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So, I picked up the 8th Harry Potter on Sunday, started reading it slowly yesterday/this morning, and I am not likely to continue.

why? Let me tell you under this cut for those who want to read it unsullied by my grumpiness...

First, it's tough because it's a play script rather than a novel, so limited from the start. It's harder to develop the characters and let it have a slower pace. We had the expectation from 1-7 that it was 1 year passing/book. Not this time!

rant in 3... 2... 1 )

I'll be putting the book down and finding something else.
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Please. For the love of ALL that is holy. Do not ask me to knit you anything in exchange for barter unless you have something to offer of equal value. Something that is permanent that I can keep. Offering to barter in the moment services, like massage or babysitting is never ever in a zillion quadrillion years be worth it to me. Ever. Because it will take at minimum a week, maybe two (socks/hand warmers/scarf/cowl) or a month or three (blanket or sweater). I'm either going to have to make it in advance or follow up far after the fact from the service being offered by the other party. The thing I'm going to get is going to be an hour or two of your time, possibly a few times, but very very fleeting.  And you're going to get to keep a thing that I just spent days/weeks/months working on.  This doesn't feel equitable. I am SO happy that I just figured out why I have such a visceral reaction to this suggestion.

Further, because it's not remotely obvious unless you live inside my own head-- I don't actually enjoy knitting as much as my other crafts like clay or spinning or painting. Partially because I usually have to continue knitting far beyond the point of enjoyment. I get bored 75% of the way through, which is not true for the other 3 mentioned crafts. In socks, it's right after I turn the second heel and have to keep going. Also. Often-times, it has to fit someone. Pretty much everything but a blanket or scarf requires it fitting, so ... you know. No pressure. That means I make you something it must mean I really like you. I like you for you enough to knit you a thing that may have caused me a great deal of irritation and boredom for a few hours... or a week. So, if I'm voluntarily making you a thing, that's cool! My choice, and my timeline (usually). But when you make it transactional, it removes the majority of the fun and puts 500% more pressure.

Also, insert yadda yadda links to already published articles and blogs about the chronic undervaluing of women's work over the centuries... etc.

This has been your pubic service announcement for the day! Thanks for reading.
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The upside of not selling much at the art show is that I don't have to rebuild my stock. Right?
::shaking it off::
I have a few more items in my commission list, so I'll do those then let clay go for a few months til I don't feel so epically disappointed.
And I'll up my stock on Etsy in the meantime.
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(C&P from Facebook with several additions and edits)
Some of you may find this relevant to your own posting experience. Some of you may find this educational. I hope to spark thoughtful debate. OK, here we go:

If I post a picture of something that I have made with my own hands, particularly if I call out the degree of "I made this from scratch," please take extra care before you hit the comment button.

  • Is your comment relevant to the obvious reason for posting?

  • Are you someone who is familiar with what goes into this activity?

  • Are we super-duper close friends where you have a good idea that your jokey comment will be heard in the way you meant it?

  • Are you following Wheaton's Law?

... I realize I could have just started with the final ticky box and it sort of covers it all, but bear with me.

The context to this is that there has been a trend where one or more of those ticky box answers was "no" within my comment stream to my posts in Facebook. And given how much energy I've expended just today thinking about this, I felt it worth saying using my Out Loud Voice.
Historical context about why I'd go on about this...
Read more... )Hey, look... this turned into a conversation about consent! Yaaai!
Very specific not-on FB context:
Read more... )
Anyway. TL;DR: Please show some etiquette. I'm rewriting my default. I will not sit idly by if there's a lot of static on future posts. I will try to do so with thoughtfulness, which is all I want out of this in the first place.
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OK. What's up with rushing to criticize the second someone is announced as the new face of [fill in the name of fictional person, usually superhero].

First of all, the original source material? Drawn. Nobody can live up to that. Second, every fan's idealized version of that character has a heavy overlay of nostalgia making the human choice even more unbearable. The movie is not even in production yet, and everyone slags the director, producer, and star. Yes, it might be the worst thing since the last worst thing. Or it might be Serenity. Why don't we wait until it's out and we've had time to think about it before we damn the enterprise with derision and snark.

