejournal.com profile] primal_pastry and [livejournal.com profile] rintrahroars combined households were home, making late breakfast and acting normal, so we went over there for the whole morning. Making crepes while the kids chased the baby, then getting some fresh air out in the back yard til the raindrops threatened... yeah. It also happened to be when nap time was starting to threaten, so here we are. The front porch has 30% less junk on it and is better arranged for bikes.
Life Goes On. 
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So, I'll let you pick your flavor of news to hear about today's latest act of hate at the Boston Marathon.
I'm here to report everyone I live with and so far know of in the vicinity are fine. Even if I had been downtown, my library is far enough away, I would not have been near the carnage. Just the ripple effects that we'll all feel on the T for a while.

Everyone go hug someone. That's an order.
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I'm headed to Dewey Sq./South Station for the AFL CIO rally for Occupy Boston. Check out FB for details-- xo!
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Did I mention, [livejournal.com profile] mangosteen , I came across your doppelganger? 


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(Point of clarification: today is the quiet day. Yesterday, really not)

Yesterday was entirely dedicated to getting into London and going to Pico Con.
Imperial College is very similar to MIT, just -you know- more English (and as Tom points out, more Irish). It has focus on math/science and pretty much ignores humanities. That lack made for some fun and hilarious typos in the scavenger hunt.
This was a con mostly not for me. One track and so lots of hit/miss. Drinking is a feature - pub at lunch was our choice, but socializing between times at the the union pub at the college is clearly A Thing. Other times this would be more fun, but aside from determining that I like Blackthorn cider, that bit was ...eh. Also, only knowing p_t and Tom makes it limiting when these guys are clearly old friends and their areas of interest are radically different from mine. My regret was not actually packing the color pencils and coloring books to fill the pub time, which would have righted many boredoms.
Sadly, I didn't find the speaker bits very interesting, either. The silly games section was fun. Ask me when I see you and I'll see if I can do the explanations justice. Otherwise it will go on and on. The quiz, the last bit of the con, is held in the pub and so the moist, somewhat funky air, the noise, the crowd- it eventually did me in. Also being 7 already really time for food, dammit. However, our team (Vogon Poetry Club) really held our own- 3rd among all groups and best in our room. 
Tom's friend Matt came with us for curries after. Very tasty, so now I've had my fish n chips and my curry. Excellent.
Sadly, the train schedule wasn't on our side, so we got in late.
My win of the whole day was that p_t brought Bananagrams with and we played a few rounds between things. The ongoing 100% enjoyed by all streak continues. It also allowed me to feel more involved in what was going on around me, even if we had the braniacs finish, allowing the mere mortals to carry on with their tiles after the flurry subsided. :) Some featured words I'm proud of from recent games: metropolitan and spontaneity.

Today is as Sundays anywhere should be: brunch, a nice bath with reading, and lounging about.

Because I'm out of my usual routine, I'm only catching the middle of some of the latest raft of shit that's been raining down on everyone on a global level.
I know Planned Parenthood is having some serious threat and that's somewhat straight-forward
Wiscon's current debt is causing the evil anti-union governor to take the opportunity to do bad things -yah?
People are getting shot in places with funny languages and strange names / Firesign reference -- but that bit is somewhat elusive- and inevitably I want the where did this start/executive summary and the online resources are more assuming you got the thing from 3 days ago.

If anyone feels generous and sharing, what do you think I ought really know? 
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Ok. I just listened to the NPR 7am podcast (all of 4:46 long). It makes me wonder why I get out of bed in the morning.

So with that in mind: tell me something good that's happening either in the world or to you. Or both.
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Surreal. "Amazing Grace" started playing when I was reading Bhutto was just killed
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Free Hugs --Maybe we can reach peace one hug at a time. 
The beauty and simplicity of it all got me verclemt
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From http://www.livejournal.com/users/tyrell/154027.html
This is a reminder with exactly how resiliant the Brits are...
"We took on the Romans, the Saxons, the Danes, the French, William Wallace, the Black Plague, the Roundheads, the Great Fire, Napoleon, the Nazis, and the Blitz, and we're still here. You terrorists are bloody amateurs."
[livejournal.com profile] stu_n provided this...:
BBC Parliament internal email: NEWSFLASH:There has been a widespread outbreak of grumbling and tutting today in London, along with a large number of people going home instead of to work, with a certain amount of guilty pleasure. Sorry, bad guys. We've been bombed before, and we just adjust our day to account for it. This is London calling.

Give 'em hell, Londoners.
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(regarding last post, that is)-
what with parts of London exploding. My very minor issues just fail to seem important at the moment.
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one of those days. RIP Marlon Brando
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Ok. Just lost what I was typing, so this will be shorter.

I was in 5th grade, too, when The Challenger blew up. For many reasons that was much more traumatic.

I also think that I just have a hard time feeling a strong sense of loss and/or shock on these kinds of accidents. The past few years have numbed me- added callouses where there used to be none. I do feel badly for the astronauts and their families. For NASA who has to figure out what the hell happened and figure out what now.


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