Entirely related: no more "eat a sandwich." Just stop it. I'm telling myself this, too. I've been at fault and no more.
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When I was a teenager, I absolutely loved The Mists of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley. LOVED. I read it through at least once then 3/4 of the way another 2 times between the ages of 14 and 17. So, when it came around, all 50-million hours of it, on Audible for under 6 dollars? Sure, why not. I really like Davina Porter as a narrator in books past.

Except let me tell you about how much this whole thing sucks. The premise is all about the Arthurian legend told from a female perspective, sympathetic to Druids over Christians. OK, fine- that's great except for so many things.

I go on a bit. And also I talk about plot so... "spoilers?"  )

I suspect that I'm going to bail out of this marathon soon, given I have this rage build up every time I start listening again. 
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Thanks to a well timed Christmas bonus, using up my use-it-or-lose-it vacation/PTO, and deciding I should give myself some pretty time, I went to a great spa/salon outside Davis - L'Elegance. I recommend it entirely. It's very inexpensive, they're very thoughtful....
I've been very very fortunate to have limited exposure to the forced death march that is 24/7 Christmas music that pervades almost all public spaces right now. I also had last night and do carry around my ipod to buffer out a lot of the crap when I'm out there in the world.  I actually asked the woman who I took to be the manager or owner what was the logic behind having that piped in (They always have Magic 106.7 on and so they suffer through the month+ of the Christmas program shift). 
However, I want to know who out there in their right mind believes that their lives are improved by having Bing and Burl and whomever croon their enforced cheer at you? Seriously. I'd say if there was some survey taken, most people would prefer silence to the current fare.

Personally, if I were L'Elegance's decision-maker, I'd find a way to pipe in Pandora or set it up so that the lovely music they have it their back rooms can be throughout the whole salon. I might be a nerd.

On the upside, I have gorgeous red toenails now and a place I will go again. After New Year's. 
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I was watching Warehouse 13 at lunch and in it we had Dire Situation in which things are about to go critical.
Cut for potential spoilers. )
TLDR lazy writing pisses me off. 
Sep. 16th, 2012 10:30 pm

Movie Fail

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I had been pretty excited to watchTinker Tailor Soldier Spy when it came out. I didn't but expected I'd catch it on cable, which culminated in me watching it this evening. I had been keen particularly because cloak and dagger spy stuff was beloved in my house growing up. I had a fair number of books on tape with Ken Follet and John Le Carre. Possibly not the best for pre-teen entertainment, but it's a little late to quibble now. TTSS was not one whose plot stuck with me the same way that Key to Rebecca  or Man from St. Petersburg had.  Between the stellar cast and the nostalgia of the source material, why not?
short description for those who aren't perturbed by either issue )

Despite the setting, the portrayls, the cinematography feeling very authentic and true to the original story, these random acts of awful and the tortoise-like pace were enough to have me running for Big Bang Theory to reset by. I just don't have the patience or stamina for it all. Sorry, Benedict Cumberbatch. I promise I'll watch all of The Hobbit. (Not like his part in it is overly riveting. It is all about Gary Oldman, as it should be.) 
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Ring ring!
Hi, this is [person] from [your PCP's] office.
I'm here to help you schedule an appointment with our nutritionist.
Because your test results came back and you're pre-diabetic.
expurgated version: Oh, this was a surprise? - why yes it is. This is the first I've heard of it. Would you like to speak to Dr. G? Hell yes.

So the deal is that with no indication of what my base-line is, just on the chart on the wall and one glucose test, my BMI/weight/age, I have a "25% chance of getting diabetes within 5-ish years, if I do nothing with my weight." 
Despite the fact that I weigh 10 lbs less than I did last year
That he doesn't know my medical history as it has been written from a hole in the wall, as they have not yet been transferred. 
That my overweight family members have to date not gotten Diabetes
And WTF- I'm not that heavy. I would be curious to know what resource he's using to determine this outcome. 

My answer to Dr. G was that it's the most stressful year of my life. I am not remotely concerned about this outcome at this time. I do not have the luxury of doing a lot of the things I'd like to do right now, but that this will change really and for true when some factors out of my control are different. But for now, it's just not going to happen. It is what it is and I think I'm doing quite well under the circumstances. Next year. We'll see. After he knows me and my charts better.

(but really... what does he think I should weigh? If it's the fucking BMI.... well, we need to have words. )

ETA: From the Doctor since I wrote last...
"In regards to BMI, I completely agree that it is not a very accurate determination of healthy weight but a rough tool that should prompt us to take a more comprehensive look into health/fitness. I look forward to getting toknow you more as a patient and a person. Regards, Dr. G"  

So, he still hasn't addressed the issue of what caused him to make this deduction. I've emailed back with the request he elaborate. If it's weight, what does he feel would be a safer weight. If something else, what. If a combination, what. We shall see. I'm feeling somewhat mollified after he agreed about BMI, but his first impression is radically marred. I will not be blindly following his suggestions, but then again it's not a good idea to do so anyway.

ETA 2: " Hemoglobin A1C is slightly elevated. A level between 5.7-6.4%" ... OK. So it's that. 

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Person 1: "Is this your first child?"
Me: "yes, and my last"
Person 1: -[Persquerying person disagrees with me in some way]

If you are likely to fill the role of P1, think long and hard before gainsaying the person who is slated for the theoretical second child. How obnoxious and patronizing is it to think you know better than the person whose body is under discussion? You don't know how old I am, what my financial situation is, my upbringing, my sub-culture defaults, philosphy, how complicated it may or may not have been to get pregnant, stay pregnant, get UNpregnant....
And I have the right to change my mind later without people telling me I told you so.

Anyone wanting to argue any of these points--- I have some sand you can go pound. And that's the nicest send off I can offer.
This rant brought to you by the Nth person who chose to be that guy (the neighbor down the street). And the letters STFU.
Sep. 9th, 2011 11:33 pm

Cabin Fever

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Hi, new mom here.
I'm feeling sort of raw and figuring my shit out still.

Things I need to figure out how to do-

Not have more than about 1 visitor/day. I get worn out really easily. My ideal visiting times are between 10:30a-2p--- Really a tough window. That window because [livejournal.com profile] quiet_elegance is working 5:30a-2p, comes home at 2:30 and is exhausted, dirty and starved.  Oh, he came home with a broken toe today. Stupid fucking drywall. Nothing to be done for it, but his pain levels really didn't need this on top of everything else.
Given QE's schedule, I'm on duty 80-90% of the time, mostly because I'm the food source and introducing bottles at this stage is not ideal for Crime Fighter. We'll have to find a better equilibrium eventually, but in the meantime, I'm the go-to, particularly for the night shift.  I'm feeling trapped but my hind-brain is in charge, so can't let the cub out of my sight without it being a serious stress for more than an hour or so (hi, feeding times?) - I realize I have to get used to it, but it seems damn early yet.

No really, discharge papers say: don't drive. I proved that to be true this evening when riding in the back of the mini van brought me to tears from the pot holes. Clearly driving is a shitty idea... but in 2 weeks? Maybe not.

In a few weeks, I'm going to have to start thinking about who'll be watching Crime Figther come November. I can't think about this yet. It's too early. QE's work schedule is the factor still. He's back to work this week after 2 weeks off and he starts teaching union classes next week (M and Thu nights) - both good things and means we can start banking it. The "paternity leave" weeks will be paid... in a month thanks to the delays in unemployment.

In the meantime, my days feel the same: long and then gone and here I am, in the middle of the night and on my own with this child. It's boot camp, I suppose. I feel like I'm doing well enough, but it's tough being sequestered on the first floor, out of my bed and away from my husband for the 3rd week now and until I can carry the child up and down the stairs without being so aware of my incision, I remain here. ... mind you, I've got a routine down here. I will have to figure everything out all over again when I shift upstairs.

OK. At least now I'm sort of tired. Maybe I can fall asleep now that much of that is out of my head.
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OK. I think I'm not eloquent enough to really give this due thought, the short version of the ranty thing is: too much social media.

Yeah, G+ is Not Facebook, but I'm not convinced.
FB will be hard to drop entirely given my work and family connections that will likely never go away/jump ship.
And LJ is still my go-to for real content.
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Reading comprehension is SO desirable. I cannot stress this enough.

What's your current pet peeve of the day/week/lifetime? (pick one time frame that fits for this query)

ETA: person who offended me is now offending me further by quibbling over the cost of service he has requested. $3 vs $1 ... Really?!  I have things I am not willing to commit to a public forum that I'd like to say on this point.
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My own personal hell: shopping for an affordable non-sucky bathing suit. That will fit me now.

Mom suggests that I find a pair of lycra exercise shorts or something of the sort- which seems rather brilliant. I'd like something bigger than underwear for the bottom half of my suit for now, thanks. Also, something likely to be found for less than 40 bucks. Hey, let's try for 20. My suit tops still fit, so mix and match is a thing of goodness. I may also have better luck with variety in May. Maybe.

The antithesis of personal hell is when Mom proactively sends me grown-up clothes that fit. I now have a pair of black pants, 2 buttoned shirts and a pair of tanktops, all the tops being of correct (extra long) length.

[livejournal.com profile] ahf 's contribution to the humor/Tshirt collection (No Touching and Alien Inside)- turns out once on, it does seem long enough and not so horribly boxy. Win!
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It'd been a very long while since I went to Bollywood dance. I signed up for a drop-in for tonight through the website, and yet- when I got to the studio, I got The Look. You know, the one that you get when you're not expected. In this case, because there is no more Bollywood class. However, the Wunderkinder didn't think to disable the bit where people can sign up for the non-existent class. Nor did they think to look to see if anyone signed up over the course of 12-13 hours. Again- I should have called first. How foolish of me to expect them to act like a legitimate business. (Yes, I'm getting a refund for tonight.)
I grudgingly went tonight as a one last chance/need to blow off steam and instead had my trust smashed all to hell and added steam. Dammit. I really liked going there. Before.
Dexter Morgan will soothe me. No- he really won't. Last week's episode was filled with nail-biting and squeaks of startlement.
So, skating it is then. 12/2, Pygment?
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When the gym floods (it does, basement/bottom of hill)- gym owner needs to warn gym goers that stuff is happening. You know, with an email or something. This marks the second time this week I went there and found it untenably stinky. The upside: I can eat my breakfast at work (which always happens on gym days) in the comfort of AC (not an option in my kitchen) and have a full hour+ before office hours to do so.

Still. I could have also slept for one more hour and used my own shower. /first world problem rant
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Look! [livejournal.com profile] badlittlemonkey  made me a new icon. Further provenance: [livejournal.com profile] primal_pastry  braided my hair at [livejournal.com profile] mzkero 's a few weeks ago and blm was kind enough to document for me.

Ok, and now the general and painfully obvious statement: I'm a word snob. I consider this to be a positive quality, but it does make for some rankling these days. I will abuse the language a bit with various lol-cat or text abbreviations, but it's almost always for humor's sake/with irony. The thing is, I think just about everyone who bothers to read this doesn't do this, but--- for the love of all the gods! If you want to make a good first impression, please use proper grammar and spelling. Even if it's just a new potential friend. Nothing turns me off faster than a casual "ur."
OK? OK. They tell me deep breaths help right about now.
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I have gotten on several social networking bandwagons, that's fine. I'm drawing the line at sharing RSS with anyone. Just... no. Google volunteered for me a short list of people whom I know - and like quite well- as people I am "following." - Uh, no. Not everything needs to be shared. If I want to share something I find on RSS, I have about 5 different ways I can get that information to them, thanks v. much. The reverse of this is also true.

Hopefully my recalibration of settings will make that go away. Damn internet, get off my lawn.
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I got home 'round 1am and then realized exactly how much coffee I'd had after dinner. Hah. Sleep eventually and then WOKE UP at 8:30 with the memory of work's domain not working during my presentation yesterday. No, really true. All that stuff this spring to sort out domain red tape - consolidate into one- so we could stop paying multiple providers, maybe not working out as well as all that, or something. I babble. Trust me, I smell a rat. And I'm off this whole week and I'm sort of the lynch pin in this sorting process.

But I'm home.



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